Tuesday, November 23, 2004

time zone

haha! ^^ finsihed a panel discussion and a report for school.
but because of the busy schedule...i was almost walking
with my eyes shut, im so sleepy during day time. i think
my time has been turned upside down already. everything being
done at the last minute, we always stay up until the wee hours.
night time is more interesting anyway, harhar.

it is kind of a free night right now so im going to continue blabbing..
its my 4th day on southbeach, and waaahh! i screwed up. maybebecause
of stress, i ate ice cream and some carbs. but i'll get back on track tomorrow
anyway. it takes a lot of time to prepare ur own food. but the diet really works.
i mean my deadly cravings are gone and i dont get hungry at all.

anyway, someone buzzed at ym for our project. go to go.
haha ^^

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

yeah =b

hello! ahahaha ^^ looks like someone has been lagging off. anyway, it is very much okay since no one really sees this blog anyway. today was prety cool because i didnt go to school, i enrolled online and got the schedule i wanted. yahoo! ^^ im trying to kill some time and prevent myself from raiding the fridge... so i am updating my website which includes this blog. hopefully i can finish the gallery section today. there, that's all i want to share.

live, love and try not to eat =b