Tuesday, May 30, 2006

roller blader cosplay, confusion, fatigue, and im still alive

ola! im still alive. i actually skipped work today because of fatigue and my body was forcing me to take a rest. my back was aching yesterday and it was worsened by the heavy traffic in longos area on my way home. i was riding the jeep and it was dusty, hot, and the seats were bad.

so today, i took a decent rest and spent my time watching japanese hentai and checking on some emails. i hope my body was able to recuperate.

tomorrow is payday! i'll be getting my first cheque for my 3rd contract heehee. im still confused whether i can leave by august or not.

anyway, here are some photos taken last weekend. my lot (beside my sister's new house) has a nipa hut already, my mom bought it for a resting place. so we whored around the camera of course with the hut as the background.

azrael coladilla is still nuts about me asking too many questions but hey, these are important questions for me to decide whether i should be serious serious or just serious. haha i hope you get that. part of me seems to feel like i dont know him at all and he's a total stranger ( he's confusing as hell and would blurt out facts about his past that are horrible, sometimes he would blurt out stuff that would offend any girlfriend in the planet like how he digs angel locsin because she's a bombshell... and duh what do u think of me? a shell without the bomb?)

and the child in me feels like he's my hero and father ahahaha,

and the hentai part of me doesn't give a damn.

anyway, enough of bf shit, im learning how to use the rollerblades!!! this has been my dream since gradeschool and azrael teaches me every afternoon how to use them and im getting better each day :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

aboout men specifically the one im sleeping with

i don't know if it's my monthly menstrual cramps that is bogging me down and the earth seems to be almost eating me. ive been sulking for how many hours already. i work 8 hours for 5 days just to wait for the weekend freedom. But here i am bored, with no money, and my boyfriend sleeping in my living room.

last night was hot, literally.. i was sweating the bed and we decided to get lemonade at 12mn. before that i managed to get azrael to tell me some of his female "encounters". it was fun but i think it has caught up with me today and is pulling me down giving me a whole day frown. can't take my mind off how azrael described this one girl, he's not any of his exes but i figured she's probably the prettiest screwed one. he always puts down the other girls but this one is an exception. now i feel like a character from a korean telenovela, meek and sad and pretending to be so-so. i wish azrael had no dick until he met me.

then awhile ago, around 9am he was talking of some chick who looks like someone from moring musume, and how stupid his friend was for not screwing her. then i realized, men really do think this way and bf is not any different. *__* it also gave me the creeps. like hello, do i really know you? so i figured i might be just sensitive today because of my period and went up to my room and took an invisible sleeping pill and i was KO in no time.

this world is crazy, men are cazy, and im going crazy. im confused and sick and tired.

maybe i'll die sooner or later; i even dreamt about me dying last night.

Friday, May 26, 2006

WARNING!!!! close your eyes if you don't want to be offended.

my officemate showed this picture to us and we were like "oh wow" they can't believe that it can get as big as this.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

lace llanora waves at azrael coladilla

<-- me waving at my HONEY since he is still stuck in his house looking for the snake.

im now at home, i was nearly held-up because 2 men sitting beside me were very suspicious (the driver,other passenger, and me agreed that we felt they were hold-uppers because i had that feeling of threat when they boarded and so did they)

anyway, im surviving this day without azrael. im going to sleep with my mom anytime soon.

im so excited to see him again tomorrow. *__*

Azrael and his SNAKE

The snake in Azrael’s house has not been caught up until now. i am sure some boring wallowing silent hill-worthy women in the house will rejoice. It’s our 5th monthsary and we’re not even together. I hate sleeping alone, it’s so sad and lonely. I can’t sleep in my room without azrael because I imagine ghosts even if they don’t exist. Last night, I slept in my mother’s room, with a futon on the floor and it was very cold because of the airconditioner. When I woke up, D_U_L_L was written in the morning. I made lemonade for myself, a chicken sandwich, threw it in my mouth, and walked out of the house. What am I going to do alone later when I arrive? I don’t want to be brushing elbows with my contenders. It would have been better if I had new japanese porn to watch and I’ll just lock myself in my room. SNAKES ARE EVIL! I hate serpents. As what was mentioned in the REVELATIONS, I’ll step on your heads and crush you!

I can’t think straight and im finishing these write ups for books. I want to go home and cry or should I just sleep in the office, but no one does that here. Do we have snake catchers in the country? I don’t think so. My humps! What is Azrael to do with that snake, he’s not Adam or something like that. They called up the police but they can’t do anything about it.

I watched X-men 3!!!! are you one of us?

i did my best and accounted every single penny so i can watch xmen 3! and i did, with my super electromagnetic mutant boyfriend. i love the movie, it's not that action-packed like the 2nd but story wise, it's worth every single peso.

then the two girls behind us said Beast was Mystique and more dumb facts, good thing they shut up after 20 minutes or so.

Azrael had to rush home after the movie because his house was entered by a snake. and as we were walking, i imagined a sentai like episode wherein azrael's snake fought the real snake. ahahaha.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I graced the pages of Manual Magazine

Well ALMOST. :p

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

angels emailing, vegetables and karma

I just read today Jaime Licauco's column in inquirer's website. He talked about the truth behind this movie i don't want to mention the name anymore because im sick of it already.
anyhoo, the interesting part is, there's this man who is being emailed by Angel Gabrielle. If it's true, none of us know but my point with my friend was, if we know how to use the email why not the angels or God right? they are higher beings and for such, email is not a biggie to them.

then i read his past articles in inq7.net and im really fascinated about what he says on reincarnation, spirits (not ghosts), and the angels and so on.

i am interested in my soul and my faith, not ghosts or other paranormal stuff most people are more interested in.

then i also read even more about Karma and what it has to do with vegetarianism.

gahhh ~ i wish i knew more of this before and its boggling really to know which is the truth or not but what is important is the personal faith that keeps me sane and the grace of knowledge of course.

i need not change my religion, i think everything is universal and what we choose to do and believe is right whenever it is based on goodness.

AMEN. hope i shared valuable thought today :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

angry me

how i wish i can buy my own house because freaking boring nosey neighbors apparently are sshhhishing about me. yeah im probably the only pretty girl in the village to talk about with my boyfriend in tow.

and i can't believe my sister is giving a damn about what they say.

i am living my life and making the most out of it before i die.
will they be able to ressurect me from the dead and give me everything i just missed? like being with the most important person in my life, waking up with your loved one at your side, and getting a sweet goodbye kiss before entering work??! i bet they dont even fucking have that.

don't bring me down to your boring routine lives or i'll send y'all to silent hill where you all freaking belong losers.

Friday, May 19, 2006


they are 300 each that includes shipping already. you will receive earrings in 2 days.
they are so cute aren't they? be the first to wear them! limited stocks so hurry!!!!
email: suzaku_lace@yahoo.com or use the tagboard.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

huling tula

naiinis ako sa boyfriend ko dahil parati shang late sa usapan namin.
kahit anong araw, may pasok man o wala, parati shang late.

nakakainis dahil nasasayang ang oras ko at oras ng ibang tao.
may relo naman sha, advanced pa nga, pero late pa rin sha.

parati nalang akong naiiwan sa isang lugar na nakatunganga.
minsan wala akong ginagawa nakatunganga lang talaga.
minsan, nagbubura nalang ako ng text messages at nililinis ang cellphone ko.

madalas, nauubos ang pera ko sa kakaantay.
tulad noong minsan, may internet naman sa office pero nag rent pa ako sa labas.
sarado na ata ang office wala pa siya.

parati shang nagpapahintay pero sha naman itong parating huli.
minsan, nagsisinungaling pa sya sa kanyang kinaroroonan.
tulad ng train station na huling nalampasan niya.

napaka bato talaga at hindi na nagbago.
naiinip na ko maghintay.
mahirap ba maging maaga at maghanda ng maaga?
lahat ng tao may mga gagawin at paglalaanan ng oras.
kaya sana lahat ng tao may respeto sa oras ng iba.

Monday, May 15, 2006

it was sunny then gloomy YEY!!!!!

rejoice! i dance for rain. i hope it continues to rain this week. i had a lovely weekend, had my face done again after a month or so.

mondays are very hard to come to terms with!!!! then add up annoying person who breathes , rather pants all the time. hay.

right now i am here in a netshop overlooking the lrt. the keyboard is very stubborn. i am waiting for az from his OJT. i hate him because he told me he'll just pick up the freaking statues then drop it at abs. he said "madali lang to wait mo ko". then from his txts he was suggesting that i meet him at HERO duh? are you making me commute and ride the deteriorating trains?

he is just so inconsiderate. now i am wasting my money here at the netshop. i want to cry already. i ate at 7-11 awhile back to kill some time but im not used to the self-service thing, i made a lot of mess! i spilled juice on the table and the floor, then the packet of oil from the yakisoba spilled as i opened it, to my hand then to the table then to my bag.

someone save me from this day. i want to go home and forget all about the pink monster who breathes heavily and pants all day. i want my freedom!!!!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I just got MY AV IDOL boots!!! weeee :)

it came today via Fedex, so for those who want boots too email me at suzaku_lace@yahoo.com

photos taken by: azrael coladilla

Friday, May 12, 2006

Azrael and Lace Afterwork

i just saw this video in ifilms accidentally. it's sweet! haha it's like me and azrael after work that's why i laughed really hard when i watched this. i hope your day ends like this also. enjoy!

by New Order song: Krafty

i love rainy days! and japanese type shoes for sale

i love today's weather! it's super wonderful. az and i were dropped of vito cruz and we walked to the office. the weather is gloomy, with scattered rains, and drizzles. it's so lovely! i love the smell of rain too and the sound of tickling water. am i a frog? haha.

it makes me want to go back to bed and curl curl with the blankies and the comforter and teddy bear azrael.

anyway, here's another item i am selling: FUNKY SHOES! don't they look very japanese?
the price is 1,850

for orders email me at suzaku_lace@yahoo.com

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Michelle Branch, Maid Cosplay

<-- Az and Lace

one time i was on my way home, i heard michelle branch's goodbye to you. i love that song before but forgot it already. so i promised myself im going to play it in the office or somewhere. it's so sad! i swear that would be my break up song in waiting. :)

there's this event happening, just a small one that will give cosplayers a license to cosplay without competition! yey! so i wanted to cosplay as a 16 yr. old maid slave of azrael, i looked on the net and found a maid's uniform! weee!!! i just have to make an apron and a head dress. i hope this plan pushes through haha

Japanese Stuff For SALE

Want to look like your favorite anime or AV idol? Here are some items i have for YOU!!!

Knee Length Boots

Price: P 2350

*it might take you two-three weeks before receiving it

Long Cardigan
Price: P1500

Cute Japanese Earrings
Price: P 350

Email me at suzaku_lace@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wendy's Super Value Salad with no Leaves

im feeling woozy at the moment. i just ate at Wendy's and i was looking forward to eating a good green serving of salads but i decided to get the value salad and to my surprise, there was no leaf inside. there were two squares of jelly and two pieces of cucumber. blah. i used to get lettuce inside the meal.

i feel like puking anytime soon. 3 hours more to go before work ends but im not feeling good. it feels like my stomach is full when it's not and i really feel like i want to vomit.

<-- i drew that haha

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Daddy Az and his Highblood Pressure.

I got home from work early today. Azrael txtd me his blood pressure the nurse in FEU got. he had highblood measuring 150/80 and that was dangerous according to the nurse and my officemates. His nape was hurting every now and then, he had headache and he was fatigued. So i told my officemates i was going to pick him up in FEU so that we can go home and i can take care of him.

i was in the retreat house for a wokshop but i walked in the heat of the sun and i think my skin is burned already. i semi-panicked also because he might faint somewhere any minute. it was so hot and humid at the same time.

we got home safe but his nape was cold and his face was flushed during the bus ride. i put him to sleep right away then my mom said afternoon naps causes highblood too. haha. so we woke up and ate icecream after sleeping for 2 hours.
Now im going to google what to do with highblood pressure. what he can eat and not, stuff like that. i dont want to be widowed even before i get married. *lol*

Monday, May 08, 2006

AV idol link, Poseidon Advanced Screening

aloha! im posting this while listening to Hyde's 666 album.

thank you very much to Pinoy Exchange for giving us free tickets to the advanced screening of Poseidon later :)

Also, i found out that im number one in the search results for google.uk for "av idol cosplay"
thanks thanks! but im not an an AV idol, i just love dressing like one. so here's my photo for all you searchers out there.

This is my latest with Don Israel, my 52 year old sponsor.

the paparazzi took the photo from below so we look a little plumper.

i will post more soon about our idols Airi and Meiri, for the mean time, here is one of their latest photo from their blog :)

i am also enjoying my new hair style, no i did not cut my hair but i fix it in such a vey cute way.

in this next photo, you'll see one of my new pony holders. and it is another good catch by the paparazzi...

suzaku_lace caught being kissed by a 52 year old man.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the wedding koreanovela

this is my sort of mini reaction paper on the koreanovela. i hate darren! darren you should go to hell. i pity Sena, his pretty, cute and young wifey. the episode awhile ago was super nice. Sena was waiting for her husband not knowing that he (darren) was with his ex girlfriend/childhood friend eating noodles.

Sena also thought of how her life changed after the wedding. and i agree when she said that what was on fairytales and in her dreams was very far from the realities of marriage. then scenes were flashed like those times Sena prepared food but Darren did not come home and she had to eat all of it, and also when Sena was sadly waiting for Darren on the street outside their unit. hayyyy ~~

just like aircrash investigations, this show is making me i cant explain really what it is haha.

anyway, i hope you guys catch Wedding on ABSCBN every weekend before ASAP. im also watching Wonderful Life every night while waiting for azrael.

<-- Man accused of flirting, castrated.

its confusing to turn your love on and off really, i spyed and heard azrael was not behaving well in some place called Splash Island ~ and before i can say the B word (break) he was going ballistic already and so im still stuck here in Love Limbo.

He said he was not flirting in any way not taking pictures of girls in bikini, not flirting with this intern, and was doing all work. do you believe him? ahaha.

God knows what's true, and im the punisher.

(yesterday i wrote that all over his bouncy body-- look at that terrified smile on his face)

Friday, May 05, 2006

migraine girl

thank God i'm home! i was suppose to attend this something until 8pm but it was cancelled. whew. all day long i thought of going back home. i really really need a long vacation. it's still four months before my contract ends and i hope i can live till that day.

im so quiety fussed, stressed, and irritated with everything. hay it's good to be back home -- peaceful, quiet, free, all those things. and no im not complaining about work because my load is really manageable and tasks are very easy to handle but all those other things, yes, and very much i can't hardly take it anymore. i wish i can setup my mini biz already. i really want to work from home. i am torn of doing what i like and giving it a shot but what will happen to my maketing career. hay ~ we humans plan but really, planning is useless in life which makes it even harder for me! arrggghhh

can't i just make money out of my blog? haha.

photo from: the internet found using google images.

Lunch Break Jrock Update

Please check out the stuff i am selling below

it's lunch time once more.. and i am braveheart shouting freedom once more. now, i am listening to Judy and Mary's j-music. the second song won't play. they are the band who made the opening sobakasu for Rurouni Kenshin.

i talked to one old friend and he said it's better to have friends than boyfriends ahahaha. we're celebrating 8 years of friendship long distance and not. and how i love it that both of us are facing the same problems at the same time!

Kawaii Items for Sale

Shoe and Bag Earrings! very cute i want one for myself haha.

Price: Php 350

Pink Long Cardigan

wear it with your japanese school skirt or boots :)

Price: Php 1,500

Contact me for inquiries and orders at:

more stuff soon!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jrock to the Rescue, Hyde and Beautiful me

i am beautiful the way i am. wala lang, i just wanted to say that. another weird angsty moment. i rarely have solo pics without bf so i posted that. i love myself and i love myself more than i love you. :p

it's lunch time and im here enjoying freedom at Netopia. im listening to Hyde's new album!!! jrock at its best, it's super good it is making me wet. i love Hyde!!! thanks to Joisu for providing me with the music.

my boots are set to arrive next week :) i also want an mp3 player, now i know its purpose. i think ive been bombarding my officemates with rock music. haha :)

im also thinking of putting up stuff for sale here in my blog. so if you have stuff you'd like me to sell please email suzaku_lace@yahoo.com

i will be uploading more music to my multiply so visit every now and then, i don't know yet if i can share Hyde's new album but just search it in multiply.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I just want to share this:

What to do in case of Allergy Attack caused by alcohol

1. don't panic, try to settle down in a safe place.
2. ask for plenty of water and breathe properly.
3. urinate from time to time to get out the alcohol inside your body. drink water again to rehydrate.
4. distract yourself with tv, remember to keep a friend beside you. You might pass out or have difficulty breathing.
5. Take anti-histamines. Do not scracth your skin as they will just get itchier.
6. drink plenty of water. After 1-2 hours, you will feel better. catch some sleep and take anti-histamines again in the morning.
7. if itchiness still occurs, a bath will offer short relief.

anyanka's birthday and alcohol allergy

Happy Birthday Anyanka!!!

Yesterday was anya's birthday! my first niece ever and the cutest!

it was just a simple lunch with her two sides of the family.

then last night i was so scared i thought i was going to die. screw san miguel light. i had a bottle the day before but last night after i finished my 1.5 bottle, i turned red and started to feel fuzzy.
then i saw my whole body has gone red with bumps! and i felt very weird the whole time as i was lying on my bed. i didnt go to sleep since i thought my heart might stop beating. it was the worst allergy ever! i didnt come in the office today because im still red and itchy all over. then i felt it was coming back again so i had to buy my own medicine (claritin- antihistamine take 1 tablet a day).

azrael also had difficulty breathing and was snoring on my ear the whole night.
visit my multiply site for more photos :) or http://azlace.multiply.com for our couple pics.

im going back to bed and get well ^^ good day!