Wednesday, August 30, 2006

this day needs to be over!

this is such a bad day! i was super excited for this day because it is the opening of Manila Book Fair in WOrld Trade Center. I know i have to work and i'll just go there lunch time. So i prepared last night by jotting down all the books i want my mom to buy for me and also the magazines and the back issues. My list was done and inside the car, this person told me he forgot to bring the list with him! arggghhhh!!!!

it is very annoying because i log on the net just to complete that list and he forgot it! i already feel bad i cant join my mom and this makes me feel worse.

you guess it right, its azrael wussy who forgot my list. he said he had so many stuff to do that he forgot it this morning. but he didnt forget to bring the calling cards he made for himself, he did not forget all the things he need to bring for his meetings, but he forgot my list!

gahh! i need a break i might kill somebody. i want to go to the retreat already so that i can be alone.

Monday, August 28, 2006

i am hungry!!!!

i have no work today and i spent the day sitting in front of the pc. doing nothing exactly. i just made myself mac and cheese. then i asked my tita to buy me quickly tea drink with sago in the mall. now im stil itching for a chicken joy.

im so fat already! i need thinspiration. but come to think of it, the older you get, the less you can eat. i think its just right for me to eat a lot now when my metabolism can still take it. ahahahaha.

last saturday, az and were able to eat at Teriyaki Boy in Mall of Asia. it was jampacked but the service was okay. when i got home, i ate suman my mom bought for me in dasmariƱas.

anyway since im hungry, i'll make you all hungry too. here is a photo of the spaghetti i made last week.

on august 31 - september 2 i'll be on a retreat with my co-workers. i think it would be fun! im excited already i like retreats because there is a lot of food. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, wow!

azrael says he will miss me and so would i. 2 nights without each other ahhahaaha goodluck to us honey : )

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Podcast 2: the better podcast than the first

download my second podcast here
right click and save target as or double click to listen right away.

i said podcast 3 in that recording but its just my 2nd :) my mistake sorry ^^;
thank you for all those who downloaded my first, it's very annoying but i'll be better next time heehee.

i went to tarlac yesterday and pampanga the day before. grabe! it was a very looonnngggg trip, i feel bad for our driver. i cant imagine how tiring it is to drive for two consecutive days but we enjoyed the trip anyway.

azrael video taped some of the happenings. i'll put it here too when i have the time. i can't upload the work i do there but azrael and i came up with a funny clip. so watch out for it heehee : )

this is blurry me in Don Bosco Tarlac.

the day before which was friday, i went to Westfields International school in Angeles City. Now im back home getting my rest and i'll be back at work on Tuesday : )

<--- Lace's Fan's Day and Tarlac Tour daw

Friday, August 25, 2006

L'arc en Ciel Con at UP Bahay ng alumni Sept. 16

i am very excited to attend this event. im a fan of 7thursday and Hyde!!!!
i think pre-selling of tickets are on Sept.2 at SM Megamall Foodcourt.
ticket price is 100 bucks.

i will be here selling stuff too. : )

September 16, 2006, UP Ang Bahay ng Alumni
12:00-10:00 pm
program officially starts 2:00 pm

L'Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Fan Club


Thursday, August 24, 2006

migraine girl, video blog, and chorva

i have a very irritating headache. i had migraine yesterday now i have it again!
awhile ago, i lined up at KFC to buy lunch. before me were Benildean deaf students, the KFC crew had no idea how to communicate with them. The kfc guy was speaking but hello, these students won't hear you. He was even showing that he is getting annoyed already. i stayed in line and got my lunch after 30 minutes.

i am now listening to Yael of Sponge Cola. i really like his voice and i wish he will make my headache disappear. i guested at azrael's merryland video blog and i just realized that my face gets even bigger when im lying down on the bed.

hopefully i will soon make my own video blog when i have nothing to do. i dont have anything to talk about yet. if you have suggestions tell me : )

for those who have not downloaded or listened to my podcast please see below. : )

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Podcast 1: the anyway show of suzaku lace

Listen to how many times i say the word anyway. download my first ever podcast featuring Ash's 1977 album and one bonus koreanovela soundtrack : )

this is my first time, it's so embarassing to record yourself. im way better at writing i know. hahaha, enjoy!

right click here and save target as, or listen now by doubleclicking

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tech Special Edition: Ruffle MP3 player, Nextbase Portable DVD player, Wireless Headphones

First of all, i want to congratulate Mr. Azrael Coladilla for being featured yesterday at Manila Bulletin's Tech News. Lace Llanora was mentioned (yippee!) in passing (nyeh).

I got my new MP3 player from CD-R king last night. This is what it looks like:

it is a nice buy but you cannot play it in normal sequence, it shuffles the mp3 files but as what my boss said, pre-programmed random since it is the same randomed sequence every time you turn it on.

moving on, i want to purchase these gadgets soon! when i have money and the certainty that i wont lose my job. haha.

these are form nextbase, they are selling theseportable dvds in tablet form and like that on the left, dunno what it is called.

this one costs 10k in SM appliance store.

a nifty gadget to go with this is the wireless headphones! i was thinking cd-r king must have these, but azrael said they dont have it yet. anyway, next base is selling these wireless headphones to go with the portable dvd player.

see this on the right.

then i read the newspapers today and discovered that Sony and JVC have portable dvds already. i just don't know the price yet but it's exciting to get to know more about them. i wish i have these dvd players!!! so i can watch any dvd when im bored waiting for the car or azrael.

i'll stop here for now : )

Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh Men, Work starts tomorrow, Vitamin C overload

it's back to work tomorrow!!! i was posting a homage to the 3 day vacation but i got disconnected and all of my writings went to waste.

Image Hosted by

"I will tear your ear off!!!!"

it's confusing for someone like me to adore holidays and when the day itself comes, im bored and i cant think of anything to do. azrael left me to buy his USB gadgets in the mall and he agreed yesterday to schedule his computer usage. and when i woke up today at 11am, what do i expect, i still can't take his ass off the computer hot seat.

i just asked for him to pay 50% of the mp3 player i was eyeing, just to feel better, now it will be on my hands any minute.

i was miserable last night i cried an ocean while lamenting the fact that men are assholes, promising this and that during courtship and making you believe that they can deliver this and that, that they'd rather spend their whole life in the bedroom with you, and so on. God. they are good liars.

so instead of battling it out with men who only have 1% or less of my intelligence, i just overdose myself with vitamin C, 2000 mg a day does wonders!!! i feel energetic and my skin looks great. try it at your own risk. haha : )

Friday, August 18, 2006

Neurotic Wednesday and Super Ex-Girlfriend

i am super neurotic! wednesday turned me into a demon tearing magazine (long story). i consulted my sister about my flare ups and neurotic-violent attacks and she advised me to calm down, relax, and prettify. it feels good to be able to spend some time with my older sister online and ask her advise for the first time.

yesterday i was not able to report to work but i got to go to the mall in the afternoon when i started to feel better. azrael treated me to My Super-ex Girlfriend movie, and he also bought me an office blouse, how sweet. i also bought 2 other blouses because i look like trash in the office already and im already embarassed because i look like im wearing my house clothes. i run out of collared shirts and my plain tees got smaller (or i got fat).

Reflecting on the movie, i wish i have the power to throw a shark to a womanizer boyfriend. that scene was super! SPOILER ALERT !!!! i hate it though that G girl did not end up with her ex boyfriend and the OTHER WOMAN even got super powers hmpf.

Uma Thurman is the best and i enjoyed when she was torturing the guy who dumped her.

anyway, i need to check on my anger levels and stop boiling past mistakes of others in my system. i might erupt sooner than Mayon Volcano.

Blind Item: i hate this one person who always makes side comments about how beautiful tv personalities and others are while im inside the same room. of course she intends to compare me to them and hopes to make me feel like shit.

im already feeling shitty and now i wish to kill her and skin her alive. she makes this comments when my boyfriend is also around, as if she wants my boyfriend to realize that im just the ugliest person in this world!

why do people like this have to exist?! well i feel sorry for her too because time has passed her by and now she is so bitter she wants to drag me down with her. Hell no! i will get my hair rebonded, my eyelash extended, my skin prepped, and so on!

one friend texted me a quote saying treat people who citcize you like sand paper, they make you better but they become worn out.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Watch my movie - The Banquet

Can't wait to watch this movie, i know azrael will be squirming on his pants when he sees Zhang Ziyi being molested and whatever. but i like her for her beauty and i like her co-star, Daniele something. Thank you to constipateddiva for the heads up.

I wish i can find a dvd of this somewhere.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Anya's Foot Cast

Good Payday Tuesday everybody. This week is going fast, phone calls, organization, HTML, and school tours, i love it. time goes by faster when you have tons to do. my sister and i get to chat once in a while. she yms rather slow and i get a response from her after an hour then she'll disappear. she sent me photos of anya's foot that was casted awhile ago in Melbourne.

it's good the cast does not look too heavy for her foot. she still is very cute! i miss her so much : (

back to manila (in taft) i had a VERY QUICK lunch with Azrael who left me on the pavement when he saw a bus going to Ayala. he is going to megamall to sign some papers. and i was there looking at the bus along taft avenue, gawd. then he waved at me from the bus and i thought, is this man serious?!

and tonight i have to wait for him to arrive from Pasig because my ass wont stop turning until he is there with me. pathetic but i cant help it, this must be love, oh no.

i want to say hi! to my multiply chums who recieves my blog entries, im sorry if i flood your email you can simply unsubscribe and forget about me :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

i miss baby anya

i miss my niece very much, i always dream of her that she's back in manila from australia. i promise i'll always play with her when she gets back, i will even take a vacation and just take care of her at home.

here are some of her photos from melbourne:

im always sad and bored at home. i dont know which is better, office or home. since nobody is talking to me at home, everyone is doing their own stuff and azrael is glued to the net all the time. i just force my sell to take afternoon naps to kill some time.
unlike when anya and my sister were around, i can spend some time playing with them and talking about tv shows and me and my sister will have intellectual disputes on politics and religion, plastic surgery, and amazing race or whatever.

i miss everybody especially anya. i want to see her soon and im counting the days to november or december when they will arrive hopefully. i hope they dont leave the country again. gosh. im getting uglier because im so sad and all.

huhuhuhu : (

Friday, August 11, 2006

Girl from Mars by Ash

i love this video! since i was in gradeschool. i got so excited when i saw they have videos in youtube. i was ecstatic and still am right now. this was my and my sister's favorite band back then. way back then.

it takes time to load but just be patient, it's worth it.

Are you looking for a JOB?

Junior Marketing Communications Officer
(De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde)

Must be good in written and oral communication.
Must have a Bachelor Degree in Marketing or any related field.

txt 09178192913
email ur resumes and sample written work


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jessica Simpson Music Video

for the sake of updating, heehee. kidding. i dont know if i like this video or not but i like Jessica Simpson. I think she's getting old though because she is with eva longoria from desperate housewives. in that case, i want to grow old like them ahahhaha.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Astrology Zone for the Aquarians

I woke up today feeling ugly and midday, now i dont know what i want to do in my seat.
It's like im annoyed, irritated, depressed, insecured, and ugly all at the same time!
and i looked at my calendar and remembered what Susan Miller said to the Aquarians.

"A very tough day for any type of close relationship is due on August 7. This is the day when the fiery hot Sun will meet up with icy Saturn in conjunction, literally bringing a meeting of fire and ice. It's usually one of the most depressing days of the year, but one meant to quickly dispel fantasy in favor of replacing it with clear-eyed realism."

and hell i am truly depressed! i want to eat lunch but i dont know what to eat and so on. i want to eat lunch with a friend but there is no one.

i hope this day ends now. and according to Susan Miller it will all be good on August 23 and the days after that.

Airi and Meiri Music Video

Here are the cute japanese twins airi and meiri:)
They're so cute i wish i was their third identical sister ahahaha

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Paris Hilton's New Music Video "Stars Are Blind"

i love paris hilton! she's so hot grabe!!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

i hate transformers

i just gotta hate transformers! why? because it wasnt shown during my era and my 40 yr old boyfriend is going berzerk about it. he has a transformers blog that he updates like every 5 minutes and nobody else can use the computer!!! screw those robots and all the nerdaks that are worshipping these alien robots.

i hope this freaking movie gets shown NOW because i want my boyfriend back and the transformers are stealing him away from me. sooner or later he'd prefer updating his blog than having a sack session with me, i just know it. goodness gracious. and he claims he hasnt done anything yet and has not finished what he is supposed to do even when he hoards the pc and broadband all day. crap.

so now he maintains two blogs, his merryland and this transformers nerdy blog that gets updated every 5 minutes. no time left for girlfriend/wife whatever.

HMPF!!!! maybe he wants a girl who looks like ironhide or can transform into a mecha during sex.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bobble Head Mcdo Happy Meal COMPLETE!

I have all four of them now! Ronald, Grimace, Burglar, and Birdie :)

This is me with Birdie and Hamburglar, of course they are in plastics haha.

It was 12nn today when i got them. I went to Mcdo Taft for lunch with Azrael and I ate a lot just to complete my set. Im also hungry that's why.

and this is what two full-stomached lovers become.

we are happy we completed the happy meal and now we are insane. trying to look like birdie. Azrael looks like a duck. ahahaha

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

TATU girls love each other

I love TATU, i love them both. I love their music and lyrics. Try listening to Gomenasai. Mp3s are available at if you want to listen to this couple.

the 27th Manila Book Fair

Finally, i managed to get a schedule from the World Trade Center website. The bookfair is on August 30 - Sept. 3 if im not mistaken.

I go every year, best with my mom for me to buy with her own money.

Better save and prepare your book lists!!! or simple be amazed at what book or magazines you can find.

For my last year's book fair review and photos click

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

for my hunny bunney (ba-ney)

Update August 1, 2006

We finally have broadband internet at home!!! welcome mp3s, youtube movies, and net trash.

but im too tired to even turn the pc on at home so azrael the net addict takes the seat like 24/7.

it's very rainy and we were praying no classes but here we are now, workers. heehee.

i also made up my mind of staying with my current work, and i hope i made the right choice. it was a good deal afterall.

im doing great with my school tours, i just hate kids who laugh at how many times i say "so" i want to throw my nike at their face when they do that.

then last night i bought FHM because azrael sinungaling told me we had our pic in it and the toycon had a 2 page feature. and voila i opened the 125 peso mag and saw my face nowhere and toycon only occupied like 1/8 of 1 page. i was furious! well i was so excited and all to buy the mag and see my ass there then it was all just a lie. hmpf. kids never should be disappointed OKAY???!!!!

that's all have a fun august everybody!!!