Tuesday, March 29, 2005

whew.... it's over! almost ^^;

All of us felt like we just gave birth and finally, we could relax. it was a wonderful feeling for us to finally hand over the papers to our professor. hay... and then we had this trouble with one of the profs and i checked my mail, and glad to kow it's fixed.. grrahhh... i love it!

this is almost the end of the shool term but i have yet to defend our service plan in Markser together with my wonderful and hardworking groupmates. we're fortunate we belonged to a good group and everyone did their part. whew...

and im loving this cluster of time because im not worried about anything anymore, and i can enjoy our trip to Cebu then we are going to cross over Bohol. It'll be my first time there but im hoping it's as good as bora or even better.

The quest for the perfect bikini

begins.. i want a yellow or white one, and im dying to go shopping. well, i dont have shing shing but i'll find a way or i'll ask from my mom but that's rare of me so wish me luck. also, im keeping my fingers crossed that i can lose some bulges before hitting the beach. i gained quiet a lot because of the lasallian lifestyle of eat, sleep, work and multiply. multiply means uploading pics, or blogging, or whatever. its our latest form of entertainment, me and my friends that is. and im starting NOW to do what i should do to melt the fats away.

okay... im starting to panic.. i just saw my last summer's bikini pics and i really gained a lot... drat... i want to have better pics this summer. i'll start tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! omg.. im in panic mode ahahaha.. anyway, i better do something. whew... goodluck to me and my summer escapade.

Monday, March 28, 2005


This multiply.com is wrecking my brain. i feel stupid because i cant get myself to familiarize with the interface. anyway, the cool thing is that in multiply u discover a lot of nitty gritty details.

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to be or not to be... that is the question.. =p

Holy Week

Yes, i offer to the Lord all my schoolwork and all the papers and headaches and sleepless nights that i encountered. the hyperseven less the two is almost dying because of schoolwork. no one can imagine what the holy week was for us. even just thinking of the load sends us breathless and my heart seems to stop every now and then.

Some people consider this holiday as a vacation...and poor us we never did set a finger on the sand. our recreation was simply uploading pics and viewing them and looking at our faces, hey we're on the net! *lol* but the days that just passed by has made me seen and all of us, that everything is possible if u work together... ahaha.. cheesy... boinks. its 1am and i have more tasks tomorrow.

and lookie what i found

**** is your boyfriend azrael's ex wife

go figure. then multiply.

c ya!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today, cant think of anything ^^

i have a lot of things to do for school.. i said that a million times already BHAT *hehe* i just cant start anything. all i do is search for data and graphics, maybe it'll help me when i start the projects seriously. suddenly im craving romantic comedy-ish ANIMEs just like full metal panic or even the shallow series, i just want to watch something. i started watching lemenoy snicket's a series of unfortunate events... * SD mode* anyway, the plot is nice and i bet the visuals are great but i watched the cinema copy (do u get it?) and so it wasnt clear... i havent finished it because i need to get up my ass and start moving or i'll be a blubber of fat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

please pass the tissue *__*

there's this anime i heard from azrael and im dying to get my hands on the copies. its tenjo tenge, sexy girls with big boobs woohooo!!! fun fun fun... and aside from that, i think the story is worth understanding but its eye candy for me. i wish i get a copy right away so i can watch something and do something else. i cant find anything to do because its a weekend and im here in the house going up and down the stairs.

Friday, March 18, 2005

the biggest loser

--the tv show was great! ahahaha... i watched it for the first time awhile ago and it was just after the sports illustrated model search. the two programs were pushing me to lose weight and start moving again.. ahahaha... *yawns* im too lazy, but will start tomorrow ahahaha ^___^ i just ate a half of a 10" pizza from yellowcab, it was hmm great somehow but id rather eat it at home while watching a movie but i like it warm so its ok. maybe that would be my last pizza for 3 months...help me on this part, haha. TGIF! and thank God this day is over... this week spelled stress and it was a hell of a week. i can't imagine how i survived it and thank God its holy week next week. yey! i will have a lot of days that i can sleep through weeee!!!!!! and boredom is yet again my bestfriend. but its cool since i can save money and pay my upcoming bill. my sister was asking me to pay interest when i paid a lot sooner *because she was charged since she wasnt able to pay her part* but duh??? why would i pay that too? i dont pooh out money from my ass. anyway, whew... i want everything to be over, hmmm... i just want to get through this month already and the next and the next until i finally die.. ahahaha.. whew.. this is fun, scribbling here and there without much thinking and i know i sound crazy and insane ahahaha but who cares, im so excited to get over it all!!!! yey!!!! and tonight was fun, vincent and i were singing drunk songs * go figure * and we were both outta tune.. weee... coolness.. i miss my NU days but i recently switched back to that station again. anyway, up to here first.. i feel so uneasy and a little sick, i feel like i want to puke because there are a lot of things inside me id rather ignore and just go ahead with my life, take it day by day as they say. ahaha.. cheers!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

goodmorning manila

And to kick things off we light a marlboro.
Not the green one because Edward says its “pamputa” haha peace.
Yup im early here in school and my third home UM has once again
opened her arms to sleepy students who don’t want to wait in school.

I like it here in Netopia because they have headphones, coolness. unlike the one beside it with crappy monitors, but go there if u want to save up but today, I want to wait in luxury.

Midnight FM

And last night was fun and shitty at the same time. we were working on a rels presentation and lian and I were having fun with my headset. It’s good I found my mp3s again and I played DJ last night for the two of us, plus I sang my stress away online. I wish all of us would get a mic so we can have an online song shagging.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

thats me after giving birth.. bloody no. that's cleopatra by stanzione, massimo


It looks so cool and I placed a lot of Byzantine paintings on the powerpoint. It has this dark and gothic theme even when our report is about justice and something about bishops. I also encountered some readings from the religious people but I haven’t read them all. They are quiet interesting and they have some truths in it. I am deeply fascinated by their views and yup I agree, can’t hardly wait to get out of this sinful world..kidding. my sarcasm is attacking ones again so beware. It’s one of those days that I want to be alone and everyone seems to irritate me. It’s just me and the pc and the worldwide web. Cool.

My resume

Is missing. And so I have to make one later. I don’t even know how I can go to the offices. I am targeting two callcenters just to be sure. And tomorrow SHOULD be serious job hunting.

and im rich

yeah right. i can finally work for summer and have something to do
rather than wallow on my life. coolness. i just finished my powerpoint for
relsfor and it's what, 12.30am??? haha--funny.

i paid yet another creditcard bill which amounted to $$$
and i have more reason to save and work.

anyway, i look like a wreck. i hope this file fits my diskette
because i dont have a blank cd.

im high already... i think i can fly and im so alive... drahahahaha...

rock on!

.. and may men start acting like real MHENNN..

excuse my highness im in nirvanic mode. rhaaa...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

shit happens

and today looks like the longest day in my life.
i slept thrice, and still time remains. i look like
a cyber rat already, im waiting for nothing and
im wasting electricity. its even harder to do
something academic. here's hoping for a better

Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Reflection Paper for the LaSallian Retreat

hi! i wasnt suppose to post this but my paper turned out very well. one of the most honest papers i have written and poured my spirit unto. lian alaso posted hers and maybe, writing the paper was the activity that made us tap our soul and made us realize several things.

Lace J. Llanora

The retreat was very brief. Hence, it just reminded me of the things that we normally forget in our daily routines. It reminded me of the importance of being silent. Because of my hectic lifestyle, I rarely have time to sit and be quiet. Sometimes, we have the time to do so but we opt not to. I have always known the saying that in silence, there is the answer. Maybe, this is the reason we’d rather listen to the radio, chat with our friends or watch TV rather than be quiet. In silence, we hear what we do not want to hear. Our mind recalls and tries to resolve our problems that we’d rather forget. During the times that we ignore the importance of listening to ourselves, we become detached from the reality and our emotions. We ignore the words our spirit would like us to hear. In time, we would forget about who we really are and the voice inside us will die.
I felt that I have been disconnected to my soul in many ways. Thus, this leads me to question if who I am right now is the person that I really am and would like to be. We are dictated by the outside forces, the people around us, our work and our material desires. In silence, we will hear what our spirit truly longs for. In the retreat, I have restarted to be in connection with my spirit and listen to the concerns that I tried to ignore. In silence, you would start to think of what makes you truly happy and if you are staying true and faithful to yourself.

I am saddened by my realization of how much I have changed. Changes are inevitable but sometimes, we are unconsciously driven to change by our environment. In silence, we realize how much we have lost control of our lives. Denial is the usual process that we put ourselves through but now is the right time for us to rediscover the truth and the real happiness that we pursue.

In silence, we hear the voice of God as God is within our spirit. I have always thought of what was right or wrong, and sometimes, we just make ourselves believe whatever we want to believe as right. But in silence, you will feel in your heart what indeed the answer is, and we try to run and hide away from it. The experience showed me the freedom that I wish to have. The freedom to be myself and staying true to what I believe in. The freedom from outside pressures and influences. I rediscovered how silence can help me find the path I have lost and how it can be a guiding force in my life. In silence, there is not only the answer but also the truth. This is my way to freedom and writing this paper inspired me to find it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

super mario and friends

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

on the way to Antipolo

hello earthlings. im going to antipolo today and im waiting here in UM for the bus to arrive. Breakfast was great at Mcdonald's, i fought my way to get the last pancakes. there was only one box remaining and i prayed dearly that i be the one to devour them, and yey! my wish came true. After the breakfast, i went to school because i want to see myself in the mirror, haha. BUT they wouldnt let me in because im wearing my shorts, my bart simpson tshirt and slippers like i dragged myself out of bed. so i walked here to UM and find something to do while waiting. i forgot to bring a lot of things like my jacket, my bath towel and my baby pictures. nyahahaha.... i'll just sit there under the tree and go to sleep. i havent gone there but i want to go home already, there's no internet connection there or even an accessible pc for the students. they said the food tastes bad, like retreat food everywhere else so i brought two big instant noodles. we will also climb our way up to the retreat house and i wish my slippers wont give up on all the walking and i pray that i won't trip a gazillion times.
Trip to PUP yesterday
the students there look kind and they are simple and warm just like paulinians... haha. anyway, Azrael gave a lecture there together with Ed Lingao who had a million fans out there. Lucky for us it finished early and it was a different world really, there were intermission numbers and the students are not shy. they gave us food to eat, to Azrael's delight of course. It was my first time to eat a KFC go-go sandwich and it tasted good. haha. i had a difficult time looking for the restroom and unforunately, it wasnt cleaned yet maybe because it was the end of the day already and one student said they didnt have water.
it's almost 11 so i better finish this, i'll meet andrea and lian at jolli-bug haha, they want lunch there but i think i'll pass since i just ate pancakes. there you go, i'll pray for everybody while in my retreat haha.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

yey! im back

the latest is my trip to Bangkok and the pictures can be found in the gallery. I only have a few pics with backgrounds screaming 'im in bangkok' since i had little interest going to the temples and seeing elephants or cobras perform. I prioritized shopping not for me but for my family and friends... heehee ^^ id love to go back provided that thai's learn to speak english fluently or at least some words or phrases clearly... and next time i'll choose a better hotel. we were lodeged at a common hotel but the location is good enough.

i'll be gone agan for the weekend, it's the lasallian retreat, And *plays psycho soundtrack* during dinner time my mother and sister were saying that my mom went to dlsu and ask the people there about the retreat. psycho was humming along and asking why a recollection should be an overnight stay. to hell with these people, i told them to just call the school and stop pissing me off.

i can't hardly wait for next year when i'm finished with my studies and lalalala... im wishing everything will go well and id be really careful with a lot of things. ^__^
psycho is becoming a psycho again and hellooooo.... their weirdness just pushes me more to do what is restricted and go on hiding just like rebels in the forests, harhar.
i was planning to have a good dinner with them and i wanted to stay in the living room and get some chitchat but oh well, i'll just get frustrated. thank God for my friends and Azrael.