Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blogsvertise - something similar to Smorty

Bloggers like me earned some money via Smorty and successfully received payouts in Paypal. Unfortunately though, Smorty stopped sending ad campaigns to some bloggers including me. I've sent them an inquiry and i'll tell you what happens when they respond.

While researching I came across another revenue platform for bloggers, Blogsvertise which is very similar to Smorty. I'm waiting for my account to get approved and then of course I'll tell you about it. They also pay via Paypal and you won't need to endorse any products or services at all. I wish I get approved so I can Blogsvertise too!

Let's make more money in 2008! cheers :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snapshots of my Favorite Destination

Mall of Asia by Night

The new San Miguel Park along Macapagal Avenue. Situated near Mall of Asia, enjoy watching the fireworks display here everyday at 7pm.

Are you using Firefox?

After rebuilding my blog, I just discovered it's not displaying properly in Internet Explorer. Firefox is my preferred browser so I checked the tweaks via Firefox too. Internet Explorer is said to be more virus and spam ware prone and I stopped using it for years.

I put up a poll which you can participate in, look at the left sidebar. Help me know what you are using while I search the net for solutions. If you know what to do please send me a buzz.

Thank you!

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Blog Template for 2008

At last I finished tweaking this blog and came up with this. Multiply readers, please go to :) Now I know a bit about CSS and look, I even got me a new web 2.0 logo.

Total time spent for everything is 6 hours and I also decided to take out my Kontera ads because it's not generating as much revenue. Internet Marketing is my Neverland and websites are getting smarter each day. has been running several contests as mentioned by YugaTech and maybe it will make them eBay huge someday. For contest rules, visit YugaTech's blog, he's the official endorser of and the owner of phlogHost.

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Finally Casio Exilim EX-Z77

A big hug to myself! I finally bought Casio Exilim EX-Z77 today because the sales person was more helpful than the last. Got to try it inside the store, took photos of my sister and a video of the sales attendant. It had me at a click and surprised me with its face detection and YouTube capture feature.

Drum roll for the specs:

7.2 Megapixels
Lots of photo modes - night, auction, food, etc.
3x Optical Zoom
Anti Shake DSP
Records in MPEG-4 H.264 high quality video format
The coal black color rocks!

Visit the Exilim Website to discover more features. Patience pays a lot, the original model I was planning to buy, EX-Z75 was more pricey last month. Now it's out of stock and the EX-Z77's price is even lower than the old model.

Cheers to a good working relationship with my new digital camera!

Pinoy Bloggers use Entrecard

Entrecard is creating a storm with bloggers. I just joined yesterday, thanks to Marghil's blog where I read about it. This morning, I was surprised with the number of cards in my entrecard inbox and also, the number of advertisers who want their entrecards displayed on my blog. It's one addicting task to click on other's entrecard widgets to drop your own card.

Now Iknow who visits my blog whenever visitors drop their Entrecards for me. I'm all in for Entrecards so I guess it's time for everyone to get one. You can drop your entrecard at the left side of my blog.

And as usual, Pinoy bloggers are never late to see a big one coming, and look! Pinoy Bloggero already listed pinoy entrecard blogs , if you want to be added on the list, just leave a comment on his blog.

Entrecard aside, I'm preparing templates for my blog to use. 3 columns are preferred now because of the increasing number of widgets just like Entrecard. To edit my banner and some template elements, I would also need to download and try GIMP which a lot of users find easy and effective to use. Will tell you all about it after trial and error :)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from Mickey Mouse & Friends

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Internet and Beverage Experiments

9 days of vacation and 1 million things to learn, I'm starting tonight catching up with IT in general. Kicked it off with SEO guru Mr. John Scotts, got a welcome message from him but it's automated ha-ha!

I'm also loading several programs onto my laptop and I wonder how it feels like to have your own web server? Drupal, an open source CMS with gazillion new features requires an APACHE web server and I don't even have a personal web host >.<

Tis' the season indeed to experiment and learn. And what goes well with "leisure working" but refreshing and relaxing beverages?

1. San Miguel Coffee Sachets - for late nights and Internet surfing at 1am

2. Lipton Milk Tea - perks up a lazy afternoon, drop some ice on hot milk tea and you have instant nai cha (still, nothing beats a local tea from Thailand)

3. Lactasoy Soy Milk - morning drink perfect with oreos during breakfast. That is, if you get up early. Lactasoy has collagen too that may help reduce wrinkles caused by squinting at the monitor.

4. Lipton Green Tea - too much sitting down and not burning calories? Green tea helps shed some pounds and toxins. That's easy!

5. Lipton Brisk Tea - eating heavy lunch this season is but normal, it may cause drowsiness though. So, drink yet another cup of tea to help you digest that heavy meal and drown away drowsiness.

It's good I'm done with my Christmas list, it didn't help though that Chinabank ATMs are not working! So much for shopping, now I have more time to be productive.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Maroon 5 Coming to Manila - March 2008

Maroon 5's words in their new album are piercing to the point - accurately and realistically written heartbreak songs. The album itself seems to give listeners a tour of what love is, infatuation, excitement, disappointment, and growing apart. Love may suck but Maroon 5 makes it sound good.

On March 5, 2008 the group will be performing at the Araneta Coliseum. It's happening on a Wednesday at 8:00 pm. I am not sure if tickets are already on sale but I am sure to buy the seat somewhere near the front. They're coming soon so if you want to watch, better start saving some concert money.

Here's Maroon 5, they're too fantastic they can sing sitting down.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twiitter-ish Blog Post

I am a bit jittery maybe I'm too excited and anxious of something I turned in today and I can't wait to see what's next.

Some of my friends and I saw the movie Golden Compass yesterday after a Christmas Lunch, our favorite scene is when Nicole Kidman slapped the monkey :D

I got double stickers for the starbucks planner, thanks to Shinkaide.

Been reading some bad reviews about the Asus Eee PC, to buy or not to buy.

Watched some Asian young investors last night on TV and I dream I have their brains too.

My boyfriend got another transformer toy called Bone Crusher, maybe I should bring Barbie out and play?

I woke up today and thought it was Thursday, my friends also thought the same >.<

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Time in Marikina Riverbanks

Regardless how busy you think you are, there's always time for "Christmas Time". Yesterday was the first day of the work week yet the Marikina Riverbanks was crowded with families, couples, bystanders, and shoppers. Evident in some faces are sleeplessness and weariness from the day's activities, it was 7pm. Some were still wearing their work clothes just like me but still found time for Christmas leisure.

a good photo I was able to take.
We shall call this Christmas in the Philippines and a horse haha :)

So what's in Riverbanks? Every year, there is a Christmas bazaar, the whole river side is filled with mini shops selling clothes and shoes, Marikina's main product. At the farther end of the river banks are baranggay or town exhibits. This was my first time to go here and see the displays, Filipinos are really creative. Each town featured a mini theater made out of tents, paper mache, and twigs. Each theatre has a theme like Spiderman, Shrek, and Lastikman. People who come here are free to enter and watch these movies for free. The idea feels good it reminds me of the towns sketched in text books where everyone are friends and all that sense of community.

The air was nice to breathe in and even though I was still 2 hours away from home at 11pm when I have to wake up at 5am, I am grateful for the leg exercise. There were kalesas or horse carriages, bamboos swinging and making noise, carabaos, and lots of town folks.

11 PM. Marikina Riverbanks.

Christmas is here. Bring your family while this lasts, I recommend dining at Okavango and going at night to view the robot exhibits and baranggay displays. Totally free of cost.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas creates Traffic and Make drivers more choosy

My eyes turn alien when I'm busy.

Time is so fast I wish I can add more hours to 24. I am setting up a Twitter account (yup i am joining twitter!), discovering some internet stuff, researching, and I have yet to read some magazines and books, rah rah lace!

Yesterday, much of my time went to another exhilarating shopping activity with my aunt at the World Bazaar. I figured there will be less people if we start at night but I was proven wrong. I think I won't go to bazaars for quiet some time and now I am problematic where I should get my Christmas list done.

Choosy Drivers

Traffic was terrible also even though we left at 6pm, the buses are crowded too. I can really feel Christmas coming, taxi drivers are very choosy with their passengers. Are they waiting for commuters to offer them 1 million just to get home? I dont know if they prefer a near or far destination, what do you want!

The shuttle drivers at Mall of Asia are also acting like kings, making us wait and fall in line for so long because they prioritize other destinations which also equates to "choosing passengers". Good thing i don't need to experience this everyday but what about the poor commuters who come from a tiring day at work?

During weekdays when I go out and need to get a taxi, we have to pay 100% more just to get home. The taxi's wont turn on their meters and set a fixed price instead, it's like playing deal or no deal. I observe that most taxi drivers in Ortigas are choosy and arrogant, hmph! I wish there will be an influx of taxis hence the law of supply and demand, if there are more taxis then demand is not that high, taxis wont be so arrogant and they will have to lower their prices.

Taxi and public utility drivers, you don't own the world. :P

*this post excludes the Kind Taxi Drivers on earth.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What's Asus Eee PC for?

It's portable and only Php 17,000. RG the gadget addict showed me his new Asus Eee PC last night and now I wish I have one too! I already knew about this mini laptop that runs on Linux and open source applications but I said, what's the point? Until I experienced it last night.

The ultra portable laptop stays true to it's motto: Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play. It conveniently fits in my mini backpack that I use everyday, it has wi-fi for internet chores, webcam for videos and communication, and Open Office for writing and spreadsheets.

It's not an alternative to a laptop since it's only 4GB but is expandable through an SD card. Think of it is an internet gadget which goes in-between a laptop and a cellphone or simply your "kill some time and try to be productive" gadget. Imagine, your boyfriend is suddenly stuck in traffic and you have to wait hours before he arrives, you're at a cafe with free wi-fi and instead of wasting hours why not reduce your emails or blog while waiting? Situations like these are unpredictable and that's why you need a portable laptop just like Asus Eee PC which should now become a permanent tenant in your bag joining your cellphone, digicam, and Ipod.

This blog entry just made me convince myself, maybe i'll get one next year in one of these colors:

Gadgets, you make my world go 'round.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The return of the gradeschool

It's friday and to start getting into the relaxed zone, my friend and I ended the work week in a nearby Starbucks and I then ran to the bookstore and searched for cute notebooks. Notebooks can do wonders in getting projects done :)
I leisurely chose Bratz covered notebooks and glanced at pencil cases which reminds me well of school days. Surprisingly someone called my name as I exit the shop, and wow, it's my seatmate in gradeschool! I told her how grown up we've become and we're so much taller now. I guess we enjoyed reminiscing for 30 minutes standing up. I can't believe how time flies yet people look the same somehow?

here we are now....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Family

A rare Kodak moment! My mom, anya, my older sister Joni, our youngest sister Liza, and me.

Christmas is near and this is the best Christmas ever. I wish Australia can be reached via bus so I won't miss my sister badly when she goes back with Anya.

The Internet creates more Jobs

Hello cyber bugs, I'm in a good mood today because I escaped traffic. My mom and I were watching Channel News Asia's technology segment and wow, there are lots of tech and gaming events happening in Asia. I talked to my mom of how the internet is creating jobs, like gaming companies hiring programmers and growing IT businesses.

I for one will not have an enjoyable, dream come true job if not for the internet and websites! During lunch, my friend and I wondered why some people go to manpower agencies when there are lots of internet job postings everywhere.

And here's one:

Wanted: 1 more Copywriter/Blogger

Requirements: Loves to write (really), loves to learn, team player, good english speaking skills

How: send your resume, blog url, sample writing (if available) to

Job Location: Ortigas

Employment Terms: Regular, 8am to 5pm, must go to work everyday.

I hope to get your resumes by tomorrow morning! I'll be online the rest of tonight too so if you have questions just throw me an email. I am still absorbing more news from cable tv, watching channel news asia makes me want to go back to Singapore, people there look like IT geniuses :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Things to Buy at the World Bazaar

It's 10pm and I just survived terrible traffic! While the buses and cars were bumper to bumper, i said to myself, instead of cursing the traffic, why don't i just think of happy thoughts? And my happy thought is the World Bazaar, it's heaven on earth with all the bargains and endless choices and it's only until December 16.

I made a list of things you and I should buy when we go there (again):

1. Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll lunch boxes - lots of stalls selling these cute and inspiring items. I just used my new hello kitty lunch box today at work and hello kitty instantly brightened my day pink.

2. Laptop Skins - dress up your laptop with your favorite movie, cartoon character, or choose an animal print. Laptop skins are easy to apply, I bought hello kitty laptop skin which is color blue. Azrael has a transformer laptop skin in black. I suggest you go for black because my laptop now looks like a gradeschooler's laptop!

3. Laptop Vacuum Cleaner - only P150 and you can plug it in the usb drive for power. It will suck up all those laptop cyber dust and it even comes with a brush!

4. Safety Weapons - stun guns, hunting lights , and spy cams are available too! I already have a stun gun so I just looked at the new designs and they are all fantastic. They look like Lara Croft stuff and if you wear these weapons on a vest you'll feel like Tomb Raider.

If you want to look at high-tech looking hunting lights, visit and look out for the remote control stuff in their website. :)

5. Glowing Shirts and Vintage Shirts - mostly for men, there are Transformers shirts, Tamagotchi printed shirt that glows (like a real tamagotchi), and Bazooka Bubble Gum shirts!

I can't wait to go back and see what other cool items are there to be discovered :)

Goodnight everybody! ^^

Sunday, December 09, 2007

World Bazaar Festival - Clothes, Childrens Bedding, and Cinnamoroll!

The Manila World Trade Center was in its full people capacity yesterday, I could hardly glance at the stuff for sale with the heavy crowd pushing straight forward. Whew! But i still managed to burn 1,000 pesos amidst chaos.

Lots of stuff to buy so save your energy and eat carbohydrates before tripping to this bazaar. You'll see affordable but great quality shirts, Childrens Bedding, stuff toys, food, laptop accessories, shoes, and bags.

The last photo is from Vision Bedding that sells unique bedsheets online. I love the design! I wish i found something like it during the bazaar. To the right is a 100 peso blanket/bed cover that you can find in the bazaar, what a nice deal!

My "save the earth" bag was filled heavy with different goodies and i was surprised to see something i've been looking for:


Someone promised to give me Cinnamoroll but in the end couldn't, so I got my supermom to buy it for me. Cinnamoroll is original from Japan and is only P1,200, thank you Mama!

Now i feel like i have everything :)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kris Kringle Time! and the World Bazaar

It was a busy and great week, and who wouldn't be happy to kick-off the weekend with a Kris Kringle? Now i definitely feel the warm and fuzzy Christmas season. This is the first gift I received:

Heaps of deliciously baked pastries!

I love it! Thanks to my friend who surprised me yesterday morning. This Christmas will be a lovely one, my sister is here and I have a lot to be thankful for.

The World Bex Bazaar has already started until December 16, so forget about your payday loan (or to know what that is, visit the informative Cash Advance 1500 website) , and head over to the World Trade Center. It's shopping with a cause and this is a great venue to source for those tricky Kris Kringle gifts! I'm going today after some internet chores ^^

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that Christmas is the season of giving. So if you're just like me who had a great year with bountiful blessings, randomly share and practice charity. Caritas Cristi Urget Nos (The Charity of Christ Impels Us).

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Stumble Upon - Social Media

First there was Friendster then Facebook, and now you can share not just your profile but also your favorite bookmarked websites. And you don't bookmark them on your browser but in a social platform called Stumble Upon.

I just created an account and it looks bright and shiny for social bookmarking websites. The internet is expanding along with websites like top usa online casinos that reviews other online casinos, but what better way to get a relevant website than those voted for by the internet users themselves?

My favorite sites to stumble upon are the gadgets just like this website that showcases the future of technology?

photo from, just one of the future gadgets that were featured. It's a cellphone that has a projector! beat that!

I am still learning to use it (Stumble Upon) just like Facebook, and i am dedicating my weekend to keep up with IT! and maybe go to Duty Free later with my sister. What a lovely weekend!