Saturday, September 24, 2005

Libre ni Kuya

Since it was a free day, we went from manila to makati to cavite. Here are some pics:

On the way to Makati where we encountered rallyistas and it got me freaked so i was telling Az here that we should be off early to cavite.

OOdys had surprisingly spicy dishes that we loved. Reminded me of Thailand and how much i wanted to go back there. When we were in Thai, we didnt have money to experiment on foreign dishes.

we loved chicken satay and the other one is hard to spell and remember.

That white stuff is from the negritos of Dulcinea.. the pastry shop we just discovered. they also serve pasta but its so big you should bring your family.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ways to Earn Money

Yup my dentist was postponed. anyway, because i have nothing to do at home,
i decided to put up this site that can help us earn extra money.

please refer us to your friends. we make websites, webdesign, whatever. all in
affordable packages.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hello Benilde,Goodbye Tooth

i am so excited with my first job!!! its in st. benilde, very near DLSU and the contract is sure to be renewed, after i insisted on it on the president. The job includes everything that falls under marketing communications, and i will take on everything that falls on to my desks. weee!!! i even have my owwn computer and corkboard where i can pin pictures and stuff ^___^

i am expecting that its not just the president who's really a nice and sweet lady, but everyone in the office too. She even promised me to be the first one to move me out of the office if she doesnt see it favorable to my career. yey!


I am so afraid for my surgery tomorrow. my wisdom tooth will be removed, wahhh... i may even die or whatever, im so chicken but it really is scary because my gums will be sliced and my tooth will be drilled then i'll be stitched inside the mouth...huhuhuhu... =( so if i die, please put the blog on a cd. i love you azrael and everything about you from the top of your head to your toes..


will i live after tomorrow???

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

jobs jobs jobs

i am waiting for several companies to call but i caught myself confused on who
to choose when the time comes. i love the work in benilde, but it's contractual because
you will only work per term but the plus is its near dlsu, it's so easy to commute ^__^

the other company just called and they scheduled my final interview at the same time
as my surgery for my wisdom tooth removal *ouch* i dont know what to do yet. haha.
it was supposed to be tomorrow.

then i took two tests yesterday. i went to this company who made all the applicants wait outside.
as in, outside the building for three or more hours.... hayyyy...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Flash Resume

because im dead bored of looking for a job,
i came up with this. at least i practiced my
flash knowledge and patience.

Friday, September 09, 2005

jobless and hungry

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

rainy day and wednesday

playing hats in galleria

Azrael and I were with my mother all day. We had to go to ortigas to sort some bank accounts and me, to look for my first job (hayyy when will it end). We ate at Mocha Blends in front of UA&P and we then visited Book for Less. My mum is addicted to books about Princess Diana. After that, we went to Sta. Lucia to sort out lands my mom owns... hay when will i be rich like her. after that, we went home, still with Az who enjoys ourr family dinner the most hehe.

At home, we recorded Azrael's literature project which is a song. hayyy i was too lazy to help him so i played with Swish and tried to get a creative flash presentation done.

Monday, September 05, 2005

job hunt nightmare... it never ends

i got a phone call last week, requesting for an immediate interview.I was in book fair that time and i was pleased to get my first phone callfor an interview after thesis.

today i went there, and to no surprise.... i underwent a 3 hour tormentingseminar on "why selling our products will make u rich yadayada" buti nalangdala ko si Citizen Girl... in the story (i was reading while waiting for theso-called seminar/orientation/torture) she was also finding for a job, she wasin an office of some sort and she can't get a straight answer as to what the
company does, what job description and so forth. she was also in agony...LIKE

hayyy... it never ends, really. I NEED A JOB not a BUSINESS. hay naku,sayang talaga ung gas and my 30 peso toll fee. im living with 100 buckscare of azrael. i couldnt even get myself a double cheeseburger.

then to top it all off, my family almost cheered me as i went out of the door.ive been at home for a week, i never wanted to go out because im enjoyingthe food and comfort here. then, THIS!!! this is what happened after i succumbto going for a job which isnt a job after all. hayyyyyy.... im so pissed off talaga,i won't go out again, ever. unless it is for a job interview THAT I CHOSE and notjust a call from a company i didnt know about.

hayyy... this is life... welcome to the real word....

to fend off my angst andupcoming increase of pessimism.. i called Azraelright after, shove fudgee bars in my mouth like i was a 3D vaccum cleaner, andwhen i got home, i ate dinner and now im eating cadburry chocolates with mega tons of water.

good luck to moi.

Sunday Morning

Sunday... spent the whole day at home but this time, Azrael came from the wooden doors.. haha. here are some pics. good that now, we can hangout once in a while here since im too lazy to move my ass out of the gates. In chronological order:

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Currently Reading

The books i got from Book Fair Part 2, with my mom and her filthy rich wallet. My sister introduced me to the Summit Books once more, my first was Almost married that i read last year. Now im reading these tiny books in between Citizen Girl. Some errors in grammar irritate mo though but that's for Mr. Write and Tough Love.

This one i read this morning after my ham and egg breakfast. im not yet done with it but Maya Calica sure knows how to write. She was the editor before of Candy Magazine, which i read during my braced teeth days.

The major task i have is to finish this book so i can move on with the rest. it is witty but i think the language is more of European, makes u gasp because the tone and intonation seems to be quiet fast. The story is about a 23 year old looking for work. can relate? so can I.

Anyway, i love all of them and i don't get enough sleep just because im so excited to read the books. I can't wait to start Can You Keep a Secret and Bergdorf Blondes.. weeee..

Books get my mind off things, buti nalang madame pa ko babasahin. i just * not quiet accidentally broke my Samsung* my goodness, i have to get myself a punching bag next time. I ruined the antenna, if you may call it that. grrr...