Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At The Langham

Last Tuesday, we celebrated Vincent's and Tito Emboy's birthdays at the Langham Palace Hotel. They have a classy restaurant which has an extensive selection in their buffet.

Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, seafood, and lots lots lots of desserts!

I feel good!

Happy Birthday Vincent and Tito Emboy :)

Vincent "PS3 Boxing Champion" Ibarra

Tita Cora, Tito Emboy, and Anya Kulit.

Long Day at the City

Today I woke up early to finally walk around the city by myself, or at least with my little sister Liza. Our travel mate and mama's BFF Nanay also arrived in the morning via Philippine Airlines. She was very energetic as usual without any signs of flight fatigue or jetlag. She pushed mama to come and join our walkathon.

In the end, all 5 of us trekked towards the Victoria State Library then to the shopping centers in the city. Joni, me, Liza, Mama, and Nanay. It was very cold but I bet all of us were itching to spend some.

At Bourke street, I found my little heaven of fashion. It's called Sportsgirl and at last, I now own a pair of those liquid latex tights.

Liza and I asked to be left while the others fetch Anya from school. The two of us went to 3 different shopping malls - Myer, David Jones, and Target. Next time we'll go back again to shop even more :D Now I am happy again.

With frozen faces and tired legs, Liza and I just had to grab a seat at Mcdonald's. I was also curious at how this fastfood branch would be different from the one in the Philippines. Everything here is self-service and you have to pay for ketchup. The burger also looks lonely.

That's all for now, we'll be flying to Sydney in a day or two to celebrate Anya's 6th birthday there.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ET Go Home


It's 5 days of being here in Australia and a looonggg way to go. I enjoy playing with Anya but I have yet to trek the streets for an authentic dora the explorer travel experience. I want to get lost, in the streets and in translation. With a back pack and a map in tow. I can't find a map here though.

Other than that, of course a part of me misses Manila. There's just so much more happening in my world than here. I feel like having withdrawal syndromes, I want to move, go out and be merry. There's so much to celebrate and party for! At least we are all still alive today right? Carpe diem!

Government corruption aside, it's so much happier in my world. Although I believe young adults here also have their own world similar to mine (hanging out, enjoying cocktails and light funny conversations). And contrary to many persons' beliefs - going out, socializing, and enjoying fashion does not require a person to waste money. It's natural like the air, you just have to breathe it in. It doesn't also mean that you are not planning for the future or being stupid. It just means you have time for everything and are doing what you love. True that, God wants us to find happiness and goodness. Everything else just falls into place. When one gets old, you can only wish you can rewind everything back in time and wish you had more F.U.N

I'm feeling home/world sick and found comfort with this dog named Rico

Now I am enjoying alone time in the house. whew.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lace and Anya at the Melbourne Museum

The name of my tour guide and museum curator is Anya. She showed us around Melbourne Museum and even wore a dinosaur hat.

Outside the museum

Being silly with dino teeth

I am very impressed with the museum's extensive collection and features. I especially like the science, fashion, and psychology areas.

For Anya, the most important piece inside the museum is this:

Fossilized dinosaur poo.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rice Bar in Swanston St.

Today was a rainy day so we had to stay at home except for some shopping after attending Anya's general assembly. Vincent said we'll visit a Sushi Bar but we ended up in a Chinese Resto nearby called Rice Bar.

Here's Anya and me getting ready for a dinner out. She likes to watch me putting on my powder and lip balm. She used my powder brush and asked for shiny lips. Then she got her make up kit and we made her cheeks quiet red. We had to fix it with tissue afterwards :)

And as I was trying to get an outfit shot for, Anya insists that she joins in the photo.

Finally we got to walk outside, it was chilling cold but I was excited to eat more.

Donald Duck

Chicken Feet & Mushroom

Koko Black at Lygon Street

One of the places I visited the last time I went to Melbourne was Koko Black. Since my last trip was only one day - Koko Black reminds me of sad goodbyes and limited time with my niece Anya. Not anymore.

Take two, at Koko Black. This time, we can cap every night here if we wish.

Anya remembers so much about my last trip, what we ordered and everything. I had the same Belgian hot chocolate. Anya had an icecream from Casa del Gelato.

So many truffles and chocolate creations to choose from!

One truffle costs Php 70 or AUD 2.50 - crazy but delicious. It melts in my mouth and the cocoa powder's texture is priceless.

Most importantly, spending time with Anya who said I'm the girl she loves most in the whole world :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner on a Plane

The only thing that excites me when I fly is the food. Airplane food are always pleasantly organized and complete. They come in tiny containers like little bunch of surprises! :)
The main dish is pork with vegetable rice. Sauce was tasty and the beef was tender that it can be chewed on easily. Chunks of veggies are incorporated with the rice.

I skipped on the bread and butter to enjoy this curious treat right away. It's a cheesecake in a cup by Goldilocks. Complete with crust, cream cheese and blueberry jam. Thanks to this I momentarilly forgot I was up in the air.
After dinner, the movie Marley and Me was shown on the big screen. Good thing I have not seen this one yet! Thanks to that dog for entertaining me for 2 hours. And after this movie, Adam Sandler's flick (storybook?) was shown. I also finished this because I just can't sleep. I wish they had popcorn :)

3AM (Manila Time), the lights were turned on and breakfast was served. It was just Ensaymada from Quickmelt because we were soon to land 4AM (Manila Time).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melbourne take Two

Anya, Lace, and Joni

Looks like I survived an 8 hour flight. I'll just blog this swiftly - the first thing I did right after landing was to take Anya to school.

Kiko and Kikay with Anya

And right now we are playing with the dolls given by Yeyey and Azrael. The dolls names are Kikay and Elephant fish.

Anya and Elephant Fish

More later! Thank God for a safe and smooth plane ride.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spa and Coffee

Hours to go before flying and in a short span of time, I can feel stress nodules on my back again. It's called "lamig" in Filipino. Apparently, toxins are released and stored in the lymph nodes of the back when one is stressed or anxious. It makes part of the back tender and you can either have a stiff neck or a stiff back. I had both.

After chatting with my sister Joni, I left to meet Azrael in Galleria where he had a meeting. I could not help but pass by one of my favorite massage parlor called Excelsior. I love their massage because they make your neck pop like a firecracker. I love hearing my bones pop and I imagine them falling back into their original places :) I was not disappointed earlier and was very satisfied with the service. I had the combination massage of shiatsu and swedish. I felt the nodules were plenty moving around on my back and I swear there are still some left.

I left Robinson's Galleria refreshed with a softer back and the stiffness has disappeared. Then off we walked to Metrowalk - I always find it very far. One has to walk very long and cross different streets to get there. It's hard to get a cab in Ortigas area, taxis are like celebrities. Since I am so relaxed, my bangs took a back seat

Starbucks was filled with some bloggers and my sister's BFF Zarah was there whom I was suppose to meet. She had packages for me to bring later to the airport. It's a gift for Anya and my sister.

Then we had a long chat with Janette Toral as usual. I enjoy talking with her because I learn a lot of new things about the Internet and business.

I am tempted to organize another activity with all the opportunities now. However, I think I better enjoy this vacation first.

May the clouds disappear later and may I fly safely and prevent myself from hyperventilating. I plan not to sleep so I get knocked out on the plane. Yet, I'm now very sleepy x.x

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eating and Trotting before Leaving

Well, it's just days to go before I leave Manila. I am excited and terrified at the same time. I hope my airplane would be the friendly kind. I've been "practicing" sitting on a plane inside the bus - weird. Traveling is one of the greatest things you can do except the flying part T_T

I made the most out of this week though. I'll miss the blogging scene for a month and all the craziness of our daily schedule.

Sampling the afternoon tea at Bizu Patisserie.

At the Asian Institute of Management with bloggers and marketing practitioners. Azrael was one of the panelist and I was unusually proud of him *lol*

With Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, Jonel of, Me of, and at the back is Reg of

And finally, attending (shopping in) the Adidas Store Opening.

Nice photo by

Today, (it's 3AM now as I write) I'll be hosting the first Fashion and Beauty bloggers tea party of - it was very last minute but I thank my sponsors for their overwhelming support and love <3

After this mayhem, I shall pack *light* and get ready for an awesome adventure!