Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in my room last night!!!

azrael and i were sleeping last night when suddenly, i woke up chilling and very cold at 12.30am

i was so cold i shivered and my teeth were hitting each other. i said "az, hug me im so cold" and when he did i still asked him to get an extra blankie from the closet.

he asked me if i was chilling. "Yes!" then he said "mag dasal ka" in a very creepy way... i got scrared out of my wits!

i didn't know what to do, and maybe im just scared when i felt my body getting heavy and my arms seem to get numb.

then azrael said "maybe it's your tito, paalisin mo na". all the more i got goosebumps!

after awhile i was sweating, then cold again, then hot.

it's so weird! i asked if the weather was cold last night but everybody says otherwise..

boooo!!!! and bedmate will be absent tonight. huhuhu >.< i'll just sleep with my mom and sister.


looks like i have UTI again!!! that's why i was chilling last night ahahahahaha

Monday, October 30, 2006

Epix 2006 and confusion

hallo, im blogging from home. the cold weather and piles of stress made it hard for me to get up. im absent from work, and have to make up 4 hours this week.

EPix 2006 - an Epson exhibit for photographers

we were there yesterday and got free halo-halo from the cocktails teehee. this photo was from that event. he is dondon an artist and photographer who is azrael's friend. yes! i was wearing my fur vest but that pink handbag seemed to ruin the photo.

we did not linger any longer, we were in my neighbor SM at 6.30pm. bought myself flowers, dinner, and a magazine.

Today, right here, right now.

Halloween seems to be affecting my stars. i feel like im in a mid-life crisis at 21. i have lots of questions, plans, and choices to make. i want to push the pause button and do a turn around of everything. funny that during these times, i can't put all my sentiments on an online journal because i am READ.

i'll see what i can do to make my life a bit better aside from making and getting more money >.<
nasaan ba kasi si happiness???

Sunday, October 29, 2006

some people are made of shit. some take credit for work that others worked on, some boast of work in a manner that elevates themselves, like sugarcoating and name/brand dropping. i hate their guts. and my anger is very huge i think i will explode anytime soon.

some are plain selfish. all they do is benefit from you like a leech, you give them your hand but they want your arm too. some are like reptiles that change color. some are good when they want something from you but they don't know how to payback. you let them borrow your things but they own it instead.

i wish for them a horrible life after death. yes, happy halloween. may the ghosts of your sins and soul haunt you forever.

im so mad i think my hair is turning red already.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Today: Photoshoot Saturday

Saturday is photoshoot day. before the subjects cames, azrael, lawrence and i, then make that the whole MCO team played around the camera.

i was makeup artist again. i can see my dream coming true once more ahahahaha. this is jason im working on.

will post more photos soon when lawrence emails the greatest pose me and azrael ever did! right now, i cant wait to go to sleep.

Yesterday: Tired Lace

Yesterday was one of my most tiresome days ever. Though i like the feeling of being in a hectic schedule and the absence of idle time, i had difficulty breathing, also had this weird feeling in my tummy (my right side was aching).

We started with a meeting then there was the friday photoshoot, i was so giddy during the meeting, nervous that the participants won't show up. after the photoshoot i had lunch at 2.30pm then at 3pm some visitors came that i toured around the campus with my undigested food.

after work, i had to drop by the post office in RP to send a package to Australia. we took the fx and walked a long way to the mall. when we reached P office at the 5th floor, we were told to buy a box in National Bookstore, so down we went and up again. My side was aching so much (mabe because of tiredness) i almost cry while walking and i plumped myself to some chairs outside KFC.

strabucks was the best place to go to last, somewhere with yellow dim lights and coffee to numb stress. so here is how i looked after all my tasks were done ( see above). this was at 8pm, then we took the bus and guess what.... the aircon got busted >.<

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleepy Head

it's so hard to wake up at 5.45am. Everyday im groggy at the back of the car hugging my old worn-out pillow that i bring with me from my sleep. 7.15am im at the office already but am afraid to sleep here heehee. i have to wake up early for my sister. her class begins at 7.30am.

we got free coffee awhile back, im wide awake now but my stomach feels weird...


Right now, im coordinating a photoshoot for work. i am excited to bring my makeup kit and goodluck to lawrence, he is the IT photographer for tomorrow and saturday. im so flattered he said i can become a print manager with my coordinating skills hehehehe.

Lace's Classified Ads

my gym renovation is still on-going, it'll take me two months to install the mirrors and new equipment if i can find good ones. then maybe i can start accepting gym goers and gym virgins to rent the gym on a daily basis.

i need a gym bench -- if u know someone selling for a reasonable price, ping me. : )

i still accept projects for webpage design and flash banners. Azrael will do most of them though. just send us an email at suzaku_lace@yahoo.com

events organizing/promotions - yes we do that too.


i need lotsa sidelines and
i can't stop thinking of how i can multiply my money!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Premiere Night: The Prestige, Az is my new fitness trainee

We got free tickets to watch The Prestige last night. Good thing i was all well and there were no toilet emergencies while we were in glorietta.

i saw Sam Oh of ETC, i like her gown. then at first, i thought the movie will put me to a 2 hour sleep but again, i was wrong. it is a very smart and surprising story that was set during a classical era in London where Magic was one of the main entertainment.

Az is my new fitness trainee

Yup! ive re-opened my gymn, cleaned all my equipments this morning and started to give Az his first workout session ever. i need to lose weight too with all the people telling me i gained weight ( i want to put a gun on my head whenever i hear that ). and i think working out again and lifting all my dumbells and plates is a good way of shutting them up.

I'll post a photo of my mini gym soon. im thinking whether i will open it to the public or not. i dont like noisy men. maybe i'll just make it a gym for the two of us at the moment.

Az did really well although he is accident prone because he jokes and plays around a lot. i felt good too! the last time i touched my equipment was last year. it is also a good time for the two of us instead of just surfing the internet the whole day.

next session is scheduled on saturday and sunday : )

Monday, October 23, 2006

stomach vs. toilet and papa ilet's funeral

Yesterday was papa ilet's funeral and we all went to Maragondon Cavite.

Az was the photographer and video camera man. the videos and photos will be sent to some relatives abroad.

too bad that as soon as i finished eating lunch there, i had to go to the bathroom thrice! i was not able to attend the mass and the burial ceremonies. they left me lying on the couch.

<--- this photo is before my stomach waged war with the toilet. beside me is my niece ten ten who looks like her mother a lot.

<--- and this is how i looked when they left me in my lolo's house. i was there by myself the whole time and missed all the ceremonies.

my mom gave me diatabs but it didnt work and i asked for water but they gave me gatorade. when they were out i felt hungry but there was no food in sight... huhuu

next time i will bring my own mineral water. i think i also got sick because they all told me i got fat and my stomach reacted and pushed out all the food inside hehehehe.
i skipped work today too because of this. later i should make sure that im well already because we won tickets again to a movie premiere ^______^

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Banquet - I want the GOWN!!!

i promise to myself that i will wear the gown of the empress, no matter what it takes heeheehee
but before that, i love the movie. yes it is another chinese film with flying people and their beautiful hair, but i always like what Zhang Ziyi portrays in all her movies. AND WHAT A COINCEDENCE! in Ye Yan, she is symbolized by a fire phoenix (the suzaku). and that gown has SUZAKU written all over it! i swear i will get married in that red ensemble or else.. well if not... maybe i can die wearing it? ahahaahaha im so gaga over this red gown!!!

im already thinking to whom i can commission this gown, there are a lot of good fashion designers in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde... maybe one of them can do this gown for me. and yes im not a zhang ziyi but i am definitely suzaku lace. har har may i live ten thousand years and ten thousand times.

i can talk about this gown for a whole day. look at its tail, it has the fire phoenix embroidered on it.

moving on, daniel wu is hot... wu luan... maybe i'll name my descendant wu luan if its a boy ahahaha.. and if its a girl - eng bee tin? *lol*

Friday, October 20, 2006

Japanese Bazaar! and Teriyaki Boy lunch

Yay! az, misyel, and i trooped to harbour square during my lunch break and here are (finally) some photos ^____^

sadly though, my blue cardigan was lost.... we think it fell off the car as i got out of my seat. here in some photos i am still holding it. wherever you are my dear blue vintage cardy, i will always remember you.

more photos in my multiply

Anya's Walking Video

Anya (my niece) was born with spina bifida and was operated when she was just 5 days old. the operation affected her legs that made it difficult and almost impossible for her to walk. But 3 years later, look!

Yey! for anya and thanks to the Lord for making my niece walk. : )
i miss her more everyday and she's getting cuter and lovelier each time i see her. i wish i have my own anya to go home to everyday ^____^

Japanese Bazaar, Anya Blues, Grey's Anatomy, Yan Yan

Update for October 20..

thank God it's Friday! even though i hardly slept becuase my bedmate azrael is so big i barely have space for myself,i still managed to make my morning a blast! i travelled to work with a big satisfied contented smile.

im so sad i dont have any photos to plaster with my post. later at lunch, im going to the Japanese Bazaar with Azrael and his sister Misyel. hopefully, i can get good photos from there.

still, a part of me is in lonely mode because ANYA who is supposed to come home on November, looks like she is not coming home until January! Holy Macaroni with Cheesy Tomato! if only i have the money i will go there and fetch my baby niece.

Grey's Anatomy

we watched this before going to sleep and my bedmate got goosebumps and had a funny face while watching the operation scenes.

both of us got scared of going to the hospital. will we ever have courage to bear a baby and risk my life during delivery? -- that is the question.

ran to the canteen just now and look what i found! YAN YAN they now have messages written on each pretzel stick. so cute!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Art Work by: Lawrence Ofrin

Lawrence, our graphic designer surprised me with this!

Indesign Seminar and a little bit of Manila Comics Seminar

I went to the Indesign World 2006 at Shangri-la Makati and there, i marvelled at the software and wondered how much it will cost if i get the licensed cds.

One of the speakers mentioned De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde ( here's where i do the marketing hoolahs) and i discovered she is an alumni. So i text the marketing HQ and they gave me GO signal to interview.

that's me fulfilling my dream of writing ahahahaha. These two are a couple, her husband is an international photographer and both of them travel the world.

Manila Comics Seminar Photo of ME:

Unfortunately, i let my hair down the whole time and have almost no time to comb my hair or wipe the shine off of my face. i realized my face is getting big again ahahahaha or maybe its just my hair. here's one decent photo, i just want to share my outfit and my wonderful new stockings.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Manila Comics Seminar, Bye bye papa ilet, toothache, stomachache, and adobe seminar tomorrow

whew. will go through them one by one.

Manila Comics Creation Seminar

yesterday was such as stressful and busy day. i helped azrael with the seminar yesterday and di a lot of things like seling tickets, being a bouncer, talking at the microphone. being a public relations person, and so on.

today azrael is there and is not taking my calls and im already pissed off. i wasnt able to come because papa ilet passed away yesterday and i visited his wake today. i'll miss him so much and i hope he finds his way to heaven, secondlife, nirvana, whatever there is.


while having dinner last night after the seminar, i bite something hard and vavoom! it was my pasta filling on one tooth. now my molar is so sensitive i can't eat and drink properly. i want to go to dentist tomorrow but they're not replying to my txts and i have a seminar to attend tomorrow.


i have stomach cramps right now because of the monthly thing and it was so terrible i even felt it while i was sleeping this afternoon. it's also making me moody and im still angry azrael does not take my calls now since he is at the seminar. i have to open the gates for him, im guessing he'll be home by 12midnight and i have to wake up 6am tomorrow for the seminar.

Friday, October 13, 2006

im back to work today! manila comics creation seminar tomorrow!

i was sick yesterday morning and was not able to come in. today im welcomed by my desk but jhen said i gained weight huhuhu... i need to cut down on food especially if i will wear the supergirl costume tomorrow. im a bit doubtful if the skirt will fit me.

i started the morning with flowers. i love flowers even if i tell guys id rather have food -- that's not true... i love flowers. hahaha. im just shy to admit it before. it's ate maryann's birthday so i got her a big bunch of mums and pretty smaller flowers and leaves. i got a kiss from her in return, how sweet!

im excited to eat her "handa" or birthday feast in english but i just said i have to cut down on food.


yesterday evening, i went to megamall to attend a meeting. azrael asked me to go with him so i did. but it was the weirdest meeting i ever saw in my life and obviously, he did not need me. i had a hard time while waiting for them to sit down because they were standing the whole time and i was wearing my black closed shoes with high heels and my feet are killing me.

but i had fun spending time with his sister. it's good that she went with us and we decided to get a cup of coffee at mrs.field's instead.

suddenly the lights went out as the mall was already closing. thank God, the standing meeting was over and the 3 of us ate at Jollibee.

finally, i promise myself and my feet to never wear those black shoes again even if they look so hot and sexy on me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back from CEBU!!!

im safe and still alive! those clouds atop the land scared me tremendously while on the plane. clouds caused turbulences and gave us a hard time landing. on the other hand, i enjoyed our cebu working trip. yes we did not stop comparing it to davao but we had our share of fun and food.

I arrived at 10am and azrael missed me so much..... i almost died of exhaustion and could not even stand up for several hours after his welcoming act.

here are some photos from the places we visited in between dropping by highschools and doing presentations.

Port of San Pedro, imagine soldiers were macrching here and firing canonballs during the Spanish Era. we also climbed to the top against the scorching sun.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Arriving at the Rajah Park Hotel in Cebu, Bellboy too shy to look at the cam

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
We toured the Taoist temple and climbed the highest stair possible. Look at that dragon!!! my blouse matched the red theme of the temple.

Manong Lapu-Lapu is very sculpted and muscular...... hmmm

Will post more photos soon. I have a paper to write for my younger sister and a thesis for azrael *___*

Friday, October 06, 2006

all the boxes are packed, friday mass, waiting again

im here again at RP Manila, waiting for my sundo. today i spent 6 hours packing up boxes, and we jokingly called each other packers in the office. tiring but it was fun, id rather move a lot than sit and get a bigger butt than what i have now. cebu tour will finally push through this sunday and i am excited!!! will i survive the flight, are we going to be lost again at nightime walking the streets??? and where are we going to eat and are the people we will visit accomodating?

right now, im tired and fidgety. i ate at KFC to kill some time but my boyfriend promised to treat me at Pho Bac, the vietnamese resto. maybe i'll just get soup when he arrives.

also, check out oprah.com and look for Oprah's Make-up Lessons. i caught it last night on TV.

today is first friday mass, and im glad i was able to make it during lunch time. Father Mike still remembers me, we were groupmates in the retreat. we greet each other during offertory and communion. i always give him a huge hand wave when we cross paths inside the campus. i like being around priests and nuns, i had a priest-friend during highschool and we even texted each other. His name was father anton. ive always wanted to be a nun too (yes its true) but the thing is i dont have the strength to leave my family behind and ive been used to being pampered. maybe someday maybe not ^^ if there were lasallian sisters aside from brothers maybe i have considered it greater than today.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Garwood Hotel Cebu, Joni Llanora Blogs, Facial Issues!

CEBU --- here we come!!!!

and i thought we won't go there anymore. im going there on Sunday via Cebu Pacific. All i remember when i was in Cebu was this nice resort and their salty tap water.

we will be staying in Garwood Hotel in Cebu (see photo). looks promising and i hope to get another room massage service there :)

and after Cebu, i hope i can get a facial!!!! but the Comic Seminar is on Oct. 14-15 then i have another seminar to attend on the 16th...... maybe after. (more on facial issues below)

Facial Issues -- I feel Ugly!!!

i was thinking if i should post this. to tell you the truth, i feel ugly as a volcano crater. my face is demanding for a facial which i can't get until my school tours are over. imagine, me talking to a crowd of students with red patches and scars all over my face --- no way. i dont want to jeopardize my marketing career because of a trip to the dermatologist.

i am thinking of getting diamond peel instead of my regular glycolic peels because diamond peels let me walk out of the clinic still looking like a human while the later makes me look worse than carrie -- from the movie carrie.

i was thinking of getting a new moisturizer, l'oreal's anti-imperfection moisturizer. but i read negative reviews on it from the internet.

there you go. my face was ok before the typhoon milenyo and during the storm i woke up with red blemishes on my face.

hay ~

My Sister JONI blogs

my sister from down under (Australia) just started to blog yesterday. She writes real well and documents her and my niece anya's adventure in Melbourne. They are set to return on November, can't wait to see them both! visit her blog here: http://jonillanora.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Free Movie Premiere Day!!!

Yesterday, i was shocked (see photo) when i learned azrael won free tickets again.
These were free movie premiere passes for the Departed. At first, i was not that keen on watching the flick, i thought it's just full of violence, blood, and cursing. And i was right ---- but it was an excellent movie!

we walked a lot just to land in glorietta from another building in makati.we were wet and perspiring.

Burger King solved us though, while waiting i got to eat a chicken sandwich meal treat from az.
but i got home at around 11.30 am and now im sleepy.... i only slept 4 hours huhuhuhu.

Manila Comics Creation Seminar in YOU

Thank you very much to Mr. Joey Alarilla for featuring the 4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar in YOU. this can be found at the Republic of Comics section of Philippine Daily Inquirer's YOU website.

Full Story can be found here

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

yes i am having a baaaa----aaadddd day. i can only try to make it better, hence this trailer i found.

i want to watch the banquet too which i think will be shown next week.

This one is still next year.

sunday blogging

i want to die right here. right now. it has only been 4 days that i have no work and had to stay at home, and i cant take one more day like this. i am so bored, i want to go out but i am saving money and there's no decent movie to watch right now. and there's this person who keeps insulting me all day that i want to kill.

i wish monday was here and i'll be in my own space at the office, working.

my aunt is in margondon and left her eloading business with us. a lot of people ask for load but they are very impatient to wait for the load to come. now they are outside our gates and i hear them wailing and my mom is speaking as if the people she is talking to are deaf.

ive been sleeping excessively, woke up at 10am and i have been sleeping in the afternoon for three days.