Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here comes Google Adsense for Video

It's looking great for online videos and also for publishers who embed YouTube on their blogs and websites. Google Adsense for video will let us earn and enjoy more at the same time. Watch how it works below:

I am not sure but I guess the opportunity is bigger for video makers, time to get our digicams and let the cameras roll! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first $100 from Blogging

Yehey! Aside from being a hobby, blogging was able to give me $100. Some professional bloggers earn $100 a day and that's because they dedicate time and a hefty amount of braincells to their blogs.

Read more from Pinay Money Maker

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can't Connect This - Huawei Modem E220 and Smart 3G Sim

It's been three weeks with Asus Eee and I've spent more than enough time trying to activate the Smart Buddy sim card to work with the generic Huawei Modem. Even that sentence sounds tiring enough.

Huawei Modem

The Huawei modem is made in china, supposedly you just place any 3G enabled sim card and it should connect to the Internet. According to forums, this is also the brand that Globe uses for its visbility service. And Smart is also using a similar modem for its plan 799.

So first off, I grabbed a Smart Buddy sim card and inserted it into the hardware. It didn't work so I tried activating the 3G sim card by texting and waited 24 hours for activation. Still, the sim card didn't work so I figured to get it to the Smart Wireless Center and the guy there wasn't helpful either. Note: Hardware is working, sim card is not.

He told me that in order for the sim to work, I gotta buy a 3G phone. I said, "what for, that's why I have this modem" and the man said something that the reason they are selling the service is for it to be bundled with a 3G phone. Yet, i told him to find a way to activate it and he did. The man told me it really wouldn't work and today, I was able to talk to a customer rep and confirmed that the Smart Buddy sim card can't be used with the Huawei E220 modem.

Smart Bro 799

Geez. The only option to have a wireless network anywhere is the Smart Bro 799 plan but this one has a two-year contract and would charge you P10 for every 30 minute block in excess of the 40 free hours.

I called Globe too and the rep said they are currently only offering Visibility for corporate accounts.

Asus Eee is lonely without WiFi

I've been carrying my Asus Eee but really, the Eee PC is kind of useless if there's no wifi within the area. We can only hope that in the near future, there are more services to choose from and more gratis wifi internet connection.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where to Earn Blog Money

Last night, Azrael was ecstatic for being able to sell lots of advertisements on his blog. He is using Text Link Ads and at the moment, each link in his blog costs $10. I am not sure if this is a daily thing or what but that's a great way to monetize your blog.

I had TLA before but because no one was buying ads, i took it down. I guess it takes time and patience since I remember Azrael placed his TLA long before he got some bids.

Right now, I'm making a faster progress with Project Wonderful, and they really are wonderful for making some cents from my blog. Easy to setup, easy to earn. Can't ask for more.

And then, I am still loving Smorty for giving me some topics to write about. Most of the time it's about online casino and a shopping cart software. Speaking of online casino, there is gossip that some movie stars earn a lot of money from this stint. I don't know how it works though haha. It was mentioned in The Buzz magazine which Azrael buys for the comics of his friend Gerry.

I hope there will be more blog networks in the Philippines and here's a question, will people make some cents from Entrecard in the future?

Pimp your Bookmarks - Must Visit Quality Sites

Are you tired of having to search the Internet for good stuff everyday? Don't you wish you had a list of quality blogs to visit daily? It's your lucky day because here are some links for you to visit on a Sunday! I've also thrown a nice video from awkward Pictures via youtube entitled "Coffee Break".

Links for the Gagdet Geek


Links for the Internet Freak


Links for streaming video fans


Here's the "Coffee Break" video from Awkward Pictures.

And also, happy 23rd birthday to me! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 days with Asus Eee PC- How to Get Full Desktop Mode, Skype Beta 2.0, and run HSPDA modem

Hello! This post is a summary of the common things you would like to do with your new Asus Eee PC. I documented the first 5 days I had with my Eee PC and bunched them together with the codes I used to install primary softwares.

Day 1 – was able to add full desktop mode by tweaking Eee PC via the terminal. To access the terminal, just press ctrl + alt + t.

The name of the programs needed to enable the full desktop mode is KDE and Kicker. Once inside the terminal, type away the following:

  1. sudo bash [press enter]
  2. apt-get update [press enter]
  3. apt-get install ksmserver [press enter]
  4. apt-get install kicker [press enter]

Then type exit to get out of the MS-Dos like environment. You will now see a full desktop mode choice whenever you press the power button in easy mode.

Day 2 – Realized that the Skype that came in with the Eee PC is not the updated version. You can't use webcam function with that and you need to get the Beta 2.0 version of Skype for Linux, Xandros.

How to install Skype in Eee PC and make the webcam function:

  1. Open up your Mozilla browser in Eee PC.
  2. and choose Xandros.

  3. Save the installer in My Documents. When done, right click the file and click on 'install deb file'
  4. Now that your Skype is updated, you can turn on the web camera manually by going in the terminal again, ctrl + alt + T. Then type:

echo 1 > /proc/acpi/asus/camera

You have to do this everytime you want to use the webcam. This saves battery or if you don't care about battery life, there's also a tweak to make the webcam automatically turn on whenever you sign in with Skype.

Day 3 – nothing much.

Day 4 – I bought Eee PC to work for the first time, it was working okay until I had lunch at Shangrila and tried to connect via wi-fi. The Eee PC hanged, touchpad was not working and even if I press the keyboard, nothing was happening. I brought Eee PC to PC Live where I purchased it (Megamall Branch). They just formatted the unit so I had to do everything again.

Then someone gave me a Vodafone HSPDA modem (cool) it is actually Huawei usb modem 220. I just purchased usb cables for 99 pesos in Cyberzone Megamall, and also a Smart SIM card so I can try the 3G.

The unit can detect the Huawei usb modem, light turns blue meaning it works yet whenever I connect it says "Failed". I loaded 50 pesos to the sim card but it's still not working.

Day 5 – Can someone help me activate the sim card of Smart or is it a hardware problem? What do you think? You are my Day 5! Haha J

Will update some more if I find new stuff about the Eee. I will have a dedicated category for the Eee PC here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to get through Financially Scarce Days

Not just me but everyone seems to have a flat wallet lately. Maybe some intergalactic force is affecting our financial houses BUT what's important is how to smile while knowing that we are broke indeed.

That sounds psychotic but by being moody we just amp up the feeling of being 'broke', so what we need to do is find the funny things about it. Like:

1. Experience bringing packed lunch to a restaurant and just order water or soda while your friends do the real ordering.

2. At least you still smell good and can still afford to buy soap and shampoo.

3. You get to spend more time at home because you don't have gimmick money. Actually, going out is energy consuming. At home you can just relax and catch up with your mom.

4. You're just days away from your weight goal because you've been avoiding fatty frappes and fancy desserts.

5. Realize that Dunkin Donuts is really the cheapest "pasalubong" out there.

and then convince yourself some more that this too, shall pass.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Link of Activities

Sunday is all about relaxing and number one on my list is watching TV yet there seems nothing to watch!

If you have an S-video cable you can enjoy internet TV and watch some quality shows.

Today I was able to watch CNET episodes and you can get them here.

Also, G4TV.com – home of the Attack of the Show and Filter offers video files to watch too like the Feed.

Both websites offer recent episodes. It feels good to watch tech shows on weekends and I learned how easy it is to use

Microsoft Word in publishing blog posts.


And because I'm a noobie with Asus Eee PC, I found a local Eee PC users forum.

Thanks to the Internet I was able to add a desktop view to my Asus in a jiff.

Next mission: get a 3G phone and make it work as a modem for the eee.


Enjoy the rest of the day people! Live, learn, and download.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally, Asus Eee PC

Liza, Mama, and Me with the new Asus Eee PC :)

Yup! It's a miracle and a big surprise. My mom bought me an Asus Eee PC today so that I won't feel bad about my sister's new laptop which is so much better than my Acer 4310. Not to mention that my birthday is also coming soon.

The configuration of the new laptop was taking long so we had the chance to talk about Asus Eee PC and she also saw me watching whenever the salesmen take out a demo unit. I told her that it is on reservation basis and there is actually a waiting list. She got excited to try and have the salesman sell us one without reservations or waiting. And there it went, since we bought a new laptop, the salesman agreed that we skip the waiting list and handed us a brand new Asus Eee PC.

Wow, that was fast and the whole time I was calculating how many more paydays till I can afford one. Now I can direct my Eee PC budget to my savings instead. Wee! :)

Liza got Compaq Presario V3000.... wow :p

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What do you want to get on Valentine's Day?

I know V-day is overrated but aside from the crazy politics, what else is there to talk about right? I prefer valentine's day and valentine's is like the drum roll for my birthday (which I am also excited about). Whether you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, MU, or none at all, Valentine's day is a fun day that you have the right to enjoy.

So what do you want to get on Valentine's day? It can be from your friends, parents, partner, or from your own trusty wallet. I have a list of splendid things that would be fun to receive on Valentine's:

1. Lindt Chocolates - not just chocolates but Lindt. Those kind that have soft belgian chocolates inside, wrapped individually. These round chocolatey treat is best with coffee or tea.

2. A hotel accommodation for 1 day - nothing beats not having to fold your own bed when you wake up, carpeted bedroom, and fresh hot towels. Not to mention room service. Staying in a hotel is already relaxing as is, you can de-stress, enjoy the silence, and you can watch TV peacefully the whole time.

3. A New Haircut - love yourself and treat your hair to the newest most high-tech salons in town. Score wavy hair that's uber romantic or a new sleek straight look. Valentine's does not exempt self-love :)

4. Shopping Money - yep and you get to choose what you really want on Valentine's Day. Much better if it can cover the cost of a new pastel pink colored ultra mobile laptop!

5. Cute Journals - for writing down poems or not. Writing anything you can think of makes you love life easier, writing gives you a sense of organization and direction.

6. Bean bag pillows for the car - squeeshy and softy for traffic jam slumbers. 15 minutes additional sleep makes a big difference, show your love to yourself by not skipping on some zzz's when there's an opportunity! :)

7. Nike's new rubbershoes for women - they have a new campaign called "This is Love" and I do love the "Relentless" rubbershoes. Would like to get one for my birthday too :)

That's 7 things you can get (or have someone get you) on Valentine's Day. There's heaps more but let's make it easy and achievable ^^

P.S. please avoid PDA on February 14 because it makes me and other people uneasy and uncomfortable. Yup, just get number 2 on this list and get a room.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tax it to me Gently

It's payday and boy were we all surprised at how big taxes really are. It's the start of the year so people will yield tax worth 1 year divided by 12 -I'm bad at math but the point is taxes are huge and painful.

That means skipping some coffee shop treats and filling out our shopping cart with gadgets. Savings will also move slow~ly when I'm almost about to reach my goal. To see the good in bad, I already have plans on how to soften this taxing situation. One, I don't need to go out after work daily and there are still cheap stuff available. We are in the Philippines after all.

Today I discovered that there's still a Php 7.00 worth of soda, Pop Cola! And it tastes good, forgive my ignorance but it's delicious and cheap. Then, there are cafeterias in the vicinity offering food as low as Php 25.00 (complete with rice and a healthy viand).

Tax payers are doing everything to tighten their belts, I've been paying for just 2.5 years but I hope my taxes go somewhere. Philippines, please use our taxes wisely.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Cake - Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty

I guess it's gonna be a rough birthday so I got these two cakes from the net:

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake


Cinnamoroll birthday cake?

14 days to go before I turn 23 :)

More Mobile Phones with WiFi Pease

New mobile phones are entering 2008 yet some of them would be better if they had built in WiFi. I had my eyes on LG Viewty but "full internet browsing" was just via HSPDA or 3G. I thought it had WiFi. Then I was looking at another piece of mobile phone, Samsung U700 which you can get for around Php 11,000. But still, no WiFi.

The only major phones with WiFi on the market are the iPhone, n95, P1, HTC, HTC duo, bulky ones like E61, and E51 (small screen). I'd love to find a longer list of eye candy phones with wifi.

Cellphones, aside from letting me call and text also help me kill boredom and/or avoid conversations by tinkering it and not looking at the person talking to me, it also serves as an escape for uncomfortable situations. Say moments of silence with friends or waiting in line. Hence, it should allow me to tinker tinker tinker, and with WiFi - endless tinkering is possible. :)

You can blog, check your email or even go through the whole process of a domain registration (or domain management) with just a mobile device. Having a portable laptop such as Asus Eee PC is a different story because you can't just bring out your UMPC while inside the elevator or while waiting in line at the grocery (OT: have you seen the new light weight laptop that is water resistant? The ad showed someone pouring water on the laptop and the water just went thru! Not sure if this is Panasonic or Sony).

If you have a list of wifi cellphones, selling, or simply wish to share the info, please do so :) We just can't get enough of cellphones and gadgets as a whole.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Food for your Mood Guide

Fitness magazines won't tell you to reward yourself with food or curb your bad mood with food either. Absolutely not. But when you're not feeling alright, forking into your favorite dish makes you forget your qualms. Here's a list of the best food that will fit every mood.

1. Disappointed - pizza, because pizza reminds you of parties and sharing with friends. Eat pizza in front of the telly and you simulate your high school summer break, or simply the weekend.

2. Bothered - coffee and a piece of dessert, sipping coffee or tea is very zen especially if you ordered coffee that's new to your mouth. Coffee will also give you that extra jolt of energy when you've exhausted enough electrons in your brain.

3. Simply sad - Jollibee chicken with spaghetti, our favorite comfort food. Say "I'm eating Jollibee, I am 7 years old, gonna watch Batibot after"

4. Tired - Laing, this is Gabi leaves in coconut milk. Eating this dish makes you feel at home (feels very provincial and laid back), it's preparation is not easy and its leafy texture make you feel it's very healthy indeed.

5. Very Happy - Cake, no doubt it's cake. Scribble with icing why you're happy, really happy days don't come often so you gotta celebrate with cake. Chocolate flavored cake will also make you hyperactive so you can celebrate for longer hours.

I can come up with more but I feel like a cellphone with only 1 bar of battery life. After I eat my pizza, I'm going straight to bed. Good night world and happy weekend to you.