Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was really fun. We had a party back in Maragondon Cavite with my cousins, all their kids, then my grandpa and my aunties and uncle. It was a much better one because we prepared games for them, well my two sisters did but I did not intend to butt in since I have my own life, kidding ^^ the first part of the game, I was really trying to win and I even had to take my brassiere in front of Vincent and all I won was this toy, it was a bring me game and its okay since all of them are my family and I think Vincent saw everything already since he lived with us here. Haha. Then there’s the plastic balloon game, haha, I really had fun because I thought I would win but then again no.

my little plastic balloon, it was big but then it had a hole =p

so, everything was about two things: money and food. oh no food. i was literally hiding from the food table. all i ate was the meaty stuff like barbecue and the fish something Mimi brought. it was really nice she brought something like that so i can eat. haha.
i took a lot of pictures and my older sister was really irritated already, so i took more pictures.. hahahaha.

this spaghetti i did not eat but i gave to Liza = (

kuya rey in the kitchen

vincent ^^

It was a tiring drive going in and out of that place. So when we were on our way back, I stepped out and went to the mall to buy moisturizer from VMV, I loved it. And then, I didn’t notice that the bazaar thingy in our mall had some good finds like bracelets and earrings. Yeyey (my favorite aunt) bought me a watch, it was rather cheap but it was really cute, just in time because my sports watch ran out of battery. And then, Maybelline is on sale up to Dec. 31, hahaha. I was about to buy a lipstick but I had no time to try since the mall closes at 7pm. My Christmas is really great.

christmas eve, i went to the church with my aunt and then i left my sister and the maid singing in the living room with the videoke. then i took more pictures after, then i ruined my diet.. hahaha. its christmas anyway and i have a lot of days to make it up. my neighbor was really annoying because they had fire crackers and it was destroying my earsdrums. i really hate fire crackers, i just want those u see up in the sky and why do they need to have a bang anyway.. haha. i wonder where i am going to hide on new year's eve. but anyway,i love this christmas because im really lucky and i hope that Jesus had a nice time too since its his party anyway. ^^ then I went online and spent my first moments of Christmas with azrael, everyone in this house went to bed already. haha… and I was eating my caterpillar friends which I intend to burn today, xmas workout, omg, haha. Its good xmas time is almost over and people will stop giving away food and cooking and eating. But I think Vincent will cook up something for later, I guess I’ll just have to do my best. ^^;

i want to thank all my friends who made my Christmas a happy one.

Monday, December 20, 2004

congrats everyone!

coolness! even though it was a tiring day, because i kept thinking of the grades and waiting for the teachers to come... it was all worth it!!! wee! i made it to the dean's list, through God's grace, haha ^^ i can't believe it but still, i feel little off since i didnt get the first honor slot this time, but who cares?! wahahaha.. im very glad. i thought id care less because i just want to graduate, but this happens every term and i always get a headache the whole course card distribution day. and... i wasnt suppose to go out yet because i look like i came from the grave, i got allergies from too much paracetamol and im calling on my dear dermatologist later on. but again, who cares?! i made it to the list, very glad (2nd time) anyway, i wasnt able to watch 2046...grrr.. this always happen when we plan to watch something in RP manila, im starting to think that their cinemas are worthless.. haha.. but i enjoyed watching harold and dumar... very cute and it kinda made me forget about my grades for awhile but after we left, all i could see and think of were my course cards... haha. then, i was managing my diet already but azrael went to wendy's so i stole some fries while taking pictures. we have a lot of shots since i think both of us are becoming obsessed with pictures already, haha. kidding. i am always obsessed with pictures. haha. here are some of today's pics.

at wendy's


mario ^^


there, for now, i will take a rest so that i dont look as sick as today... whatever virus that is, i despise it!!! haha, im so careful right now on everything, especially food because i think its where u get these diseases and also from going out too much. haha ^^ i'll be back in my recharging mode and hopefully, i dont need to go out tomorrow or any day of this week unless shopping of course. i wish my mom will treat me to the bazaar on the 23rd i really want it bad. haha. and.. i almost forgot, im dying to go back to tagaytay and i think i deserve it!!! i wont have any problems asking permission since im on the magical list again, but yeah, have to think of a better reward, we might fly to Cebu, im tagging along with my mom. there, they have the beach and the cool atmosphere, and omg, dried mangoes. yippee!!! haha, im so happy. if i cant come then id think of something else. can u believe it, my mom and i had a real conversation awhile back in the car.. great.. it's christmas after all.

i love everybody!

merry christmas ^^

Thursday, December 16, 2004

One step

It took one look
and forever lay out in front of me,
one smile then i died
only to be revived by you
there i was, thought i had everything figured out
goes to show just how much i know
about the way life plays out

i take one step, away
and i find myself coming back to you.


weee.. after 5 days of fever, vomiting and nausea, not to mention malnourishment and an acid stomach.. whew ^^; im still alive. coolness but im getting better. i dragged myself to school for two days and i was blindly walking the path to the clinic, have u ever experienced seeing the floor growing humps and the pillars look like they are bending down on you? thanks to my dear friends specially to Thil who took care of me, it was a wicked defense but we rocked, of course. haha ^^ then i took the fastest exam of my life, i had to answer the strategy exam for 30 minutes or else i will die. i was battling my way to the 100th item and thank God i was able to reach it with blood still rushing through my veins.

up until now, i dont know what hit me or where i got this sort of virus if you can call it that. but my friends guessed i got it from over-fatigue and my never ending ponderings and daydreams.. haha.. so i had to stop and face each one of them and i hope im always doing the right thing or i'll make more monsters that will give me back this hell of sickness. i'll miss my block's xmas party, an outreach, a date with my friend and much more... waaa.. but i guess i better stay at home and watch tv. i might die if i leave the house, i bet my mom is so happy im staying here a bit longer than usual.

i passed paying my visa this month so i can have a merry xmas and go shopping when im well. i need to clear my mind and the best place to do that is in the mall, haha.. this vacation i plan to devote my time to my family and my girlfriends, who i love the most. drat im so confused and i want to disappear for awhile but im working on it ^^ but come to think of it, i finished another lasallian term! woohoo!!! one more term and an ojt and a thesis and freedom is mine. yey. but im not sure of anything, see, drat, where am i heading to? heaven, i guess. haha.

i want to clear my mind so im planning to make the best lace xmas cookies ever, if i have the energy later, im planning to make them later at night so no one will disturb me. im a little irritable today, i hated watching ocean's eleven awhile ago so i had to cut it in the middle, i was alone and then the laundry woman sat and watched together with my two aunts and they kept on making comments. after i gave them the deadly, i will bite ur head off look, i turned the tv off and went to my room and took a nap with my niece. and then i continued watching when i woke up. haha, it was cool, lots of money. speaking of which, im budgeting mine and i have to save enough for next year because i want to have a shopping blast before school returns.

wow this was pretty long, i missed typing. last night was hell for me and i was shivering and hot at the same time with fever, when i was online and giving azrael a hard time, kidding ^^ hi az! haha. i miss everybody and i hope all sick people will get well soon. ^^

merry xmas ^^

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

almost there

weee! i was supposed to post these stuff yesterday but i needed to finish papers for busipol. anyway, we were lucky because the quiz for taxation was cancelled, thank Lord!!! i got mental blocked after i sat on my chair and i didnt bring my calculator ^^; ahaha.. and then we had an exam on busipol... everything is uncertain as of now. i answered the test my way.. the directions werent clear, i didnt even make a scale... haha ^^ but here it is... we're almost done with this hell of a term. and the celebrating atmosphere i can already feel.. haha ^^ starting it off with an icecream fiesta with my friends in z2. haha ^^ loved FIC strawberry and i ate one again
today.. haha ^^

ate two FICs in a row!!! weee... i hope they come up with a frequency card of some sort. haha, i can fill this blog with all my icecream talk.. actually, my favorite is from BTIC, which is yoghurt in reality but i like the cookies and cream chunky variety. oohh!!! gotta have it soon also, its not good to stick to one brand because you'll be missing a lot. next is the selecta creations and i love choco peanut. one time, i finished a pint and a half while watching a movie on cable tv. it was really the icecream that i was more fund of.
anyway, i wanted to get that today but i felt guilty already because i ate at mcdonals.. yes, again. i needed something fast and happy, why is it that mcdonald's make me happy.. haha ^^ because its where me and my friends always get together and make chika over fries and hamburgers.

ever wonder why my cheeks get fat? haha ^^ anyway, who cares... (yeah right) haha, but no one can take me away from these lovely edibles.

today was gggrreeeaaattt! i met my bestfriend in the mall just as my driver arrived, who i sent back again to wait for another hour. heehee... again, he looked pissed and seemed to have forgotten my super silent treatment.. u think i should do it again?? haha. im too tired and too preoccupied to even think about it. im so lazy! id rather type here than finish this paper.. haha ^^ also, i had another commuting "adventure" with dear azrael and i rode a bus, a jeepney, a new train and a tricylcle. haha ^^ gotta love it. i think i have so much more to say but i have to restart and install a usb driver. i'll update later if i can. ^^

okay, so here is my post script... i installed the usb again and it did not work. drat. what's wrong with my videocam... i have to send it tomorrow to the editing house for the video clips to be transferred... yes, to my groupmates... we were not able to make a miracle commercial today.. i travelled far and long to the ends of Pasig and did not get anything done.. gomen nasai ^^; but i'll send this tomorrowto the shop and i'll edit it myself because we are short of time... i should be able to finish this by friday since i dont intend to attend school =p

and so, after the travel.. we ended up in the mall, and there, as i mentioned earlier, i met the love of my life.. shandie!!! haha ^^ we were lucky to have another yuri picture taken, at chowking.. ahaha ^^; here it is.. and below is a picture with azrael again, who deserves spanking for being makulit the entire afternoon. peace =p

Monday, December 06, 2004

This is our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it's over
Just hear this and then I'll go :
you gave me more to live for,more than you'll ever know.
This is our last embrace, must I dream and always see your face
Why can't we overcome this wall
Baby, maybe it is just because I didn't know you at all.

thanx jeff b.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

back to work

weee!!! im finally home, and im ready to work my butt out on school projects.
what i deserve for skipping work and attending UP AME, ahehe ^^;
it was a lot of fun seeing the cosplayers strut their stuff. met some familiar faces and had some chit chat (reminds me of kit kat..yum..)

picture taken at chocolate kiss

Chocolate kiss was fantastic! i only know a few restos who serve quality tuna/chicken sandwiches which doesnt look trashy. loved thir blueberry cheesecake, tasted like mine! (ahem, excuse my over confidence) but it did remind me of my cheesecake glory days. can't make them anymore because i always end up sneaking at night finishing what i made. ate there with dear azrael and i didnt have a hard time catching up with his eating since it is really awesome. weee!!!

then i drove to mcdonalds on my way home and bribed my driver with hamburger and fries plus coke. the perfect bribe for a hungry driver. i dont feel that bad though because i measured in 23 inches awhile ago, thats my waist according to rain's mother which i find hard to believe but i'll believe it anyway, ahaha ^^ maybe her tape measure was extraordinary, but still...
haha ^^ whatever, i enjoyed this day a lot and i loved mcdonalds, chocolate kiss and the dirty icecream. i think that my energy got sucked out by someone
(ahem, who i know may be reading this right now) who sang a very extraordinary song tonight =b that, i will remember for the rest of my life.. no need to blog.. haha.

waiting for my miracle

i woke up 1am and now i can't go back to sleep...

1. my leader txtd me about the advertising project and it turns
out we need more than we already have. ^^; i can't believe it.

2. my bestfriend isnt replying i want her with me tomorrow!!!

3. i want to eat icecream

4. how will u sleep when u know u have so much to do the next day but u can't?

5. i haven't seriously finished anything. *sob*

and so much more i opt not to mention..
i wish this term will end already. two weeks more and this hell term will be over. i want to sleep, i really want to, but i can't ^^;

Friday, December 03, 2004

what to do on rainy days

c/o Azrael =b

bravo! ahahaha.. no classes and no typhoon. working on my swot analysis for Kraft and thinking of what to wear for tomorrow...hahahaha.. im having a clothes shortage. i want to see my bestfriend tomorrow and go to bahay ng alumni for the first time... heehee. it's tiring running around really and trying not to get caught messing up my academics with these anime related events and persons... haha, anyway, nothing can be perfect.


and the next day i am cooking for my friends. project making on sunday, in my house, thank Lord. i can't go out anymore, no driver. harhar. that's it. maybe i should think of something more to put here but i dont know what.. how about my closet then anyone can help me mix mactch my clothes. kidding =b
ja ne!

i love everyone ; )

Thursday, December 02, 2004

to Azrael


Az! thanx for staying up late and making
my project... haha ^^ ur d best!
thanx for the comedic movie din, ahahahaha ^^;
i enjoyed sleeping..ay watching pala...
see u tomorrow! =p


it's 2am again, but goodnews as i am waiting for dear az to finish the miracle project... i was able to fix this site and link the gallery to my photobucket. the collection isnt nice yet maybe i'll open a new account. that account is for pictures that i needed to upload before. those are pics from singapore and anime events, and the shirts i was selling. ^^

bought an rnb mp3 cd today! bwahahaha ^^ cant wait to listen while driving... it's all about the attitude, haha ^^ but once i was driving with l'arc en ciel playing and i encountered a lot of honkings and pestered faces, haha.

i can't wait for vacation!!!! shucks... few more days and we're free to party!!!
but not to mention the no allowance on vacation principle. harhar.

have u ever heard of the fact that love is actually a disorder?