Thursday, November 30, 2006

No work and the storm is coming

while on my way home yesterday, i learned that work was suspended -- yey!

so early today i went to the mall, paid some bills and directly went to the department store's food exchange. i loaded myself with chocolates (van houten and meiji, 2 of each kind)then some chips (oishi and clover chips). this is my way of preparing for disaster.

i finally met az there, who did not come home last night (family affair) while i was throwing tantrums left and right. Then there it was, colonel was summoning me to get a bucket meal... and so i did! i got KFC variety meal for everyone in the house.

the storm is slowwwwly approaching us and im enjoying every bit of electrons before the wires are cut-off. i do hope that the storm wont be that bad.

talking of bad, i was furious early in the morning because of an evil capitalist. it's bad to treat people like commodities, even if you pay for them to be your helper. our help is soon to be driven home because no one wants to pay her salary and i feel bad for her. i told this evil person "her mom is sick and she just got a cellphone that she's still paying" and the evil one said "how did that become my problem?"

oh sister, whatever happened to CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS? (the charity of Christ impels us). if only i knew this was forthcoming i should have sacrificed vacation time and stayed working. because i know other people have bigger problems than mine and i am really lucky, and people like me and you should repay it by helping others without being recognized because Jesus likes that. okay?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i love these boys! load it first for maximum pleasure :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

chocolates make me happy

last week i bought van houten from 10 Q convenience store. i always choose cadbury before but the salmonella incident made me stop buying it and hersheys. Both had incidence of being contaminated with the bacteria, just search google.

so yesterday, i went to the store again and bought van houten which is just 28 pesos and a Meiji chocolate bar which is 30. i like both and i just finished the meiji bar this morning.

i check it before i put it in my mouth because they might have something too but so far im still alive and energetic because of the chocs. >.<

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Here comes Christmas Bazaars

Yesterday was bazaar day for mama, liza, azrael, and me. we trooped to the World Trade Center early in the morning and the place was filled with booths selling cheap clothes, shoes, and bags.

I definitely enjoyed all the free tastes and eating with my family. this year, i managed to control myself with shopping. i only bought stuff that i needed like a couple of shirts and shorts because my clothes are getting shorter and bitin.

today is their last day so better hurry if you want to go shopping!!!!

more pics at my multiply

Friday, November 24, 2006

Nobody knows where we'll end up

that's the theme from Grey's Anatomy. im sorry im becoming a freak but i really love the show. it's my reason for waking up in the morning... knowing i will meet derek after work through my dvd player.

im doing fine but not totally because there are lots of changes that i'll be experiencing like soon, me staying at home and trying to earn money from there. goodluck!

also i have holiday blues... last christmas was the best ever and now i think it'll be not so good because my sister and niece wont be here. i cant imagine how sad my mom will feel ANYWAY she will throw a partey!

and im helping her out. i hope she gets happy after seeing her coworkers. she was the big BOSS before she retired. i remember spending my elementary and highschool days in her office room.

i'll try to post a more decent story and some new photos soon.

Monday, November 20, 2006

throwing money makes us feel great

liza, mama, and me... watching our mom enjoy throwing money

i never imagined i would go to a peryahan... with my mom! maybe life is getting a bit boring for me and her. last saturday we went here and thew money away.

my mom wants to be a bibingka vendor

we decided to go there because of the bibingka and puto bungbong which is deliciously made by an old lady. this is at a bazaar area in our village. azrael was lucky to make his money grow through the color game and my mom enjoyed playing too. later, im gonna walk there again to get bibingka so i can eat it while watching mcdreamy and mcsteamy who appeared in my telly just last night! : )

welcome to the baboy life. heehee

Offset Day Woohoo!!!!

i am enjoying my offset day here at home. i downloaded and watched Oprah on Grey's Anatomy. I just had lunch, but after i saw the cake photos from Bacolod, i want to get a slice of cake and coffee to go with it. I uploaded Bacolod photos in multiply too.

Im almost done with season 2, i cant wait to reach the steamy hot tub scene of derek and meredith!!! i also watched both of them in David Letterman through youtube. weee!

although i can watch Grey's the whole day, im a bit annoyed again by girls txting azrael. god, can't they find themselves their own buddies? i want to txt them back and tell them to have their pussies scratched by dogs if they are so itchy. then my mom wants me to cook spaghetti with just a pack of tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce. we are too many in the household! that wont be enough. plus i have a cold that's been running for a week now.

okay now i'll just go up to my room and watch mcdreamy after i take a shower.

good day everybody : )

Friday, November 17, 2006

Daydreaming of my Doctor

I cannot wait to go home! i just downloaded the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 3.

Lunch time, i tried playing some episodes with VLC and now i am having a hardtime stopping myself to continue watching. Tomorrow is saturday and i know i'll enjoy cuddling my pillow while watching Grey's Anatomy.

Im leaving my job this december to get some rest, i told my co-workers that i'll become a surgeon ahahahahaha :) i really love the scene below, i wish i was meredith!

someone stop me now i think im going to die if i dont watch this sooner. thank you to Faruque for giving me season 3 episodes from his server. wahhhh!

and mcdreamy said, "wanna get some?"


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back in Manila with McDreamy and Az McHottie

Here are some photos from Bacolod, the not-so trip but it was an experience! Chong and I said that we are being punished for our sins, now we are back in manila, we are already good and clean. we will not complain of traffic, dust, heat, or whatever. Most photos are from Silay, the place where Balay Negrense is. It was creepy but our photos were excellent.

In the first photo we are channeling desperate housewives inside a native kitchen.

Next, we are doing the Bryanboy bag pose inside a pasalubong center. There's not much to see in Bacolod, believe me... there are more ghosts than places to see. But that didnt stop us to shoot some pics.

We had to ride a bus when we arrived, because of the nature of Bacolod airport. I think everything is manual there. Only one conveyer belt and it was given to PAL. so what we had were manongs singing boomtarattarat while manually carrying bags from the plane to their owners. it was a marketplace! good thing i am a Filipino and am kinda used to these situations.

Look at me here, i look like a tired social worker ahahahaha : )

Manong where is Yaya???!!!

Our van was nice, i just got heatstroke last week. good thing that our van in Bacolod had a working aircon.

I'll post more photos next time. Check out Chong's Coping Mechanisms for more stories on our Bacolod trip.

babay! im going to watch Greys Anatomy dvd now. Im also happy today that i was able to make a decision and everybody is still happy. I love my first job! : )

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

oh i want to go home

surprisingly, i am still alive. Bacolod is... im speechless. right now, chong and i are inside a net cafe with a lot of guys shouting because of online games. i want to shoot them. they are so noisy, you cant imagine unless you are here in this place. we are in a not so happy place, unlike heaven.

we've done all the tasks and rounds, we are so tired. not just physically. both of us are dying to go home. we imagined earlier over some cake slices, what we will do the moment we land on manila.

it's so weird here. thats all i can say, it's like im in another planet infested with ghosts and noisy manner-less people.

if not for azrael and mcdreamy, id be dead already.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mcsteamy and Mcdreamy!!!

im here at the office fixing my things before the flight. i can't help but share this with all Grey's Anatomy fanatics. here's my present to all of you before i leave.

Testing before Flight to Bacolod

hello im flying to Bacolod today!!! : )
im testing if i can post through my cellphone.

bye bye az!!!!

Check out the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta - Fire up a more powerful email and get things done faster.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tokyo Cafe, Im going to Laguna, and Sleepless Night

I finally uploaded new set of photos to my multiply. there you can get a glimpse of our foodtrip, not including the tiendesitas feast. ahahaha. this one is my favorite tokyo cafe pic. it's an icecream! i thought it was a drink until azrael shared it with me.

maybe nice and great food are my coping mechanism for weariness >.<>.<

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Anya Receives my Package

Anya recieved my package, which i had a very hard and long time sending.

I missed out on blogging, i loved staying away from the PC whenever i got home. But last week, i had a wonderful time eating pizza and tempura and mashed potato at Tokyo Cafe in Mall of Asia. I have photos but azrael and i are too tired and lazy to upload them. will post it here someday.

my brain is not working, im so sleepy. traffic was terrible last night, i even had to take the jeep after waiting for an airconditioned fx for an hour. >.<

tomorrow is my offset day and i will finally be able to catch my breath and sleep for long hours and have tantric S.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Orleans Dining and Az vs. Lace in MOA

yesterday, i finished work at 6pm then i went to SM Mall of Asia to meet Azrael and get dinner. Long story short, we had world war 3 in MOA because he didnt tell me that i should eat with some other people he was meeting with. i wanted to rest, stop smiling, stop pretending im still energetic at the end of the day and making casual chats, and just rest and eat ALONE. in the end, i won the war but NO ONE does that to me! he said okay, eat somehwere else and i will meet you after my dinner with cheneloo chorva. DUH???? no one forsakes me for someone else! i was just testing if he has the balls to leave other people for me. well he did after 20 or so minutes. besides, they were eating at a japanese resto. im so sick of japanese food already after my penchant for teriyaki boy and kani salad.

so we ate at this new orleans themed resto, a bit expensive but that is what i call cash out therapy ahhahahahaa.

now i want to look for something to do after work again. like a movie but there's no good movie right now. well, we'll see : )