Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cosmo YOUniverse at A Venue Hall

Yesterday was Cosmopolitan Magazine's event - Cosmo YOUniverse!

I just saw the event in and I grabbed a July Issue right away. The event was fun - for us girls. There is even a mini-cinema that plays a marathon of Sex and the City. Of course, Cosmo Hunks were all over the place!

Lots of freebies, I got a gift check for Jesi Mendez salon, free tarot card reading, free drinks, free product samples, free printed photos, and lots of shampoo! haha :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visit to St. Paul School Makati

Today, I visited my old elementary school - St. Paul School Makati.

Wow, I can't believe how time flies and it is very nostalgic. I have a lot of memories here especially since I stayed here since prep school, that's about 8 years of being here.

The St. Paul Compound

During those times, I only worried about homework, friends, and whether our driver or my auntie will pick me up on time - if not, I always cry in fear of being left behind alone in school.

St. Peter and Paul Parish Church

Also, there's the fear of being left behind by our school bus whose number is 133.

Parking lot of School Buses

Sometimes, I wish I can just go back to being a kid in school. This trip is very therapeutic yet it somehow makes me sad :)

Kids in school, enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Mom's Birthday Party at Sugi

Sugi is the beloved favorite restaurant of our mom who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

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She always celebrates her birthday here, either in Greenbelt branch or this one in Greenhills. Sugi is a fine dining Japanese place where you can taste authentic Japanese food. It's said that Sugi is the place to go if you want to experience Japanese food as though you really are in Japan.

Sugi in Greenhills is not crowded and it has its own house-like establishment. We got a private room to enjoy and celebrate my mom's birthday intimately :)

The food is extraordinary, much to my sister Liza's disappointment because she hates exotic and raw food.

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Nevertheless, my mom, my partner, and me had a great time feasting on Japanese cuisine. We had so much food yesterday - Gindara fish, Teriyaki beef, Japanese salads, Salmon Sashimi, Kitsune Udon, Tempura, miso soup, California Maki, Uni or sea urchins, and coffee jelly with vanilla icecream.

Cheers! On Monday, it would be my sister Liza's birthday :)

Taste This! New Bombay Restaurant

We are super crazy about Indian food now because of New Bombay Restaurant that can be found in Glorietta 3 near Hard Rock Cafe. I had dinner here two times this week, that's how great their food is.

At first, you might be fooled of their intricate interiors and majestic dining setup that one may think its excessively expensive but no. You can have a decent dinner here with just Php 300 but I just had to try different types of viands and rice. For two viands and two orders of rice with drinks, our total bill was just Php 800. Not bad for a great dining and palate experience!

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Must try are the Mutton Rogan Josh (kindly check with the waitresses, just look for mutton with brown gravy and Indian spices) and the Chicken in red gravy with Indian Spices. On my second trip here I tried the Chicken curry which is also wonderful, the sauce by itself is heaven already. The best rice is the Saffron rice that is made up of Indian rice, dried fruits, cashews, etc. Yummy!

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On our first visit, one of the owners approached us and ask how the food was and I was totally out of words to describe how delighted I was with everything :) There are actual Indian chefs inside so this one is real authentic delicious and nirvanic Indian food.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photo: Joni and Lace in Melbourne

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Ahhh, good times. My sister Joni just sent this photo via Facebook and I can't wait to see her again. This was from my visit to Melbourne 2 months ago. We had dinner at DiMattinas at Lygon street.

We might meet in Hongkong on September but I still have to arrange that trip *breathes*

Trying times call for some recollection. Nothing beats a good dinner with her with our sensible conversations. Hope to see you soon! :)

The Center of the Earth

Just got home from my weekend movie - Journey to the Center of the Earth and it's awesome and exciting. It will take you to another world where you can see luminous birds and huge fossilized mushrooms!

I thought my weekend was hopeless but thank you Brendan Frasier for making me laugh and giving me a great time.

It's worth watching and it's also available in iMax for those who have extra to spare. I only watched it in the regular theatre but the experience is enough to propel me to another work week.

And guess who I bumped into lining up at the cinemas? Jollibee! and Jollibee never fails to make me laugh and smile everytime.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Inu Yasha Toy Surprise

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After a hard day yesterday, Azrael surprised me with an Inu Yasha toy from Jollibee! :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eiga Sai 2008 - Japanese Film Festival

Last night was the opening night of Eiga Sai 2008 at the Shangrila Cineplex. We had a great time with Alma and her friends during the cocktail and the film showing of the movie called "We shall overcome someday".

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It was a great night with Filipino and Japanese representatives like Minister Hidenobu Sobashima talking about culture and the story behind the movie.

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I arrived home at past 11:00pm and only got 5 hours of sleep but it was worth it. I highly recommend the movie if you would like to breathe in some history and Japanese culture.

Eiga Sai is ongoing and you can watch Japanese movies for free at the Cineplex of Shangrila Mall :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Thumbs Up: Kenny Roger's Veggie Salad

Finding good and fresh and crisp vegetable salad is very tricky! But, I found one place that I can always go to for my veggie fix - Kenny Roger's.

Healthy and Yummy

I think they just had a major fast food makeover, visit their branch at Megamall and you'll see the difference. But most of all, their salad is always good! Complete with cheese, croutons, and my favorite thousand island dressing. It's perfect, I actually had two last weekend and another one today during dinner at one of their branches.

Thank you Chicken

Good food always makes me happy and I enjoyed tonight's dinner with Azrael even if it's plain simple and nothing fancy. We were able to discuss some projects and opportunities, what we're currently working on, and some bugs that we encounter along the way.

Well, good luck to both of us and to you too! Always find a way to make your day a good day ; )

P.S. I also know a place where there's eat all you can soup and salad. Stay tuned for that info! Got to find sometime to go back there again and take some snaps.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Me & Liza on a Sunday

Well, someone seems to be terrorizing our Sunday!

Please understand that its only the weekend when we get to rest and stay at home peacefully. We don't want to give up and surrender to nuisance such as unexpected guest hogging the living room and the projector TV. We don't want to play with kids we don't like and we certainly don't want to be nagged the whole day!

So our solution - make a party for two in the bedroom :)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kim Kardashian has a Blog! :)

Ever since I started watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on cable TV, I was fond of Kim and her sisters, make that her whole family.

I am not even sure why Kim Kardashian is famous but I know she is modeling, acting, runs a business, and even blogs! She looks fabulous and I am a fan of their reality show. I think she is a hard worker and a very sweet sister to her siblings :)

Visit her blog at

I'll Watch Monster Mom!

It's Saturday and I woke up at 11:00 am, we have a new Siamese cat that my mom got from the neighbor. That means everyone is crazed and at times, too noisy because of kitten matters.

I didn't have work today too and I am finding it pretty noisy today in my house. There's a local movie that is sure to make me laugh and I guess I'll just walk to the mall and watch it.

I'm talking about Monster Mom! Yes, of Ruffa Gutierrez and her mom Anna Belle Rama :)

Just watching the trailer makes me laugh already! Can't wait to see the movie.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pasig Day Today - Holiday in Pasig

June 2 is officially a non-working holiday in Pasig to celebrate its foundation day. That means I am here again at home with one extra day to recuperate.

Pasig, particularly Ortigas is a special place for my family, I went to highschool in St. Paul Pasig and so did my older sister Joni. Our mother worked in Benpres Building, and my sister, Joni also went to college in University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). My niece Anya was born in Medical City and when my aunt had to be operated and when my sister had appendicitis, they were also brought to the same hospital. This makes Medical City my fave hospital ever since it was in its old location in San Miguel Avenue.

For almost a decade we were traveling to and from Pasig on a daily basis. Now I am also working in Ortigas, still in the same circle after all these years. Pasig will always have a special place in my heart ahaha :)

The place is very familiar to me, almost like a second home. I love how convenient the area is, the malls, schools, and hospitals are just a stone's throw away. There are many developments in Pasig which is good, the challenge is on how to maintain its walkable streets and the trees that provide shade in the city.

Happy foundation day Pasig! :)