Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Go Negosyo, Marie Claire, and new Banner

I got a pic with Ms. Tessa Prieto!!! We were in Market Market for Go Negosyo last Friday amidst all the happenings in Fort Bonifacio, EDA, and Makati. that day i felt so ugly! as in, i really wanted to go home because evryopne had their faces done specially the booth-manners and i went there with no make up, wearing my loose slacks, and my grey nike. goshhhhh.... but its okey because i got this priceless pic :)

I was selling the business degree programs of DLS-CSB, as part of my work. I also got to do paparazzi locomotions when i squeezed myself in amids media photographers to get shots of Manny Villar, Tessa Prieto, and Mar Roxas.

Did everybody enjoy the no class yesterday? I DID!!! it was such a relief because I was supposed to present DLS-CSB to St. Scho students.

ANyway, I was also bored yesterday so I bought the Feb issue of Marie Claire and tomorrow, I hope March issue is on the stands on already.
Marie Claire is more content intensive than Cosmo, I think. Been buying cosmo for several years but i won't replace it. Marie Claire will just add to my magazine list. I havent fully read it since I just got it last night.

BTW, i got a new banner for pinoytopblogs.com and its my humps!!! hope my ASSet will get me to the top :) will post more later..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

How's ur diet BIG MOMMA

This icecream cake was part of our office lunch today! we had visitors from De La Salle Lipa, so we treated them to lunch. Hope my post inspires you today to EAT ICECREAM and just like me, forget your bulging stomachs and fat arses just because its thursday. haha! keep em cold :)


my other site: http://lace.i.ph

dermclinic and no money

Yesterday I got home at 8.30 pm which is unfavorable for me since i want to spend time with my sisters, my mom, my niece, and azrael. I was stuck in Dermclinic for unnecessary reasons, i went there for my regular facials (done every two weeks). My doctor was not present, it was her day off so another doctor handled me instead. i really dont know what happened, i was there first, and when it as time for the doctor to do her magic, she was attending around 2-3 more patients and the other patients had all these questions, delaying my treatment further.


The other doctor recommended me to get a new set of maintenance kit, which is all for whitening but im too white already. it also costs 1,300. according to her, its the best kit since this is what she give her patients to reduce the marks old hellish pimples and zits left.

but i dont have money anymore. i dont even have enough money for
gasoline.. grrr..

above is the set im using

i wanted to share my photo with the oxygen tube for stress release, but im too shy because i looked like an alien with a green mask and a green tube stucked up my nose.

today i brought sandwich from home to the office so that i need not buy fast food or cross the street to buy food from my alma matter.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick blog, nivea, and diet

This blog is under construction right now by Azrael’s Merryland. It’s so annoying specially now that im rank 490 something in Pinoy Top Blogs. Teehee. It’s freaking not showing properly in Firefox so please use internet explorer for the mean time.

Anyway, I am always inspired by GirlTalk to give product reviews, rants, and raves to all the girls out there trying to troubleshoot their bodies. I can’t stop raving about this product my sister gaveme for my birthday: Nivea Co Q10. read: YES I HAVE STRETCHMARKS. It’s very amazing, I’ve been using it for only 5 days or less and I see lots of improvements already. They’re not I just gave birth type of stretchmarks anymore but the normal stretchmark your boyfriend will have. Hahaha. The width of the strectch is lessened and it is not obvious anymore. Skin begins to feel tighter and firmer, just like magic.

Nivea Co Q10 is sold for P180, very affordable. i would not guarantee though that results will be the same as mine because age, diet, and food intake might have an affect also. But what have we got to lose right? 

MY DIET UPDATE. small efforts yield big effects.

- I don’t eat rice anymore during dinner
- I do leg lifts and around 50-100 ab workout after work
- No cardio for this time (busy working for money, I might die if I do cardio) so save it for the weekend.

That’s all. Do you think I will lose weight?

Monday, February 20, 2006


I wish I can buy another magazine because i have nothing to read at home. AND i wish Azrael can come sleep with me today because now he's at his apartment doing laundry and on friday, he won't be coming home again because he and his sister need to go Quezon on Saturday early morning.

I dream that I can come with them. I also dream STILL of a PINK MOTO. I also dream of having my hair treated at Kerastasse. FYI: treatment is P 2,500. hope i can get them soon!

Just finished my lunch break and i was scouting for magazines, newspapers, as if i will puu puu on the toilet. went to library to look for haircuts but it was in vain, only found books dating back to 1993-2003.

This morning, i dreamed of being number one in pinoytopblogs nyahahaha just so everyone can read what's happening with me. SO i just enlisted myself voluntarily in technorati. :) sweet!

camera attacked during my birthday :)

Feb. 17 was my birthday :) and my wish came true, azrael gave me balloons!!! i was really itching for birthday balloons because i want my birthday to be really fun and colorful even though i had to spend most of the time working in the office. so 5pm finally came and azrael was walking towards the car and i saw he had balloons in his hands which i really didnt expect because he was running late already. im in my house clothes here so excuse me for looking like garbage.

Anya thought it was her BDAY hehehe

Birthday Cake Surprise from MCO :)

Friday, February 17, 2006


My Boss and Officemates at MCO gave me
a surprise birthday cake!!! it's my favorite cake and
the best birthday cake i ever got!!!
It's freaking oreo cheesecake! yummy!
i can finish this all by myself :)

thanks to:
Eileen, Jen, Mrs. Santos, Ate Mean, Walter, Kato, Chong, and

Love u all!!!


balloons balloons!!!!

Birthday balloons from JAC


i love my birthday and thanks to all the greetings that pops up in my YM. you're so sweet guys! love ya all! :)

JEN also printed a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the office
thank you JEN!!!

- lace :)


Thanks to everybody who made my day and greeted me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! you remembered and i want to cry! haha :)

im at work and i wish i can go home to party with my family with our little food bash which will last until tomorrow, SATURDAY :) i'll cook spaghetti and maybe order pizza and buy some booze for saturday night. i dont care if i die because of alcoholism or what not. HAHA

i wish i can see all my friends who contributed to my wonderful life. why am i still alive anyway? nayahahaha

that's all. BYE!!!



Thursday, February 16, 2006

MOVING ON #1: What I want to REALLY BE

Sorry for the multiple posts but i need this I NEED THIS!!! im the type of person who needs to see the plan on a sheet of paper, well a computer monitor also counts.

the plan was (if my boyfriend only loved me as much ) i'll forego all of this, get pregnant and start a happy family.

but... HERE IT IS!! the lifeplan MAKEOVER yiha! i want to be a *drumroll*

makeup ARTIST

since i am not under my mom's money anymore and need to earn on my own.. the plan is i continue my work here in my current office, save something for my tuition for my MAKEUP CLASSES somewhere around 12k for a decent certificate and then i can work as a makeup artist!!! whatdyathink huh? haha i know its not that simple but i wish i can save up for my tuition and the expense of acquiring Shu Uemura and Mercier makeups.

But FIRST>>>

did you know its my freaking birthday tomorrow and i have to go through all this?? huhuhu *tears*

i need to settle my debts :)

that's all i thank you.


first, i want to say THANK YOU to all those who read my blog and gave me advice.
i won't publish them here anymore because i didnt ask permission from the GT clan.

so we talked last night and he said he didn't do anything wrong. he was just thanking the girl for adding him. should i believe him? part of me does and part of me does not. It's hard to love this much and you get all these bullshit in return.

i was ikay last night buit i woke up today still thinking. i think it'll be like this forveer and i will be tortured by the thoughts of him flirting in the internet, school, work, what have you.

the best lesson is you can never trust anyone that much and the only one you can trust is yourself. so don't give it all away and from now on my life won't run around him anymore but i'll focus on my career, money, and my quest to acquire the pink moto. :)

thank you all! *mwah*

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

womanizing piece of shit

i'll just post my conversation with my guyfriend, here i narrate the situation and he analyzes it. please drop ur comments and help me!!!! thanks in advance mga sis from GT :)

suzaku_lace: question lang...
suzaku_lace: i just need ur advice haha
suzaku_lace: kunwari in ur multiply account... may nag invite sayo tapos girl
suzaku_lace: tapos edi inadd mo diba..
suzaku_lace: pinuntahan mo ung gallery nya sa multiply
akai_tsuki: umm
suzaku_lace: tapos nag comment ka: hi! nice gallery, thanks for adding me
suzaku_lace: tapos ung gallery nya puro pix nya lang ha
akai_tsuki: teka muna anong multiply?
suzaku_lace: as in ung tipong kuha nya sa cellphone camera na iba ibang angles and stuff
suzaku_lace: parang myspace chuvaness
akai_tsuki: amf
suzaku_lace: SO.. ANO IBIG SABIHIN NON.. tapos may girlfriend ka kunwari ha
akai_tsuki: ok, then?
suzaku_lace: i mean ano intentions mo and what were u uthinking
akai_tsuki: parang alam k n kung san ppunta to a
suzaku_lace: i mean bakit ka mag rereply and magcocomment and pupunta pa sa gallery
akai_tsuki: hmm
akai_tsuki: here's what i think
akai_tsuki: babae man o lalaki, unang ttngnan muna ung gallery nung ngadd sa knila
akai_tsuki: y, coz of curiousity
akai_tsuki: first you're wonderin how they got your email add or watever
akai_tsuki: then you'll visit their gallery to see if it's someone you know
akai_tsuki: then give a comment just to start a conversation or watever
akai_tsuki: that's what i think
akai_tsuki: maybe...
suzaku_lace: hmm e bkit ka magstart ng conversation?
akai_tsuki: just to verify if you really know her and if not
akai_tsuki: just to befriend her
akai_tsuki: dunno bout other motives though
suzaku_lace: soooo.... eh diba na verify mo na nga na u dont know her diba..
akai_tsuki: putek ncra n nmn dinadownload k
suzaku_lace: tapos pag nag comment ka ng.. nice gallery ano big sabihin non?
akai_tsuki: anong klaseng pics ba?
akai_tsuki: matanong k lng
suzaku_lace: pics na as in solo... tapos parang kuha sa fone.. ibat ibang pics na pacute
akai_tsuki: me damit, nka undies, wlng dmit, kalokohan, etc?
suzaku_lace: me damet shempre pa sexy...
suzaku_lace: pa cute.. more than pa sexy
suzaku_lace: so??? ano sa tingin mo? diba ibig sabhihn gusto mo landiin
suzaku_lace: pwede mo naman i verify na hindi nagcocomment diba bakit kelangan pa mag comment
akai_tsuki: type m ung gurl
akai_tsuki: the only logical explanation
suzaku_lace: hhaha great!!!
suzaku_lace: so type nung guy ung girl diba
suzaku_lace: as in crush
suzaku_lace: as in kabit diba
akai_tsuki: illogical or wateva
akai_tsuki: in a way
suzaku_lace: pero ikaw ano tingin mo.. gagawin mo ba un kung may gf ka na?
akai_tsuki: hmm
suzaku_lace: dba it only means ure not contented with ur gf
akai_tsuki: nope, why should i

moto moto

lovely zzzzzz's


It was love at first sight when i saw this NEW MOTORAZR!!! it's PINK!!! i heard Paris Hilton has one too, and so should I!! because im the heiress of my own credit card debts.

Saw it first in Manila Bulletin's saturday issue. Speaking of, I joined LOVE NOTES @ MB and had my i love you's for Azrael published in their Feb. 14 issue.
Yesterday, we had a photo op in my bedroom because im sick as hell and that's the only way we can make up for valentine's day. i'll upload the cutey pics later at my multiply and publish them here for my memory's sake.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hearts Day

i was super sick believe it or not. had fever monday on my way home and had stuffed nose all evening i couldnt breath. so we spent the day in my room taking kilig and crazy photos of ourselves. uploaded it also to multipy because my computer is going GAGA and i think i might not be able to recover our photos from last year!!! huhuhu :( anyway, enter groovy kind of love song.

this is plain crazy so i'll stop right here.

spread the love!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

WHEW an update at last!!!

am i cursed or something? i was blogging for the nth time and it was freaking deleted again!!! i just pressed ctrl+a and some mispressed keys and there went my entry to the abyss.

anyway, my PC is still dominated by hellish spywares preventing me to post from my HQ and include evidential pictures of the going-ons in my life although they are primarily composed of two human beings who can't get their hands off each other namely azrael and lace.

i was to talk of the different blog sites i frequently visit and here they are:

the man-blog
the id configuration
azrael's merryland ---> who is this hottie?
philippines for him

i never fail to report to GirlTalk and help other distressed ladies in terms of fashion, skincare, and what have you.

there.. also i want to post this very cute alien!!! i love HIM so much i wish i can have my own if only i win the lottery, or manage to produce a million and afford an educational plan for this little earthling. i want someone just like him that's why as early as now, im staring at his cutey cute cute picture!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Liza's recital.. Eat Out.s.. Go Outs...

my computer is still being dominated by spyware. i can not even post decently even though i have tons of new pictures to upload, both good and bad. anyway, this is from Azrael to ME!!!

I shall post new pictures after my PC gets well. im still working eating iced gems and orange juice for lunch, poor me.. just to pay for gasoline and my everlasting debt care of my creditcard. If my boyfriend will follow the steps of manny pacquiao and screw other women, i'll die.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

AND OUR SONG for the day:

You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips.
And there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips.
You're trying hard not to show it, (baby).
But baby, baby I know it...You've lost that lovin' feeling,Whoa, that lovin' feeling,
You've lost that lovin' feeling,Now it's gone...gone...gone...wooooooh.
Now there's no welcome look in your eyes when I reach for you.
And now your're starting to critisize little things I do.It makes me just feel like crying, (baby).'Cause baby, something in you is dying.

whoa whoa whoa hmmmmm hmmmm lalalalala

But the stars are with me according to Susan Miller, Aquarians this month are stronger!

Anything that doesnt kill you will make you stronger.