Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Psicom Convention January 21

I think the 3 of us (misyel, az, and me) enjoyed the day in our own ways : ) here are some photos

Free Chucky and Kellogs Cereals at the event : )

Selling Comics from Comic Odyssey

hanging out with transformers philippines! group photo is still not with me >.<

Dinner at Blue Wave, Gerry's Grill. Delicious sisig and chicken kebab care of Az and Misyel's mommy.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Casio Exilim EX-S500

I was window shopping for my gadgets wish list (read: laptop and digicam) when i saw Casio Exilim being sold for less than Php 20,000. The one i saw was real slim and sexy.

i had experienced holding an exilim through one of my trips with my boss. her camera is an exilim and the pictures were all crisp and clear. it was so small and thin that it fits in a tupperware. very cute and impressive! now if only i have enough money to spare... i can only wish that i can get one for my birthday >.<

here is the exilim i want (all donations welcome!!) this one is around Php 19,000

Casio Exilim EX-S500
Megapixels: 5
Included Memory Amount: 8.3 MB
Included Memory: On Board
Media Format: Secure Digital
Battery Type Supported: Lithium Ion
Included Batteries: Yes
35-mm Equivalent (Wide): 38
35-mm Equivalent (Telephoto): 114
Maximum Resolution: 2560 x 1920 pixels
Interface: USB 2.0
Video Capture Ability: Yes

Neo Print

Last wednesday, i dropped by my old office to visit my friends there and also borrow yoga vcds from my boss : ) of course we went to the mall after a brief meeting with some people and here's what we did. all fun and no work heehee : )


it was great to use a neo print machine again! i felt like i was in high school having pics taken with my friends. before it just costs 80 pesos now it's around 110 and the machine is more complicated. haha.

i also played soul calibur for the first time after playing it in my ps1. i did well and now i understand what the buttons do. i have a video of that also through azrael's new cam but the net is slow and im having a hard time uploading.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yesterday, I tagged along as Azrael claims his new camera in Makati and we were to meet Michelle in Ortigas to eat some food. I was craving for a bountiful pasta ever since the day before, so where else to eat but sbarro's?

I just realized that they don't have half servings for Lasagna and we ate a lot. i definitely enjoyed shoving the food in my mouth ahahaha.

I also went to the magazine store to get a read while azrael is having his toycon meeting. I got Seventeen which is just P85 and i liked the whole content of this January issue. Michelle and i browsed the mag and decided to head shopping : ) i got new shoes with native wedges. i saw a Louis Vuitton shoe with the same type of material in one of my magazines ahahahaha :)

i'll show pics of them after Sunday. I'll wear em both on that day heehee :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Watch a movie

what else can i do to pass time but watch movies? yesterday, i went shopping a bit after my root canal (again) and decided to drop by azrael's sister to eat the yummy sopas (soup) their neighbor is selling. i had a great time there and we watched the Clerk's 2 while eating the sopas with bread. i felt great while i was there because no one makes me feel like im a lazy spoiled brat that is on vacation. i felt bad that i had to go back home because i'm still being dramatic about my housemates heehee.

we were suppose to go out today (me, michelle, and azrael) but i decided not to come. i wanted to come but i want to save my ass from being labelled a total brat. as im writing this im waiting for azrael to come home, even michelle did not stay long at the autograph signing but azrael enjoys these comics people.

after i was left at home, i popped in my fat burning belly dance video but darn, i couldn't keep up with the jumping and hopping so i skipped most part. then i watched Juday's movie, Kasal Kasali kasalo with my sister. i was keen to watch the movie just to see the culture's present view about marriage. while watching the flick and during the scene where the husband cheats the wife while the wife is PREGNANT, i suddenly had the urge to check on my partner. i'm totally paranoid when it comes to stuff like these.

here's a funny story. this morning, i woke up and rushed downstairs to ask azrael about my dream. i dreamt that there was this girl who azrael is having an affair with and the girl in MY dream told me that he told her he loves her, that they kiss, and when i asked the girl if he tells her about me... i opened my eyes and realized it was but a dream. it's the 2nd time i dreamt of him having another woman! and sometimes i get confused whether it was a dream or not and sometimes i wake up and hit az in the morning... thinking that IT was real.. ahahahaha if these were real i'd leave him right away unlike what i see in movies where ladies forgive cheating men. i'd find a rich man and marry him instead. ; )

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Real Housewives of Orange County

I patiently waited for the first episode last night on cable TV and wow... part of me wish that i live in Orange County! These women are lucky, some of them managed to get rich by themselves. i mean not just rich but the totally rich like the topmost level of richness. there was this lady named Jo, and her soon to marry boyfriend dragged her to orange county and all she has to do is stay at home and as the BF said on the voice-over, "all her bills are taken cared of". WOW~

and then they gave all sorts of ideas like how to have fun while waiting for their husbands like getting botox, doing pilates, and definitely shopping. i was drooling in front of the TV. they have my dream life! and in orange county, you can jog and do whatever you like because it's so peaceful there inside the gates.

back to me in real life, my housemates are driving me nuts. i think they don't like me being at home but they also hate it when i dress up and go out for no reason but shop. they are starting to stress me out again when my undereye dark circles are starting to disappear... so i treated myself by doing a shopping stroll and sending stuff to my older sister in Australia. i sent her Gretchen Baretto's OK! magazine. we love her! then i ate alone in peace... it felt really good! my mom is nagging me at the table all the time and sings praises to my younger sister with the intention of getting me angry. can you imagine? God, help me. older people are so hard to understand, same as my aunt. when you try to BE THERE, they act like they don't care and would rather be alone than start a GOOD conversation with you. when i'm not there, they make me feel GUILTY for staying out. hello, what's up?

i'll just dream of Orange County and let them be while i make fun and happiness in my life. Amen!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a dream is a wish....

for Louis Vuitton Speedy in Monogram or Cherries ~

exhibit and vogue

<-- me in my new blouse hahaha and michelle : )

i was not suppose to go out yesterday but i tagged along to this exhibit opening at The Crucible in Megamall. i didn't want to be left at home so i threw a tantrum and azrael brought me along ahahaha and in less than 30 minutes i was able to get dressed! I was with azrael's sister michelle and we waited for 2 hours until azrael had his magazines autographed.

while waiting, i went to Magnet- a magazine shop, and in an instant i felt like i was in heaven!!! so many magazines to read and buy. i got 2 magazines, vogue and lucky. now i have something new to read at home and im very happy! : )

Monday, January 15, 2007

iPhone from iPod and Heroes - the tv series

Heroes is such an addicting tv series! Last night, we finished until episode 9 and slept at 1.30am. Too bad that we don't have the next episodes yet and it's going to be a hard and long wait. Milo, one of the actors is looking real good ^___^ i disliked him before as he played this happy-go-lucky guy in Gilmore Girls, well not anymore!

If you want to feel like a super hero too, a gadget might make you feel like one hahaha. such as this iPhone from iPod. I had a post before while i was raving about the Nokia N95 with all its glorious futuristic features. Here's the iPhone, a bit if not almost similar to the N95.

iPhone lets you listen to mp3 of course, surf the internet through Wi-Fi and Edge, and it also has a map feature. I read that the camera is only 2 megapixel though. i'd still go for the N95 :) this iPhone is best for those who want an mp3 player-phone.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

bargain shopping saturday and dental appointment

saturday - i was up early so i can make it to the dentist (which is still in Ortigas) at 11am. after having my mouth wide opened for an hour i thought i needed a reward : ) so i went shopping and i got new shoes again.

i also finally got a pair of black leggings to go with my princess hours blouse. i'm trying to avoid leggings because everybody is wearing them but i have to use my new blouse with it ^^

i read that different textures and animal skin (fake of course!) are in fashion. so i get this strappy slingback in faux snake skin in golden yellow. metallic is also in trend, i read. all of these fashion facts are care of my numerous magazines and all the fashion sites out there. i don't have so much money so what excites me is getting the practical version of them. ^^ i just wonder though what it feels like to carry an authentic LV bag.

i saw a lot of fake ones and they look real! the form, shape, and prints. i'd consider buying fake before but now, i want to have pride that i have an original - someday. hahahaha.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Preview Magazine January 2007 Issue

i visited the dermatologist today and i was looking for magazines when i saw Judy Ann Santos looking very glam in Preview Magazine. I bought it right away! I want to see her do glamour shots. she's very successful in losing some weight and i needed inspiration. hahahaha.

January issue is full of fashion shots and articles, it's a must buy! i was talking with my older sister in YM and we both wished we can go shopping for new bags and clothes >.< we are thinking of doing business soon and we laughed at the idea that we will wear great clothes even when we are just in our business store. we still have to consult our mother.

our housemate Elvie also left today and am a bit sad. one less person in the house again and i have to work extra with the dishes and the cooking *lol*

im so excited for Joni (my older sister) to come home!

Monday, January 08, 2007

blogging just before bedtime

i though internet is okay already until my downloads failed. today though i managed to get new workout dvds, i might fill up my cabinets with lots of these cds. i am such a hoard and once i liked something i want all kinds of it >.< anyway, these workout cds are tai chi from David Caradine and another volume of Belly Dancing (Fat Burning).

i am feeling bulky and bloated today because of the monthly thing but i wish i can workout tomorrow then go ice skating with my friends. i don't know how to ice skate i wish i will get out alive. i am scared of those long blades!!!

i wish you all a Good Night! sweet dreams!

Get Together

whew! i went home today at 7 in the morning and went back to sleep until 11am. the reunion with my friends went through and it lasted until 1am. i felt like im on a time warp when i woke up. here are the photos from yesterday.

today i wish to rest after running some errands. i also had a mistake impulse buying the tea tree oil concealer at the Body Shop. it's too light for my color and it costed me 450 pesos! good thing i didnt ask azrael for it. he treated me last week with a smashbox lipstick and i really love it : ) it's my first expensive lipstick ahahahaha.

i also learned that i have an avid reader in Australia. His name is Vincent and hello there! : ) keep on visiting my blog, i hope you will have your own blog soon also. i really like your PSP, iwish you can give it to me ^____^


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exercise Videos!

Last week, i viewed the my new Belly Dance workout video first before following it. then i thought to myself that it was so easy and i wondered if it will ever give me a real workout. Today, i popped it in the dvd player and now my arms and abs are aching! what seemed so easy was really challenging and i definitely recommend this video (see post below). i might go to the video shop and get the remaining volumes now when they are still on sale at 100 peso.

i am still looking for the remaining yoga zone videos. i have 3 of them now but one is yoga for pregnancy (my sister used it). i am enjoying my vacation because of these videos! i do them around 2pm when the day is starting to get hot and boring. weee! i hope i get new ones soon and keep myself from getting bored.

i'll also meet my friends today in Lian's house : ) i miss talking to friends already. we'll spend the night there and hopefully i can enjoy without forcing myself to drink ; )

Coca Cola Sponsored Christmas Photo: i just scanned this because they printed it for free ^___^
we won this photo op last friday with Santa.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Eragon Advanced Screening and the Demonic Traffic

I watched this movie yesterday. we got free tickets to watch it and i must say this dragon-magic movie is promising.

it was about 2 hours and 30 minutes long but i didn't feel bored. The story is very engaging and the lead character was gorgeous. the dragon was made magnificently, unlike other dragons in other movies that were poorly animated. it seemed so real!

on the bad side, and this has nothing to do with the movie. traffic was terrible! loads of people were waiting for rides that we declared it impossible for us to get home. instead, we had to spend the night in one hotel and we just went home early in the morning around 6am. we found ourselves walking in Baclaran and Edsa extension as the sun was rising. the smell of these areas were almost unbearable, what a way to start our morning. this was all because yesterday night was the Pyro Olympics night in Mall of Asia. Not just hundreds but thousands of people were walking the highway like ants, scavenging for buses and jeepneys.
we wanted to witness Pyro Olympics today but after seeing the situation and experiencing the human and vehicular traffic it caused made us change our minds. we already saw it last year anyway.

Both of us (azrael and i) were also sick to death last night with cough and colds. i was worried and stressed all night as my mom will be upset with everything.

When we arrived home awhile back around 7am, we went to sleep again and woke up at 11.30am. determined of getting healthier, we both did Yoga in the afternoon. It was azrael's first time and his reactions were priceless as he tries to become a human pretzel.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Enjoying my vacation

Rants aside, I am enjoying my vacation : ) Azrael had his haircut yesterday and I joined him so I can get a full body massage in one of the mall spas. the line was long so i had to settle to Let's Face It Salon. They had newly renovated Balinese inspired private rooms and for just 390 pesos, you can get a 1 hour combination massage (Shiatsu and Swedish). There was piping music. it got scary sometimes (because of the music and the silence) and the room was dimly lit for the shy types.

I remembered when my boss and I would get room service massage during our trips. hahaha, really fun and i felt very expensive.

Then we went to the video store and i found a new workout video. Belly dance! for just 100 pesos. I hope to do this video tomorrow as I'm not feeling good because of colds.

These videos and other fitness vcds are on sale in Video City and Astrovision. i wish i can dance like them ahahaha : )

have a nice day everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finally! Shopping

I was so excited to go out yesterday. i paid a visit to my officemates in MCO and processed my clearance and last salary. i won't get it until my clearance is done and that's 7 days more of processing >.<

fortunately i bought money with me because i know i'll go shopping in ayala afterwards.in my agenda are to look for bargain pants, blouses; buy a new Yoga Zone vcd; shop at Body Shop; and buy the January issues of magazines (cosmo and marie claire January issues are out). i got them all except something from Body Shop. I was suppose to buy the tea trea oil concealer but i didn't like the consistency.

<-- yey! new magazines to read for january it felt really nice to shop for the first time in 2007! moreso when your partner is being a bit generous. i was able to dine and not cook for it. i ate spaghetti aligue (crab fat) in Tsokonut and i also ate in World Chicken for lunch. If you eat at the Food Choices, you get the chance to pick any prize from the Coke booth. I just won a bag but other prozes include P100,000 and a PSP! right now i just finished following my new yoga vcd and im looking forward to going to the spa ^____^ because there is just one thing bothering me:

just like my mom who is brainwashing me that i am FAT, maybe she needs to feel better that's why. poor sister. just one reason i better stay out of the house and splurge. i almost died of anorexia and i won't let that happen again. when i was thin they gossip about me being anorexic and now i am healthy they call me pig. it's a round cycle. i don't know why they do this maybe my beauty makes them insecure. ahahahahaha peace out!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Portrait of Holiday Stress

it's almost over! i can't wait for the malls to clear up and begin to have a decent shopping spree. i just thought it'll be fun to show you this photo one paparazzi shot.


i always start by saying... i hate new year! because it's so noisy and i haven't had a peaceful, quiet new year celebration in my 21 years of existence. next year i promised to myself that i'll rent a hotel room to avoid air and noise pollution. poor earth! people pretend that they CARE about global warming with the release of the inconvenient truth while they happily lit up their firecrackers to drive malas or evil in English when I think those people who use firecrackers are the evil ones killing the earth and destroying the atmosphere.

I'd rather see one event such as the Pyro Olympics, at least, many people benefit from it and everybody can watch. it is beautiful unlike jologs firecrackers like super lolo, watusi, bawang, kwitis, eew!

<--- while others were counting down, i am afraid of firecrackers because i am afraid of FIRE!

anyway, i am the new year grinch and i hope you enjoyed my 2007 post! you may check out 2006, 2005 posts to see that i really hate new year ahahahaha. im glad it's over!