Thursday, April 14, 2005

more pics from under the sun

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with anna ^__^

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with liza looking for pearly shells

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the community near the beach

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one more time

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with vincent *sandman*

Im in Bohol!!!!

yey there's an internet cafe here but they charge 1 peso per minute so i better make this quick.

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mommy and baby *lol*

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beh =p

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more pics when i get to cebu.. no money nyahhaha ^^

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

picachu * . *

More pix from Mariel's videoke pa-a-ty... ^___^
care of thil's camera. thanx thil!!!!

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K! the 1 peso challenge

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Patpong Girls

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nyahaha.. first time ever.. myself at home (in my room actually)
i never thought my room was the perfect place to do videoke.
not sound proof but the grass fields outside makes the sound great. harhar.

beach buddy

yey! one more day and im hitting the blessed sand of bohol and cebu. my sister, liza, and I are already starting to plan our escape from the ratatatatatt people. and i already have two fones to boot the excitement, finally finally i have a fone for my sun cellular. here are some recent pics from azrael's cam which i had to adjust because it hates me. *lol* my camera is fixed but *long story* someone...someone...lost the battery and it started the ratatatatat feast in my house. so im leaving it alone and i think i'll have to get my OWN. not to mention the camera is supposed to be my birthday present but heck, some things u just cant help but lose to some other people. hay.... i love my camera so much but wahhhhh..... anyway, i'll find a way because love knows no mountains.... *blech* hahaha.

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awhile ago at RP..who's the girl?

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after ten years......of waiting for the open lined phone

im quiet excited for my summer pictures... yey! and im eating grass so that my fat arse will fit my swim wear. *lol* money.....

Saturday, April 09, 2005


finally! i took the last exam for the term. the day was super great as mariel came over from quezon again. we met right away with andrea and as we waited for our exam, we went to provedence. anyway, there were a lot of videoke rooms and you just have to pay 5 pesos.

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night shots

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Then with little planning, the two decided to come home with me and continue our videoke session in my room. it was a lot of fun and finally, it was my turn to harass my neighbors with my screeching singing voice.

We slept at around 3.30am awhile ago and i woke up to transfer to my mom's room where liza was sleeping. Then, andrea woke me up because she already had to go as her mm was already waiting outside. Me and mariel decided to go play bingo and haha.... it was frustrating to see our cards almost winning and then someone from behind will shout bingo. haha. sayang wala si lian, andrea and thil. it's so much happier if u play in groups but if that was the case, we would have made a lot of noise and frea the other players.

Yey Yey Yey Vacation starts now and I cant wait to hit the beach and get my final interview at convergys.

Where's my C2???!!!!

I cant wait to get back to DLSU on monday and get my C2. i was harassing my friends for a free bottle and yey, thanx to jojo for treating me after 10 years of persuasion. I was looking for it in the grocery when the man in uniform told me its out of stock... wahhhh.... then i txtd my sister and even in Sta. Lucia, its out of stock too. and so im looking forward to monday just to get it in my stomach again.

thats all for tonight. ^___^

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

After Exams

We ate at Houseblend, it rained pasta awhile ago and my diet was momentarily forgotten... anyway, im trying hard haha and that's what is important. here are some pics of the day. tomorrow i'll try penetrating *love that word* convergys and DPC. wish me luck and i hope i get a job already for summer.

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cute kame..

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looking drained

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pasta fiesta *lookie my spaghetti*

Getting used to....

BOGUS companies posting jobs online... wow i just had another one today and it reaches 10 in the weirdometer. anyway, it wasnt that bad because azrael saved me from the claws of the out of this world speakers and coordinators. im starting to learn how to just laugh at these situations and i realized that hey, im kinda having fun job hunting anyway.

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those are from yesterday before i went to the 10 peso callcenter. no photos today.. digicam still sick and not working. i have an exam tomorrow for my law subject... everyone wish me luck! *chii*

Monday, April 04, 2005

I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

awhile ago, i went to manila just to pass some papers and show up in a job interview.
they made me wait for 2 solid freaking bloody hours!!!! and they wont tell me
right away the compensation, it was very unclear and i have to wait for all the applicants to
be done with their interviews before they brief us about the pay.... hello??? the applicants kept on
coming and it seems that it will have no end. i decided to txt my driver to pick me up already.
i made friends with some applicants and i told them that id give them a ring, i'll ask about the pay and the like. grrrr!!!!

it's so hard to earn money, nakakainis na.. hay~

Saturday, April 02, 2005

April's Full

Yey! new month and my sched is very disorganized... i have friends coming over, celebrations because the hell term is over, my family outing which Joni is managing oh so well... and job interviews and hunting. hay~ i hope i find a job soon because i need money!!! for the summer because i'll get my last drop of allowance next week.... =(

Job hunting is sooo difficult, i mean hello??? can't companies be honest and clear on what the terms are. some companies after the first meeting, they wont tell u what they are really about and u have to attend this and that orientation. hay~ then after attending, you end up dissatisfied and u just wasted ur time coming over. anyway, people support didnt get me because shandie said i looked like i will prioritize school over them as im still studying. then, i have some agenda next week with other prospect companies.

Today, i just have to revise my service marketing plan. We had our defense yesterday and Mr. Cu was just and fair, no stupid questions whatsoever unlike some i know. And, we didnt have a hard time it was medium in difficulty, he just said our paper needs to be more specific, i should put some clear and visible examples in my edited version.

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that's me and the finished paper... i have another one in lian's phone, taken at KFC.. this was taken inside the classroom while waiting for Mr. Cu. School is like a zoo, better yet, a jungle. and im glad we look like we're gonna survive. We were always pissed by this *amph* anyway, i dont have the guts to put this here because i might get kicked out of my beloved school.

ahahaha... that's it.

more posts when my cam gets fixed ^^