Sunday, June 29, 2008

Staying Home on a Monday

And my mystery disease has just prevented me from coming to work tomorrow.

I got a urinalysis this afternoon as recommended yesterday by the doctor. Lo and behold, I don't have UTI, so that means the culprit for my rash is still unknown.

comfort food

I'm worried since I can't stand not knowing what it really is and I think its getting worse everyday. The doctor prescribed me Claritin but what if it's not allergies, I am very safe with food and I never had alcohol in ages which is the only thing I am allergic to.

My family is also saying different things which makes me even more confused. What a weekend this was, I wish I can just contain myself in my office room and get things done - peace, quiet, and productivity. Now I think I'm starting to itch. I'll see another doctor tomorrow morning and I look forward to a more definite answer.

I wish for a Moto

Before I die of a mystery disease, I would love to have a Motorola V9.

My current phone is dying and I tried to make it happy by shopping for a new casing yet the cost is unbelievable. So I was thinking, why not just get a new phone?

I'm still saving for my 'early retirement at 30' but if I have extra, I'll get one of these:

It is 3G, has edge, and it's beautiful. The cost is around Php 17,000 - not bad at all.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh no!

I've been keeping myself busy these past few days, getting things done and enjoying my work. I did not notice until yesterday that I have been seriously growing tiny bumps of rashes on my arms, tummy, and legs. They are not itchy and I haven't had fever yet.

My family's initial findings (yes like doctors) are that I have measles or what we call tigdas hangin but I am going to the doctor later to have myself checked. I'm guessing blood tests again or shots but I hope I get out of this just in time.

A lot of people are getting sick and I even thought to myself how lucky I am that the sickness trend has not yet hit me :(

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Frank Hits Manila

Unexpectedly, typhoon Frank hits most areas in the Philippines because it kept on changing its direction.

A ship carrying 700 passengers also sank because of the huge waves brought by the storm.

Most areas in the Philippines are also flooded and many people have been rescued from their roofs.
Electricity is intermittent in most areas and will be restored to 100% only once electric lines and posts are certainly safe.

Around 50 domestic flights were also canceled for safety.

MRT and LRT are also closed today, that means people cannot use the trains as a means of transportation.

Image of typhoon Frank from PAG-ASA

Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 20 is the Happiest Day and How to Eliminate Stress

I read that June 20, yesterday is the happiest day of the year.

It was based on a scientific calculation that had something to do with the weather and the prospect of holidays. It's hard to believe that there is such 'happiest day in the world' but yesterday was an extra happy day for me for simple reasons.

I walked to Manila Bay and watched the free fireworks show, while waiting for the show itself, I saw the beautiful sunset and it was very colorful. Seriously, even the patches of colors on the sky are reflected by the waters and I wished I had my camera with me. Around me were couples and highschool students - happy people, made me feel happy too.

My partner came and we enjoyed great dinner for free at Italliani's.

To be happy, you've got to find simple pleasures such as these and try to eliminate stress in your life. Zenhabits tells us how here:

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wear a silly hat - Kung Fu Panda? and Indiana Jones

I agree with his tips, being LATE is simply the usual cause of stress for most people, and second, not responding and doing something about a problem.

Get these out of your life and try to be happy, enjoy life :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Beautiful Home is Filled with Trees

It's a lovely Sunday morning, I made lots of breakfast food for my mom and my partner. I made freshly ground coffee and it made the kitchen smell like a cafe.

I don't have anywhere to go today but stay inside our lovely house that I am starting to appreciate even more. The trees around our house are growing big and the scenic view and sounds (birds and dancing leaves) are a great escape for the weekend.

I went around and took photos of our home gardens, just as I would if I was on a trip. I'm pleased to share my mom's works of art. Thank you for giving me a very nice home.

Simple joys, best things in life are free :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mixed Stuff from Friday and Saturday

Yesterday (Friday) I finally watched Sex and the City movie by myself and I seriously enjoyed the whole film while munching on KFC Zinger and fries. Yummy!

The film was oozing with designer clothes and bags. I hope there's a sequel to this film so I can enjoy watching them again.

After the movie, as my partner was still busy hustling for his event, I walked again back to Pearl Drive to get my third massage for the week. I go to Green Spa and they are open until 2am. I had to walk there since all spa inside the mall are closed.

I met Azrael and friends at Starbucks and ended up at home around 12:00 in the morning.

That was Friday and today (Saturday) was chaos.

I could not reach Kuya Bernard's (our beloved driver) mobile phone and I was standing in front of my building forever. I was in panic I called my auntie Yeyey and we did not know what to do so I just went to the mall and rode the bus. It was very hot so I armed myself with my favorite fruit shake combo - Mango and Melon.

Mango and Melon shake is heavenly, it's next to a massage that can lift you up from stress and stiffness.

Time to rest and unwind - happy weekend everyone!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Day at the Beach

When you want something and just focus on it, you can have it! Just like this day trip at the beach, I've been longing to go to the beach to relax and unwind. No stress and no worries.

It was just me and my partner, my family could not come because they hate to commute. I planned this day to be worry-free (that's all i really want) so no driver, no car, just me and my partner.

We took buses, tricycles and jeepneys to reach our destination and voila! welcome to the beach -

This trip is very refreshing, just like my trip to Tagaytay where I could see the volcano and the lake. The waves and the smell of salty beach air are fantastic. You can't get that in metro manila. Even the jeepney ride was enjoyable, I could see rural lands with carabaos and people living the simple life (which I want in the future). They grow their own crops, trees, and they send their children to the nearby school. Now I wonder how much does it cost to buy a parcel of land in these areas and build a house on it.

Next unwinding destination that I want to go to is Baguio or Subic.

Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quick Fix: Aromatherapy Massage

You know how at the end of the day, your body feels so stiff and your brain can't stop working? A massage can melt all of these in a matter of minutes!

I spend thousands for good body massages because they are very effective in changing your mood and your disposition in a snap. Today I went for an aromatherapy massage and when I got home, I felt so refreshed and my body is ultra-relaxed. It feels like I didn't even go to work at all and that I just woke up *__*

Good night everybody! You too deserve to feel good ^^

Monday, June 02, 2008

Meet my Car - Speed Racer

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Taken at Mall of Asia last week. Today I set a new time record, I was at home before 7:00PM and my mom was beaming when she saw me getting off the tricycle.

If I had this car or had the guts to drive in EDSA, maybe i'll be home before 6:00PM.

It was great to see the Mach 5, we thought it was a real car but it was just a fiber glass replica. Things like these make you feel bright in a snap :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Long Weekend Ahead! Go to the Beach

June 9 is a holiday which falls on a Monday and I can't wait to hit the beach!

This morning, the first task that I have is to look for a nice beach in Batangas with fine white sand and affordable rates. I think I will go to one of the beaches in San Juan Batangas. I badly want to go to Subic but it's too far and I don't have enough time.

I just have to take this opportunity to freshen up and reap some benefits of hard work and also share it with my family. I may have work on Saturday so I just scheduled to go there on Sunday and be back on Monday afternoon.

I am so excited! :) waves, sand, and water - perfect!

Check out this site, very helpful in finding nice beaches in Batangas