Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Today is the best day I had for this week, full of surprises and happy smiley moments. Instead of channeling migraine boy, i focused on writing my words and planning the activities i would love to do this 4-day vacation. Flopping in bed, installing my newly acquired microsoft office and adobe photoshop, downloading songs, reading, writing, and biking in the afternoon.

I miss ice skating, maybe i could go to mall of asia on Saturday. Drinking hot chocolate after staying on the rink melts my stress away. I'm also ready with dvds to watch in case i get tired of the internet which is nearly impossible.

This Halloween, avoid the gloom and be happy you're still alive.

What are you going to do this vacation?

Right now I am dreaming of having a wacom tablet so i can draw some stick people on my blog.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Gadget Lust: HTC Touch Phone

Why would I need a pocket pc? I don't know, but i want one!

It all began when i met RG in Gloria Jeans, he was tinkering with what seems like an ordinary pocket pc. Out of curiosity and a bit of boredom, I found myself holding the HTC, checking my email, visiting my blog, and taking a photo of myself. Yeah, the HTC Touch can do all that!

RG made a brief presentation on how he would use the HTC to do instant messaging, take photos and store them, and even listen to mp3s and internet radio.

HTC is very much comparable to Iphone. People can't help but compare the two, but almost always, HTC gets the upper hand. HTC has the same 2 megapixel camera, wi-fi, bluetooth, and the touch screen. The winning streak came in from Windows Mobile 6 which the HTC has, letting you write in MS word, do computing in Excel, and even create Powerpoint presentations.

In a perfect world, every spot is a wi-fi hotspot and more pocket pc users can optimize the use of their gadgets. Your HTC can be more powerful if you subscribe to HSPDA service providers so you can sashay around with a mobile internet connection.

The HTC Touch is available in the Philippines for around Php 30, 000

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Seeker read the Book!

Mariel and I watched a funny movie yesterday, The Seeker. I tried hard to keep watching and stopped myself from going to sleep. Our favorite line is "I am a seventh son of a seventh son, I am the Seeker, I read the book!" - i almost fell off my seat! Will, the main character is a gorgeous kid though and I believe kids will love this movie which has a simple story line, light versus dark.

The Manila Comics Seminar was also ongoing yesterday, instead of helping my boyfriend, i spent the whole day with Mariel. From the cinema, we found ourselves in a karaoke room singing hopelessly romantic songs. Somewhere down the Road by Barry Manilow is my favorite song to sing! it's so corny though :)

Then to my surprise, the videoke machine showed Kim Ah Joong's music video where she was a mermaid. She's jaw dropping gorgeous, luckily i found the same video on YouTube.

My date with Mariel lasted until 10.30pm, i had a great time hanging out with her. I look forward to seeing more of my friends soon.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Somewhere down the road

are abominable taxi drivers who pretend they don't know where the highway is. Today i met not one but two terrible drivers. The second one kept saying "tsk... tsk... tsk..." as he was driving into my village. I almost ate the first driver who said he was new and pretended not to know where the roads lead to. These drivers just wasted 2 hours of my priceless time and it's a Friday!

i can't help but think life served me an emotional salad today. happy now, miserable after a minute, relaxed, and seconds later, devastated. some individuals showed indifference today too. so i just think of the things that lead me to my happy place and they are:

- writing and getting better at it.
- saving and collecting money.
- exploring my new laptop.
- rediscovering japanese rock music, Hyde and filling the iPod with his songs.
- imagining i have my own planet called Alone, revolving around it is a moon called Silence.
- the arrival of new magazines for November and the quest for Writer's Digest.
- i think i want to write for the rest of my life.

now i feel a lot better. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally Aspire

I've been aspiring for this Acer Aspire. I did not plan on buying one today but I felt it's time to reward my hard work and celebrate my writing life. After months of budgeting, I finally afforded to buy this:

Thank you to my friends who went with me to the PC shop to fetch my new writing gadget. I believe this is one of my biggest purchases in life haha :) The specs are just the same as with my boyfriend's laptop which spells powerful whilst affordable.

Acer Aspire 4310
Intel Celeron
DVD recorder
Built-in webcam

Wifi capable
and many usb ports
card reader

I am now running on licensed XP and so far, so good. I just need anti-virus!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Music for Breakfast

It's time to clear our heads for the week ahead and listening to some music is one way to do so. Thanks to my colleague who played Third Eye Blind's How's it Gonna Be that I remembered how superb this band was.

Now I'm keeping myself busy downloading their songs to the Ipod. I was chatting with my sister last night, who's all the way in Australia. She told me about this band called Rogue Traders, a retro-pop band with a wicked female vocalist. Finding the mp3 is hard but here's a video of their song, Watching You.

This week I also caught Kylie Minogue singing his new single Two Hearts. I was agog when I saw the music video. At first I didn't know it was Kylie until the video details were shown in the end.

Keep the music playing people :)

F is for Friday and Fun

To celebrate the end of a great and fulfilling week, I scheduled a night out in Malate to eat and attend the Manila Tonight party. We took the LRT and how i missed Manila! I used to study and work in Taft Avenue and it's been 4 months since I last walked its streets.

Strolling in Pedro Gil, a new Robinson's Place Manila appeared in front of my eyes. The mall's structure is more classy, modern, and sophisticated than the old one. Does this mean more high end stores and restaurants? The structure definitely transforms the ambiance and look of Pedro Gil street in Manila.

After minutes of walking, we killed some time in an authentic Korean restaurant. Since koreanovelas, i've been curious as why they have plenty of dishes on their tables. Those small plates of appetizers and red hot pot soup are a mystery. Finally I experienced and tasted authentic Korean cooking. And here is my very own feast:

Then it's time to par-ty! The Manila Tonight event was being held nearby, in Skorski's bar. My companion had a couple of beers while we watched live bands and looked around the other members of Manila Tonight. Too bad though that we had to go back home early (i still don't own my dream flat). I heard the party lasted until 3am today.

wonderful shot inside the bar. laser lights!

quarrels aside, thank you to Azrael-san for the week-long treat.

yup that's me! until next friday! :) have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, October 12, 2007

How to start a long weekend

Juicy crisp hotdogs that will ooze melted cheese with each bite

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Hot tea to calm morning anxiety and eggs that are sinfully oily

Condo Dreaming

I never lusted for my own condominium unit until this week, when the traffic in Bacoor Cavite worsened like cancer. Now i can't stop dreaming with eyes wide opened. Imagine, i would just wake up at 6:00am and i can leave at 7:00am and I am at work already. No traffic and most of all, the pleasure of living alone. I can almost feel my feet hitting the ground if i was jogging in the morning in Global City where no dogs would come running after my shorts. Riding the bike encircling the buildings is a good activity too. hay ~

And look at this sweet photo of Serendra:

I passed there once and noted that the ceilings were bit too low, but I wouldn't mind that when I can take advantage of silence and the wi-fi internet. New restaurants also sprouted in the area.

If sleep does not tempt me today, I might visit the area and take my dream up a notch. Of course i won't buy a unit, i bet it's sold out already and i don't even have a buddha-fat bank account yet. Probably the trip there will inspire me to work and save harder so that someday, I can make my condo dreams come true :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Traffic on a Monday

All the pictures and videos here are taken by me this morning.

Bumper to bumper, southbound and northbound

I do not know what i did to deserve the traffic this morning! By the time we went out from the village, the car was not moving for two hours. Imagine that, it's really unbelievable! Because we were stuck for almost two hours except for the car moving about 10 inches every 15 minutes, my bladder was almost exploding because i had to hold my pee for that long.

People marching towards the highway, getting out of their buses.

I got out of the car and joined the frustrated and angry commuters on their march. I was heading to Jollibee where there is a CR.

Small sized video of people marching

Someone told me that a bus flipped over and many were killed by the accident. I haven't seen the news but that is what everybody is saying. The traffic was terrible and impossible. I was very frustrated but someone told me to Never say Die so I continued on my journey to work. I arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Manny Pacquiao wins against Barrera

Pacman does it again! Congratulations Manny : )
Many thought that Pacman is too distracted with Showbizness and he proves them wrong!
Barrera is set to retire.

News from Associated Press, Click on the headline to read full story
Pacquiao beats Barrera again

Trading blows

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Susan Miller gives me the Answer

"With Mercury in retrograde, it won't be the right time to buy an electronic item, such as an HDTV, new DVD player, or computer. Browse, compare, but don't acquire your coveted item next month." - Susan Miller, October 2007 for Aquarius

Thank you very much. The highlight of my day was touching and test-carrying an Acer laptop inside the mall. I was ready to fish my atm card from my wallet to buy what sounds like a one-time limited offer (i still think it is) but i a got a hold of myself and simply walked away. Imagine, i visited all the computer shops in Cyber Zone Megamall after my dental appointment, walking off my anesthesia. All the while i felt like a kid in a candy store, my backpack was filled with price lists which i started to collect last week.

Good thing, i checked out Astrology Zone tonight, i do so every month. I was right not to buy a good handy laptop YET. I'll postponed it next month as Mercury is in retrograde this October. Anything can happen and I might even end up with a defective unit. :)

Thanks a bunch again Susan!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Savory Mall of Asia

Last Thursday, I had fun dining at Savory in Mall of Asia. Everything was so yummeh! I heard from fellows that Savory was an old restaurant in Manila, somewhere in Quiapo. Now they opened a branch in a more organized and a bit posh location which is Mall of Asia.

You'll be surprised with the taste and price! Delicious Chinese cuisine without service charge and with VAT included already in the prices haha : ) it was so good that no food was left during this shot. Chicken is their specialty but we chose to get daoming pork (reminds me of F4), garlic spinach (surprisingly yummy), and spicy squid (boyfriend's favorite).

I also got to meet scooby doo and friends before having dinner. The wind was restless that day and gave us a hard time getting a clear photo.

I can't believe how time flies! It's Friday again. weekend could be better if not for my dental appointment tomorrow at 10 o'clock in the morning. bummer.