Monday, July 31, 2006

Kiddie Meal vs. Happy Meal

Ninja Turtle Kiddie Meal of Jollibee ( i have two for now )

Mcdo Happy Meal Bobble Heads ( i have two for now )

Hope to collect them all!!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Click - It's a fun movie!

i wasnt expecting CLICK to be that enjoyable for me. i reckon it was more for guys, like slowing down the girl jogger with giant boobs by using the remote control as seen on the trailer.

but it turns out it's for everyone who needs to wake up and realize the value of family and time.
it even made me cry! gosh, im so embarassed.

so watch it when you have time. =) and remember, always family first heehee

Rockstar Supernova MP3s!!!

Exclusive for SUZAKU_LACE readers hahaha

click on

go to my music page and download away!

thank you to for the mp3s

Thursday, July 27, 2006

STORM LARGE - l *hearT* YOU!!!!!

She's my favorite Rockstar Supernova contestant!
I forget that im a girl when i watch her, she's so a rockstar!!!!!
storm large everybody!! (clapping hands)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

now showing!

i want to watch both and i am hoping a dvd would fall from the sky haha. im so wicked. its just that i dont have time to watch these movies on the weekend plus im kind of broke too.

Just my Luck is Lalohan's latest movie. i love her because her role in drama queen came true! she really became a big hollywood star.

Next is the break up of Jen Aniston. I want to watch it for the "kilig" (romantic) factor. it's also comedic and it will show me what happens during a breakup when you and your partner share the same place.

i also watched lady in the water in the cinemas. i like it but i think it doesnt suit adults unlike kids like me ahahaha. i love it because it's like a fairytale and i feel like im reading a book.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Goodie Box form Australia! and NO CLASSES 4ever!!!!

I am super enjoying NO CLASSES for 2 DAYS already!!! thank God for the rain and CHED for announcing this before we shut our eyes.

so im here updating my blog, fighting with lolo azrael over the computer, he hoards the internet and my pc all the time just to post stuff like transformers whatever. then he posts my picture on his blog and chooses the ugliest shots, hmpf. anyway for the real story......

WEEE new stockings!!!!!!

My sister is in Australia and she sent us her first goodie box. i only got a new pair of hot stockings/leggings with holes on the side. i want to wear it soon! forgive my house clothes again and my manang hair. i look like this at home.

i also was able to watch a lot of television. we watched this UFO special on Studio 23 called Rods. Here i am looking for them in our village.

It's a FLYING ROD!!!!!!

suzaku_lace goes back to St. Paul Pasig

i was able to visit my highschool !!! i remember when i was back here, we were squirming to get out of highschool and when i went back i realized i missed St. Paul Pasig : )

me with my former teacher, Ms. Salgado

i had a tour for my work at DLS-CSB and i was trying to sell the college to the Paulinians. I had a pic at the gazebo, the parking lot (batibot is visible and is now a net den ), and a pic with Ms. Salgado our 4th yr. over all head back then.

Friday, July 21, 2006

it's my sister liza's birthday today!!! :)

i also went to St. Paul College Pasig, my highschool alma matter. i saw familiar paulinian sisters, my highschool advisers, and the spots that are so dear to me.
i was so excited during the trip. i also got my yearbook.

i will post photos soon but they are with gerry's fone.

and now im so exhausted and im waiting for azrael to arrive from school. its so cold here at netopia my fingers are having a hard time typing.

~ lace

Azrael's Dreamland

i took this photo some time last week and played with it.
im very fond of azrael this month and i don't know why haha. maybe its the planetary positions or something.
im even addicted with his manly smell (weird i know) and i can't wait to get my
hands on him everytime even though we live under one roof.

so this is my work, hope u enjoy it : )

this is him sleeping on our bed, look he's so chubby, soft, and huggable! just like a bear. heehee ^^

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

im so in love today!

here is one of my favorite love songs. this one is by Parokya ni Edgar and i would like
to share it with everybody!!! : )

one bad dream and a cute photo of my daddy az

i had a bad dream last night! i thought it was all real. i dreamt azrael had an affair while he was just my suitor.

goodness gracious! my dream even supplied a video scandal of him and this girl i do not know. then i forced my eyes open hoping it is really just a dream and it was!

then i turned to my side and shook azrael, i asked him if it was true ( i am very disoriented ) and he told me i was just having a bad dream.

whew~ i get nightmares often, from air crashes, meteor hitting the earth, to volcanic eruptions.

anyway here is a cute photo of my daddy.

Monday, July 17, 2006

First Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

Last Saturday early morning, Azrael and I attended the First Philippine Garphic Fiction Awards at the Rockwell Tent.

My azrael prepared some avps and arranged for his artists-friends some booths and some stage appearances. We were there early 11am, not too many were there in the morning, even in the afternoon.

More people came and kinda filled the tent enough around 7pm.

At least i got good photos care of Mark Cerbo. :)

Here is me under a tree with quotes hanging on it. I wore a turtle neck and shorts, im not sure whether it'll be cold or hot so I wore this heehee. My dalmatian fur bag also made its first appearance.

This is me and Gerry Alanguilan the creator of Elmer the Chicken. I also went to his place once to interview him for my thesis.

With Ariel ( gotta love his POLO from See's Candies! what a classic)

and my geek husband Azrael.

Me and Lei, looked like we are in San Francisco.
It was chilling inside the tent, good thing we have our sweaters.

More photos in multiply soon :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Urinal Art: Kisses

I saw this on the paper today and looked it up on the net.

This is a new urinal being sold i think in the USA. Many liked it but it also triggered protests.
I think it is cool and sexy, it's just a urinal anyway. It'll make men's dream to piss in a woman's mouth.

I just wish there will be some sort of penis toilet soon, something like that just to be fair. : )

Back to school, work, and my sleepless coughy night

it's still a rainy day and im loving it!

unfortunately though, i barely slept last night because of my itchy coughy throat. i guzzled down Benadryl but after a minute or so, i start coughing again.

Then i get up and reach for the bottle for the nth time, then i felt i was floating already and i managed to fall asleep after awhile.

then azrael will move and try to embrace me, waking me up again. repeat that for seven times then i hear my alarm clock.

moral of the story:

Benadryl is good for cough and for putting you to sleep. take 2 teaspoons of it. i did not measure mine since i did not have a teaspoon in my bedroom so i just drink it from the bottle.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Italian Football Team models Dolce & Gabbana

hello boys! here's the italian team for Dolce & Gabbana. They're hot and they have style. I want to get myself in that picture!!!

thanks to for the photos

New Earrings for ME!!! : )

I bought new earrings this morning hehehehe : )

they're so cute and i think they'll suit me when i fix my hair on a bun.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Warning: Very Hot Post not for kids and conservatives

Im alive and quiet not kicking yet.

i missed blogging and my mind is so strained that i cannot think of anything to post.

so i will give you a piece of my day instead.

i spend most of my free time spying on my big brother azrael. and i saw on one of his posts in some adult forum that he has held kitchie nadal's hand during the nokia soundtrip. he said "grabe ang lakas ng grip, nanlalamig pa. lalong hot tuloy! "

well, again im the goddess of paranoia, jealousy, and angst. and on the side of that the hentai goddess who can tear your testicles into millions of pieces away from your balls.

i cant accept the fact that azrael is fancying other girls, let alone kitchie nadal who he has been crushing on even before i descended from the heavens and made his sex life a real sex life.

and he publishes these stuff online.

im going to have no mercy posting my lustful insights today on the boys i see at work all day, the male dancer in nokia soundtrip who creamed me after taking his shirt off and started dancing to the tune of love generation. i just love this man and i wish i can see him again. if azrael held kitchie's hand, ive had an orgasm with the dancer. ahahahahaha.

then brandon routh, oh my god! i'll bear brandon thousands of kids if he wants to.

and i also have a crush on that cashier in one of the restos here around DLSU where big brother and i ate. he was wearing a rock band shirt, with tattoos all across his arms. his hair was shaved and his figure was slim and looks real hard. when i talked to him though, he sounded unintellectual.

that's all : ) i thank you. *bow*

more lustful posts when i get back. with pictures!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lace Furrie

this was my outfit during azrael's birthday last saturday, July 1 heeeheee
then i met superman... *drool*

this is my new furry pink bag haha i got it for a very cheap price, for those who are interested, feel free to contact me.

Superman is Super HOT!!!!

superman is piping hot! at first, i wasnt so keen in watching the movie on the big screen. I watched the classics though, and yup Christopher is also hot but he is dead, now Brandon Routh is hotter than the sun!

if superman will save me i will rip his spandex costume with a pair of handy scissors that i will start to bring everyday, i'll cut through his chest first and tear the S logo, id tell him what the S means to me ahahaha.

I wonder what superman will be in bed, you know, with all his xray superpowers, he'll know in a jiff where to hit you. awwww and he will be superman fast and hard, shucks, im so in love with superman! im even playing the theme. ahahahaha.

somebody save me!!!!!

now im going to google "superman naked" during my lull time ahahaha.

i wish i get impregnated by superman ahaha,
clark, you are the father of this child. he is your son and now you are a father.

how they turned superman into a god in that movie!!!!

lace is hot for superman ---->>>>>

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy 29th Birthday KUYA AZ!!!!! :)

mission accomplished! the pizza party was turned from plan to reality thanks to azrael's friends for making his birthday a great one :)

pictures are viewable at or

Thank you to all the friends who came:

misyel (azrael's sistah)
vic yap
lei and lyndon

it was a nice dayout with the superman movie as the closing activity weee!!!! :)
see you all next year!