Sunday, September 30, 2007

Clash of the Gadgets: iTouch, Compaq, and Casio Exilim

All three are saying: buy me! buy me!

If money was no matter, i'd get all of them. At the moment, all i can do is stare at you - my future digital children. The laptop is Compaq C551, which is on sale on most computer shops. The features are known to me because boyfriend has the same laptop that we use at home. Im sick of borrowing so i would like my own : D i like using the laptop because i don't have to be secluded in the computer room. Our house is also wifi enabled and that means i can write and blog anywhere including the kitchen!

Recently, i have been using the iPod Nano for travelling and now there's the Apple iTouch which is an iPod with WiFi features and video compatibility. i love it! It's just around Php 15,000 and that must be the retail price - please, don't overprice it here in Manila!

This one is long overdue. A new digicam and i prefer Casio Exilim because i've also seen how it took great pictures. There has been a shortage of photos here in my blog because i don't have a crisp digicam. This is just around Php 13,000

I'll think long and hard before i decide but i promised myself to get one of the three this December. Merry Christmas suzaku :)

Pinay Money Maker is Back

After a 4-month hiatus, the single girl's not-so professional guide on finances is back! Hopefully, Pinay Money Maker will be updated every weekend to offer simple and practical advice on every woman's second love - money.

Welcome it back by visiting the site, click here

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Change is Gonna Come

Grey's Anatomy fans like me painfully waited months for Season 4. The first episode was aired last September 24 and now it's time to start searching the net for episode downloads!!! I missed the hot steaming doctors, especially Meredith. Many fans hate her because she's always the focus of the show but i like her because she knows how to get her men and enjoy them too! : ) all without sacrificing her logic, although sometimes she gets distracted too.

Bonus scene Meredith and McDreamy -

It's time to wait and see whether who ends up with who. Meredith sister's enters the show too, and that sucks because Mcdreamy seems to have the hots for her sister. How weird is that? Go, go, go Meredith! pull her hair and stick the scalpel to her head, do anything to keep Mcdreamy yours. hahaha :) If all else fails, just look for another doctor.

Want to see the episode? Simply comment on this post and i'll make your wish come true :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rabbit Photo

Cheers! for its Friday again. Days passed quickly and I hardly took photos of my simple thrills which all boils down to eating. Here are some weird photos that I grabbed from my boyfriend's camera.

My brain refuses to stop working

Who's the Rabbit? (hint: look at the teeth, click to enlarge)

Peace and have a blast this weekend! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boisterous Thursday

I just want to share how i dream of coming home to a quiet, serene, and clean flat. I've been experiencing noisy days again in my household. While i was eating dinner, the conversation revolved around world news again - bad news.

One time we were browsing houses on the internet, and now I can't help but imagine coming home to one of those houses with indoor swimming pools. Best of all, I imagine myself being ALONE in that house. quiet, and i'll just listen to my mp3 collection, or read magazines to enrich my words.

Even the dogs here are noisy! I want the quiet days back. Anyway, i'll just curl up in my room and sound proof it by shutting the door.

Good night! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To Azrael and Liza

This is the button my little sister Liza made for my blog:

Image Hosted by

If you would like to link me up, please use my sister's creation :) Thank you Liza! you're the best haha i miss you and i'm looking forward to go shopping with you soon. I'm just enjoying work so much and i value sleeping for 8 hours that we rarely see each other even if our bedrooms are near.

Then to azrael, happy 2 years and 9 months celebration : p thanks for your blog post, it was a surprise indeed. i rarely see my face there in merryland amidst the comics frenzy. Thanks for the chinese dinner too! i am a good girl, repeat to self: be a good girl.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

i am still waiting for mr. cinnamoroll : ) repeat to self again: be a good girl. hahaha :p

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Know who Killed Me

Be careful of psychopaths!

Starring Lindsay Lohan, i just had to watch this movie at the cinema. Been waiting for it to be shown here in Manila and last week, i felt like i won the lottery when I saw I Know who Killed Me posted in Now Showing. There were no ads so I was really surprised.

We didn't know what to expect from the movie, aside from Lindsay's pole dancing which I was also excited about. I reminded my boyfriend "this is not Mean Girls or Freaky Friday, this is a suspense movie".

"my second dream job"

But even from knowing that, i found myself too petrified and shocked when the movie started. Firmly holding my arm rest, i forced my eyes to watch some of the gory and violent scenes which i understand are essential to the plot.

Moving forward with the movie, I caught myself puzzled and subconsciously guessing on what really is going to happen. The movie gave me an enjoyable ride and the creeps! What if i accidentally go with a psychopath dude and he cuts me into pieces. Ouch!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

AEGIS band

It was great to see them perform in ASAP variety show. Yeah! I sincerely adore this band since highschool. I got teased for it and almost everyday my classmates would ask me to sing it in front of the class just to delay the teachers :) Of course i sang all the time with the cd cover in tow ^^

The two singers Juliet and Mercy are super talented and gifted with their distinctively strong voice. The lyrics of their songs are as powerful and honest. I tried searching in youtube and discovered they are already popular worldwide. Here is one of their live concerts in Honolulu.

My highschool friends will definitely find this familiar as this is their favorite request.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

To everyone who has fallen out of love

It's as hard as getting an elephant into a needle, that's how it feels. No matter how hard you try, it's like throwing stones to the moon. No point at all. People change and there's no point why we have to exert so much effort when you know deep inside you are tired. Like vampires, they suck our energy and happiness dry. Fight for your life, you'll only be here once. Letting someone destroy it is insane. Sometimes the prize you thought you won turns into a heavy burden.

Say to yourself: I don't belong to anyone, not married to anyone, not responsible for anyone, not indebted to anyone, and i deserve to be happy and free.

Here's a perfect song for you:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paper Alligators

I'm home eating hot chinese instant noodles with plastic carrots. i have to take them out one by one.

After alighting the MRT today, it was raining that time, i remembered how me and my older sister Joni collect the rain on a basin. The basin is for the paper alligators to swim at. I marveled on the paper alligators, i think my sister even colored one green which was cut out from an elementary text book. Before long, my sister with the help of my aunt yeyey, would add paper girls with drawn smiling faces onto the basin. The alligator swam peacefully with the paper girls. We would stay in the laundry area until the paper toys dissolve and sink onto the bottom.

I really miss Guadalupe and my sister. Life was simple but a little thrifty way back. I never forget my memories of Guadalupe because they are the most memorable ones. Another memory i'd like to immortalize with this blog is how i waited for my sister daily, with an old music record of swings and other dances on my hand. When her coaster arrives we will invent our own dance steps, we loved to dance and she even hurt herself once :)

Also, i remember how both of us will wait for the school bus and how we get giddy because the bus might pass us by. Everyday we will eat breakfast with the tv set in front of the small table, we watch Batibot and Sesame Street while yeyey does her chores.

The choices then were few, everyday is simple and seems to be similar to the day before. Now we have many choices, some even crossed continents, and I am too baffled with choices. Even so, I am glad that I have a happy childhood and I still remember : )

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mr. Big likes Bio Flu

Drizzles cause flu. Now I have a reason why I should remember that. Just like you, i thought that was a silly old myth, how can a flu originate from innocent rain drops? Especially those that only fall after a minute has passed?

I still don't know why, but I got a flu because i was too lazy to open up my umbrella and rain drops kept falling slowly and one by one on my head. The other day, by the time i was sitting comfortably on the bus sipping coke and with my value meal on my lap, my nose started feeling weird. I felt like how a PC would when a trojan virus creeps into the system. Slowly but surely affecting every part of me. When i reached home i was groggy and knocked out on my bed.

If not for Bioflu (this is sounding like an ad) i wouldn't make it to work today and yesterday. It just has that sleepy effect after taking it which is good, it doubles as sleeping pills : ) Come to think of it, i actually had a good dream last night involving my very own Mr. Big if only i was Carrie Bradshaw and if Ortigas was New York.

Now that's funny.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Thing about Weekends

Everyone is waiting for the weekend, even before it arrives, we've already planned how we would like to spend it. Sleeping in and watching movies are my two favorite activities, but did you notice how sleeping gets uncomfortable on weekends? For some unknown reasons, i think the nights are warmer when you don't have work the next day, so it's less enjoyable to snuck in bed. I've also observed how there are less watchable shows on TV. Is life being mean to us? Come morning, you wake up smeared with sweat and a heavy head.

I just can't wait to turn this day around. Even blogging seems like a task when you finally have the time to write >.<

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Her Name is Nicole

I just can't get Nicole Scherzinger and PCD out of my head. Their music makes my daily train ride bearable and what type of girl won't feel hotter after listening to Buttons? Anya my niece, loves PCD too! actually maybe that's why i rediscovered their music.

Someone said that Nicole sounds like a man and that she sucks. I beg to differ, Nicole is great because of her strong personality. She's sexy, she's hot, but she's always in control. To Nicole, you are my saint and inspiration! UH-HUH :) Find one of her new videos, Whatever You Like in Youtube too.

Here are the Pussycat Dolls performing Don't Cha live in Manchester.
you know who you are, don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The problem with Multiply

I'm missing comments from my multiply friends! suddenly, it stopped cross-posting with my blogger account. Trying to fix it, there was only one painful way that i discovered - Ticking away all your blog entries so not all of them will be posted.

I refuse to earn carpal tunnel from doing so! I'll do it next time or ask someone else to do it hahahaha... calling azrael of the merryland, please help hot girlfriend in distress.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

He's Just NOT That Into You

I got this book fresh from the Manila Book Fair over the weekend. I read about it in magazines and got curious - so i bought it. Usually, i am not THAT into books about guys but what caught my interest is the way the book was written. The authors are no less than the writers for Sex and the City, that's why you'll never catch yourself getting bored or skipping pages just to get to the end.

It's a book that i grab as soon as I take off my work clothes. Even though I am not dating (am i?), it still contributes to my database of guy how-to's and why's while satisfying my appetite for reading words on paper.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

28th Manila International Book Fair

A book worm like me would not dare miss this event! I woke up and immediately took my mom to the World Trade Center. Both of us were very excited to see new, old, and rare books that we just had to buy. The crowd was thick but I didn't mind, it was my annual chance to haul my year's supply of books with my mom's golden money.

Summit Media, my favorite publisher of magazines was there too but they didn't have September issues of some magazines that I read. So I only got three magazines with 3 free back issues. :)

My mom went home with hardbound Filipiniana books of course, she can run a public library. Our home library can no longer accommodate her new books! She actually tells me she'd put up a library in one of our lots so other children can read - no way.

Lots of mascots were there too and I couldn't resist to grab each of them for a photo op. My boyfriend ended up carrying 2 sacks of books, I can't wait to read them all and thank you very much to my mother, without her - I won't be able to buy as much :)