Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's your Monday Motivation?

Many people find it hard to wake up on a Monday, the first working day of the week. Your body has just recovered and is tempted to oversleep just like during the weekend. Before you plan on throwing your alarm clock on the wall, think of the things that you look forward to!

It could be the morning walk to the train section, the free newspapers, and your 30 minute nap while on the road.

Here are a few things I always look forward to:

1. Breakfast at Jollibee - a bit costly but there are plenty of choices, from Php 35 to Php 75 and you always get hot brewed coffee. I always make sure that I come to Jollibee on time so I can devour my breakfast slowly and happily. The coffee surely perks me up just in time.

2. The "bridge" nap - I call it bridge nap because this is the sleeping time you get inside the car while on your way to work. It makes waking up early easy because you know that you can get back to sleep inside the car.

3. Free MRT Tabloids - If you are on time, you can get free decent tabloids inside the MRT. There are two choices now, Express Commuter and Libre. You can then bring this to the nearest Jollibee or McDo and get updated during your mini breakfast session.

4. The Morning Email Rush - It's on the first 4 hours of work that you get to see the response of whoever you emailed during the last working day. It may be good or bad news, but at least you know the answer first thing in the morning. Use the rest of the day solving bad news or being inspired by the good ones.

5. My "sundo" - I have two "sundos" or the persons who fetch me from work. Sometimes it's my younger sister Liza and our Kuya Bernard. We always grab some food at Mcdo before driving away from the MRT station. Sometimes, it's Azrael and before we go straight home, we always have dinner somewhere.


'Lil sis Liza who loves Teen Magazines

There you have it, I know you can also identify motivators. When you have no inspiration, motivation, or something to look forward to, you will always have a crappy day and you won't be as productive and creative. Think of these things and you get a semi-permanent and natural smile on your face that will also affect the people around you positively.

And when you feel your day is not going well, remember the day is made up of 24 hours and tomorrow is A NEW DAY.

Have a good week everybody!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free Google WiFi from TV?

You have got to love Google with all their kaboom ideas, who would've thought that those empty channels and white space in TV can be converted to WiFi? Yup! And Google wants this white space WiFi free for all.

I hope this pushes through and reach the Philippines someday. Empty TV channels always remind me of horror movies but now, not anymore! These creepy sshhhhh sounding signals can spell free Internet 24/7.

There is some resistance from TV stations since this may interfere their signals, but with Internet TV, who needs TV stations? Just kidding :)

Go get it Google!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pretty Hot Sunday - Halo Halo Time!

It is very hot these days and today we decided to go out for halo-halo, shaved ice mixed with fruit, sweet beans, and topped with icecream.

We walked out of the village, and it really is summer! Lots of dried leaves on the streets and the trees are going bald without greens.

Inside the mall, i found out that Iceberg was already gone. Iceberg is my favorite fast food halo-halo stall. So we have not much choice but to go to another restaurant named MXT. The halo-halo was just okay. The ube wasn't really ube, no leche flan, and they mixed 3 flavors of icecream in one scoop. Although the halo-halo was successful in making us feel cold.

The best halo-halo is in Digman in Cavite, 15 minutes away by car from our home. Azrael has a post dedicated to Digman in his blog.

Manila Oceanarium Day Out

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My family and I went to the Oceanarium last Thursday together with heaps of other people who chose to spend the holiday there. Lots of kids and adults, and the Oceanarium is a happy place for both.

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Of course there were a lot of fish, main attraction seems to be the huge Sting Rays who gained popularity because of Steve Irvin's death. There was also the Japanese spider crab that looked delicious inside its cold aquarium. My mom enjoyed seeing the attractions, we took lots of photos, but if you are going with your parents or grandparents, watch out because they might feel dizzy because of the thick crowd in the first few areas.

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This is the main attraction, the oceanarium tunnel.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Breaded Bangus at Pupung's

Breakfast at Jollibee, lunch dessert at the nearby cafe, and breaded Milk Fish Belly for dinner. I had a great day today and I expect a widening of the hip area.

The breaded bangus is from Pupung''s (Mall of Asia branch), and I swear it tasted like Chickenjoy and nothing like a fishy-fish. It's lenten season so I made an effort to avoid meat. You can also see up there in the photo, another favorite - Laing. And on the right side is fish sauce with hot peppers. I was having a fiesta awhile ago, really.

So, remember, if you need Pinoy Comfort Food, then visit Pupung's at Mall of Asia. Cheap and yummy, thumbs up!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bean Hoppers Sunday, Marimar at SM Bacoor

At last my plans are pushing through, like having a coffee break at Bean Hoppers here in our local mall. It's nice to get out just for the sake of going out.

My favorite cheesecake was not available so I tried the chocolate cake instead. Boy, it was very delicious. Soft and gooey chocolate inside but the sweetness is just right. I just paired it up with Americano coffee. I am in no position to review coffee, but I recommend for local coffee reviews. You too can start enjoying REAL coffee with some guidance from the said blog.

The mall was overflowing with people, Marian Rivera is having a mall show and the fans are going crazy. I wanted to see her too, mind you, I enjoy watching her whenever the bus shows the Marimar soap opera. Yet the crowd was very thick, I never even got a glimpse of her shadow. If you don't know who Marian Rivera is, below is her audition video for the role of Marimar :)

Wow I had a great weekend, something I missed for a very long time :) Have a great week everybody! 'til the next blog posts.

Manny Pacquiao Wins vs. Marquez

For people still waiting for the TV broadcast, Manny Pacquiao defeated Marquez woohoo! :) Wow, for a moment pinoys will forget their troubles and enjoy watching this winning match once again.

I'm happy for Pacquiao yet I can't imagine how much tax BIR will issue upon him again *lol* Pacquiao beat Marquez by only 1 point, whew that was close!

Time to wait for the TV broadcast :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trip to Quaipo and the Search for Concert DVDs

Yesterday was daomisyel's birthday! :) I was able to leave work early and got to join her and her brother Az to Quaipo, Ongpin, then Recto. We visited Quaipo church which was jampacked with people and I felt like I was having a field trip.

We walked around blocks in search for Wai Ying restaurant which served cheap but very delicious authentic Chinese food. I ate there before with my work friends over at MCO (miss them so much). The food was excellent, perfect for the festive occasion of Misyel's birthday! :) haha and I was able to buy Chili Sauce made of fried hot peppers (labuyo) with oil. Not really sure of the concoction used in chili sauce but it's the only thing that can satisfy my appetite for hot food. The bottle only costs around 120 pesos.

After which we headed over to Recto in search for DVDs. I was particularly searching for Kenny Rogers (macho man) DVD and I found it! and that signaled the end of a very happy Friday for me.

Today was great as well, I was able to spend a lot of time with Az on a Saturday. Now we're home and we still have time to blog and review sites like online casino and another online casino from Smorty haha :)

We tried searching for some DVDs in both Greenhills and Quaipo, but Az was only able to buy the original Incubus concert DVD at Astrovision in Greenhills.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Missed the Incubus Concert - Wish I was there

I've been feeling sick the last few days and now I have no other choice but rest and be well for Monday. Az had to find someone to use my ticket and I am very sad. It's his favorite band and of course, I'd love to share his Incubus moment with him. hu-hu-hu :(

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kenny Rogers - not the Chicken

Have you noticed lately that most restaurants and fastfood joints now have LCD TVs mounted on their walls? Like one morning I was having breakfast at Jollibee and was so amazed that they were playing Avril Lavigne's collection of interviews and performances. I had a good day because of that, I liked Avril when I was in college.

Then, on my way to work todoay the bus was playing a special DVD of Kenny Rogers, he sang all his beautiful songs that I didn't even know he sang. A memorable point in the show was when he said something like "I promise that when you are having rough times, I will get you through it with my songs" and wow now I am a fan haha :)

I dearly want to buy an LCD TV for my room and mount it on my wall. Too bad I'm not crazy enough to try online slots. I only have one day off and sometimes, my housemates are stressful so it would be nice if I can make MY ROOM an amazing cocoon to get back all my energy and weave some ideas at.

There is also a new cafe in Ortigas called Mozu, I'm plugging them because they gave us free coffee, pasta, and pastry after work. We dropped by in the afternoon and they said they weren't OPEN yet and invited us instead to go back and sample their goodies. They are located at the back of Linden Suites, and they too have an LCD TV playing concert DVDs. The pastry and coffee are great and it's a nice change of venue for hanging out with friends after work.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Will Google Sites kill Microsoft Sharepoint?

This post - very long overdue because of my flu. But, Google is getting bigger each day even when Google stocks seemed to decline a bit last week. Everyday there seems to be something new and one of the even newer stuff Google has is the Google sites.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Sharepoint (which looks very challenging to setup, it would need ultra brain powers from System Administrators and Programmers), Google sites also lets you share files, activities, track contacts, and put up both intranet and internet websites. What's more, Google sites is free and the API is coming out soon which can be customized further to suit your needs.

Yet in my mind, MS Sharepoint is targeting really huge enterprises while Google targets Mom and Pop websites and the casual users. Google sites was just released this week and there might still be more features that can come out of its sleeves. So, hooray for Google again and it's definitely time to experiment with Google Sites.

Google Sites Website