Friday, March 31, 2006

Paris Hilton

i love Paris Hilton, the way she looks and all her wardrobe, i love it! saw her on Interns at Starworld last night. crazy girl, and nicole looks way better now with her new smaller body.

saw this commercial of Paris in youtube. enjoy!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hed Kandi in Manila

We're going here tomorrow! weee!!!

Tamgotchi Connection BIBI

Welcome Tama BIBI :)

finally got my tamagotchi icecream version tuesday night. i ran to Toy Kingdom Megamall after office hours just to get hold of it.

Yesterday, i wasnt able to go to work for some reasons. azrael also teased me a lot and made me cry around two to three times.

I'm a MOMMY and this is my baby during delivery haha :) look! i just gave birth.

photo courtesy of: Daddy Azrael Coladilla

I named my tama baby BIBI :)

it's a boy and im not yet sure what type of tama pet it would be :)

now it's with azrael because im here at work. he txtd me that BIBI just transformed once again to a gotchi with two ears and a cap! so kawaii!!!!
can't wait to see both of them later. :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tamagotchi Connect Website

here is my new blog:


i have a new blog under construction and it will be dedicated to my soon to be hatched baby!
i'll post the link here as soon as i can, well, after the delivery.

hopefully, we can go home with the baby tonight :)

i am depressed since yesterday because of work, shattered dreams, and unhappiness.

im too anxious today since i still have no hold of this baby ive been blagging about. haha.
im so emotional yesterday and today.

nobody loves me and i feel like eating worms.

Monday, March 27, 2006

i WILL have A baby SOON :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

ManHann, Tamagochi, Twinkles :)

i had to repeat and rewrite this post because the computer hanged.. grrr..

Yesterday we all went to the dentist (me, azrael, my mom, and my sister) all of us except az underwent dental procedures.

Where: Dental Office PSE Tower

After, we ate in Man Hann. I celebrated by pigging out since my stitches are finally gone :) I ate Oyster Cake for the first time, one of Azrael's favorite food. Its good but after awhile, my head feels big. We got several dishes, we're such pigs oh my. There's Oyster Cake, Spicy Spare Ribs, Pancit, Hot and Sour soup, Siomai, and Pata Tim.

Where: Man Hann Megamall A.

Then, while waiting for my big sister to arrive and finish the left overs hehe.. me and Az went to the Twinkle shop where you can buy iron on designs for your pants. I wanted them since friday because I was thinking of ways to update my jeans in an affordable and creative way then this came to my mind. :) I asked fellow GirTalkers where I can buy them and there! voila, got them and ironed them away on my jeans and every cloth i saw. haha.

We also went to Toy Kingdom to buy Anya some toys. then, i saw new Tamagochis: Tamagochi Connect. It has infrared and i told azrael that i want both of us to have one each. isnt that cute? we'd be like sweet japanese highschool couples i see in Boys Be (anime).

This big Teddy is for sale P900 something haha so big and cute but where will you put it??? ^^;

Friday, March 24, 2006

Azrael is the Supreme and Ultimate God of Sex

i love you honey!!!!

lace and az are celebrating their 1.3 years of extreme togetherness

Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Are a Natural Flirt


Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.
And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.
Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.
And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!

Photo Me

I'm in love with this photographer!!!!

this is a nice photo i saw in deviant art. nice composition and lighting.
naturally, i think this man has eyes for beauty and he always brings
a digital camera along. very creative! bravo and mr. photographer, will you marry me?

i took this photo of the Solomon Guest House's Turon de Flan. and guess what?
It was published today in Philippine Star! I'm super elated because more and more
of my unprofessional photos are being published. My dream of being a part time
photographer has been granted already and almost satisfied.

tiny planets and practical lessons

greetings readers! today i am going to write about tiny planets. My niece Anya loves this show so much and she sings the theme by heart. She also taught me the lyrcis of the song! yes she did im not joking. Tiny Planets is an animation for kids shown in Disney Channel. you can check them out at

i had a very weird TRIP today, it started this morning and im very lucky azrael complied to my requests hihi. it would be mean if i post about them here but i learned a very good lesson ahahaha -> im so hot and beautiful

before you start hating me, don't. see, im so weird today and i had a few good laughs this morning.

moreover, been reading posts about cheating and stuff in GT. guys are so mean, cheating and all, and having sex with ex's and other demons. in my part, i want to announce that *drumroll please* my boyfriend is free to choose whichever girl he wants to marry as long as he informs me 30 days before. And so, that makes me free to choose also. ahahahaha

i also learned that its more fun being single (with or without a boyfriend) than being married.. this is just for today ha. my mind might change somewhere in between. its a more prestigious title nowadays, being single and go hop hop wherever you want to. and WE, boys and girls must choose very well and have a FINAL answer if you'd like to tie the knot so that cheating will not happen. don't marry someone you know you are frustrated with.

i asked my boyfriend awhile ago who his favorite ex is and he answered for example A but a few days back he answered B. that is what you call a not FINAL answer and i nearly wacked my head with the keyboard. ahahaha.

that's all, hope u learned even a tiny bit. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wisdom Tooth, Mars, Dreams, and Ice cream

im still alive! alleluiah after the staggering and traumatic wisdom tooth procedure i had to go through last saturday. i earned 5-6 stitches in my gums, a bloated left cheek, and an ice cream diet for almost two days. hihihi.

i still get weak knees when i remeber that i have stitches in my gums and anytime they can get torn and just imagine... eeew

i was absent yesterday and slept for most of the day. i was able to catch MARS in QTV. i am super kilig with all the scenes of vic and barbie!!! you must schedule to watch even just one episode. it'll make u melt if you're a hopeless romantic crazy girlfriend like me. :)

i have such weird dreams lately most of them with the subject of azrael womanizing and having several love partners! its making me crazy. maybe its all because of the drugs i take. i even saw a demon last saturday night after the operation. ahahahaha.

Going back to after surgery stories, i was able to get the latest copy of MEGA magazine. It's really a fashion mag with no other topics. it's a good reference for fashionistas, but i wish they can put more content. The cover girl is Anne Curtis. I got it for some lessons on make up in line iwth my current ambition hehe. Im getting addicted to magazines already.

i also was able to get my mom buy me BETTER THAN ICECREAM! i missed it super. i remember days when azrael and i used to date all over different malls. i always get myself a pint and finish it all by myself. its super good, really better than ice cream since its made of yoghurt. i havent gotten the time this past few months to get myself a pint because i seldom go to the malls nowadays. ^^

that's all, pray that my gums get well :)


Friday, March 17, 2006

MAKI Heaven and some PHOTOS

a round of California MAKI!!! it's a piece of heaven i swear. this is one photo i took during the Tourism Exposed of the Benildean Students. The Japan booth prepared these maki's.

this is one photo i took during the MOU signing there you can see the PM of new zealand and you don't see me!! becuase im holding the camera.. huhuhu.. the pic has not been sent to me up to now..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Zealanders and iT's Summer!

i MET the Prime Ministress of NEW ZEALAND yesterday and i was so delighted!

im just waiting for some photos from the other photographer who went with us, he has my photo.
a big shout out to YOU i need the photo badly because im so proud of it, okay? hiihihi.
I was confident enough to mingle during the cocktails, i also shook hands with the New Zealand Ambassador (Our EVP is very kind to me) and got to experience the chaotic press cons i see on TV.

There was ABS-CBN, GMA, the broadsheets and some mags. i squeezed my butt in again to get some very good or fair shots.

It's summer and have you got any idea where to go swimming? because i don't. watching the air crash investigations in National Geographic made me even more terrified of flying. so im lookingfor a place in Luzon to go swimming.

Apparently, Puerto Galera was sort of visited by some NPA, that left me with no choice but look elsewhere with salt water.

Just remember kids, the sun is harmful so wear your sunglasses and sunblock :)

that's all, bow.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wanted: YAYA

my niece's yaya for 3 years already left us since she's getting married and now, no one will assist in taking care of baby anya.

im also very sad because she left i want to cry.

so please if u can refer someone please do so.

Thank you!


AZRAEL will take the finals!!!!

however, i have some angst to let go so brace yourself for a long read.

the least i would be and would like to be is KSP kulang sa pansin.

i always try to blend in the neutral disposition of the crowd. NEVER did anyone classify me as a girlfriend with a tama sa ulo or what.

I can't believe how i always manage to investigate behind the faces and smiles some people show on the front.

Im always serious when it comes to relationships specially now im on my 2nd decade of living and therefore, i should have by now concrete plans for the future and who to share it with.

NEVER did i force anybody to be my life partner, in fact, ive asked several times if my partner is in or out.

I have been decreased to an annoying, kulang sa pansin, feeling asawa na girlfriend, damn.

After all the generousity, all the hunger i swallowed, the no shopping for almost half a year, this is what i get.

mind you, i think i should be the one feeling like an ATM machine and more than that, a human credit card.

but i am in love and this is just going nowhere. i dont want to be in deepshit after i post this. just give me this right to write my sentiments or else i'll have another heart attack and im not joking.

Friday, March 10, 2006

spilling it all out

HAY~ is all i can say. im physically and mentally plus emotionally exhausted from everything that is going on. Is it just because of Mars/Mercury Retrograde and the space being cluttered with space dust 9 im a follower of Susan Miller).

If u think im getting thinner, im not on a diet it's because i need money and i am saving. Good thing i get a falt stomach as a bonus from all these sufferings.

If a star was to fall, i wish someone can help us so that Azrael can still go to school, take the finals, and graduate with a big smile.

I am running out of ways to produce money so both of us can travel to the office and school. If i did not love this man so much i could have paid my bills, all of them already.

Im not complaining but just frustrated with a part of our fate. Why do people who want to go to school can't seem to go there easily and be faced with all these obstacles.

Dramatic as it may sound, both of us (i know it) were close to tears yesterday when we realized that we only have enough money for our transpo back home. i know both of us just kept quiet and held our frustrated tears back. we admitted we almost cried last night it was funny though.

for now, im cracking my brains and making it work like a spreadsheet so i can find a way to lend him money so that he can take the finals next week. but its already friday i really don't know what to do.

that's all :P

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting THERE!!! and HELP AZRAEL

That's me! doing the makeup for the shoot of Gabby for QTV. The pics just arrived from Kevin.

Im so proud of this make up stint i got to do.

(Bong the producer and Walter talk while I work my magic on Gabby)

Right Picture: SHOOTING!!!


please help Azrael with his school finances and visit him at

PLEASE!!! he's selling some stuff back there.

the shot i took of Chef Alexis is now published in ANIMO magazine "Chef in the Palace".

Monday, March 06, 2006

im in the NEWSPAPER !!!

hello! im lace and im still here trying to post something worth reading. :)

I got published in Philippine Daily Inquirier last Sunday! our group pic with Tessa Prieto came out and also one photo shot i took of the ribbon cutting! :) we bought one copy for me to cherish haha.

I also got the NEW issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine last Saturday, leaving me even more broke than ever. The cover girl is Iza Calsado, the issue is thick but has few reviews of products and make up that i love reading.

will post more later. my brain was diluted by LUCKY ME>>>

Friday, March 03, 2006

iTs FriDaY again

its a super heavy traffic and dust day this morning. we rode the jeepney of course and it was so hot and dusty all over. i was 15 minutes late for work ^^ woke up in time but was too in love to get up quickly.

I just have a surprise for all my blog visitors who was lured by my humps in pinoy top blogs and for Azrael :) hold on tight... lookie -->> tsanan!

I am no AV idol but i love this picture because it's sizzling hot.
i have more but can't decide which one to post. ;)

Good day everyone!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Products to look out for!

Thank you for making me 382 in PINOY TOP BLOGS!!!! i love all the visitors and God bless your good souls. :)

Im so sad the pics from yesterday are not yet uploaded by another friend. So today, i'll just review some more beauty loots for all you girls out there.


Do you remember i was hating the fact my dermatologist recommended another set of products? well well well, i take my word back. I got the Nuderm Supreme White soap and its awesome! better than any hypoallergenic soap. It peels your dead skin and makes you glow more. It's 110 at Demclinic. The line also has a toner and a whitening cream, the whole set can be bought with FREE whitening pills although i should skip that since im too white already.

NEXT: Havent tried but would like to try.

DuWop's Lip venom has this special formula that irritates your lips then your lips becomes fuller. Nice idea by the producers dont u think? I want to try it because its new. the product is sold for around 800 pesos.

I would like to greet Juliet from Beautynomics :) and all the Girtltalkers.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Money Talk, QTV 11 and Acting like a Real Make Up Artist

WEIRD THINGS happen!!! i received this ym message from someone i really dont know asking me to have toot with him, i responded cordially as not to hurt the mentally challenged and this morning, i got an offline message from the same YM ID telling me who the hell am i? hay goodness gracious..

moving on, i finally encashed my salary and said bye to the 50% of it to pay my creditcard debt. uhuh.. its not yet over until now!! when will i be debt free???

moreover, i now commute daily to save gas but i have to shell out more money for some unfortunate and unnecessary reasons.. im just starting work dammit. i dont even have savings.

on the brighter side, i got free lunch from my work! i assisted the production crew of QTV as they shot a segment for a show. i did the cute executive chef's makeup! see im a makeup artist! weee! i made his face brighter and i also got to use MAC blush and Estee Laudeer Transluscent powder care of another student. I'll post pics here soon.

That's it for now. im too tired and messed up to post some more good news. hay money makes the world go round, i wish we can all get it for free.

I really can't concentrate since im very off my budget. i'd start eating lucky me's tomorrow for lunch.

Goodluck to everyone!