Sunday, May 22, 2005

day one

of saving like ants.. big ants... haha..
i hate that i dont have pics to show here because i rarely bring my digicam
and i want to buy a new one... one that i can call truly mine...

i also hate people with big mouths and keep on blabbing about whatever.
hayyyy... this world is making me crazy but id drink tons of water just to wash
em out and at least keep my face looking stress free.

tamahome come and rescue me


Monday, May 16, 2005

im still here but, u guessed it, im sick again and looks like im sick every now and then because of the weather. Boredom makes it worse and the lack of financial aide kills me even more. hay. i cant wait for my allowance to pour on me again and im stuck in the house thinking, watching, reading and all the ing's u do when u have no choice.

to hyperseven: hoy asan na kayo? andrea, na stuck ka na ba sa puerto galera? i was hoping na mag push thru ung matt laguna outing just before we start working our butts off sa ojt and thesis. anyway, i'll be in school siguro next week kse baka bumalik na si kuya B from vacation. ^^

that's all. the weather is super and its making me lazy and hot headed all the time.

peace! ^^

Friday, May 06, 2005

Updates ^^

still no kashings for net card or shopping lalala...
waiting for OJT to start and swimming y vacation away.
2 weeks to go and the last term starts.
i love swimming although i could hardly survive the deeper levels,
its tough especially when ur boyfriend drowns you *ahem*
*****swim swim swim and water water water*******

New Pics!!!!

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swim swim swim(awhile ago)

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gusto ko ng C2....

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swim swim swim with liza (yesterday)

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cheska's birthday