Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Hair and Book Fair

Fooled azrael once again, he thought i cut my hair really short when in fact... i lost only 1/4 of my very long curlies. here you can see my new cut. After a hard time waiting in school, Azrael arrived and after all the magic, we ate like hogs. rice never tasted better, especially if its free.

MORE BOOKFAIR PICTURES With Rex Bookstore Mascot, you have no idea how much we love taking pics with the mascots... Azrael has his own pics with these friendly creatures. Then after raiding bookfair, searching for freebies... we went home to check out what we got, not that plenty but he's happy with his FHM magazine that features his ultimate crush and love, Bianca King *ahem ahem* wait till i get my ass in FHM (im in dreamworld)

I don't even know who this Mascot is... when we first caught sight of IT, we ran quickly to get snapshots. We saw storytelling, different nationalities, PSICOM publishing and Azrael bagged a free poster. while I, the girlfriend had to pay for the stuff i get. I fortunately was able to get Azrael donate money to my fund and i got Citizen Girl!!!! yahoo!!!!

And here it is... the book that will spare me the boredom of being unemplyed


Saturday, August 27, 2005

monitor hepatitis

after waiting in FEU for my boy lover Azrael to come out and play, we lined up in Lawton to catch a bus to cavite. the line was terrible, no wonder the bus is jampacked when it arrives in Quirino bus stop. There we were with all the confused passengers. The station lacked order, which is an understatement.

lookie! my monitor just went back to normal!!! yokata.... now there's no point in putting that title back there. anyhoo, me and my so called brother were all

sticky and wet. good thing we were able to squeeze ourselves in the back of the bus and managed to entertain ourselves in one way or another.

dang! my monitor is yellow again... grrrr....

and so my story goes, im online looking for work and its so hard to find one!!!
i can't go out of this house if i dont have a job to go to.


Thursday, August 25, 2005


ilang mcdonalds pa ang kakainin...
at milya na lalakarin...
ilang jeep pa ang paparahin..
kailangan pa bang bilangin..

gusto ko ng double cheeseburger.


amidst the confusion, im happy today and yesterday and everytime im with Azrael. naks. you've help me a lot in several ways and ure the only person standing when all of them are gone. i couldnt have survived thesis without you. you're my bestfriend, brother, and everything i need.


today is my restday and i'll just print our thesis. ive emailed a couple of companies to give me at least a part time job offer. i need money to settle my debts *lol* and i need to save for the promising lovey next year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

space warp

i dont know whats happening, last night was tough and then i woke
up this morning, surfed and something hit me. i doubt if this person
is talking about me but from what i know, when it hits you, you know
its you. it really surprised me and took me off guard, all along specially
this week after the hell defense, i thought everything was going smooth and
there was practically nothing to worry about. i sent txt msgs here and emails
there. then i read this first thing in the morning. i dont have the guts to ask,
maybe its really time to start again, and everything, from scratch.

i dont know how id act today in school. when i know there's something
boiling behind my back. the problem is, no one told me or at least
complained, i am totally clueless.

damn, this term is my dark age. but at least i can build something new
with someone else and i can't wait to start.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

the ultimate defense

im back and finally i was able to sleep in my bed last night, not on the floor
and not on the sofa but my dreamy soft bed. hay. the defense went alright but
before that, i was sent to the cr almost 10 times by the flutter of butterflies in my
stomach. for 20 minutes, i lacked oxygen and i curled while i waited for the
defense to start. with the help of St. Jude, Hershey's and Kisses.. i gained stability
for the defense. we were able to answer all questions, the battle was in the different opinions of the panel, damn, cant they be black and white objective.

but i think yestersday is my Lucky Lovey day, except for the stomach cramps i got and the terrible bus ride back home. i had to sit on my boyfriend's lap for an hour
and a half. he was sitting on a step that i think has the machine under. i hope
the eggs didnt get fried haha, kidding.

overall, it is almost over and i can reconstruct my stressed worn out face.
we are just doing the minor revisions and im all set to march the graduation aisle.
yippee!! hello money, i need a job.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

TAFT day

i wish i never woke up early
i wish i stayed in bed curled until lunch
i wish i never rushed to school
i wish i spent my half day at home
i wish i can eat chocolates the whole day
i wish i just met my friends
i wish i stayed in touch with them
i wish i never get lonely
i wish i can be happy
i wish i can get a decent rest
i wish i can unwind seriously
i wish i can end it here
i wish i stop thinking
i wish i stop dreaming
i wish i can meet a genie

Thursday, August 11, 2005

something good

ive been online the whole day and i wanted to post something good
for a change. so here's my new desktop wallpaper that makes me
smile while my pc seems to crash with the humongous size of
photoshop files.

alam mo kung sino ka

ang kapal din ng mukha mo. di ko akalain na ganyan ka.
maglalakas loob kang kausapin nanay ko tapos saken ka
magttxt ng hindi mo masabi sa kanya. at lalong gago ka nung
sinabi mong palagi nalang akong pinagbibigyan with the
exclamation point. bulag ka ba? tumingin ka muna sa
salamin bago ka magsalita. kung may pinagbibigyan hindi ako
yon. kung gusto mong mag bilangan tayo ng contribution talo ka na.
habang nagpapagod ako dito nag sa sound trip ka lang at nasa gym. kung
ano ano pang palusot mo kung bakit hindi ka makakapunta.
hindi ka ba pwedeng tumulong sa mga parts na hindi pa tapos?
hindi ko na nga natapos ung layout dahil sinimulan ko na ung hindi pa nasisimulan
at inedit ko pa ung coomunications mix mo. huli na
nga e. yan na ang time mong bumawi. baka akala mo inuutot lang ang
history of comics, competitors, media, layout ng BUONG magazine, poster na
dpat ikaw ang gagawa at lalo na ang website.

kaya wag mo kong gaganyanin GAGO ka. kung tumangkad ka lang
mas GAGO ka pa siguro.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bitter Sweet Tea

it's day one of the hell week, i predict chaotic cramming. i even have this problem of not being sure wheter i finished the gruesome 200 hours in the office. i planned to time in today but we finished layouting at 10pm and it sent me to bed right away. good thing, i was allowed by my mother to stay all night with the group. i dont want the driver to wait the tick tock all night, its mean to make the driver wait, they are persons too. and i know how i hate waiting.

on the other hand, i love the fact my family as in including my mom met Azrael already. she's the only person in the house who doesnt know him. hehe. it's depressing though that we have to remain inside the study room the whole time.
i was calculating the pie charts but every time i finish, an update will be sent to me and so i have to change everything again. it's okay though, i decided to put it in pencil first before tallying in the computer. the layout is great!!! i love Azrael and i can't wait for this to be over. it's my bestfriend's birthday today, and also mariel's and someone. i wish everyone of August 8 birthday, a happy blessed day.