Thursday, June 28, 2007

Idol ko si Nelo

Do you remember Nelo? The homeless boy that has a dog named polgas? He's my idol right now because my mother told me last night that she will evict me out of the house because i angry her all the time. That's the negative effect of big brother, one day you'll be surprised that even in your own house, there is an eviction.

Suddenly i feel like im in highschool and college again, times when i get into fights with my mother. if i was still in that age, i would say my mom has always something against me and her favorite pastime is reprimanding me. now that i am a bit older, i would say - she hasn't changed.

this is the point when i give up and prepare for the worst, one day i might be blogging from the streets of manila or not have a computer access at all. my savings would not be able to sustain me if, i do get evicted or whatever. i hate being at the mercy of anybody so today was the start of me working hard and realizing the realities of life when your trust fund suddenly becomes uncertain. just like the housemates i see on tv, i am ready to leave whenever and have my suitcases ready and welcome the realidad of buhay.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the third party!!!!

i wish both of you the best. i see you two are so in love with each other. what can i do but let go. to optimus prime - you are nothing more than the robots i see in divisoria! i can't believe that all these time, it was the boys you are after. you have no idea how many girlfriends you have angered with your return. go back to your stupid planet! and bring azrael along already! enjoy your honeymoon too.

Happy Anniversary to YOU and YOUR ROBOT

25 means war all the time. i hope you and optimus prime become the best couple ever and may you have many robotic kids in the future.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Toycon Treat and Transformers coloring book and toys

Collectibles Unlimited treated all the marshals who helped during the Toycon to delicious chinese food yesterday at the Jade Palace. I'm not a marshal but azrael brought me too heehee :)

SPONSOR <--- thanks again to azrael's mom for my outfit : )

michelle was there and also doc's wife and they kept me company.

Santino, doc's cutey little son was there again and i can't keep my eyes off him!

Later that day, Transformers Philippines met and played with the leader class optimus prime. RG was so engrossed at the robot. we are all excited for the event on friday at Megamall. it will also serve as an EB for the forumers and a get together activity for the whole group. Victor gave me 30 pesos so I can buy myself a transformers movie coloring book in National Bookstore.

Jollibee has also released kiddie meals that comes with transformers movie toys. They had transformers toys also a few months back, but this one is different - they say. i wish the toys will be of good quality when i get my hands on them later. it will go again in my toys treasure box :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Post Surgery and thank you for the clothes!

I survived! i did not get enough sleep just thinking of my gums being sliced and cut jeeesshhhh!!! but now i am still alive and happy that it is all over, i did not feel a thing while the slicing machine or whatever it is called do its magic.

then i want to say thank you very much to azrael's mom and sister for sending me nice new clothes! :) they just solved my problem because i am running out of clothes to wear whenever i tag along ^^ this one is nice with jeans, very comfortable and breezy inside :)

i am wearing the clothes they sent me one after the other, thank you very much!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Calling all Transformers Fans!

See you all this coming June 29, at the Megamall Atrium for the Transform and Roll Out Merchandise Launch. Expect to see new toys that will be launched on the said date, live bands, and transformers related contests that you can join! Bring your friends and kids along, event starts rolling at 10am until 9pm. See you there!

Eating Hot Noodles

The only person keeping me a bit sane left the house for a meeting and I am here alone in front of the PC eating hot noodles. I just finished cleaning up my room after my mom nagged me into it, i thought of tagging along to the meeting but i got so tired already. Whenever i leave the house, there's a silent protest from my aunt and my mom but when i am here, they still sulk in their own corners. When i approach them and start a conversation, it will only lead to one subject - cleaning up my room or their qualms about me not helping with the chores or any other subject that they can nag me about. Honestly, im getting tired with them already, i don't know what they want. If they want quality time or us getting to know each other better - then they should stop being too serious or sensitive.

thanks to my wei wei hot noodles (sprinkled with hot sauce) for making me happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my tooth and other nuisance

<-- inside that smile is a problematic tooth, thanks to victor for the photo.

i was eating my favorite paksiw with pineapple bits when my pasta filling gave up and now i can't eat because the tooth just underwent root canal and is scheduled for capping and my gums need to be cut (as in!) im so scared that i put off the appointments until now, i have no choice but to go. i texted the clinic but it seems they are fully booked tomorrow that even if i waited there from morning, they are not sure if i'll be accommodated. it looks like i have to eat soup until friday to avoid getting food inside ~

then, there's transformers and i wish all these robots just disappear. toycon has just ended and all i hear from my bedmate is transformers, autobots, decepticons, and his event on June 29. just before i articulated my date plan to go to little tokyo within the week and eat authentic japanese food in a japanese setting, meetings regarding these pesky robots came into play. add to that, individuals popping out of nowhere from the past. im bad and i want to keep my world and circle simple. few but true friends, the others just acquaintance, the others amount to nothing.

and more, i feel like im talking to a plant whenever i talk with this person. i thought we had an understanding one night but the concept, i think, has evaporated again into thin air. then someone told me nothing is happening with my life - well, i refuse to be identified with what i do for a living but instead, with what i am doing with precious time and right now, i am doing everything i love and nothing i detest. success really gets into the head, i wish your head won't explode :) i was even planning to do a podcast about reprimanding people in front of many, treating your friends like garbage, handling pressure, and such. maybe next time :) always remember where you came from. next tip: i am almost a divine entity when it comes to finding out simple truths and lies, resistance is futile.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Everybody is posting about Toycon!

and so shall i! it was a stressful and pressuring two days for me and i am glad it's all over and azrael and i can return to our normal lives. congratulations to vic, cholo, az, albert, lu, and doc for a successful 6th!

all i can say is it's hard to be the woman behind the man who was tearing his brains out and shouting and whatever just to keep the program and everything on time. but my friends came like drew, know_nothing, shao, and balistik intsik, when i had enough of everything we went for coffee to catch up.

drew was there per my request since day 1 even though he had lots of overtime work in the office. that's what friends are for! and we took turns posing around the venue, finally someone to hold the camera for me. Although i used my old kodak, the photos seem to be fine : ) i hardly had the time to roam around and pose since i had to stay in the soundbooth and play az whenever he hits a highblood and leaves his post.

shao, B.I, and me

i also got to play assistant for a magician for the first time in my life but i think i was "malas" since the magician was not able to pull the trick.

toycon was fun! congrats to the cosplayers, the bands, and the marshals too!

Friday, June 15, 2007

My new superhigh shoes and more

I had nothing to do better than go shop again for some finds. At St. Francis, i didn't find anything new at my favorite stall. The shoes are all flats and i think are in time for the school season. I was hoping to get new sandals that are a bit elevated, so I can wear something different aside from my flats and rubber shoes. Did not find any at the cheaper venue so I tried the mall and voila! found this:

it's jet black with very solid wedges and it's smaller at the base. I can't afford LV shoes yet, those that are similar to this but have holes in the middle of the wedge. Tried walking with my new shoes right after buying it. I must say it's a bit tricky to go up and down stairs, and its a bit painful but it looks gorgeous. maybe i'll just bring spare flats when i walk in them :)

this photo is cold as ice

I met with michelle, mark, and azrael after and we ate at Teriyaki Boy. There's not much that i can talk about so me and michelle had fun taking pictures of ourselves with our mobile phones ^^

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen is already showing!!!

If someone i know is lusting for Invisible Woman then there's nothing much better than Ocean's Thirteen packed with handsome and gorgeous characters (with hot bodies and chiseled abs)! I think i watched ocean's eleven or twelve with my older sister Joni and we enjoyed discussing about their tactics and techniques on stealing and getting money.

I wish they have cheese popcorn. I'm going to watch later after ice skating : ) i bet this movie will make me wish i had tons of money and also the casino - ive never been inside one!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fantastic 4

Azrael treated me and michelle to fantastic 4 after i got back from being lost in Manila. The movie is okay - i love the fact that it did'nt take too long to end! Im just wondering though that if Silver Surfer is from another planet, why does he look human and even speak English? ahahaha and what happened in the end, did silver surfer kill galactus? Galactus is scary! specially the scenes when the planets are being eaten by some clouds. i wish im dead when that happens hahaha

it was a great time although all we had was iced tea since they ran out of cheese popcorn. what is popcorn without cheese right? ;) i hope to see transformers also, just curious if it's worth the 3 year relationship that got exchanged for all those robots ^___^

SPACE and getting lost on the bus

I think so too, that it's the best time for SPACE. Actually, i know what comes after it and i am not surprised. as long as im not answerable to anyone, ive no problem with it. im building my own again, i went shopping today and bought cute night lamps :) also, some magazines to read. it's also great to be with my friends this past few and i hope we'll get together again.

i can't stop thinking of my friends back when i was thin and frail. i don't know why. these are the friends who just play with me because they like my toys or because i have Pringles and lots of snacks. it's not connected in anyway, i just can't get them off my mind and also the times when i let people step on me. maybe i really need space and figure everything out.

i rode the bus to Manila alone awhile back. i got off at a bus stop and waited for a bus going to Lawton. i boarded a familiar one and then it did not go my way. i tried to peek and it was a bus going to cubao all along! so i alighted the ride at the lrt station. at the station, i couldnt get the card in, then a staff approached me and flipped the card over. i am still not used to all of these at 22! i am so embarrassed but i just said thank you. finally i was at taft and walked a long way to my destination under the heat of the sun - alone. but at least i didnt have to worry about being late, i left the house 2 hours earlier.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Wife is a HighSchool Student

I am currently watching this anime series online :D The title is weird but it's about a marriage between a student and a physics teacher. i love age gaps! she is 17 and he is 25, that's 8 years just like me and az! so if he was ever a teacher, i could be his student and we will be having an affair ahahaha. i think their marriage was fixed or something. it's been a year or so since i watched anime. i don't know what year this was released but ive observed that those shown on TV nowadays are a bit weird :p then watchers imitate them and it's a bit annoying.

I also was searching for the opening of Wedding Peach in tagalog! right now, i am very bored. azrael is out on meetings and i was left here sleeping. i think everyone here is bored too hahaha but i also feel a bit guilty when i go out and leave my family behind. i wish my sister liza would come home soon from school! ^^ im starting to get irritated and annoyed already.

Hyper7 iceskating!

Andrea with her ice skating coach

Andrea came back from her flights all over the world! to celebrate her very nice occupation now as a flight attendant, we got together with lian and mariel. Mariel also finished taking her board exams, can't wait for the results!

Andrea and Lian enjoyed learning to iceskate ^^ i wish we can do it all again. chancing!

may video pa! just press the play button.

P.S. andrea, share na ng pics natin :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Toycon Poster by Az

toycon is coming near! here is the final poster for the event made by my lover boy azrael ahahaaha :) i also showed it to my friend, you can see it all over Megamall where the event will be held. see you all there on Saturday and Sunday!

This is Anya now

This is anyanka now! she is so big already and i miss her more each day. she's smart and has grown very articulate already both in Filipino and English, very good! Now, they are still in Australia with the kangaroos. yesterday i saw a vtech game (like a family computer) being played by kids. in the game, dora the explorer and boots were jumping and answering different questions. i remembered anya and if she was only here i will buy the game for her and we will play with it :) i wish they come home already before anya grows up even more and refuse to play kid's games.

I also met with my friend Mariel, she looks great with short hair! i really missed her and also my other girlfriends. After enjoying cold shakes at Sugar House, we split after an hour then i met azrael and michelle and we trooped to galleria. We then ran to mall of asia before it closes for the day ^^ my best food treat was the spaghetti of Mexicali. It's very delicious and cheap! ^^

Friday, June 08, 2007

Tagaytay in 3 hours

We were to wake up at 7am for our trip to Tagaytay but I woke up 12nn. Azrael is sleepless and stressed out over toycon so even though it was already 2pm, we geared up and took the bus to the highland.

I was so concerned throughout the bus trip because it's my first time to commute going there and I don't know where the bus stop is to our destination. i texted everybody but to no avail. We don't even know where we are going then I saw a tourist info center and there, we met a trike driver with his mom and they drove us to the people's park where we can appreciate some greens.

and because the last bus going back home was 8pm, we finished our trip by having dinner at Dencio's. The view was better than Josephine's and also the price haha :) We were thinking of staying for the night but we'll just save it for next time.

"pwede kayang mag swimming don?"

Friday, June 01, 2007

Practicing my Photoshop Skills

click to enlarge and save your own copy :) teehee peace!!!!

Revenge of the Suzaku part .0001

200 Pounds of Beauty

I was late in watching this korean movie. My friend told me about this and i saw it being shown online so I watched and now I'm a fan of this film!

200 pounds of beauty is film about an overweight lady that has a great singing voice. her work is to fill in the voices of a pop star and she is not contended because her weight stops her from living a life of freedom to happiness and love. naks! she is in love with the pop star' manager, one day she decides to disappear and get a total plastic surgery makeover making her a beautiful girl (love the soundtrack also - beautiful girl). i believe the film is available in youtube also.

I love the actress- Kim Ah Joong, now i am looking for more of her movies. Don't forget to get the soundtrack also :)