Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1st Philippine Blog Awards 2007

Azrael's blog is nominated and now in the finals for the Blogger's Choice Award
congratulations in advance to all winners, I'm so happy that Az made it to the finals, while my blog didn't made it to the finals for the Fashion category. But its okay, Az and his sister Michelle made it to the finals, thanks to the organizers of the Philippine blog awards 2007.

read his message below:

Hi everyone!

sorry If I use this blog/ML to campaign my nomination at the 1st Philippine Blog Awards 2007, I just dont know why they chose me as one of the finalist for the blogger's choice awards ehehehehe.

my blog, Azrael's Merryland ( http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com ) is nominated and they need votes in order to win
hahahahaha.. so if you know me and your my blog reader, just go to this link http://www.philippineblogawards.com.ph/voting2007/
and choose my blog Azrael's Merryland. And if youre not yet my blog reader just check my blog and see for yourself If I deserve to win.

thanks again for voting and for the support !


Azrael Coladilla

"If I won, I will organize the biggest party and convention for everyone! hahhhahahahah"


for the event ticket you can get it for free, by just following the instructions below.

Get your Event Tickets here! Posted by Abe on 26 March 2007 under News

The awards nights is closing in really fast and we’re all busy preparing for it. Here’s your chance to get invites for the awards night:

1) Blog about the awards night on your blog. Include your email in your post.
(include your email, like this : suzaku_lace@yahoo.com to get free tickets)

2) Link to this entry.

3) Leave a comment here so we’ll check out your blog and send you an e-Ticket via email.

4) Reply to that email with your complete name and blog URL.

The e-Ticket will serve as your pass to the Awards night. It’s limited seating so we cannot guarantee everyone to get a pass but its first come first serve.

There’ll be around a hundred tickets or so. Once you get your e-Ticket in your email, print it and bring it on the awards night so we can exchange that with the real one. That will also serve as your raffle ticket to the mobile phones and iPod that we will raffle off during the event.

Philippine Blog Awards
Awarding Night
March 31, 2007
6PM - 8PM
Podium 4, RCBC Theater
RCBC Building, Ayala cor. Buendia Ave., Makati City
Attire: Semi-formal to formal

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Choices on a Saturday

It's Saturday! I was very tired - ive never been this tired in my whole life. my mom asks me why i let it be because i don't even have to work anyway. She has been going in and out of the hospital because of hypertension and the last time she went there, i was not around and was only on my way back home. No one was even there to drive any of the cars so she can go to the hospital, so she asked the neighbor to drive. it's such a pity and i hate myself for not being around.

Work is still pressuring but they gave me a pep talk last thursday while i was crying out of frustration. I have two weeks to decide whether to stay or not, and i'll honestly test drive myself.. maybe overdrive even just to see if it's really meant for me.

Lots of people - i know want to work in the company that I am in, and when people say 'wow you work in #####'... i feel more pressured. while i was waiting for the elevator, the lawyer that i was scared of approached me and asked how i was. she said that i should think if this is really meant for me because in this company, there is a lot of pressure. and i am thankful for her words.

anyway! we were suppose to go to market market today with my mom but she says it's too hot outside. the driver also already left and so today im just staying at home and watch TV on the internet. : ) my mind is also toying the idea of buying roller blades because i obviously won't go iceskating today. at least i can roll around the village ^^

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ernie and Bert: Ice Skating Episode

Bert cannot go to sleep, so Ernie tells him to think of something he'd rather be doing : )

And I can't wait to go iceskating tomorrow!!! :) i was not able to go today because my mom wants me to stay at home (she barely sees me nowadays). I want to buy my first pair of iceskates also but i want to think hard first because they cost a bit ^^

I'll also inquire about the lessons, maybe i can have lessons every Sunday or Saturday. I always try to go after work but sometimes no one wants to go with me. Yesterday, someone gave me more coupons, i use the coupons on weekdays so I can skate for only a hundred pesos.

And when im a real good iceskater, i want to be a full-time instructor ahahaha :) seriously, i can spend my time teaching kids how to not fall and how to stand, walk, and so on. that's my dream right now and next is that they can make another huge iceskating rink somewhere. That will be real fun! maybe next year ^^

yesterday i was suppose to go skating in Megamall but i saw how crowded the rink was getting so i passed and we just ate at Tong Yang :) Thank you to Michelle for the very yummy treat!

Spartans are HOT

i watched this movie after work last wednesday and it gave me an almost permanent smile for two hours. i thought i wasnt going to enjoy it because it was made for men - wrong! it's definitely a must see movie for all the girls out there who want to see real men once again.

spartans are ideal husbands - nice body, strong personalities, dignified warriors, and sexy! they also loved their wives and children. i wish spartans will visit us someday. not the real ones because i bet they don't look as good as those in the movie. when they walk and run in groups with their shields and glistening abdominal muscles during the movie, i thought i was dying and was already in spartan heaven.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday and all it's Glory

Hooray for me for finishing the first day of the work week : ) actually i was really anxious to go to work this morning because i had to fix some deadlines and get some signatures for the papers that i am working on. I almost jumped and cried with joyous tears when after lunch, the papers (already signed) were laid on my desk! ive been stressing about these contracts the whole weekend, wondering if i can beat the deadline for one of the services.and guess what, by the end of the day the deadline was moved. Monday - and all it's glory.

Also, rewind back on my way to work. I asked the driver for my change, and he said "nasuklian na kita kanina ng P15..." and i checked my purse, and he was correct indeed. So me and the driver just laughed it off.

Lunch time, i was with my guy friend Drew and as we were climbing the escalator which was turned off, i suddenly got marshmallow legs and fell on my knees. good thing my friend caught my hand right away or i'll be tumbling all the way down the escalator.

And finally, on my way back home... i was searching for my personal mobile phone and i couldn't find it inside my bag. i called it but i heard no sound from my bag. so i called one of my workmates and she found my mobile phone on my office desk! thank God i have her number - i asked her to just bring it home with her and i'll get it back from her tomorrow morning : ) i thought i was going to lose another mobile phone again!

i still haven't watched 300, maybe tomorrow :) i wish i can also iceskate tomorrow ^^ i'm also thinking of getting lessons just to break the ice ; )

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My saturday and Transformers Philippines

80% of my Saturday went to azrael's meetings! i was so gloomy and all because i had to wait and i can feel time slipping away. i waited for the weekend patiently and yesterday, i can't help but feel sad that my day was being eaten by some robotic event and some meetings. we planned to be at Mall of Asia by 4pm and oh well... some people have all the time in the world to waste .. but i don't!

There was this launching that he had to go to and meet some people there. the place was so small and i followed there with my french fries in tow. someone tipped off my bottled water and the guy who got wet because of that was complaining and i could hear him.

Then we went to meet Mark and the transformers boys to pick up some comics and it was already 8pm when i arrived in mall of asia! poor poor me! i swear next saturday i won't waste a single minute of my saturday. it was already 9pm when i arrived at the skating rink and we were not able to watch 300 anymore.

Today i had to finish some of my take home work and we're just going to catch the last full show of the 300 movie later. i'm going to borrow azrael's rollerblades now and roll outside : ) tomorrow, it's back to work. i wish i get my salary this week!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

the week that was

After work night outs are keeping me alive and healthy! :) by night outs i don't mean drinking and getting wasted but simply getting dinner, having a nice chat with some friends, or iceskating on a weekday where there are almost no people in the rink. Mall of Asia has suddenly become a blessing to me because that's the place where i can still unwind at 9pm and get a shuttle to ride conveniently back home.

It was my sister's birthday last march 7 and i miss her terribly, it's like half of my stomach and brain was gone, good thing i don't even have time to daydream about her at work and last wednesday, i spent some time with the Transformers fanboys after work. I was giddy the whole time because i had an office boo-boo but laughing with them made me feel better and having my boyfriend beside me made me feel secure. here are the boys and me eating cheap noodles at megastrip.

Transformers Video Blog c/o Azrael's Merryland

How can you not feel like you're in another world with this kind of conversation right?

Then last Tuesday, azrael, me, and misyel got cheap chinese dinner at Megamall's Food Court. we earned a lot of iceskating coupons! :)

Then Thursday i ran quickly to the MRT so i can still iceskate in Mall of Asia with Azrael : ) we ate at Sbarro's after and got home at 11pm. This video stars me, ice skating in business attire, it looks really stupid so don't tell me i didn't warn you : ) im getting better! at least i dont have to hold on the walls anymore.

I still managed to peek at my mom's bedroom to say hello : ) she's sad beause i am not able to eat her dinner according to az, so yesterday (Friday) i went home straight from work and ate her Beef Steak and Fresh Garden Salad.

I wish i can still save with this kind of lifestyle! i haven't taken hold of my first salary from Globe yet so I'll just do my accounting when I get my first salary : )

Monday, March 05, 2007

Tear it Up and Throw it out.

If there is a room for rent that can be messed up like this, i'll take it!
I saw this in Constipated Diva's blog.

most of the time, men are jerks and they deserve more than a cardiac arrest.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


i thought i wouldn't be able to go on ice yesterday. i left home at around 4pm already after finishing some work. it was so fun because i can now survive without holding on the walls :) i can go fast if i hold azrael's hand and i can go around on my own already! weee! here's a video of me and my terrible but improving skills.

after sliding, i bought another timezone card and got to shoot some zombies too. it was raining last night too and my stomach was churning again so we had hot chocolate before leaving.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

It was Friday! :)

I congratulate myself for being a hardworker the wholeweek and i survived! i brought some of my work home and im trying to finish them now, just so i don't drown and to keep my head above the water too. i feel like im in some marathon when im at work and i don't want to get eliminated just like in Starstruck or Pinoy Big Brother hahaha. Yesterday was friday of course! and the best thing that happened to me was Alvin Patrimonio:

im so melting during this moment. he was my crush when i was not even going to school yet. that's why our old rag doll is named Alvin. This was a dream come true to me and michelle hahaha. My tiredness was swept away by his smile and definitely his hand on my shoulder! ahahaha this was in Shangrila after work. I look harassed though but who cares right?

There, im going to finish some tasks and i'll go skating later and i wish i won't fall on my butt today. Im stressing myself though on getting a facial treatment but im short of time and if i get one tomorrow, i can't come to the office all red >.<