Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today is Thursday and I am very excited for Friday to come. I couldn’t get enough of all the cuddling in the wee hours of the morning. All of a sudden your alarm clock rings and forces you to open your eyes, get up, and go to work over and over again. But today I think time will fly because I just got here in the office and look its 9am already.

My problem with BIR (my TIN) is still floating around. I am sort of problematic since I won’t get my salary if I don’t fix this. I am hoping I can send Kuya Bernard to Caloocan tomorrow but I never want to ruin my day and make all this fuss about not getting my salary since I can’t do anything anyway. Hakuna Matata. Amen.

Speaking of, I wish to pray for those people (my family) who can’t seem to get enough of bad news. They talk about it during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How can you relax in that atmosphere.

anyway thats all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ENjoyed all the Spicy FOod!!!
EnJOyed the Wedding DAtE moviE!!
EnJOyed EvErYthIng with AZrAEL!!!

WEEEEEEE happy 1.1 anniversary!

Monday, January 23, 2006

PARA SAYO (repeat 2 times)


AV idols

that's me riding my bike
oh yeah?

weekend was great even though we didnt get the chance to go out because i ran out of money, it was simple and sweet. nyahahaha. when i had nothing to do i just log on and get a glimpse of my IDOLS!!! yes, the japanase AV idols who are oozing with cuteness. and i am dreaming one day to be in the same blog as they are in (am i going insane?) ahaha. but for now all i can do is watch them and post some pictures here! :) i especially love Ruu Hoshino even though she's not that young as some of the new AV idols.

Sora Aoi

Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Bossing

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's LUNCH time and where am I???

just outside breathing fresh air! im trying hard not to smoke a cigarette or two just to relax and relieve myself from stress. hay grabe wala lang. wala na talaga kong magawa pero madaming gagawin sa office, labo. hay nako talaga, i can't wait to go home and watch KingKong or kahit anong movie na ok. Nakakainis pa kse last night, pumikit lang ako pag dilat ko e 5.30am na! o diba badtrip talaga. tapos hay nako leche talaga. I just can't wait for that moment where in pwedeng mag U turn and start over, gets?? i have to pay a lot of stuff pa so i have to keep working. ayun. im having a semi-heart attack right now, trying to breath little air in and out, im not kidding, leche mamatay na ba ako ahahaha or sbe ng doctor back in st. paul pasig its just my hormones giving me this heart sensations. ahahaha. hope so.


Monday, January 09, 2006

How to make 2006 a blast!

- be a backpacker kahit tagaytay lang * *
- try eating as many foreign cuisine as possible
- look up the stars (look how they shine for you nyah)
- hug your boyfriend as many times as possible
- own a pet dog (ung may breed para feel na feel)
- watch a movie or two every month
- create a photo album, as in printed pics in photo paper not online, its more romantic the traditional way
- go out during lunch when at work- so u breath fresh air and get a different ambience after 4 hours of staring on the pc
- change ur hairstyle or get a hair treatment
- be comfortable in your own skin, zit happens!
- wear rubbershoes as much as you can
- go to the beach and bring a mat
- blog blog blog
- buy flowers
- bring toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, to work ahahahaha
- get ur wisdom tooth removed
- be debt free!!! who needs credit card when u have cash
- laugh
- sing in the car
- sing in the toilet
- sing at work
- get as many freebies as possible
- look like an FHM girlfriend of the month
- buy costumes!!! and use them!!!
- hakuna matata *grin*

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blast from the Holiday Break!!!! Pictures =p 'till the next vacation

Day 3 of Pyro Olympics. At the carpark of BlueWave. Went there at day 2 and got soaked up in the rain.

Day 2 at the Esplanade. a very long walk to the venue itself and then it rained!!!!

I finally got to wear my knee high socks!!! im standing on the brick wall *scary* one step and ure under the sea.

We ate Shabu Shabu at Hao to warm up. we were wet as in! luckily, we came frm divisoria so i have extra socks and shirts.

Day 4 of Pyro at Krua Thai in Blue wave
Yummy Thai food * __ * we just ate noodles when we were in Bangkok.

I love this photo because im so cute here ; ) with josele and cheska.
Thanx to max factor masacra and lip gloss and dermclinic.

Shopping in mega trade hall, i got a denim blazer for around P300 :) that's RG blurring his way to the scene.

Looks like Egypt but t's just in Star City. We went there with az, mama, liza, ate nene (my cousin) and her two kids
super kulit na jackong iyakin and jm.

With Daddy Az at Komoro Soba in Megamall before watching the last day of Pyro Olympics

....MORE PICTURES in the NEXT post....
hayyy,,,, im still not over the holiday bliss
i miss everything!!!!

"we hate NEW YEAR!!!!" - me and my nephew Jacko hiding inside a blankie, scared of the putukan outside