Saturday, February 19, 2005

First Week o’ Feb


February the mushiest and most gross month, except for the 17th when all is suppose to be all about yours truly. I spent the 14th quiet well, with who else but andrea and lian. We ate the most delicious and generous serving of lasagne al forno at Don Bosco Di Amici. We’re still having problems on how to pronounce the name. But saying a-mi-chi looks acceptable. It was a road trip, got lost in the veins of makati and bumped my shalala.. Honda. Yesterday, the side mirror was scratched by a motorcycle, good thing I wasn’t driving and Vincent was pointing his finger like an ammo at the man.


Was almost a disaster after midday. I treated my friends at NorthPark and glad I chose it. Snow fish, dao something spareribs, yang chow rice, pork whatever, spring rolls and nanking beef noodles sent us to pigging out haven. Spending your bithday with your dearest friends is always the fun thing to do, we were a crazy group at NorthPark taking pictures every 5 minutes or so. I loved my friends’ birthday wishes for me, and lala was so sweet all throughout. I’d prepare something too for her big day, luckily it’ll be in Bangkok but we aint sure if she’s coming.

I almost want to piss at my e-marketing book, it ruined my birthday big time. The moment I woke up it’s the freaking midterm I was thinking of. When we were out eating, it’s still at the back of my head.. It’s like im paranoid looking over my back *linkin* . At home I was forced to read the book again and then another one for international marketing. No drinking session and videoke sing your lungs out fest at my house, since I’m the birthday bookworm. Oh drat, anyway, goodness I reached 2 decades of existence. I want to thank everybody for keeping up with my weirdness, violent tendencies, mood swings and the ultimate deadly silent treatment. Thanks a lot!!! I love ye all.

And today Im going to be out with my same birthday aunt. I want to go shopping at Market! Market! I want to buy another pair of sandals, yesterday I bought one and it’s guess what… pink, how lovely. I need it for walking in my trip to Bangkok because I walk in a weird manner thanks to my knees which are facing each other. I ruined two shoes in a month already, it’s always the case. And yesterday I was tripping my way to Glorietta and the maniac infested ghastly anonas. Sorry for the bitter adjectives but yes, don’t go there alone.. Bring someone with a.. in short, a man. Or come equipped with your deadly weapons. I do a lot of walking since I can’t workout and lift the heavy pounds for some reason I can not disclose, but here’s hoping March would let me. ^__^

That’s the latest with me who just turned twenty.. oh crap. Neway, I have a lot of resolutions and I’ll be a good girl this year.. *wishy wish*

Friday, February 11, 2005

oh girl ^__^

i am sleepy and i can't think straight, when im in class i hear but dont listen. all day im thinking of sleeping, and a little bit of brownies and coffee or tea. i drove to school and the highway is too crowded, i rode the bus and woke up in front of my village, i almost passed it by... and then thank Lord i was finally home and got a one hour sleep with my niece who woke up and so i had too.

im running out of cash and still i have to go to school tomorrow, it'll be fun though because i volunteered to sponsor my gang's food since we're out of shing shing... we decided, awhile ago.. not to see a chicky and mushy almost yucky movie anymore but stay rather in school for awhile and eat, at my expense. im planning to cook hotdogs for andrea, something sweet for lian and rice for andrea and a lot more, i dont know if thil and lala would be joining the pig fest ^__^ although im thinking of bringing enough for five sexy hungry hot girls, nyahaha..

yesterday... trip to heaven and back to school with a heavenly surprise (sarcastically), there was a quizzzzz waiting for me. but its fine, fine, fine. the chicken burger after which can't taste any better. i got hungry all of a sudden, i can eat a whole cow.

trips to heaven always brings a surprise right after...this time, it's my driver who was badlucked and so in a way, i am too. i had to drive a car i was unfamiliar with which was significantly wider and longer. he got his ulcers active again and i had to be the fastest driver on the road. i had to skip my service marketing class, and now... i have to sing again in front of the class. i'll sing something for Kat to earn pogi points (im kidding!!!) but something that will make the girls melt and wish i was a boy ^__^ coolness.

but alleluiah for yesterday, the coolest and hottest way to ask for forgiveness 101. kidding.
i promise to Azrael and the stars on the sand (ahehehe) that i'll be the behavest girl ever =Þ

Thursday, February 10, 2005

pain is better than guilt

*insert ><>
yet sleeping and i'll wake up at 5am... taking a shower at 5am is h-a-r-d even if i set my heater
to the fullest.. but *insert sad face* i want to see azrael and amend for my sins, yeah it was just ash wednesday yesterday and repentance is the theme of the week. anyway, sometimes u just stop thinking and i get weird and sometimes when ure adjusting, it scares u and makes u do and think about things.. actually im too ashamed to write because im not proud of the things i do and im working on it now.

Friday, February 04, 2005


*sigh* andrea and lian.. a big yahoo and my paranoia ends....

Pictures of Yesterday

yesterday i was sleepy, lazy, annoyed, so-so, ecstatic, irritated, happy, tired, lazy then sleepy. if i can only get all the unky mood pics here bt my browser blocks them, i dont know why. when i got to my room i was K.O. and i woke up 5am today and i was sleeping everytime i get the chance. im sleepy all day even if i slept too much yesterday already and im looking forward to sleeping again later.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

oh yes

Yes! im going to Bangkok afterall... i think if people continue doing this to me, im going to be screwed a lot, they put me in an emotional and psychological roller coaster. but it's sooo great today, im still in the nirvanic disposition and im feeling weak still but this day was a happy one. i saw Azrael after my 5 days of rest and pondering. i ate my favorite cake and cinnamon roll, have to work it off though in two hours. maybe i was celebrating unconsciously, the fact that i have a trip yey. im going to miss my beloved shandie because we went to Singapore together a year ago and we did a lot of fun and adventurous things, we end up fighting sometimes but like any other couple we make up beore going to sleep and laugh our exhaustion away. i'll keep this short, i have a nice kodak (samsung, rather) moment down here. that's in red ribbon after consuming my cake and cinnamon*, im a happy girl.

*served with hot tea but oh man!!! they served me Lipton brisk tea with no milk and u even have to ask for additional hot water ^^;
better learn from sugarhouse.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

oh well

hi! there reader. i dont have pictures today, nothing's happening except fun bumming around in manila and DLSU. i quiet enjoyed it though because i remember my freshman year in college where bumming around the smoking areas was at its peak. i loved sitting with andrea and lian talking about nothing really and just letting time slip away. yesterday and today, i feel like in nirvana of some sort. i was able to patch things up with my older sister joni, i'd stop calling her psycho now and today, i give up my hopes on going to bangkok. i dont really get it, what went inside my mom's head. it's not vey usual of her to disappoint me like that, she used to play hard to get games but now, its more than that. i think i need to cry stones first before she lets me, anyway, shit happens. im just giving it all up now and yah, come what may. i love my peace and again, i hate thinking about non academic things because they are harder to comprehend in reality, ever realized that? no formulas, theories or concepts.. just plain human behavior which is screwed big time.

im trying hard to focus on the positives now. for instance, i was able to play again (oh yes) with anya after almost a month of just smiling and stealing some minutes alone. now i can enter their room again and i dont have to hide in my room like a prisoner or stare the whole day at my pc like a call center agent. i feel uncomfortable with my mom though, her giving me a hard time and all. i was discussing with my friends awhile back, that id love to have a kid and treat her better than my mom treats me and id raise a lot of money to give her a lot of cash for shopping and travel expenses. haha...

i never asked too much from my mom. i only ask her to pay for gas and school stuff, i even have to save and pay for my clothes, shoes and bags and my dining expenses. she said some mean stuff to me and im really disappointed she thinks that way. she doesnt really know me that well. i knew that ever since i was in highschool. being raised with money is different from being raised by your mom. i give her credit for working really hard and raising a lot of kashings here and there, but she doesnt really know me, i mean everyone hardly does. i have this theory why she wont let me, and now im thinking bangkok is nothing compared to that person.

im feeling both good and melancholic, but in a nirvanic sense if there's such term. it seems im fairly calm and i almost see clouds or is it winston lights... i'd quit =p