Saturday, June 27, 2009

TV5 Transformers ROTF Screening at Greenbelt 3

Found a prize under my seat!

Watched Transformers for the second time around after a meeting in Makati. The Transformers boys were all present together with 20 TV5 bloggers.

I think I enjoyed this screening better because of the free Holy Kettle Corn and Pepsi Max, yey! :)

Before the screening, everyone met outside the cinema and Ryan shared to us her pizza donuts. One by one, the bloggers came and lined up to watch robots brawl with each other.

It was another 2 hours and 30 minutes inside the cinema but I missed the part where Optimus Prime's wife appeared ;)

By the way, I am blogging from SM City Bacoor. Yes! the mall right in front of our house is now a WiFi hotspot.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Spinning Around - June

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with Bobby Chinn

With blogger friends, after our trip to the SM Discovery Center - we squeezed ourselves into Ria's car (thank you very much) and drove to Boni High Street. Bobby Chinn was there talking about coffee, food, and his travel experiences.

I'll always miss the desserts we had that night and wish that I can get them every time, even at home. Coffee and desserts seem to vary in taste depending on who you are with, the ambiance, the energy around you... much like any type of food.

LG Health Collection Launch at Shangrila Hotel

Met Angel Aquino who reminds me that I should eat healthy. I always admire models and their discipline when it comes to diet and fitness. LG chose her to be the face of their latest collection of stylish and super high-tech appliances. If I win the lottery and have a new house, I'll probably get everything and pretend like the perfect housewife in koreanovelas.

The Ridiculous Burger at Burger Avenue

Hans was at the porch and welcomed us to Burger Avenue. Azrael took the ridiculous burger challenge wherein he had to finish one giant burger with 3 patties in less than 5 minutes. Diners who get to win this challenge need not pay for the ridiculous burger, so if you want to eat for free, swallow your burger in less than 5 minutes!

I enjoyed the time with Ada and Jonel, watching Jonel and Azrael stuff their face with burgers was exciting. Ada just had a regular burger and I had the "sexy burger" with lettuce leaves in place of bread buns.

Proceed to Style and Relax to view the detailed story on each of my "adventures"

On a more personal note, I am still waiting for calls and as of the moment, I am just focusing on writing for my blogs. I've resurrected Pinay Money Maker which had 7 adsense clicks today alone. Friends have advised me to try selling links which I am now doing to keep upfloat. But dear family who are reading this, I am still "waiting" for work (and waiting for that one call), I am not bumming around and I am using my time seriously that my brain is already going to explode. I've been selling stuff here and there and thankful that friends are willing to help. Suddenly, I feel like a squatter in my own home x.x Yet, I have a plan which I believe in and stick to, I want to think positive and get what I really want and love to do rather than settle for something I might just regret. I want to write. Maybe God is teaching me how to be patient :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Rainy Day at Glorietta 5

If I have lots of money, I will hang out at Glorietta 5. Last Tuesday, we didn't want to waste the traffic of going to Manila so we opted to use some golden GC's at Tokyo Tokyo Metro. What a great way to experience dining in the new Glorietta 5 haha :)

It was raining and I loved the big glass windows. I felt like singing "It's Gonna Rain" from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. I loved how we were only the diners around except for another table of teenagers having fun.

Look at these lovely bentos, ahhhhh~
How to translate Chicken Barbecue in Japanese?
Sushi Tray
Something that tasted like a delicious Pata Tim hahaha

I am praying we get to go out again by ourselves, he is starting to realize the beauty of privacy and rediscover the art of dating.

Went home with 5 boxes of sushis for mama. California maki is always the best for me. I miss the sushi rolls in QV.

Pet Asiety

That's how Anya calls it before. We even played Pet Society in a computer kiosk in Sydney, she loves the game so much. When she is restless, I just ask her to play Pet Society.

Dear Anya, this is our pet now. I like the dress you chose for her. We also have a new garden to fix!

I got letter blocks so your name is also displayed in the house.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Escape Artist

Blame it on the rollercoaster of surprises life is handing me right now. Indeed, like a box of chocolate - one day you've selected a delectable melt in your mouth Belgian truffle, and on the next, a piece of bitter rhum flavored and molded chocolate. Blech!

Maybe this is the fate of the writer, unknown horizons with spikes of excitement and depression. Yet, sleep and food are the best forms of escape. During the day, people add lacerations to already existing wounds. I guess since they are oblivious of what goes on in my brain, how I am pushing myself to the limits to get out of the rut. Never-ending war is going on in my brain. At this point, the least of my concern is my messy room and the least I need is a nagging discourse that just goes in circles. Slept today at 3pm and woke up at 7pm.

The only thing that excites me is food and my next coffee break. Sometimes, I see new readers coming in and like a cold splash of water - I am temporarily refreshed.

It would be nice if I can get comfort in my own home but in reality, elders don't really get along with the young adults. As much as we try to prepare the best dinner, discussions always lead to telling off. One minute they are talking of someone else and the next thing you know you are being scolded. As much as one would like to share ideas and problems, the best thing to do is keep quiet unless you want to be ripped to pieces or feel like a headless chicken. Then, as much as you want to be together with parents, they have an instinct of pushing you towards the nearest exit. Yes there are segments in time when both parties enjoy and peacefully co-exist but this do not last longer than an hour. It may sound like a complain but this is not, this is me wishing for change (and I have, as evident in my lamb-like attitude in Melbourne). Time is running out and in moments like this, I don't need a Juicy but a reliable non-threatening relationship with my parent.

Otherwise, is this the reason why children and parents are better off in separate houses? Is this the reason for moving out? I am thinking about it (except I am not in the position to do so yet, financially) but honestly, I do not want it. Unless, is that what they really want?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An attempt to write

Watching Californication, Hank (David Duchovny) said that nowadays, people blog instead of write. That words are slowly losing their worth with the advent of LOLs and BRBs. I can't help but agree and I myself am guilty of blogging instead of writing. What's the difference? Blogging may be a free flow of words that are not so well-thought of, like an outpour of cranky emotions. Writing, on the other hand is an art, much like a painting - one has to dry and layer to come up with a meaningful picture.

This brings me to marry passion and writing, I always think of how passionate people like artists, musicians, and actors come up with the most effective words. With artists, I refer to seasoned dead ones who are no longer with us like Edgar Allan Poe or Da Vinci. More so, people who have been scarred by life. The most meaningful pieces come from either love or anger, unrequited love or flaming sensuality.

I have an insight on how the online world can categorize persons into say fashionista, eventologists, gate-crashers, food lovers, etc. By being sorted I feel limited, won't you? Maybe as life is complicated people try hard to make sense by classification. Yet, by being nobody but just as YOU then one can be an artist and experience life like an art.

Then all we need is courage to break free from boundaries, persons, and embrace something unfamiliar yet inspiring, life itself.

Friday, June 12, 2009

We've been attacked! By the Giant PUSSY!

June must be the toughest month of the year for me. Seriously, I needed to go out everyday until I burned my wallet. My remaining bills are gone now ahaha and I just had to stay at home today.

I wanted to blog but don't have anything much to say except that I enjoyed Confessions of a Shopaholic again on DVD. This time, with my sister. I am pretty excited for something I won't mention because it might get jinxed. But I hope everything goes well on Tuesday. At least, I would have something else to focus on and spend my time into.

Last night, I got to see Pussy Cat Dolls live here in Manila. Or should I say, live on the projector screen as I was too far away to even see the shadows of Nicole. Yet, I enjoyed every beat and words of their songs. I might have looked stupid dancing miles away from the stage but I just had to shook it off :)

The best part for me is when Nicole said, "ladies... you don't need a man to be happy. It is only when you are happy with yourself, that you can be happy with someone else".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Party and Bull

I didn't like how the day was turning yesterday so I decided to go out, party, and get attacked by the paps.

Then hang out with the sexiest ladies that night.

Ended the day with burger and fries. Thank you to RG for the company :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Awesome how an old relationship can be crushed to pieces in 2 months. It has happened to me before and I know each and every step by heart.

I want to shout out to my friends who only talked to me and nobody else, never published anything, or even got in between any couple. I know it's hard for them now because the limelight has been shed to them when in fact, I know we discussed everything in person. If there is a gossiper, definitely it's not any of my friends. They never made noise in plurk we were discussing everything over a cup of coffee, decently and discreetly in a coffee shop. We actually meet each other often while shopping, etc.

Everything was alright until this afternoon and, it is not in my nature to compete with someone not in the same bracket. Like a mouse, they played with my cheese while I am away. Now my cheese is all crooked, it doesn't taste the same.

Even while I was dating this week someone has been texting my date to ruin the moment. You can have what you like, because I already spit it out. I am not running out of time and I will never do anything like that. You can say bad things about me but leave my friends alone, I won't get you, but karma will.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Plurk is Weird

Okay so I said I was going to leave plurk and I have deleted one of my accounts. I still maintain Style and Relax's plurk for some updates though.

Look at these weird stuff happening:

1) Azrael's avatar was replaced with Cher's.

2) There's an image of a girl popping out on my layout (horror!)

3) There was also a time when I click my profile and got logged in to a different account of another person that I did not know.

Weird things. Weird phase. Weird people.

Shoes, Gadgets, and Mojitos

My first day out in Manila since Melbourne. It was quiet rainy yesterday but I was excited to be at the VNC occasion at Milky Way bar in the afternoon. Who wouldn't love shoes right? I went home with two new pairs of pumps which I got from their Glorietta 3 store.

I had fun shopping with Sasha (super fashion blogger) and Annalyn (super blogger) for the first time. Thank you ladies for the ride and the company :)

On the other hand, there were some shocking moments yesterday which made me feel really weird. Not to mention, I was with Azrael who accompanied me the whole day/night. I felt for the first time in my life that I am a mistress and it just needed to be celebrated! After all, my favorite koreanovela is My Husband's Woman and I loved the mistress which had curly hair and knew how to get whatever she wanted. Anyway, I hope some people are not too dense to realize the obvious and just fall back to where they belong.

It was also great chatting with some persons who have given their piece of minds, observations, etc. And it called for another glass of mojito.

Azrael just needed to buy me a drink on his account. Let's just be drinking buddies ahaha. I had a very weird day! Kind of bittersweet because I still love the shoes I got and another sweet video and mp3 player. Thank you very much. What I don't know is if everything can really be back to normal after knowing what I know and trusted some persons I thought were friends but stepped outside their boundaries. Sorry to say that there can only be one Lace, unless you clone me of course. You can try to get my clothes, shoes, my haircut, my bangs, my bags, my blogs, my friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, and ex-girlfriends, persons I love, but it is still going to be me. If you think it is you, then you are probably right.

I thank you, bow.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Photos and Tokens

I am not going to stop writing or else my heart is going to explode. Just started unpacking and every token I have just brings me to tears! I know, I hate drama but as much as I want to stick tissue inside my eyeballs, I can't.

It's such a wonder how time and relativity are. All that's left of the past are tokens and photos. I miss Anya so much already. I know during my stay there were times I'd rather surf the Internet than play Little Ponies with her and maybe that was because I just wanted to be normal. Pretend that time is not ticking away.

Anya grows so fast and it's so sad I can only see her every year. I told her stories of how we were whilst she was small. Watching cartoons and dvds all day. Every night in Melbourne we watched lots of movies before she goes to bed. Madagascar, Ice Age, and our favorite Lion King 1 and 2. I wish now I can just go back and watch more movies with her. I miss her more than I miss anybody else.

Anya likes California Maki like me, we both love desserts and both of us like pretending to be lions of the Pride Land. We sing Lion King songs in chorus and I've taught her silly dance steps. I promise I shall be back for Christmas Anya.

Joni is right, maybe our tears will flow for 7 days non-stop. I also miss Vincent already, I would have loved to take every invitation you gave to dine in different restos and have lattes everywhere. Now I want to knock myself on the head for all the things I missed while I was there.

I said I missed my bed, my bedroom, some persons, but after seeing all of these things back home - they are just that. things.

I love you all! I love you Anya <3

Life is but a Dream?

And I am back to the Philippines! It feels very weird and I already miss everything about Melbourne. It has just been 3 hours since I landed, the weather here is super windy with the clouds hiding and unhiding the sun in an unusually very fast manner, like disco lights.

Like Joni and Liza, I feel the withdrawal syndromes already. I feel like I just woke up from a dream and my house even after just barely 2 months, seem weird to me. No trams are visible from the window, no Myer and David Jones, and most of all no Anya, Joni, and Vincent. Joni and Vincent are so cool because they have different TV series which we marathon every night.

My heart is broken everytime I remind myself of Anya and I's last DVD, just hours before we left. Bottle Top Bill and Jojo the Clown.

Whereas, I was excited to reach Manila already because there is no place like home. One cannot really have everything! I can only wish to merge two worlds like a Suzaku ahahaha :)

Anyway, I am not expecting so much from my return. I may or may not have a new work to get busy with but I know that another travel adventure awaits me and my family. Oh Mama, what are we to do without you?

Here's more that I miss - Joni's water bottle, their mini sink which makes washing dishes loonngggerrr, their Brita water purifier, the futon I sleep on everynight on the floor with the Lightning McQueen pillow, lattes everywhere, and the winter season.

Now I know why an anonymous writer said Life is but a dream, that is certainly how I feel now.

Wahhhh!!! I miss Melbourne already, if only I can transport everything and everyone I love back there.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Too Cute at the Pancake Parlour

Anya and I went to the Pancake Parlour at Bourke St. today. Supposedly, I was eyeing the Belgian Waffle place but turns out, it is already closed. It was already 1pm when we had our plates. It was like I was having breakfast for lunch, I love breakfast! I ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Yum-oh.

The place was really fun, with this silly shrinking mirror and vintage coin games.

While waiting for our orders, Anya and I enjoying coloring. Two cute artists waiting for their pancakes. Of course we had so much photos taken too :)

Earlier on, we went to Myer to get her a new pair of shoes and also to Royal Children's Hospital for a quick check up.

Tomorrow night, I'll be flying back to Manila. I am avoiding dramas of good byes oh how I hate that. Yet, I already see signs of sighs. People, Australia is just 8 hours away and we could see each other in LA soon or if we get lucky, Paris?

All I know is I had a great time here, thank you Ate Joni and Vincent, Tito Emboy and Tita Cora plus Audrey and Alfred. It was great seeing Ate Mimi too :)

This 2-month super long trip was a blast, great photos, new memories, new clothes, bags, and shoes. Except I didn't get those Prada shades booo! haha :) Yet, I have to go as I miss my room and I have to work so I can have money to buy more travel tickets and shopping money.

I love you all, peace and rock and roll!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Azrael sent this Song

Az sent me this video today. Title? Only One by Yellowcard.

I am coming home in 2 days to Manila, I am squeezing the final juice of Melbourne right now. Are you sure I am the only one? hmmm...

Either way, I like this song too.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Feet

At the Melbourne Aquarium, we met penguins... real ones from Antarctica. After touring we stopped by the souvenir shop and I saw this:

So cute! better than the real ones haha :)