Sunday, April 30, 2006

what is lace doing with azrael?

welcome back to my insanity.

<-- disney display in G4 after the school tour work i had, me and neurotic bf azrael went to G4 to have some fun. here are some photos :) i played dress up as school girl. got my new leg warmers! i just got for the first time in my life, my very own timezone card! ^^ i played punch azrael's face, yes you can punch the face of your bf in timezone! the machine takes a pic of nasty bf, displays it on the screen, and you can punch on it after.

i also purchased little stuff for creativity purposes like patches and crochet flowers. maybe i'll make a new shirt soon.

then i saw my bestest friend shandalle and aries her bf treated me and az to silent hill movie! i love watching at G4 because its clean, non-sticky, cold, and you dont slip off the seats.

the movie just gave me a trauma and im scared everytime, every minute. and i dont know what the freaking hell i am scared of. hay.

my favorite game forever! Daytona ^^ used to play this with my big sister Joni.

<--- we were able to see Mickey and Minnie and friends!!! weee! i felt like i was in Disney haha

Finally before boarding another bus from hell, we ate at oody's and i devoured my favorite ultimate spicy food!!!! it was chili heaven.

the bus ride was terrible. we boarded a dasma bound bus but it used the expressway so... the trip was the other way around. people from carmona, dasma, gma took off first and those from bacoor like me stepped down last. hay grabe.

and no, my problem is not yet done. i had to delete some posts, yes. ^^ it was a nice day out after all.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Eula Valdez is the new FHM cover girl for May

Oh my goodness! bow don to Ms. Eula Valdez. her pose rocks! no mammary gland exposure and all that whore crap. i love this! she's so hot and the shot is very nice.

Go grab a copy now!!!

picture from

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rock Special: Bands

Here are a few ROCK bands you might have forgotten when searching for your favorite rock music on the net. :)

Limp Bizkit--- nookie, faith
Off Spring
Kula Shaker
Stone Temple Pilots
Rammstein ------- i love this!!!! du- duhast-- duhast mish *head bang*
Hole -- Malibu, Celebrity Skin
Blur -- Song 2

haha those are a few bands i love! brings back nice highschool memories :)

Everything bad, rock for everyonr, Derma-male, az busy bee and worms

goodmorning philippines!!! i was late for work today because of sex, alcohol, and drugs. im kidding.

i woke up late and forgot to turn on the alarm.

Today im going to share some good rock music with everyone thru my multiply!! are u eggcited? haha. just check on the music section of my multiply (link at the left) at 12nn and they are there already.

im loving rock music its stress release and violence in invisible mode. haha.

im a wreck these days and my face shows it haaaa...

the DERMA:MALE yesterday injected one of my stress zit because my doctor wasn't in. it was my first time with a male dermatologist. and all i can say is, hmpf, id just stick to the female doctors. haha.

azrael is beeing a busy bee these days. nobody loves me and i feel like eating worms.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

azrael tigasin is back *peace*

good day! azrael is back and i waited for him for 3 days and he finally came back last night from Quezon province with food in tow.

im just so kilig today and also last night after i got him mad because i threw a pillow hard to his head haha.

while he was gone i felt like i was halle berry in gothica.

he is still in love with the pc though. oh well ~

watch its a wonderful life tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kanamara Matsuri

I just saw this on the net and naturally, i stayed glued to the net even more.

This is a pic from Kanamara Festival in Japan. This feast is done for fertility and "sex safety" according to sources. There are more pics in the net and are very interesting. They sell dick lollipops, candies, and penis-shaped radishes.

how fun! nihon ni ikimasu! (i dont know if my japanese is still understandable but that must mean i want to go to japan)

RX summer cook out

this is a photo from the RX summer cookout, during the OBSTACLE RACE. look at how i transformed to terminator mode to beat other girls. haha :)


3 days and counting

sorry for not being able to update as i used to haha, office just got more exciting so that means less lull time for me to blab out here.

azrael is still in quezon and i dont know if he will come back haha. so im just here busying myself by waiting for lunch, doing work, and figuring out what to eat for lunch. im such a sad little thing!

yesterday my rank was 180 in pinoy top blogs but awww fell down again to 189.

check out, its a nice tool for you to listen to radio online.

hmm e-to... that's all for today! gomen nasai! haha :)

hope evryone gets their piece of the day.

WATCH your BACK and don't get FOOLED :)

shout out to: Digital Filipino
thanks for linking my blog and reading my posts ^^

Sunday, April 23, 2006

RX 93.1 Summer Cook out at Golden Sunset

Finally had the chance to wind down and relax after a weird and crazy hectic week!

az and i were very lucky once again to join the RX summer cookout for FREE! care of our friend Jo who won tickets and Mark Cerbo ^__^ everything was free, transpo, food, entrance,
and concert!

We had mega tons of fun and i was able to forget stress haha. we took good pictures and i survived without makeup weee ^^

during the concert of Parokya ni Edgar, Chito is so hot with his voice and humor. I was able to have a pic taken with him and buhawi and also ricky reyes!!! ahahaha

the place is Golden Sunset Resort which is owned by ricky Reyes, its in Calatagan Batangas. The travel was long and we arrived home at 1.30am, exhausted and bangangers (wasted).

we had fun especially after we walked around the place and visited the butterfly garden, spa, and playground.

here is a nice photo story: az is playing on the swing. he pushed himself too high. Suddenly, he slumped to the ground hurting his back.

Az and me watching the sunset

This is me during the afternoon, sleepy and tired from the heat of the sun.

i'll upload more tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What if I become a house wife?

Just a thought to liven up my day.

1. i will wear hello kitty aprons when cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
2. i will watch all koreanovelas and never miss an episode.
3. i will wait for my husband to come home everyday and take 2-4 baths each day.
4. i will go to the grocery every morning after my husband leaves so that all cooked food are fresh.
5. i will call my husband every lunch time and prepare him lunch to go in bento boxes.
6. i will make octopus hotdogs, heart-shaped sushi, and pink riceballs.
7. i will clean the house everyday and make sure it looks good when hubby comes home.
8. i will make sure i stay fresh all day.
9. During spare time, i will workout via videos so that hubby will not cheat.
10. i will go to the salon and derma every weekend to refresh and be ready to face another week.
11. i will go shopping with my husband on weekends.
12. i will wear cute matching pajamas every night :)
13. i will not get pregnant because i dont want to look like a cow and make hubby cheat

hay ~ lovely!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pictures! Hello Kitty Bag, Japanese Loose Socks

Hello from my study room! ^^

im finally home from the battlefield of commuters. i just posted a picture of myself since its nowhere to be found on the index.

<-- yup thats me with Daddy Az

I've been doing a lot of searching for japanese stuff. i want to buy and wear all these now before i get too old for them, ahaha. i finally know the value of youth.

Here are some items i wish to have and take home. both are from an online shop but i saw a lady wearing the hello kitty bag somewhere. maybe its available in Gift Gate. will check it out soon!

The japanese highschool socks (loose) are to die for! theyre authentic and i just read japanese girls use glue to stick it to their legs so that it wont fall since it is loose.

Crochet Dolls, Tapa King, Boots

im Bad mood today and yesterday. i still am not over DLSU turning down my sister. then today, azrael mr. paparazzi took an ugly photo of my skin shedding face.

anyway, i am excited of the changes i plan to make on my life and uhmm career? ahaha. right now im studying and looking around for ideas i can work with soon and let the creative artistic side of me get its shining moment.

look how cute these toys are. im searching for manufacturers or retailers that has these toys. they are handmade crocheted stuff toys.

also, my quest to be an av idol even their 1/8 equivalent has pushed me to buy this boots. they will arrive in 2-3 weeks! yippee! can't wait to wear them.

Im hungry for Tapsilog right now! There's Tapa King around the corner but it's too early to go there. will go after 1 hour and after i finish this baked macaroni ahaha.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DLSU turns down my sister

i spent my lunch time plus 2 hours (a total of 3 hours) waiting in line at DLSU. results of reconsiderations were released today. the line was infinite! it stretched taft ave. and a lot of parents, students, and others were waiting in line.

they should have just posted the results. when i reached the counter the lady checked NOT RECONSIDERED and i automatically turned about and walked out of my alma matter. HMPF!

i waited for 3 hours and my sister who is a very good soul unlike me, was not considered! Now she will study in Lyceum.

im so sad for my sister! i want to burn DLSU to the ground at that moment. i want to vandalise the walls and put the words HMPF on them.

is my karma affecting my sister?! yeah i think so! and it is freaking unfair!


Bili na KAYO! :)

I am selling Anime shirts i produced. only men's tee are available now. print says "ANIME" and i also have "JROCKER" shirts for men too. so be kind and purchase one! im selling em for only 180 bucks.

delivery is free by yours truly. :)

contact me at 0917 8192913 and

Image hosting by Photobucket

Monday, April 17, 2006

after holy week, airi and meiri cute photo, internet addict boyfriend

welcome back to slavery your vacation is over! work it!

haha just kidding ;) it was hard for me to get up today and my head was wonking inside the jeepney and the bus. i can't wait to go back to sleep.

in the meantime, here's something from the cute twins airi and meiri. this photo will make your day cuter ne? *lol*


i'll make an entry similar to theirs when im in the mood and feeling cute ^^

next is my art work:

Sunday, April 16, 2006

takoyaki, cute lollipops, and lace avoiding papparazzis

this is my photo story book! haha ~ went to the mall again to have liza's face done this time (my younger sister) i still have vertigo (kidding) im hiding my face because i just visited my derma yesterday. so. (mumbled) hello readers! (mumble)

top photo, are some cute lollipops i found in the department store. must submit them to cute overload haha. and on the top of it all is fast food takoyaki ive been wanting since yesterday but after eating two (2) balls, i got sick of it already.

so long -- vacation, 8 under, and back to work.

that was it? my question for the 4 day vacation i just experienced. no beach, no fun, zero.

cable television sucks, leaving me with nothing to do but linger in the heat wave.

yesterday, was so-so. finally had my face done, finally!!! the doctor was out for two days and i eagerly went to the clinic as soon as i confirmed it was open.

and since i looked like i have vertigo after the session, i hid with internet addict inside the cinema and watched 8 under.

i just realized i hate kids, really. except for my niece ANYA who is exceptional, has breeding, and perfect. kids can't be kept on their seats and are so talkative during the movie. they were noisy, sleazy and just plain argh! disgusting if i might say. i almost killed one when this monster kid sneezed and hit my arm with liquid mucus or something. kadiri talaga.

i could have taken it easily if the parents gave some effort to behave their kids and stop making noise also. parents were so noisy just like the kids. i transferred seats two times. i don't own the cinema, right, but they don't own it too. i wanted to set an explosive and run away.
<-- i made this signage by myself haha.

anyway, im so mean but thats life. nobody is perfect and i hate kids. ahahaha. 8 under, the movie is not so for kids. the plot is for kids but the movie will bore the kids to death so parents, spare the kids and let the older ones watch in peace okay?!

internet addict is getting on my nerves too. you look like a computer monitor already. and who is this guy going gaga over panday and looking for panday wallpapers? hoarding my pc to himself. I.A. spent the vacation looking at the PC monitor. don't you wish you can marry the computer and both of you have a great vacation. hay so much for my vacation.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Week, Day Off, Mall Hopping

<--- The pink mall rats
the best destination this summer? mall! well for me who is broke and no travel money. the mall is airconditioned from 10am to 9pm ahaha. went mall hopping with beasty az yesterday only to experience authentic fatigue from the sun and dust of the city. went to shang then megamall where i experienced a toilet emergency while i was shopping for cute hair
accessories at girl spunk. i intended
to hop to ayala after visiting st. francis square but the emergency forbid me to do so! arggh... my mall tour was definitely a wreck. i did not even catch a glimpse of converse shoes and look at more options.

i am constructing my jpop wardrobe/closet right now in my mind and i can't wait to get money again so i can add more items like a cute sling bad, an original hello kitty watch that i saw in shangrila yesterday, and of course, my hi-cut all original converse shoes!!! approximately, that will cost me around 5k. whew! ahahaha at least i have something to live and work for.

we are planning to hit puerto galera sands on may with my two aunties. i just can't find a decent website with tour packages.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where can I get this shoe?? It's a converse chuck taylor, high-cut. I saw pink ones but none of this kind. heehee..

Let me wear this!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

21 year olds threesome

i love airi and meiri! spent a lot of time looking for their photos on the net. now, the twins are my desktop background. they are my idols!!! makes me want to be a better persocom to master azrael even more. haha.

here is one cute picture of them and please excuse me as i squeeze my photo with theirs. : ) o -ho ho - pig tail 3some?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

saturday AV idol cosplay

these are from yesterday, azrael made me cry! but he erased my previous entry about him and his cruel ways. anyway, here is my wardrobe yesterday, channeling all the cute av idols haha. just a trip.

got my new shades at people are people. i also bought that blouse the same day and wore it right away. my hiar are in pig tails ahahaha. i dont have boots yet so i just used my knee high socks and folded them to look a bit baggy. i want a pink converse!!!!

** azrael is my 52 year old sugar daddy and i am his 15 year old minor girlfriend.

Friday, April 07, 2006

pig tails and twins airi and meiri

hello! first, i am not turning my blog into a porn site. i just love these twins very much. azrael and i love watching them.

i just had to buy two pink pang-pig tails yesterday and i wore them before going to sleep! it's hot anyways. i look cute but not as cute as the twins. in fairness, i think azrael enjoyed looking at his girlfriend in pigtails, loose shirt and tiny shorts. uh-huh.

here are the twins playing with pencils. got this from, i don't own them.

enjoy! :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

lace: you are a certified SPY!

yes! i got a chance to spy yet another time and i have some goods to unload in front of azrael ahahaha. got to hack his photobucket and search and search on his blog. i love doing this, it's almost better than sex. you know, when you learn something your boyfriend don't want to remember anymore. i'll surprise him when we meet!

i got photos names, and whatever there is from the past. my heart is pumping.

im a biatch today a super biatch!!!

<--- my best FIND :)

i'll give you 100 bucks
if you sent this message and a free trip to
Marikina Riverbanks.


it's lace speaking

hi! everyone im blogging from the office. im getting sick of doing this certain project because it just never ends, anyway, ive been listening to tracks from other's multiply accounts ahahaha.

i always have this nostalgic feeling whenever i hear rock songs from the 90's, specially from my ex husband gavin rossdale.

a lot of people are asking me where im goin to spend holy week, and i just say my room since i really have nowhere to go! im so pathetic don't u think.. but even if i stay with my room and if azrael is there, when does abstinence start anyway?

i also met my cousin online, so hi! to you Donna :)

today is thursday, can't wait for friday! oh shit i have to work on saturday. ahahaha. but that's okay since i'll be loitering around the metro that day. hope i have extra moolah for that. i think azrael is going to bring me to a little party.

im so sick of the food here in the canteen! and i always forget to pass by our local bakery shop for my baon. donuts there tastes better than lunch here, maybe because ive been eating items from here for like 6 months already.

when im spacing out, i think of life without azrael ahahaha. like who i am going to have sack sessions with and when am i going to get it if azrael disappears. it is scary when i think that i can barely survive without azrael. ahahahaha.

i hate going home alone! specially with all the crazy barkers in manila and the nasty commuters, it's a jungle out there and azrael is my tarzan and i am jane. ahahaha.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Save your Kisses for Me

Yes this is the song from the lacoste pink commercial! i love that cm so much and now there's youtube, i was able to search for it. Natasha Thomas is also the model in the cm.

so, save your kisses for me!!!

enjoy :)

are you in love with me?

( i got this from my friend Kats )

Are You In Love with an Aquarius? ---> that's me! :)
Jan 20 - Feb 17

If you are in love with an Aquarius, give him or her a very long leash and your respect. This is one of the most freedom-oriented of all the signs and this individual will not tolerate nagging or any cramping of his (her) style. You must understand that here you have found a person who truly looks at the world from a different perspective and needs to be supported in this
endeavor. Bright and original, this partner sees the world as it will be or should be and feels somewhat personally responsible to bring the future about. Some Aquarians feel so strongly about this that they are almost revolutionary in thought and behavior. Aquarius, as a rule, is also much more comfortable in the realm of thought than that of emotion. This person actually has the ability to detach from his (her) body and view conversations and situations from above. You needn't worry about judgment, though, as he (she) is extremely tolerant of everything except intolerance. Friends are important to this individual and you can expect a steady stream either through your house or his (her) business. You have found here, too, a partner that truly seeks an equal relationship. He or she wants to stand on his (her) own and wants you to do the same. This is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and if you look at the number 11, it represents masculine and feminine -- separate -- but also side-by-side and equal. As we are currently proceeding into the great "Age of Aquarius," this is good news for us all. Flexibility is also a must with this mate as he (she) enjoys last minute and/or unexpected surprises. "Boring" will not be a word you
use to describe this relationship as he (she) keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. If you are looking for a partner with whom to have a fair and interesting match, you have found it here.

i have something to add!!! don't let your aquarian loose, she'll swim to another man. *wink*

if you want to know about other signs i can forward it to you just say please ^^

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nike Rockstar Workout Session and Paint!

its been a long time since i let out my creative juices as far as juices are concerned, heehee. anyway, this is what i came up with while our server was down in the office.

Yey! an azrael work of art. i made this myself in PAINT. boring program haha but still, looks decent enough don't you think?

I won a NIKE rockstar dvd and a session in fitness first :) weee!! i love freebies. i'll claim it tomorrow, thank you very much to Marie Claire Magazine. been thinking of buying new rubbershoes, i wish a pair falls from the heavens.

See you in the Nike Rockstar workout session! whew im tired already.

Monday, April 03, 2006

no jeepneys, ice age 2, and family computer

i woke up early and hardly today to go to the office and when we were finally at the bus stop, there were no vacant jeeps to ride! the traffic was heavy and we waited and waited till it was already one way, so the jeeps must be flowing by this time, but no, they still were jampacked with ant workers like me. many employers today were stuck in the bacoor area, it looked like an exodus of working men and women out there. so after 1.5 hours of waiting, i called my driver to pick me up at the waiting area and drive me to the office. grrr. azrael and i collected dust like human vaccum cleaners.

azrael said " pagtapos ng saya puro hirap naman " ahaha he sounded like an old man and thats hot.

but i have tons of happy memories i can inhale during stress times at work like the hed kandi party, andthe ice age 2 movie.

im planning to buy a nintendo something that resembles my good old family computer. i think azrael and i need it so we can relax and forget the stressful day that just went by and will arrive the next day. its 800 pesos, and has games in it already.
i can't include a pic here because i dont know what it is called, really.

i have a thought to share and here goes-- we blog to feel freedom and happiness, even if its just cyber.

Lace :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hed Kandi Party!

thank you to for letting us win free tickets! went there with 3 hot boys ahahaha. Azrael, Rg, and Mark. :)

Oscar Photos: Fresh from the Red Carpet, where are our goody bags?
Lace Hilton (left) strikes pose for US magazine.
Azrael North (right) being chased by paparazzis.

RG and Az with super diva showgirl