Friday, July 31, 2009

Atis Tree Bears Fruits

The Atis tree in our garden bore fruits again for the second time. I took a video of myself picking the fruits. You can see that there are two atis trees and both of them are very fruitful indeed. Atis fruits are loved by ants and it makes atis picking challenging.

I had a great time doing this video (and eating the fruits). Atis trees will bear fruit after 3 years. How I wish we have a huge land to plant more fruit bearing trees. Mama says that her Kaimito tree is now flowering and will bear fruits soon as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama and Liza

Double celebration and I feel that my weight is also doubling with all the food and birthday treats!

The two July celebrants really wanted a birthday with a bang. Liza, the food monster got the best spread of food on her birthday. We ordered everything from Amber, and Liza won't celebrate her birthday without a cake from Red Ribbon.

Mama enjoyed choosing kitchen wares as my gift for her in Podium. She also got a Michael Jackson DVD for us to enjoy on her big TV.

I wish that I have my mom's beauty, why does she look younger now and she has this glow on her skin. She also learned how to chat and use my laptop.

Lola Techie, only younger

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Pet's New Outfit by Anya

Anya has been playing with our pet, Mae Mae on Facebook. Even though she is in Australia and I am here in the third world, Pet Society keeps us connected and I see what she does with our pet.

Awhile ago, I asked Anya why Mae Mae has no clothes on and she laughed very hard. At first, the pet's hat remained and the next thing I knew, the pet is totally nude. I reckon Anya put the clothes on sale to earn some gold coins.

She played Pet Society again this afternoon and gave Mae Mae a new outfit. Very cool!
On the wall, she added the word "and" in between Lace and Anya. I also observed that she purchased a second couch and an extra chair.

Thank you Anya! I miss you so much :) I can't wait to see you again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

See me like this

Surprisingly, I feel like I am having the time of my life again. This year is just so great! I've always wanted to become a writer, journalists, and everything in between that. This week, I've interviewed 2 celebrities and each day had two or more events to attend to. It's like I am living the dream, except that no one is paying me for it :)

I was chatting with my sister Joni this afternoon and I always find myself explaining my current status. Some people are rather curious as to what I do for a living but I'd rather look at how I am living. Of course I've done interviews but I am still waiting for that one call. My partner told me I will get what I want and he is engulfed with luck so I choose to believe him.

This week, both of us won in one or more raffle draws - yey! My mom will surely enjoy reaping the prizes for her birthday. At this moment, life is being good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheaters and Infidelity

My favorite show on cable TV is Cheaters, seen on Maxx every Thursday. Sometimes it is being shown daily during the wee hours of the night when I am still awake. Amazing how many men and women are being victims of infidelity. Just when the host Joey Greco reveals the surveillance videos to the victims, you can see pain, agony, misery, and the feeling of love lost painted on the faces of women. Most of the time, women are the victims of cheating husbands. It's painful to watch wives and girlfriends cry as they confront their partners, in the arms of another woman.

I have always been wary and aware of how men can become cheating bastards. The last thing I want to happen to me is to become a victim of infidelity when one has given up everything for a relationship to work. There are more and more pinays who experience the misery brought about by cheating husbands. Daily, I check on forum threads about infidelity and there are just so many ladies who have been made insecure and lonesome because of uncontented loved ones.

Reading the forum, I came across a lady's post on how she caught her husband soliciting the services of a spa attendant that offers "extra service". I am aware that there are forums for men who flaunts "field reports" on sex workers and how they give tips to other men on where the best place to go is, when the wives are unsuspecting (check out In fact, the lady who posted in the forum even read her husband's post on the men's forum, asking a sex worker about her rates. I never realized how many men are badly influenced by this website, or at least, encouraged to commit adultery.

Men should realize the effect of cheating on women. I guess husbands will never realize it until it is too late. There are millions of women now starving themselves to death because they feel insecure after catching their husbands with another woman, some are experiencing clinical depression and some would never learn to trust (or love) again. Cheaters, you give love a bad name.

I would like to note that this post does not pertain to any person but would like to highlight the issue of infidelity as seen on television and online forums. This post is meant to open eyes of both men and women, and even the government on acting upon prostitution and protecting the sanctity of the family.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Addicted to the Coffee Experience

Not the coffee shop, but the experience of having a cup of something warm. Over biscuits or tiny slices of cake, taking time out to relax and nurture a warm mug is so delightful for me right now. I don't even drink coffee as much, I always get a latte which is more of milk than coffee. At home, I prefer green tea to help me slim down while munching on sinful choco chip cookies.

My last coffee experience (excluding the ones inside my house) is at Dunkin Donuts, it was a cheap treat for me - after accompanying Azrael to the clinic. Apparently, he got bitten by a nasty mosquito. Really, it doesn't matter anymore to me, where to have a hot drink. As long as the place has coffee (brewed will do) and yummy desserts then I am in! I enjoyed a piece of Choco Butternut donut and my companion had Boston Cream. Oh how donuts are shrinking these days!

Trying to find out the rationale why myself is so fascinated with this drinking activity, I guess it's all about the discussion that goes with having a break with a buddy. Or, all the words I come up with and stories whenever I drink alone, in front of my laptop, blogging - like what I am doing now.

I was watching TV in bed and was restless, could not sleep and all I could think about are desserts that would match my tea. Yet, all I have in the kitchen are azrael's leftover birthday cake, choco chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and lots of canned goods. I am doing well now with the choco chip cookies ;)

Have a good night everyone!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Kiko's Birthday

Anya never fails to remind me of my younger self, she too celebrates her doll's birthday. His name is Kiko, if I had Alvin, Anya has Kiko.

Happy Birthday Kiko! I hope you had a fun celebration and what a cool mask you have! :)

I wonder when Kikay's birthday would be.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Michael Jackson Listening Party at G8 Venue

Our friends at San Miguel Beer invited us to join their tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson who is now dead. (Can it get any brutal than that?) At the G8 Venue in Eastwood City, people gathered and enjoyed San Miguel Beers at discounted prices to offer cheers to dear MJ.

Azrael was so sad that he got sick during the event and is now on his road to recovery.

People were starting to get carried away by the music, some people cried and some laughed at Michael Jackson's music videos. I was paying attention to his accessories, his studded belt and those killer gloves. Yet, death is a reality and we can't really do anything about it but celebrate the memories.

After the program (read: endless reruns of MJ's music videos), I quickly escaped the bar and got trigger happy with my N95.

I love walking in Eastwood City, it feels so alive even at 1AM and there are plenty of choices (if you have money), for now I just enjoyed the view and the cosmo vibe of the night. I wonder when I can have a real date here x.x

There are plenty of cafes and dessert places here.. huhuhu T_T Really, I am more into intimate dinners and conversations rather than group (public) activities. I shall plan my next date now.

SUPER fun at Super Bowl of China

Super Bowl did it again! Another tummy filling and super fun time served on a plate :)

Chef Roy and Bob of Super Bowl

As I am on a diet, flavors become more important - and quality over quantity. Chef Roy of the Super Bowl of China told us about his secret spices that made Super Bowl's dishes more flavorful than ever.

My companions and I agree that the best tasting dish was the Hot and Spicy Chicken:
Hot and Spicy Chicken

I told Bob, Super Bowl's manager, how it reminded me of Indian flavors that rolled into my palette with every bite of the dish. According to him, it does not need any sauce but next time I want to try it with catsup :)
Beef Fillet Chinese Style

Deciding on which are my new favorites in Super Bowl is a daunting task (oh yeah) but this Beef Fillet Chinese Style had to come in second to the chicken. The beef was so soft and the cut was just right for a very fulfilling bite. One thing I avoid in Chinese dishes are the heavy seasonings (read: MSG) but Chef Roy and I seem to be on the same team when it comes to flavor. The sauces are of the right texture and is not too saturating.
Golden Weave Cut US Frozen Potatoes with Minced Pork

If I were lucky enough to eat potatoes and never gain weight, then I will munch on these potatoes. Imported from the US, these criss-cut fries that are crowned with a flavorful mixture of ground beef is the best thing that ever happened to potatoes. I should stop thinking about them now if I want to keep my waist x.x

Also, we were all surprised when Super Bowl introduced to us their mascots - Super Happi and Super Lucky. It was Azrael's birthday and the mascots surely made us happy. Super Bowl even sang to him a song and gave him this sweet plate of dessert.

Inside the restaurant I saw a poster of another dessert called Mango Sago, it really looks yummy! I wonder with my friends how good it was, maybe we'll try it next time because we will surely go back to Super Bowl.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy 32nd Birthday Daddy Az!

To the person I love and hate the most, happy birthday!

I wish that you can eat all the food you like to eat on your special day! :) I can't believe we are here, still celebrating your birthday together. Let's drive each other even more crazy!

I love you daddy bear :)