Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Married

To my best friend and worst enemy of five years. Azrael, me, and baby Ashton are all happy and that's the only thing that matters :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Yeyey the Blogger

Because I find it difficult to go places on my own, I brought my auntie Yeyey with me yesterday. We went to Landmark to finally go baby shopping and after that, I had to attend an event about 7-eleven and their new campaign.

Helen and her media badge

This is Yeyey's second blog event and I am very happy that she enjoys everytime she goes with me.

She is an avid supporter of the Aquino's, now of Noynoy. Hence her choice this upcoming election is Noynoy.

Ate Glow was there, the impersonator of PGMA. We really had a great time laughing our butts off.

Of course, she was more happy because of the overflowing Coke - her one true love.