Sunday, June 26, 2005

OJT blues

i just finished eating azrael's chocolate cake, i asked him to bake for me yesterday. he's in toy convention right now and im all alone talking to no one. waiting for my anime shirts to sell and figuring out who will buy the bangkok sling bags. anyway, i was reading at girltalk for a while and so i opted to upload more pics to save net time.

i cant believe it is only 2 months away from the end of my thesis term. im so excited and at the same time bored of reading stuff about comics and figuring ways and means to find necessary data. but we had a lot of fun last saturday and we were laughing our lungs out already in the meeting room. we were talking about all sorts of things and we just love kukurukuku, especially marion. ahahaha. it was one of the most fun working days i ever had with my groupmates. we were accomplishing things and at the same time having fun.

here are some pics from the office in makati. ^__^

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the most wholesome members

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at the cafeteria.. champola and cheesecurls

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are we serious?

and i am eating away all my financial concerns and ojt blues. im at home waiting for the tacos to get done. i cant wait to shove it in my mouth.. ahahaha.. i only have one free day, and i love to stay at home now that ive been walking and travelling back and forth. whew....

Friday, June 24, 2005

free day

im so happy i have a new picture to post in my blog, not to mention the remaining internet credits i found in my computer. now im listening to my favorite (and azrael's) mascot, kukurukuku... ahahaha. it sounds cheap but it makes me laugh every time even when im hotheaded and stucked in traffic. try listening to 90.7 love radio *lol* or catch ur local buses and jeepneys and look for kukurukuku.. ahahaha. this is probably the worst pic ever in my blog. this is from my fone that after 1 year, i just learned how to adjust the photo size. *lol*

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today was roaming around day and ahem ahem ahem. i scored two pirated dvds from my sister, tried to watch it but then, it skipped and skipped until i fell asleep.

Bangkok Tamarind

i already found one source for bangkok tamarind ive been dying to taste again. you can find it at aji ichiban in glorietta but the price is as sour and spicy. when i was in bangkok i could get 1kg for only 100baht or so but here 100grams costs 60 to 70 pesos. but it was worth it and i finally can stop thinking of where to get them. ^___^

OJT makes me OT

hmm.. still counting the endless hours and trying to figure out if im really going to graduate or what. im so excited to start earning money and saving and putting up my own business so i can enjoy life 100%. i want to go to Bangkok and find all sellable and marketable goods specially the girly stuff but i think the flea market has them already. the free time and field work "daw" has me thinking and imagining about my future and im so damn ready for it if only we have the okane. whew ^^;

Thursday, June 23, 2005

OJT updates

i'll post new pics tomorrow. im sorry to my future descendants that ive overlooked and almost forgot to write here in my memory capsule. *lol* i dont have net card and money, just stealing some credits from my sister. ^__^