Sunday, October 31, 2010

Work Hard. Party Harder!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mommy and Baby on a Roll

If Ashton is growing bigger, mommy is getting busy-er. It's been awhile as usual since I last updated this but I just want to say - I love being a mom! It just opened up a whole new world for me and everyday, I live with a purpose.

I love how I rush home to cuddle Ashton, how I imagine the future with Ashton as a toddler like what his favorite food would be, favorite cartoon character, etc. If I can have one wish, I wish I can focus on my baby but of course, Ashton will also grow up like us and walk away someday from being under our wings.

Hence, the other life I live as a writer, blogger, and so much more I just won't right here :) I am enjoying so much right now, I thought - like every new mom, that I'll be in a drab forever singing lullabies and washing bottles. I am lucky I found the perfect mix and have the means to get assistance.

I always veer away from housechores eating so much of your time, I don't want a relationship with squeeky clean floors or shiny spotless glasses - I want a relationship with my family. I want to be able to enjoy the now and I wish more people, especially women do so. Yet, my online career (if I may call it that) is getting demanding as well so I am trying to pace it down a bit.

Lucky too I am able to work at times and attend to occasions with my baby in tow. I treat this lifestyle as the interest earned from the words I've carved in paper and cyberspace. Sometimes I write about business insurance quotes and even business insurance policy, but what I like most is writing about being a mom.

Sometimes, I am too happy I dread the time everything will end or change. Like what happens if cyberspace collapses? weird. But I have read several pieces on being in the now, doing my womanly role instead of trying to do a man's work, and being content with what has been given.

Just writing whatever flows into my brain right now. Later I still have to research on a group health plan and it is 1AM. I wish there is more hours than just 24.