Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lace and Liza's Day Out

Yesterday I had a series of occasions to attend and one of them was Jollibee's official turnover of their 18 million donation to charities at the Manila Ocean Park. Liza, my not-so little sister anymore loves Jollibee like everybody else. Her class was not until 1pm meaning she could hop in with us to the function.

Here we are having fun at the photo booth during the event:

Liza says it's her first blog event and wants to keep the photo as her souvenir. sweet! Inside the Manila Ocean Park, we took several photos of ourselves. Two blogging sisters working it, we could only wish our big sister Joni was also there. We had so much fun and laughs watching Jollibee and kids who were very happy to receive help and their own Jollibee dolls :)

Doing my silly "flying" trick but this time I pretend to be "swimming"

With Azrael our photographer

It was our second time at the Manila Ocean Park but we had better photos now. Liza then decided to skip class and just drop by to claim a book or something at school heehee :) We had to part ways since I have another task at Rockwell.

Last night was the Adidas launch of the Stella McCartney collection, I got to see and touch the new items yey! If only I had extra money I'd get this jacket which I could use on my future trips.

Then I had to go early even before the fashion show started but I wish I had stayed or hopped to another fashionable occasion somewhere up north. Oohh I wish I have a plane or a clone so I can be everywhere!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful People at the Rags to Riches Launch

Met with Zarah today at the RagsIIRiches by Aranaz Launch at Greenbelt 5. I will be blogging more about this in Style and Relax but I just can't wait to share these photos :)

Me and Zarah Perez of Rustans, Reese Fernandez EVP of RagsIIRiches and friend Boyet

with Bernice and Renee of

with model and host Mike Montalban

with designer Ely Gonzales, I always look stiff when I am beside a designer x.x

with the empowered women of Payatas who worked on the wonderful bags

Congratulations to everyone for a successful and fruitful night!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Donuts, aliens, and extra-terrestrials

A review of recent blog posts gives me the impression of a too perfect life. Working or not, stress is still in the air. Pressure are not just behind the soles of my feet but in my head. Of course, behind all the fun and doing what I love there's the question of what does the future hold and then there are nagging sounds that confuse and push you to the boundaries. At the end of the day, I ask - why are we even here alive when ultimately we will all die? Can life make me die while having fun?

Like communicating with extra-terrestrials I ask, why are we here? what is our purpose? are we alone in the universe? I want to find the answers just to know if all the things a normal person goes through is worth getting into. Like planning, saving money, being a slave, surrendering 80% of life in the office, etc. What for?

In 2005, I swear I saw a UFO hiding behind the clouds as I was testing our new video camera. I recorded it but nobody kept a trace of where that tape was. Maybe it was erased for another occasion to be recorded. Why was it up there, do people who die ride these UFO's? Or is the earth just waiting for an alien invasion.

I get too tired of thinking about the right path to take, do what you love or do like most of the population. All I want are donuts.

Maybe the reason we are here is to eat donuts! *lol* it almost sounds blasphemous but donuts make me happy like chips. I just discovered how delicious the donuts in Starbucks are although pricey. The chocolate dipped donut of Starbucks has real chocolate on top of it and I cannot wait to devour one again.

Then Krispy Kreme just released a new chocolate-y donut, just look at this photo. It's called chocolate carnaval and I can't wait to ride it.

All these donuts make me forget all the uncertainties in life! yummy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great time at Hermanos Tapas & Deli Bar

Last night we traveled all the way to Julia Vargas to meet food bloggers at the new Hermanos Tapas & Deli Bar. The crew of QTube were present too as they wanted to feature food bloggers, and I got interviewed by Qtube host Andy (the guy). Andi9 interviewed my friend Fran, watch out for the Hermanos feature on Qtube every Thursday :)

Anyway, the food, wine, ambiance were all great especially shared with friends. Jane was there with her lovey-dovey Christian and Paul - Fran's sweetheart. Our table was filled with hearty conversations and I missed Azrael who arrived late as usual. He came from another event for Animax.

I'll write more about Hermanos at Style and Relax and share my very own photos there.
UPDATE: check out

Here's a glimpse of what we had:

USA Tapa

Thank you to Manny, the man behind Hermanos and to Azrael's good friend Spanky :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fish & Co. Adventure - Eat your heart out!

Yesterday, bloggers had fun at Fish & Co. Shangri-la Mall branch. Still we have the Island Cove Adventure hangover, and once more - our friends from Yehey! surprised us with another challenge.

We were divided into 4 groups: Philadelphia, Japan, Malaysia, and India (my group). Our task is to design and create a decent presentation of our Fish and Chips depending on our assigned country. Everyone were handed a sash to wear like Miss Universe!

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Then came the surprise, everyone has to run to the grocery and grab the ingredients in no more than 30 minutes. Off everyone ran with their sash, mindless of the people staring at us inside the mall. whew!

We picked up mango chutney, bell peppers, fresh parsley, curry paste, lemons, and onions.

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Ohmski turns lemon into a flower, Leira prepares the parsley leaves

Tadaa! Our entry: Vishnu Fish Delight

Ohmski was great with plating and knew how to turn a lemon into a flower, and a red bell pepper into a curry paste holder. Our plate is called Vishnu Fish Delight :) We said the red bell pepper is the offering to the god Vishnu to provide many more fishes.

We didn't win (awww) but everyone enjoyed the International Fish & Chips platter. Fish and Chips reminds me of my trip to Australia where seafood was great and fresh. I also love their desserts - Tiramisu and Creme Brulee.

International Fish & Chips Platter

Creme Brulee and Tiramisu

Chris loves his Creme Brulee to the max!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writer's Block

It's 12.46 AM and we just got home an hour ago from a movie premiere - Taken. I highly recommend it to teenagers who don't follow their parents and travelers who are too complacent and excited, both may end up being kidnapped. Better watch the movie :p

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with lots of blogger friends!!!

Moreover, today I bought a new purple dress that I am excited to wear. I feel like it has been ages since I posed with a decent outfit for the style blog. This week is slow since I opted to stay at home but it's only Wednesday now and there's more to do, eat, attend, and visit on Thursday and Friday. Definitely wearing the new purple dress on Thursday :)

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at Blenz checking emails and plurking

I am trying to unblock the writer's block now but I feel I'll be able to write sensibly later on this morning. blah blah blah

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to the REAL Shopaholic!

To the girl who has everything and amped it up with sexy soft curls, happy birthday to my dear sister Joni!

The REAL Shopaholic

May you have more Luis Vuittons, Guccis, and Bvlgaris to come! :) You deserve all the brands there is in the entire universe.

Joni with the best husband and provider ever, Vincent Alexander!

Joni with the cutest and brightest kid ever, Anya!

I wish for more travels for us and more shopping with Mama! weee! Greet Joni in her blog:

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lace is a Proper Noun by Anya

Anya drew me beside Alex the Lion of Madagascar as examples of proper nouns. This is my best portrait so far! Thank you Anya, you're an artist! :)

Pretty Excited!

I will be gone the whole day tomorrow for my first summer adventure! :) Check out my adventure profile here:

And I want to share the product of my photoshoot by Nicollo Cosme care of Globe's Project Headshots:

And another photo by Havaianas' Paparazzi taken awhile ago at Rockwell:

Spot the difference! :D Happy summer!

The NEW Greenwich

I have one vivid memory of Greenwich, that time when I was a little, in a parking lot of some carnival, it was my first bite into a pizza. The flavor was "smoky" and "toasted" and I loved it. Now Greenwich has evolved into it's best phase ever, as a Fast Casual Dining place where friends can pass the time over delicious and affordable food.

Yesterday, I was invited by Greenwich to their new concept store near the Heart Center, and this is what I discovered.

And these are what I enjoyed.

Best Lasagna Ever

Shawarma Pizza


Read more about the new Greenwich Concept Store

I was so full yesterday I swear, I don't want to eat any more today. Being a blogger is quiet FATTENING but I love it. Thanks Greenwich! :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Takaw - Chips, V-Cut, and Junk Food

I can't take how much takaw I've become, I crave lots of food - different types from healthy to junk. Last night I was forcing Az to eat midnight snack with me, I badly wanted a hamburger with french fries but it was 12 midnight. So I had some rice and my favorite dish laing, I was not happy after that so I took a chocolate covered wafer bar from Santi's to share with Az.

Today I could not think of anything else but V-Cut dipped in mayo and catsup. I asked Az to buy me some after I walked the dog. I made an effort today to walk walk walk even when my ankles are hurting (we got lost last week in Makati and had to walk a mile). We had 3 bags of chips and I devoured 1 bag by myself in front of the TV.

I asked some friends what their favorite chips are and here is how our conversation went:

What is your favorite CHIPS? vcut, tortillas, piattos, etc.

Suzaku Lace says dip natin sa cheesewiz! or catsup and mayo wee!

UrMajesty_Sire says vcut dipped in sourcream!

ahlliysszonne says nova..hahahahaha

joanjoyce says piattos na bbq

Suzaku Lace says sarrrappp! UrMajesty_Sire, gusto ko din ng Vcut pero dipped in catsup

Suzaku Lace says bibili muna akong Vcut

musicblogger piknik, tortillos

UrMajesty_Sire says ayan ngcrave na

shinkaide says Lays Sour Cream & Onion.

JPooh yummy....

musicblogger lays...yumm

Jennie says my homemade mojos and chips. no to tranfat.

Azrael says putik ang mahal ng chips sa tindahan... 4 na piraso pack e..lagpas 100 na

sarahcada CLOVER NA CHEESE!!! At saka Nova. At Cheetos. At CLOVER!!!

almabuenviaje RUFFLES, LAYS - both sour cream, kettle chips (sour cream pa din) and VCUT

temp.Superstar says mr. chips at yung clover chips na ham & cheese! weeh!

Suzaku Lace says get your chips ready for midnight snack! i dipped my vcut in mayo and catsup kanina while watching the news

It feels so good to eat! waahhh ~ Tomorrow will be a day full of events, hopefully my destinations serve fresh green salads to compensate. What is your midnight snack for today?

Tagaytay 2009

Mama, Liza, Azrael, Me, and Kuya Bernard went to Tagaytay one Monday morning. Our mission is to eat at Josephine's and have a fun relaxed time with the family.

At Josephine's after eating, the three of us took turns jumping in front of the camera. Az brought his tripod. I am very frustrated because I feel heavy when I jump and I look like a frog heehee but it was fun taking these photos!

Mama enjoyed her fresh coconut and Kuya Bernard enjoy pointing to the volcano.

After the lunch, we passed by a hotel being constructed and Mama thought it was a condominium with units for sale. We stopped by to ask because she really wants a place here. Turns out it is a hotel and the sales lady accompanied us to another building which is their condo version.

It was nice but Liza and I investigated the place and took lots of photos to "feel" if it was worthy to be called second home, naks! Here is Liza and me re-enacting washing of the dishes while talking behind the sink.

Of course there's the photo beside the fireplace and the swimming pool.

All we can say is that the weather is lovely. We then continued to the zoo since Az has not been there and POOR ANIMALS! They are in little smelly cages they can barely move and all they can step on are iron bars and cement when they are surrounded with the mountain. I hope PETA visits Residence Inn Zoo.

Anyway, Mama picked up more plants and enjoyed looking at the flowers. We went home with many plants, fruits, and goodies from Good Shepherd.

It was such a great time with the family! I love my life suuuuppeerrr...