Monday, August 27, 2007

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic MOVIE

Yes! the books we were all reading from Sophie Kinsella will now be turned into movies! This is very exciting, we will finally see Rebecca Bloomwood and Luke on the big screen. Are you curious what they are going to look like? Well, here is Isla Fisher as Becky:

I have no news yet about who is going to play Luke. But I was always imagining him as the Luke in Charmed, the one who plays doctor in Nip/Tuck :) The movie will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and shooting will start on November. Finish up quickly guys! and goodluck :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's good to be home

Whew~ i had a very very long day. I'm not sure why but maybe its my raging hormones making me irritable and uncomfortable the whole time. While i was staring at my monitor, it seemed i was going into a spiral and the ground below my seat was eating me. Annoying persons don't help as well. Please help me not to be mean. > ggrrrr < I discovered too, that my high school friend Rhea, was just working beside my building.

And after all that, it feels good to sit here at home while sipping a mug of coffee and listening to the rain fall. Here's my niece, anya who i miss terribly. She is a future Pussycat Doll and a Hip Hop Rapper.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Artwork of Liza and Lace

make your own at

I am very excited for my cinnamoroll surprise on the 25th! ^^

Cinnamoroll says Keep your Fluffy Cool

It's the last non-working day, and my sister Liza and I are losing our cool. Because since yesterday morning, we are always unpleasantly surprised (if you are my regular reader you know i hate ___). I can't publish it YET since i might create a stir.

Anyway, Liza and I are not enjoying because we want our privacy always. The freedom to do whatever we want inside the house and pick our own spots to flop ourselves to. We also want silence. The long vacation is only the moment we can relax and be comfortable for a longer time.

Even if i stare at my cartoon-interest, Cinnamoroll a million times, i can't get myself into Fluffy mood! I also logged in sanrio town to try and be cheery and hypnotize myself to be brighter. but to no avail.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Daddy Long Legs

Do you have a good movie this long weekend? I recommend the Korean movie, Daddy Long Legs :)

I remember watching a cartoon of the same title. Both of them are about a lady writer who was orphaned and mysteriously receives things and support from an anonymous sender. She named him Daddy Long Legs since he supported her like a father would.

If you want to know where you can watch it online, just drop me a message :) This movie was way back 2004. It stars the pretty girl from Memories of Bali, Ha Ji Won.

Question to the Universe

Why is it that when you help not-so lucky people, or try to level yourself to them, befriend them, and be comfortable with them, THEY take advantage?

I am not talking of any person in particular. We were stranded yesterday and a couple decided to stop, and let the commuters, including us, ride their van. The woman said, please decide on our behalf on how much fare you should pay because we really don't know. Halfway during the ride, I was the only person who was eager to pay, I gave the lady a hundred pesos for azrael and me. She was trying to be kind and give me change, but i said it was okay. However, the other passengers still answered in chorus that the fare to our destination was only 25 PESOS! one man even said that it was just 13 pesos or 15 if it was airconditioned bus. My point is, these people are still trying to be cheap and take advantage of the kindness of this couple. From what i know, van rides costs 35 to 45 pesos. But i sensed that they might all kill me if i do the right thing and pay the right amount plus some, for their kindness and for their willingness to drive to a flooded area.

My day revolved around this question, even before the ride incident. That was just the proper example to publish. I am a very humble person and no matter how you look like, what you are, how poor or rich you are, if you are sick or not, I am still the same. And I always step down one level and just for them to feel comfortable. However, most of the time, they change. They will take advantage of me and me, who never played jokes or pranks with them, or made them feel bad. Some of them will suddenly have big heads and start to become jerks and treat me like i want to be actually WITH them, like they are superstars. This experience is really weird. happened to me lots of times with not-so handsome guys, the not-so rich, and the not-so smart, but this one woke me up.

Excuse me for my kindness, and letting these people to play jokes or tease me, just to make them feel better and not inferior. Maybe i owe myself not revenge, but change in my way of dealing with them. Maybe, its not advisable to be too giving and be too good all the time. :)

Happy Weekend! : ) this is just a question, not a rant. still keeping up my promise to self to try and be positive.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday's Tempura Addiction

photo from

Today was an extra exhausting Saturday, i woke up early so we can spend the day with my mom, and Nanay - my mom's friend who took care of me when i was "this" small :) I always look forward for Nanay to come back from Cebu because I get to shop and eat around with her and my mom (who's extra nice when she's with Nanay and won't bulge when I ask her to buy me something).

And as for that, I got a new Wii game! Driving to Trinoma was worth it because i saw Mario Party 8. Tempura and I also met once more, with its friends namely tofu cheesemelt, squid rings with wasabe mayo sauce, kani salad, and california maki!!!! :) It was a japanese food feast and I was very delighted to devour everything. I guess everybody (nanay, mama, tito dodon, and me) were experiencing the same addiction. We all had tempura bentos as our orders. Azrael had his fave katsudon while michael decided to get pizza from another resto.

It was also my first time at SM North The Block. I find it very similar to Mall of Asia when it comes to interiors and the ambiance. We were greeted by BreadTalk and I got the chance to buy the coffee cheesecake with my mom's money. How wonderful it is to shop with your mother!!! freebies freebies freebies.

Friday, August 10, 2007

How to Start a Relaxing and Fulfilling Weekend

It's the last working day of the week for me and the weekend signals me to stop writing for two days and read. Reading is my private time, it also adds to my word bank. But today, before heading straight home, I'll get my favorite massage at Foot for the Gods in Mall of Asia. I'm very much lured to the eucalyptus aromatherapy that they have. Once you enter the room, you feel like you're inside a Vicks Vaporub factory, and i dig it!

Eucalyptus, once you inhale it.. brings you to relaxation world where no one bothers you. The place is also dim, almost dark, and quiet. I am enjoying my day alone. Sorry to those who i have appoinments with. I am just tired and would like to be alone. :)

Maybe i'll get new magazines to read over the weekend. I just discovered how wonderful Reader's Digest is. I thought it was just for adult-adults because of the world news and serious articles sometimes. Too bad it's just the start of the month and no new issues are available yet.

Then come weekend, i'll sleep, avoid the computer, read, bike, play wii, and maybe go shopping.

Imagining a weekend is fun! I hope you have a great weekend ahead too :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rainy Days

Ha! to those people who freak other people out by saying drought has come and magnamizing it into unbelievable scale. Rain has come and the streets are flooded, maybe they should have cleared their drainages instead of wailing and complaining of the so-called drought.

I am enjoying the rain so far, the cold weather makes it perfect to have coffee and eat lots of noodles. It's also pleasant to sleep at night and wake up with a glorious shower while rain taps on the bathroom window.

Yesterday, was rainy and blurry. I can say I had a bad day but the rain has washed it off. I enjoyed getting wet while rushing to the car and eating corn kernels with cheese while we got stuck in traffic.

Rainy days are both chaos and fun. Maybe it's a choice we have to decide on but it's always better to choose FUN than chaos. Just think that you're inside a swimming pool with lots of strangers, haha :) same goes with any bad things that may come our way.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Applying the Laws of Attraction

Time is running extraordinarily quick, can you believe it's already August ? Christmas is three months away and all of us will be a year older once more. Trying my best to be happy and paint my face with smiles rather than frowns is inevitable. And i think it works! the key is to make yourself extremely happy before anyone else throws you lemons.

I am still enjoying my work so much, and it seems like nothing can break the happiness brought about by it. I have lots of even ifs, like Friday was good except for azrael destroying my schedule and giving me a hard time getting a bus home. BUT i was able to shop with my friend while i was waiting, i enjoyed being with my friend and got my dose of happy vitamins.

This Saturday, i had to wake up early for my dental schedule (never ending it is). To make myself happy today, i treated myself to my fave blueberry cheesecake at Sugarhouse. I was absolutely satisfied with my lunch treat EVEN IF my companion was being rowdy and not acting appropriate. I am baffled as to why he is acting differently, especially when we are out. Getting home, i caught some zzzz's (side effect of anesthetics, i think) and i played wii when i woke up. Dinner was extra stressful tonight with the dogs barking for food, and i read someone is planning to go back to being in a BAND. the only time i will date a band type of guy is maybe when i am dead already. I want a peaceful, stable, private, no gossips, no bands type of life.

I AM STILL happy though since maybe it's all going to change, some people may have to go and i won't regret letting them go because room is always good so new people who CAN ACTUALLY GROW with me can come in.

And i have a lot of reading to catch up with again. no rowdiness or no 30 year old guy throwing tantrums can disturb me.

I thank God for giving me happiness and for teaching me how to hold on to it. :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Games for My Wii

Nintendo Wii is an absolute winner! I also had the fear of not being able to enjoy wii as expected, but Wii did not fail me. My sister, mom, aunt, and everyone in my family enjoys it. Thanks a lot to my mom for getting me one.
And because my contentment is impossible, i need the following for my Wii:

1. Call of Duty : for an action packed game with my playmates
2. Mario Party 8: for my family to enjoy
3. Cars: i just saw it in one shop yesterday
4. Extra nunchuck
5. 2 Classic virtual consoles
6. More games like Wii sports! i can't wait for the release of Wii Fit Channel

Then, I already got 2,000 Wii Points. I was able to download Internet Channel without any problems for 500 Wii Points. Now we can browse the net and my mom was truly impressed with the technology.