Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cloverfield monster and me

Make that Cloverfield poster and me.
oh no, still have to wake up early tomorrow!

I had a great time last night watching this one of a kind movie with Azrael. Thanks to for letting Az win their Cloverfield promo haha :) Although I barely had time to sleep since I got home at 11.30pm, the movie was worth it.

The people behind us was a bit noisy and overreacting (OA) that the movie was too shaky and makes them feel dizzy. But of course, in the spirit of fun, watching movies in the Philippines with those side comments is also an experience.

Very much recommended to get you out of the doldrums, watch this movie and you'll feel alive and kicking again haha :) This will make you realize that physical fitness is necessary to survive, how fast can you run and can you whack monsters etc.

The movie was so great that we imitated it right away, ahaha. We fooled around with a camera after the movie, and at 11pm we had our own imaginary Cloverfield video.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cloverfield in Manila

Woot! Another worthwhile distraction is coming and it's no less than the Cloverfield monster. On January 30, Wednesday, be sure to bring your movie budget and call your date - it's the regular screening of Cloverfield in Manila. Woohoo! I'm so excited, like there's no tomorrow.

I'll probably watch at Shangrila or my neighbor, SM so I can drag myself to bed on time after the flick. Not sure if IMAX will show Cloverfield but that screen is too big that we might get motion sick from the movie.

Don't you just love movies? What's life without movies? Love it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eastwood's Silver Mime

It was my first time to be in Eastwood City, Libis (yup, i'm a loser!) last Friday, celebrating the start of a weekend. There were lots of mimes there, standing along the restaurants and bars. Eastwood is such a busy party place, and at 11pm everyone was still alive. I hope I can go here with my peers sometime, they had to pass because it was Lastikman's last episode haha :)

'Til next Friday folks.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Du... Du Hast

My early rock music drains angst and it's great to sing along and feel like a rockstar after a busy week. If i could smash a guitar on the wall that would be awesome too, I miss real rock. We were just talking about our favorite bands yesterday and I continued talking about it until 3 in the morning. Azrael and I found found an online KTV at 1am and you could sing Blur's song 2, Bush's Machinehead, Limp Bizkit's Nookie, and Korn!

Too bad that one of my favorite songs from Ramstein wasn't there. Rock fans, here's Du Hast:

and here's Freak on a Leash by Korn:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attack of the Show and some thoughts

This week was pretty fast, I can't believe it's already Friday and the days went swooshing by! I always look forward to watching Attack of the Show at the new MAXX channel on cable. They serve everything we need to know about Internet, online gaming, and best of all, gadgets. Yep they make me happy before I snooze. Check out their website

I'm also excited for Friday night and the weekend so I can freshen up my brain and sleep more. I'm thinking pizza, KFC, coke, cake, and tea.

Yet I'm sad because a friend is going back to school and will leave me alone :( I'll surely miss her and the tandem that we have. Why is everybody moving away? Hope I can do it on my own.

We're all growing busy and all we need is support and inspiration.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Someday, You'll Want an Entertainment System too...

LCD TV's are all over the place, discounted even. Like the Sky Worth LCD TV which offers up to Php 6,000 off if paid upfront. Now who wouldn't be tempted to buy these giant flat screens?

Another special offer that the salesman told me about is the Sony LCD TV that goes with a free Entertainment system, which costs roughly around 50,000 pesoses. If ever I have the money (already) to buy these wonders, I'd like a major room make over. In Wall Speakers are nice to have and who ever thought that there is such a thing as Bookshelf speakers? Coming home to a bedroom with a huge LCD TV screen and great sounds seem really comforting, haha :)

The shop I visited is SM Appliance Center. A nice place to dream and go to. In the meantime, I'll make do of an S-video cable and PC Speakers. I'm watching the movie Hard Candy tonight :)

Have a good work week!

Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Update

Sophie Kinsella fans, heads up! Last year, we already knew who would play Becky Bloomwood from our beloved Shopaholic book series (Isla Fisher). I can already imagine her in a shopping cart frenzy as a gambler would be crazy about slots machines. Curious on who is playing Luke Brandon? Let's settle on who would play Philip first:

Just looking at the photo, I guess Hugh Dancy does fit the character of Luke more. All made up in a crisp business suit, ruffled hair, blue eyes - I can't hardly wait for the movie (and who is going to play Luke!).

Confessions of a Shopaholic is under Jerry Bruckheimer and I read it's also a Disney film. I hope it does show on 2008 and please start filming it already :)

Nice movies coming our way, also look out for Sex and the City - The Movie.

* Thanks to Josephine for the correction, I thought Dancy would play Luke >.<

Saturday, January 19, 2008

5 Quick Ways to Stop Crying (or Pretend You're Not)

My sister Joni and niece Anya just drove to the airport and I spent the entire day holding back tears. I wished that my tear ducts were paralyzed and stuffing my eyelids with tissue didn't drain my tears either. This post may be helpful someday, so read some of the ways to halt those tear ducts.

1. Visualize - visualize that what's happening isn't really happening. Example, I convinced myself that they are not going to Australia but the mall.

2. Wash the dishes - and be very O.C. about food stains, scrub them hard, think how you can make the plates whiter. I washed the dishes 15 minutes before they left, then washed them really slow. This gets your head out of the situation and gives you an excuse why you are silent. It's hard to talk when holding back tears, there's like a clog on your throat.

3. Lock yourself inside the bathroom - breathe in and breathe out, here's your chance to do number 1 again (visualize). This is also the step where you can stuff your eyelids with tissue paper. Make sure every drop of tear is absorbed.

4. Pretend you're doing something in the bathroom - after bathroom 1, go to bathroom 2. This is the last resort when you really can't hold them back anymore. As they were leaving, I pretended that I was busy on the toilet. Flush the toilet and pour some water to make it sound realistic.

Then when the car drove away, I stuffed my eyes again with tissue.

5. To further distract yourself, watch a movie on cable TV.

It didn't helped though that when I finally rolled down my tears in my bedroom, my mean boyfriend appeared from behind the curtains, shooting the camera at me. He was laughing and announced that I was crying. I didn't find it funny for the record.

Here's hoping I'll be seeing them this May in Melbourne.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Inspiration - LG Viewty

I found an ad about the LG Viewty in a magazine and my eyes grew wide when I saw WiFi, Internet Browsing, touch screen, and 5 mega pixel camera all rolled into the Viewty's features.

LG seems to get more competitive in the mobile industry. They just released the affordable LG 3G phone and it was a hit in the Philippines. I wonder if this LG Viewty is just as cheap yet sleek. Seriously, I need to save and get a new phone. Maybe.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Morning View

Everyday going to work, this is the view that greets me Ohayo. Although a bit polluted, I enjoy this view well while waiting for the MRT elevator to open. You'll be surprised that there are days when the breeze here is fresh, no kidding -

view from Shaw Boulevard MRT station

Finally took a stolen shot of it this morning :) Can you imagine Thomas and Friends going choo choo! on that railway? That makes me feel good.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cooking Away - Spicy Chicken

This weekend was a bit loony, the nagging fest is happening again and my mom is driving everybody nuts with her moodiness. I can't express how affected I am that my aunt will leave us because she had enough of my mom already. Definitely, I can't let these stuff pull me down. The stars say I should focus my energies on gazillion opportunities in front of me and that's what I'll do.

I was able to get this SEO e-book, wee! :) and I'm dying to have it printed somewhere. Highlighting books and papers makes me feel good. Add to that jotting down random stuff in my notebook and ticking them off.

In the kitchen, I cooked away the negativity inside my house and made spicy chicken. Had to hold back the quantity of Tabasco though. Thanks to the Internet for giving me a sumptuous recipe. Cyberspace, you are my family. Find the recipe here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

CES 2008 - I want a UMPC

If I could fly, I would be in Las Vegas attending the Consumer Electronics Show 2008. All new sparkling, mini, ultra gadgets are there. Bloggers who attended the event got to touch and see face to face uber gizmos that are yet to be released. Fortunately, the internet makes it possible for us here to also take a glimpse of what's in store for us this year.

photo from Ubergizmo. I have my eyes on this LG UMPC, i hope to see you soon!

I predict it's the year of UMPCs or Ultra Mobile Pocket PCs. Asus Eee PC came over to Philippines late last year but in 2008, UMPCs will make their way to Asia too. UMPCs can be considered as an alternative to ultra portable laptops like Eee PC, although it may be more expensive.

photo from This also appeared in CES, HTC shift which would be a better buy for me rather than the HTC phone? hmm...

Unlike previous models of pocket PCs, UMPC's have more practical QWERTY keyboards, touch screens, and bigger memory capabilities of up to 40 GB (maybe some are still expandable). Their LCD screens are also wider and crispier in color.

Friday, January 11, 2008

When Unexpected Accident Hits

This morning, I was extra early in going to work. Azrael and I were riding a shuttle going to Manila when we heard a collision sound from afar. Then suddenly, we hit something. Right away, the thing we hit caused a gigantic cave inside our vehicle. I swear the ceiling almost reached my forehead, the windshield was shattered, and the vehicle looked like it was stepped on by a dinosaur. Everyone was silent, no one really screamed for dear life but all of us passengers were okay.

People from nearby were running towards our car, I didn't dare look in front of the vehicle as I might see a dead body or something. It was weird that I hailed a jeepney as soon as I collected myself because I was more worried to be late for work - adrenaline rush maybe.

Inside the jeepney, we passed by more people and some dead bodies. This is really creepy and I hate seeing accidents, I didn't know if these were the people that we hit. On my way to work i felt like I was floating and wow, I'm not dead and I can still go to work. I discovered that the thing that hit us was the wheel of a 10 wheeler truck and just discovered now that we did hit someone. See this news from GMA.

Okay, now I'm really feeling weird. Good thing I didn't know this while working >.< and hey, I am alive, thank God.

Monday, January 07, 2008

KFC happy treat

This is my treat for the day. KFC dinner oozing with gravy matched with colslaw, yummy. I wasted one hour lining up in the bus terminal and two office girls fought to get in the bus, complete with their collared blazers and A line skirts. haha.

No amount of stress could ruin my happy disposition and I hope tomorrow's another great day. I want to thank all the good people around me. Good night Philippines :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

How to make your dreams come true

Good times - its moments like these that make me think time is the most precious thing in life. Kids won't stay kids and everyone won't be on earth forever.


This is a picture of me and my niece Anya, they are flying away again after 2 weeks but at least I got my share of good times - playing bubbles in our yard, senseless shopping with my sister, and feeling just like 2 years ago. Anya was staying with us until they left for Australia 2 years ago. Anya is addicted to cars, can ask 10 questions in 1 minute, and has unlimited energy resource.

2008 looks promising for an Aquarian like me, that is, according to the stars. I've been busy with work but very happy and looking forward for things to come. A percentage of my brain and heart though is preoccupied with the thought of not having to see my sister and niece for another year or two. Changes are scary but if people want to reach some goals, you have to make make space and time for new things to come.

They say if you think positively you will achieve anything as long as you really want it. My wild dreams are:

1. to be able to afford to pay for another driver so he can drive me to work everyday. Right now I'm sharing rides with my sister Liza and I have to step down in Taft avenue to take the MRT. I want more time too so if I can finally afford to hire another driver, I can get home faster. haha that's just a wild dream and i'll work hard to achieve this.

2. Then I like world peace, i wish everybody gets a job and love it too, and I wish to make my family happy.

3. I wish Anya can stay here in the Philippines with me forever.

I read somewhere that things, when written down, are easier to come true :)

So list down your 2007 good times and your dreams for 2008. If you can dream/write it, you can achieve it!