Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eyelashes Up!

Today was great because we got all busy walking and touring. First we went to Melbourne Aquarium and then to Docklands for a nice Wagyu beef dinner and sweet desserts.

Also, I pledged to give myself an extra fix up by using mascara again for my eyelashes :) It's been years since I curled my lashes. I woke up extra early to do it. I tried walking on heels but I was wobbly haha x.x

Here's me after the entire day out, my eyelashes still holding up :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dazed and Confused

I am so confused! Give someone a chance because they don't want to let go and they'll blew it. Why can't people just see the obvious reasons on why things aren't working out. My time, energy, and effort are all wasted.

Sometimes, I get so hyped up and excited because things seem better but the next day, everything just fails. I do not want anymore roller coaster rides. I want a business class smooth as silk flight up in the air.

It's so hard to concentrate when things are hanging in the air, a TRUCE should be give and take.

My advice to self, be invisible for the next few days because I am so tired. If anything happens, I am not involved, my name is out of the picture. I am working on my weight and wardrobe so I am a very busy lady.

Thank you.

Thin, Thinner, Thinnest

Whew! All I can say is whew, crazy month this have been. Lots of things going out of control including my weight! Many fashion skeptics hate it when women decide to shed some pounds to fit into better clothes or look more straight, like a ruler or a hanger. I love the hanger look, once I trimmed down and reach 60 pounds. I looked like an alien, I love aliens :)

For some reasons, I am getting sick of my outfits and it's time to change. I have been skipping lunches, snacks, and dinners here in Melbourne. I think the cold weather is freezing fat inside my thighs. Also, I am getting sick of my flat shoes. I have been wearing flat shoes ever since I left University, I have forgotten how to walk in high heels. If I get lucky later this afternoon, I shall find a nice pair of pumps that will change my life *lol*

Then, sadly my skin is so dry now that I have to consume 8 gallons of water when I get back home. I only consume 1 glass of water here in Australia as I fear of freezing to death. Dry skin is ugly as it is the foundation for wrinkles, blemishes, etc. Whew. Now I have to restart peeling again and shed skin like a snake for a month.

Yet, these things make life wonderful don't you think? Imperfections, extra fat... makes more life interesting because it gives us a project to work on. Now excuse me as I take a before picture of myself :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nine Inch Nails coming to Manila

Wahhhh! They are coming to Manila on August. I like 9 Inch Nails, I watch their videos before going to school and hum "you are the perfect drug" inside the car.

I miss rockenroll. And I want YOU!

Did it skip a day?

I was utterly surprised this morning when I realized it is not Wednesday but Thursday! Looks like Anya needs to teach me the days of the week. I barely slept last night due to 3 teaspoons of instant coffee. The sound of the tram's bell woke me up just before I had rapid eye movement. The tram's bell resembles that of a ringing alarm clock.

Days fly so fast yet I am also excited for my return. It is getting cold here and I am being scolded for wearing shorts inside the house already.

I own a printing press!

I started today by writing, Lace is a frustrated writer. I had words for breakfast. I just can't stop my fingers from tapping the QWERTY and make that annoying typing sound. tak tak tak tik tak.... I've also found a new therapy for those experiencing heartaches and getting EMO. Hold your horses and think of great memories from the past. Persons may leave but memories are yours forever. Nobody can take those from you, they are yours for-evah. Unless you catch Alzheimer's and you can prevent that by writing and reading. So scribble down everything you remember before time fades the brain. I had fun exercising my memory and how I imagine everything so vividly, like they just happened yesterday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ink Heart

Excuse me for updating my blog 3 times today :) In an effort to distract myself, I watched a movie with Joni, Vincent, and Liza called Inkheart. I wanted to catch this flick on the big screen but some people said it was boring and was nothing like The Mummy. It starred Brendan Frasier.

If I were a kid then I'll give it 5 stars. Books were plenty in the movie which I loved, characters came out of the books, and people can also be sucked inside the stories. If I were to be sucked inside a book then that book should be... hmm... the book of the four gods? But then, the seven warriors including Tamahome, might offer(feed) me to the Suzaku.

Anyway, I was so much inspired to write and at this point I cannot seem to do anything else but write. Amazing how words on paper can stir up emotions, bring you back to the past, and let you create a world of your own.

I am so inspired or sick, that I am thinking of writing my own book. So I just started to test myself out by creating another blog (shoot me). Before I turn this blog into a novel, I am now going to force myself to sleep. Good night wherever you are.

Little Women

Sisters, thank you for all your love and support. I don't know what I can do without you :)

Finally, they knew why I slept all day. I wasn't sick at all but now I feel so much better. Spoiled brats! Distract me with more gifts please :p

Happy Ending

I am talking about Gossip Girl. Blair and Chuck's scene was perfect. Gifts from Paris and Germany, flowers, and one gorgeous looking couple.


A good breakfast starts a good day, and what better way to start than with a slimming cup of green tea and a hearty cream puff.

It is quiet cold today, even I am wearing my jacket I can still feel the biting cold. I miss perspiring in the heat. Here, even if you stand directly under the sun, not one drop of sweat will form. :) Yet, I feel so refreshed and light as unnecessary burdens continue to fall from my shoulders.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eating Noodles

Yes I think my old blog style is back, just pure thoughts flowing from my brain to the keyboard. As I am waiting for my 3 minute SamYang noodles to become edible, I am also reading Jessica Zafra's blog which is pure entertainment. Also, I am chatting with an old good friend of mine who has been keeping me company the whole time. Let's call the friend Casper, the friendly ghost.

Boys Be

We were talking also about old Japanese Anime and the opening and ending songs. I like Boys Be the cheesy anime being shown by AXN when I was in high school, primarily because of the opening song called Daijobu or Alright in english.

I am definitely that - alright. And I can't believe myself too! I want to give myself a medal. Maybe all I need to do is listen to old songs I used to love, Lace is back. Hakuna Matata, I'll deal with whatever when I get back to the Philippine soil.

Internet Fun

Today I've also cleaned up lots of Internet accounts like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Facebook. After dinner, someone suddenly had a copy of that famous scandal, not starring the famous actress. All I can say is that the guy in that scandal deserves an award for lasting 40 minutes every time. It is just unfortunate how the video was leaked but who is to blame right?

Even More

I was also talking about (to my real friends online) how I used to be such a home buddy and how much I wanted a home buddy type of guy. Curling up with a hotdog sandwich, ice cream, listening to music, and not so much of being too outgoing talking to people I am really not interested in. What I enjoy are peaceful dates without a whole crowd at the back, movies that are regularly screened without those red carpet or premier night queues, so much time saved and more quality romantic dates. I think somewhere along the way I bumped my head and forgot what I really wanted. Daydreaming on, I like hours of cuddling while reading books, watching TV together and discussing different issues and opinions in an educated sexy manner. More so, I never waited for any men or talked to them unless they talked to me.

Now my noodles are all in my tummy, dear diary. I'm turning in for the night and I am so much excited for the days to come. I am going to get what I want :)

Fancy Things, Nothing is for Free

Without taking a shower I walked to the city today haha :) I just put on my cap, jacket, and rubber shoes. I wake up so late here in Melbourne and heard my mom inviting everyone to go shopping (again). Oh how I love my mom! :p

We went to Degraves St., Flinders Lane, Royal Arcade, and the GPO. The walk was long but we found so many treasures. Like another Nine West bag, and a couple of brooches.

The shopping spree colored my day so much happy but sometimes, there are trolls along the way. Like when I got online and got shut down. I am also looking for work now. People need to work, if you want to party you have to work. If you want to live in a great house, you have to work. You may pretend you are an earner but you'll end up starving sooner than you think. Even people with money need to work in order to learn and respect themselves. Nothing is for free.

Anyway, I am also looking at new pumps and a nice tailored blazer :) But maybe I'll get them when I come back.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Privacy and Plurking

Do you remember the time when plurk did not exist yet? I do. I had so much free time and had no urge to plurk every single minute. No one forced me to join plurk or to plurk everything but it's just how it works. You get attracted to join in conversations and update your own timeline as well. Little have I noticed that I had so much plurk friends already whom I didn't know so much, even added "fans" so some people can view my updates. Sometimes, I use plurk to promote my blogs.

With all tha hulabaloos happening in my personal life, I decided to leave my other account to create a new one. Azrael said some people have been texting him, asking about my updates. Some people chat up with him to confirm or dwell into my blog posts or some worse, even spin up new stories about me. So I created a new account with like 10 friends, awhile ago Azrael buzzed me and said he received another text message about me.

I can't believe how people become so obsessed with gossip. I am not a celebrity and do not take pleasure in people discussing me. So, I have decided to leave Plurk - forever. I will continue to blog because I love to write but will never spread any more links or do blog promotions. If you don't like what I write then just go watch internet porn.

Sometimes, technology gets the better of us. I am going back to the normal way of life and hope for the best.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something happier

Drinking tea, chewing milky Portuguese egg tarts, and watching a foreign film right now. I still get those chilling episodes whenever I think of what happened these past few days and even what's happening now. But I decide now to focus on something that would make me happy.

I'll soon be coming home and could only wish that everything's going back to normal. Melbourne is lovely especially the cold weather but nothing beats my own room. My huge bed, the noisy electric fan, the bad TV signal, and the huge pillow I hug every night to sleep.

When I come back, if I may dream, I'd love to come home to a Jollibee breakfast of tapsilog with a hot mug of coffee. After eating, I'll go straight to my bed, roll, and sleep. Lunch will be served and I wish for boneless bangus or daing with Mang Tomas. Ooh I love where this post is going. After that, I'd catch up on local TV and for snacks, I might go to SM to buy burgers from McDonald's or spaghetti from Jollibee. Maybe catch a movie as well! I'll be so full by dinner time so maybe I'll just make my own hotdog sandwich. I'll also catch up on cable TV like Lifestyle Network and ETC.

Well, this has made me quiet happy! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where's the LOVE?

Please bear with me as I am recuperating from serious heartbreak and withdrawal syndromes. Anyway, I've posted somewhere that persons may leave but love stays inside the heart. The heart is like a library filled with books, then some people come to borrow and return. When there are no more borrowers, the books are simply returned to the library and the library is more complete than ever. What a comparison, I must be going nuts in the head. Please excuse me :)

Today my borrower was nature, I found love on this old tree. We were running around the mansion like what us sisters used to do inside our garden. Weird but I always feel like hugging trees or sitting inside them. I read storybooks that had talking trees with faces illustrated.

Dear tree, can you take me to Wonderland?

Then there's also Anya who can't stay off my back and want to ride me like a horse. I may be missing a familiar kiss but Anya's kisses are priceless like the gold at Sovereign Hills.

My ever reliable sisters, I am never alone as long as they are present. I should rewind my brain back then, when I get by on my own.

Mama who had fun today at the mansion, the rose garden, and the picnic grounds. I wonder how she managed everything in her life. She's so tough no man can break her.

And Tito Eric, who got me a royal looking butter knife as a souvenir. This day is so memorable to me and I'll always cherish this day forever.

Driving (and getting lost) with Vincent was cool too! He always tries to give me advice in a subtle rocker dude manner. Thank you Vincent, I take your advice and comments to heart. I wish every man on the planet was like you.

You people make me feel like crying already!!! But all your love and support make me more beautiful each day. Don't cha!!! :D

At the Kryal Castle, Realizations

Chivalry is not dead. Here comes prince charming trapped in a woman's body.

All of us had fun posing for the camera, especially me! I loved to be able to see a real castle, walk on the wooden bridge, and imagine. Mama had to call our attention because we posed like a hundred times.

I feel so lucky to get to these places and I'm hoping, even more to come! :) I'll be a super good girl so we can fly to other countries we've never been to yet. Traveling is so much fun with the family, lots of first times, memorable moments, and new pictures! yey!

Also, don't you love how reading books or watching movies can contribute to a great travel experience? I like it whenever I come across an item and scream "it's just like what was written on the book!" or "this place reminds me of this movie".

I am also learning through my mom that she wishes for us to be able to give the same experience and comfort we have now to our future children (if ever we'll have one). Hence, it's a wake up call for me not to waste time and get my life into track.

Tito Eric and the Sun at the countryside.

Short Story

I was just standing there
Selling shirts
then everything changed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sovereign Hills

Woke up extra early today for this trip today to Sovereign Hills. And oh was it worth it! I felt like I was inside a book, or a movie where there are gorgeous looking horses, carriages, ladies that remind me of Jane Austen, and everything Victorian!

My sister Joni said I should wear my new Ralph Lauren marching band tee, which I had to plead for and ask my mom to purchase for me. I have never been so correctly dressed for an occasion. Along the way, I bumped into these guys.

Then we had lunch at New York Cafe. Plates, interiors, and even the staff were historically dressed. Tito Eric and I ordered Beef Curry (we love Indian food). Liza had bolognee, mama just had a creamy rich potato soup.

Mama and Me

Beef Curry Yummeh

Sovereign Hill is a town that revolves around gold mining. Mama was so excited by this fact and tried her luck in finding/sifting gold. Also, a goldsmith showed us how gold is melted and turned into bars.

Mama and me looking for a big gold nugget!

Tito Eric trying his luck

Cute goldsmith

There was also a Chinese little town inside, reminds me of Tamahome. You can enter the little houses and tents as well. After the long walks, we settled into a nice spot with a refreshing view. Enjoying lattes, hot chocolates, donuts, and chips.

Inside a chinese grocery

Me and Tito Eric camping

Again, all thanks to Tito Eric who lurves country side driving. We've been to so many places already! :)

Everyone had a great memorable time

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tara Let's

Tito Eric, the best travel mate you'll ever find in Melbourne. Shown below in full Adidas gear, how cool izzat?

Tomorrow we're going to find gold in a far away place (do-do-do-do-dora!). Come on, Vaminos!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another View

The whirlwind I am in is driving me nuts, but Lace focus on this view.

I may not be a rockstar but I feel like one whenever my mum buys me shiny new clothes that almost make me cry. Whenever Anya and I rehearse the song called The Lion Sleeps Tonight or that silly Indian dance that we've made up.

Sailing at the Sydney Harbour

I may not be of a certain type that's all the rage now, but I certainly know who I am. Aquarian, creative, flaming passionate, and free.

Now I have fever, just because I am too hot :p

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ice Skating in Docklands

Docklands is a nice place to shop, get coffee, and now - iceskate! I always turn to iceskating whenever I feel stressed, lonely, and helpless. Sometimes, just to pass the time. It clears the mind because all I think about are the blades and the ice kissing on the ground, and how I should concentrate otherwise I'd fall.

Really, I find Melbourne such a romantic place... how sad that is :p

Thank you again to Audrey for joining me and Liza. It was Liza's first time to iceskate, she only fell once! Not bad.

Then Audrey was so kind to feed us in this nice place called Meccah Bah that serves Turkish dishes. Yum-oh.

And finally, to Chocolate Shop. We were the last customers, they have lovely cakes and comforting lattes and hot chocolate.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Melbourne at Night

And I thought Melbourne's nightlife was missing! Every cool person was on the streets of Lonsdale, Burke, and lane ways of the city last Saturday night.

Audrey took me with her friends for an endless night out starting off with a casual friendly dinner at Groove Train in Melbourne Central. Everyone had the Japanese fever and when we walked pass Harajuku Cafe the girls could not resist these yummy cute crepes.

Then to Baraki, a simple bar with no fancy laser lights just people dancing and couches to rest in. The vibe was so relaxed and casual where you can dance to your heart's desire. Music that night was provided by a live band who played mostly RnB's. The DJ played dance music from the early 2000 era like It's Getting Hot in Here and Missy Eliot. Nostalgic!

At around 12AM we were ready to go for hot drinks, people were everywhere. Now we are talking night life Melbourne! Kelvin showed us to this hidden lounge called Manchuria. Pub's in Melbourne are mostly underground or you got to take the stairs. You can find random doors in the veins of the city and you'll never know what's inside until you come in.

Alfred, another cousin was partying hard in Khokolat so Audrey and I went for last round of drinks (read: Sparkling Water) in Golden Buddha. It reminded me of China gangster movies where the mafia lounge in luxurious couches with intricate interior design. Lovely, the place was so comforting and was perfect to rest tired legs from all the dancing and walking.

The night has cured my being homesick from all the happenings and nightlife in Manila. Thank you Audrey and Alfred, you've successfully evangelized me and you definitely know how to parteh until morning.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fretblanket's Into the Ocean

I always miss rockenroll and this song is constantly playing on my head because the vocals sound like Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

I remember waiting for this song on my daily drive to school, listening to NU 107. Zach and Joey on the background haha. Ohh I miss those days of real rock. Good thing the song is uploaded to youtube.

Kill boredom, rock and roll!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How does she know that he loves her?

Break into a song and dedicate words to her? How convenient that would be! Or simply, just let her know with words. Then we'd waste no time waiting or fidgeting with our fingers. Thinking, what if prince charming has found another princess from plurklandia?

Because really, it is very sad to be separated forever from your one true love. Have you found your prince charming or the frog prince at the least? I really don't know.

I am inspired by the movie Enchanted, maybe I'll wear a princess gown tomorrow :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Apple Picking at the Farm

Tito Emboy, my mom's cousin in Australia brought us to an apple picking farm today. We went with mama, nanay, and my sister Liza.

Our first stop was his favorite shop that sells freshly picked fruits and vegetables, nuts, and organic products. Everyone enjoyed choosing a snack for the road and some pasalubongs. The store keeper already knows Tito Emboy because he and Tita Cora come here every time.

Then off we go to pick apples! red, green, and even orange.

I didn't know we'll have so much fun. We literally ate the apples straight from the tree. So fresh, sweet, and juicy! The best apples I ever had.

Everyone especially Mama and Nanay had a great time having their photos taken, climbing the ladder, and driving through towns.

Tito Emboy wears red, like apples.

Thank you so much to Tito Emboy and his wonderful family :)