Saturday, July 28, 2007

I will buy Wii


Because I am a good girl, my mom will buy me Nintendo Wii later :) I am very excited!!! Got to see the games from Nintendo. Some are included in the product bundle such as the Wii Sports. Wii Play and Wario Ware looks fun too! To know more about Wii games, log on to their website at

We are getting the console at Toy Kingdom. It's cheaper in Greenhills Shopping Center but the mall is nearer to our house. I hope the shop will give us free games too, just like when i got PS1, it came with several games.

Broadband in the Philippines

I am very annoyed at my broadband connection. I don't know if it's only Globe Broadband that is like this but I am not getting anything done at all. Everyday, i get disconnected about a hundred times while I am downloading, talking through web messenger, making internet calls, researching, and everything else that I should be doing on the internet. I can't get anything done on time!!!

It's like im using my old dial-up connection, really. It disrupts my schedule and my tasks for the day. I tried calling customer service this morning, using both my landline and mobile phone. Only to be passed on to about 5 different numbers, all of the reps said they don't handle broadband and i have to dial another number. The original contact I was dialing is 171, and all i hear is something similar to a fax tone... I told the same to one of the unfortunate customer reps i talked to, he said i should just wait. And I waited, until all there is was a busy tone. My calling spree lasted for around 45 minutes to an hour. And i did not get anything at all, no assistance whatsoever. Hay.

Someone please help me, i want to know where I can get broadband service that is fast, continuous, and without disconnections!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Enjoying first week of work

I can't express how lucky I got and how much I am enjoying my new job. I just love writing and the internet :) I wish that my work and office will stay as cool always.

I am working on our website, i'll post the link here when updates are done. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of what it is like by joining our forum:

Finally, I can work in peace and quiet :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Liza!

July is full of birthdays! Yesterday, my sister Liza turned 17 and we celebrated her day by pampering ourselves at Foot for the Gods in Mall of Asia while Liza had her nails done somewhere.

Then we tried going to Hobbies of Asia along Macapagal Ave. We thought it was full of tiangge finds and lots of animals and interesting buys - but it was a disappointment : ( the animals are plenty though but they look bored just like the sales people there.

So we had an early dinner at Seaside sa Macapagal where there are plenty of Palutuans. I just had to go to my friend's restaurant which is Trinity. We went to the market area, bought seafood such as shrimps, fish, and squid.

Trinity restaurant made wonderful dishes out of them. We love the calamares, tempura, fish in miso, spicy squid, and steamed Lapu-Lapu.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

It's my mom's birthday today and i ate a lot. Thanks to my dentist who freed my gums from the sutures. Now I can eat like there's no tomorrow! yahoo! I brought home food from Amber, the famous resto around makati and buendia, they have the best pichi pichi, pancit palabok, and barbecue - all for very affordable prices :)

It is a tiring day for me, I went from Manila to Ortigas to Makati. I can't wait to fall on my bed and get some zzzz's. Tomorrow I shall walk the streets again, I am not a street kid by the way :) I need to ship some of the shirts and find my money tree ^^!

Good Night everybody! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My day today

Was okay. ahahaha. I now wake up at 8am everyday, it feels better somehow ^^ i miss eating breakfast. I went with my aunt to glorietta to deliver some of the Transformers shirts. Thanks for all those who bought tshirts and it was nice meeting you! :)

I also met my friend mariel and we were able to talk a lot... 90% of our conversation is about not having enough money. hahhaha :) it was a good day! Yeyey, my aunt - enjoyed shopping for her friend and for my other aunt. Tomorrow i shall ship some shirts to the buyers via 2go and maybe i can watch a movie too ^^ i still have free movie passes. im dying to see the cooking rat - ratatouile, not sure of the spelling but you say it like - rat-tah-tu-ee ahahaha i hope it's showing already.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Transformers and Superman Shirts!

I have delivery tomorrow at Glorietta. Please text 09178192913 for orders. We have new Superman Shirts also! ^^ Everything is original and licensed.

Again the TF shirts are Php 500 and so are the new Superman shirts for the Superman fans :) This is different from what you see in other shops because it has a 3d high density print. ^^

Here are the sizes:

Small - chest measurements of 34-35 inches
Medium - 36-37
Large - 38-39
XL - 40-41
XXL - 42-43

And the photos:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am very hungry!!!!

I've not eaten properly for the last three days because of my surgery... :( I also have a cold and fever because i stopped taking vitamin C since I am taking lots of antibiotics. I might get overdosed already and sometimes, i also take pain killers. Now i feel very toxic.

I am dreaming of hamburgers, spaghetti, buffet, cakes, chicken, and all the food i love! I miss you all :) I wish my gums would heal already :(

i swear i will forget all about calories and bulging tummy after i heal. i will devour everything i see!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I did it! Wisdom tooth now a history

Yehey! I am very glad it is over between me and the remaining wisdom tooth. I just had surgery, my gums were sliced, wisdom tooth drilled and extracted, then gums stitched back together. I feel like in a gory movie but i am very happy it's gone - bye bye tooth.

Here is me before and after surgery. The masking tape placed by the dentist on my face to avoid swelling made me even prouder, it's like a badge of courage *lol*

Even before the surgery, my big face looks swollen already hahaha



Monday, July 09, 2007

My first Putanesca Recipe :)

I cooked my very first Putanesca Pasta yesterday. Az was demanding that i cook it for him so I got the recipe book at once. Confused of the several recipes, i merged all of them together and voila! delicious putanesca made by me and enjoyed by many :) My mom enjoyed it also, she said it reminds her of a high end resto she used to go to. naks!

This was also my first time to use black and green olives when cooking. looks delicious and very colorful! ^^

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trinoma Adventures

It was my first time in Trinoma, and together with my tagmate Misyel (kakampi against Az) and Azrael (kalaban) we toured the new mall armed with a digicam. Trinoma was something new for me, it is similar to greenbelt, glorietta, and ATC but it has huge amounts of green plants and vegetation and i appreciate that! it's a nice contrast against consumerism :)

The garden was smoke free for now, before the smokers would plague it at night with their san mig lights. hay~ al fresco dining is always ruined by smoke. But i hope it will turn out the other way and we could sometimes enjoy eating with the plants and our dear green friends.

the shops were also nice and for me, it was a breeze walking on the wide hallways. misyel and i particularly enjoyed checking out the Sanrio shop. i wished i was in elementary again so I can buy and use the nice lunchboxes with matching spoon and fork, mat, and water jug.

and we had lots of picture taking time! it was a bit embarrassing but this is a new mall after all that deserves a photo op.

what a coincidence! i was wearing my Bart t-shirt. This is my real family before adoption.

you can easily go to Trinoma via MRT. but az and i got wet because of the rain as we tried waiting for a bus in 1 of the terminals at edsa taft afetr alighting the train.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Transformers Cap Day

I finally finished sewing my Transformers Autobot Cap. Thanks to my friend for giving me a TF patch :) Today i had a brief stint at Makati and I hope all goes well along with many others ahahaha ^^ I am enjoying very much but today I am kind of tired, I slept right away after coming home. The rain was nice and i couldn't resist rolling around on my bed and finally, falling asleep.

I dropped by Powerbooks in Greenbelt also to save money and read my favorite magazines there instead (bad!) ahhahaha I am planning to read more tomorrow. Azrael enjoyed reading the new issue of FHM also.

The Transformers shirts are running out fast so please do drop us a text message if you want one and also
your size :) 09178192913.

Here is Azrael with his lovey-dovey Optimus Prime.

And here is Azrael with his daughter. i love KFC!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Transformers Tshirts FOR SALE!!! :)

t-shirts in their original packaging

Authentic Transformers T-shirts for only P500! :) sizes are available. Choose your side - Autobots or Decepticons. The shirts are embossed with your chosen symbol and has shiny/glistening stuff on the material. Perfect for the fangirls and fanboys. :)

available for a limited time only.

email or text 09178192913.

free Optimus Prime original poster for the first few buyers! :)

Post Deleted

I am so tired today and also disappointed for some reasons. Someone does not appreciate my hard work (if you were here yesterday, you could have seen the project i made out of boredom). I was hoping he'll all be giddy and proud of what i made. Maybe he doesn't want somebody else to see it or whatever. I wish i just made a photo montage video of me and BART SIMPSON or me and my happy meal toys. grrrr ~ i'll never create something for you again!

I was out the whole day with limited budget and I had to cancel some destinations for some reasons i'd rather not disclose. It was all sweat and dust, I rode the bus, the mrt, and not ONE but TWO jeepneys! I wish tomorrow will be more organized and worth my trip - at least i'll have a car tomorrow.

sorry for the rant post, maybe soon i'll be able to post something better.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Azrael's Birthday

Held yesterday at my house, the usual groupmates were there: victor, rg, mark, misyel, and me :) My mom and I cooked spaghetti, roasted chicken, fruit salad, and pancit. it was almost the same as a christmas feast!

Before the birthday bash, my mom surprised Azrael at exactly 12 midnight with a huge Transformers Robot: Primus