Sunday, December 31, 2006

Paparazzi Shots and KIDDIE monsters from Dolphin Show

First of all, i came to the dolphin show because i want to be kind to my mom. Instead of bringing our toddler nephews or nieces, i'd rather that we go by ourselves. BUT the whole event was excruciating. WHY? there are millions of wailing kids around me kicking, jumping, throwing tantrums, and trying to get attention. i liked kids before, now i only like some of them. my eyes were opened by my officemate who believed that kids are monsters and he doesn't know why people choose to have them. i observed, and i must say that it is true. the kid behind my back kept on kicking and i was hit 99% of the time. i know i shouldn't be in there but parents please, im begging you in behalf of the whole population to train your kids how to behave.

inside the mall, there are still swarms of kids all over just like critters (movie). there were kids inside the CR pissing on the sink (because they can't hold it) to the dismay of the janitress. inside the groceries, parents still brought their kids even when they knew that the place will be crowded. the monsters were on humongous strollers that created traffic.

i am not being mean to kids, in fact, what i am saying benefits their safety and welfare.

the DOLPHINS SHOULD BE FREED. dolphins are not meant to shoot balls and do mathematics. there was a time during the show that i clearly saw the trainer SLAP the dolphin because it failed to do the trick. they say these dolphins are lucky they have caretakers. DOLPHINS don't need caretakers. they have plenty of food in the ocean and need not put a trick in order to eat. DOLPHINS are not meant to fly in airplanes and swim inside a pool. PARENTS were disobedient to TURN THEIR CAMERA FLASH off. it hurts the dolphins and causes them to have spasms. stupid people. i commend the host for being brave and confiscating the cameras of those who used flash and calling out these people during the show. Talk about being embarrassed in front of your children! HA-HA!

i hope i somehow get my message across. i feel bad that i contributed 400 pesos to watch animal cruelty and sit with annoying children.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

starting the new year

congratulations for staying alive to see the new year!

welcome to 2007 ^___^
i am not a big fan of new year's celebration, with all the kabooms and kabangs and the air pollution. I wish people will be more sensible... what's the point of making annoying noise from firecrackers anyway? it's like you are burning money and people say that life is very hard these days. that's what i call stupidity.

i will start 2007 with weight loss!!! my face is getting bigger each vacation day. i will save money by not buying expensive and excessive food so that i can get a new laptop. im looking at these laptops. i've given up my dream of acer ferarri, it now costs 150,000 something pesos. i'm also thinking whether I SHOULD buy a laptop and say goodbye to my savings. but this keeps me going so why not think about it? ahahahahaha

ACER Aspire 3624WXMi

Toshiba Satellite L30-C330 (i haven't seen this silver version in manila yet.)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006

I am posting this blog amidst my terrible breakouts. i was and still stressed over the holidays! and i have this problem with the essay writing job. one client told the agency that the work was plagiarized! after i poured lots of hours researching and writing for all of them. i always use supporting statements and use in-text citation. i don't know what their problem is. now i don't know if i will even get paid for all the essays i wrote. i think it costs more or less Php 10,000.

anyhoo, i was also sleepless for a week or so. there was the collectibles bazaar, the writing jobs i was doing (but after this i'll never write essays for americans again), and the farewell from my office. I feel like i'm inside a washing machine.


Christmas is never about me of course so no matter how stressed and troubled I am, I made sure that i make Christmas day a good one for Jesus. Azrael and I prepared everything, his sister was also with us and we all went to hear the mass.

Christmas day is also our 2nd year anniversary!
congratulations to me.

Then the three of us went to Laguna to meet her uncle and aunt and cousins. I enjoyed singing with the magic sing. I want to buy that well maybe later when my problems go away.

Friday, December 22, 2006

My last day at MCO

<-- me and chong. blouse care of ate maryann : )

Sadly this is my last day to sit here inside my cublicle. this is my last day inside the office that became my second home for a year and a half! oh my God i am so sad and i wish i can stay here even if im not working heehee. i just felt i need to move on and rest a little, that's my reason. nothing my boss is evil or i dont get paid enough stuff hahahaha

I'll miss my computer, my drawer, my officemates. i learned a lot here and experienced both good and bad. i want to thank them for believing in me and giving me lots of free trips heehee. i became an instant jetsetter this year. *lol* i'll miss giving naughty comments and telling naughty stories and i'll miss ranting about my boyfriend in the office.

im walking out of here more confident and armed with marketing practice. weee! it's just like graduation! i can't thank them enough. i know they love me and i love them more. they are the best officemates ever.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shopaholic and Baby

Sophie Kinsela's newest book will be out by February 2007!

I just cannot wait for it. i was surfing the net and found out about it. here is the book cover on

I do not promote being a shopaholic and it is annoying how celebrities and so many other girls "confess" being one. duh? everybody likes to shop. and being shopaholic is not something to be proud of, it's a form of addiction as we saw in the earlier books of Sophie Kinsela.

What i liked about this saga is how Becky Bloomwood finds ways to produce money and get out of her debt. I also like how she treats Luke, her now husband, and how she fools and coos him so he won' get mad.

how i wish this is out in the Philippines!!!!

My lost kitten is found!!!!!

My kitten that i saved from EDSA, named by my mom PULOT.. the filipino word for 'picked up' was missing the other day (

it was playing in the garden at night when the kid demon carolers took it. the kitten likes being around persons and maybe it walked to them. i was so sad that it was gone then today my sister called me up and told me that they found the kitten!!!

it was being held by a kid that was walking along with his/her mom. my aunt heard their conversation and the kid was saying "yehey may magbabantay na ng bahay natin (yey someone will guard our house now) " and she saw the kitten.

then my mom walked to them and took PULOT back ^____^ now it's at home being guarded so that it won't get lost again.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

meet my personal chef and dishwasher

okay this is my third post for the day. but i think this one is going to make your day. i took a video of them both while working in my kitchen.

and my dishwasher... hmmmm

for more of this visit

Surprise for Azrael

<--- me looking stressed with the long line in the cashier

Azrael wrote in his blog that i am looking for a new man for new year ahahahaha i think he misread my ym conversation with my bestfriend. now he is making tampururot. i got the idea to surprise him with a nice toy so i rushed to Robinson's Place to find anything marvel.

and i found.... CARNAGE!!!!! from spiderman

A Diamond Select Release! Ultimate Carnage, the newest figure in the popular Marvel Select line, features 14 points of articulation and comes with an in scale non-articulated Ultimate Gwen Stacy figure. This figure, sculpted by Phil Ramirez, is based on the classic story arc in which Carnage™ killed Spider-Man's schoolmate, Gwen Stacy. Created by Dr. Curt Connor and Dr. Ben Reilly, and incubated secretly, Carnage is a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. He is able to drain the life force of his victims and absorb their DNA, allowing Carnage's strength to grow with each kill!

i hope he comes back today from his relatives in Laguna. im so excited to see his reaction when he sees this. it's a very large toy that comes with an action figure of its victim ahahahaha.

Shoes and Bags Shopping

I was in Pasig area yesterday with my sister so we went to St. Francis Square. I missed going there and now they have more shoes and bags. I did my christmas shopping there and bought hello kitty makeup bags and pouches for everybody. We were scouring the place for gifts for mama, kuya bernard our driver, and "all the people in the house yo". heehee

but we were also lloking to buy stuff for ourselves. I bought this nice pair of flats and im wearing it right now, they are lovely! liza also showed me the bag she will give me for christmas, she just showed me a part of it and i saw leopard prints. yey! they are in season last time I read a magazine which is yesterday. hahahaha

now i want more stuff! heehee i'll be in megamall on saturday for the christmas expo. i wish i can find more things there, im still not done shopping for gifts. >.< Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the happiest surprise ever

yesterday i knew that we will have a meeting then afterwards, a pseudo-christmas party cum merienda. i setup the projector and laptop for one last time and i was being sent down to get plates, glasses, and drinks for the merienda afterwards. when i came in they said we will now view the College AVP and give comments.

i was wondering why the intro seemed different until i saw my face projected on the wall and my picture's mouth was moving! then the room was filled with the music of Kuh Ledesma's Bulaklak aahahahaha

Lawrence made me an avp with a lot of pictures fading in and out. it was so sweet of my officemates. now i feel so sad that i am leaving.

That's not all! we were supposed to have exchange gifts and i was so disoriented that i was everybody's BABY and got all their gifts... *sob* i was even worried because i didnt get a surprise gift. Astrid was there with us I missed her so much when she left. she gave me chocolates and a pair of leggings/stockings. i also got a sex book, KY Jelly, face towel (spongebob), a nice comfy pillow, and a parker pen.

i got away with a lot of gifts in tow... everyone was so thoughtful i want to cry and whenever i remember what they made for me i want to cry. ahahahahaha

the LACE AVP can be found in my multiply account.. just click video : )

Monday, December 18, 2006

Acer Ferarri Notebook

Add this to my christmas wishlist! i saw this one last night in Dtour, also heard about it in school and watched it on cable TV.

I think this is the most powerful laptop right now. it has larger gigabytes than my HP pavillion at home.

this is something worth working for. this will inspire me to write more and i can just bring it anywhere with WiFi. This is around 60,000 pesos right now. i need a laptop because i share my home pc with azrael and my sister.

btw, im running out of articles and essays to write. if ever you guys need a writer, copy editor, or proofreader - i am in business. : )

Sunday, December 17, 2006

i found a kitten in edsa

<--- me and misyel spotted cute beany dolphins

It's a Sunday! I feel refreshed after being able to sleep properly for two consecutive nights. Yesterday, i wrote for money and helped my mom throw a party. we were all very tired like i washed the dishes more than 4 times because i'd rather wash a thousand times than see people fill the world with plastic spoons and kill trees for paper plates. good karma struck me once more as i received a thousand pesos from my mom's officemate. they still look at me like im still the grade schooler kid sitting by my mom. i was living in their office building for more than 8 years.

anyhoo, last friday we went to Megamall only to discover that they don't have electricity in some parts. it was scary to go inside a dim mall but later on, we found out that the other half had light. after tagging along a meeting, i bought a decent pair of formal shoes and they do look great. now i have to build my wardrobe closet around it. im waiting for my ninewest bag from my sister in Australia.

<-- kitten from edsa now in my garden

materialism aside, as i was waiting for a bus to ride home along edsa, i saw a kitten running around and it looked so stressed from the sounds of the vehicles. it was looking for shelter, it'll even consider a shadow as one and when it found my two legs, it hid between them. then on the back of my shopping bags and anywhere that can be considered a shelter or shield from the highway. i took the kitten home. from edsa, it found home in cavite. azrael was cursing me throughout the whole bus ride because the kitten was meowing the first time it rode the bus, but i didnt care. i give credit to az for holding the paperbag with kitten inside the whole time and he made it calm and sleep. wow the man is really an expert with pussies.

and today i plan to write a little to earn something then rush to the world trade center. it's the last day of the world bazaar festival. : )

Friday, December 15, 2006

All I want for Christmas is an N95

I got so excited this morning, I got a mail from my classmate selling N95 for 35,000 pesoses. so i googled what N95 is and its amazing! It is a mobile phone (of course!) with a 5 mega pixel camera, an expandable memory, a video camera, a gaming console, and most of all, it is WiFi enabled!!!!

i almost wet my panties when i viewed the reviews in youtube. me and my officemate jen were starry eyed on the monitor. the game plan is, be patient and the price will get down soon. but now, i want to believe in Santa Clause and maybe he'll go down the roof and put N95 in my stockings.

here is one video review of N95:

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rainy weather

goodmorning manila. i have no idea how i got myself to sleep last night. after working from my pc at home, i was surprised the sun wasnt up anymore. i started at 10am, i ate lunch, then slept until 2.30pm and was up again writing stuff.

Saturday felt like a short-short day, shorter than the shorts GRO's wear. the sun came up and voila it was evening and time to sleep. this is all because azrael wasnt around. i was bored to death, the house was so silent and my mom did not prepare a good dinner because it's only me and younger sister who will not eat fish.

While i was sleeping last night my ghost buddies visited me. the door would open and my eyes are blinded by the quick surge of light. i remember feeling someone sitting on my bed but i just continued shutting my eye. then the alarm sounded, thank God. it was easier to wake up than force myself to sleep.

Now i am at work in the office. buti nalang! at least i have something to do. It's raining wild outside, i usually love this weather but it is useless when you are alone.. nyah!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

World Bazaar Festival at World Trade Center

Me and my mom see the goods.

I made it to the world trade center last night after work. geez, first day and it was already cramped up with shoppers. All stuff are almost all for the ladies to enjoy. Poor men, they just follow around and bring the plastic bags.

I was able to buy 2 pants fit for work (now I wonder where i am going to wear them), 2 cute blouses, and some toys for little boys.

We saw a toy gun which was really cool! it has a laser pointer and a recorded sound that says " Fi-yer, Fi-yer (Fire-Fire)! ratatatatataratarataratat"
Awesome! I bought two of those and mom got one for another child back in the province. i want to keep one of them for myself to play with.

After rounding the bazaar twice, and my back is already aching, we finally convinced mama to get dinner at Mall of Asia, at 9pm.

I plan to come back and buy whatever but the thought of walking around the trade center makes my legs hurt. Here are some more pics from yesterday.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry Christmas to ME!

SmileyI just won 3,000 worth of e-money in an auction site. I can purchase anything there just like az did when he won 3,000 also. talk about luck and good karma.

Az went home last night with gifts from her mom and I got new supply of my favorite makeup. It's the only makeup that doesn't irritate my skin. That means i don't have to buy makeup for 4 months or more. weee! im so happy! thank you very much.

2 weeks more to go before vacation comes! I can't wait to cook for christmas eve. I'm already saving for the worldbex bazaar which starts today. I even brought my own lunch to work and I satisfy my mouth by eating chocolates in between the hours.

yay! im so happy. i wish i can buy everybody presents especially the people at home so they have something to open under the christmas tree.

Monday, December 04, 2006

lace in fudge magazine ahahaha

the paparazzi caught me! this is my first time to be in a magazine ahahaha. it sounds silly and shallow, but hey this is a first time. Fudge made a couple of articles about the Manila Comic Seminar and here is me on one of the pages. just look for the schoolgirl at the middle and that's me (on top of me is azrael).

last night, we went to the wake of our classmate in Alabang. i felt sad and heavy after going there. But i met my college barkada there and we were almost complete. Mariel did not make it. we talked of our jobs, future plans, and how we wish we can go back to school and be carefree students again just like before >.<

then we ate at Burger King to calm are woes and sadness. i sure want to hang out with them once more, i miss having friends around.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

thinking while overloaded with garlic and pesto

i think i have hypertension. younger sister was hungry and i cooked her noodles and i spread pesto sauce all over it. but in the end, she didn't like it so i ended eating 40% of it.

today is the last vacation day, i have work tomorrow and finally, i can meet up with my college friends after work. one of my classmates died, yes it is so sad that decent and smart people need to pass away.

moving on to grey's anatomy, i just watched episode 10 of season 3, yes i am so lucky to know this secret portal where i can watch it. there were no meredith and derek scenes at all but it was good. i missed watching GA after i ran out of episodes to watch. cristina and burke looks like they will patch things up.

if you are one of the people i catch online on ym, you'd probably figure out that im in the middle of a life crisis ahahaha. seriously, my brain is so busy thinking what to do after december. but my mom declared that we are going to have a long vacation in boracay by january, and that should shut me up already : )

definitely, there's no definite in this world and all we can do is wait. i had plans that i was hoping dearly to happen with client this client that but they are like swimming in the water bobbing their heads up and down. you never can tell when they will stay up with you and start making the deal.

good thing, i am debt free. there should be a shirt that proudly says debt free :) once, i had a creditcard and it was like a curse, an evil curse that never leaves your consciousness. now i threw them all away and got to save a little. and maybe, i should be happy for that accomplishment. lesson is, don't use the plastic unless it's life on the line or don't even bother getting one.