Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our new bike

Welcome to our new bike! I bought it so that we can have fun in the afternoon with everybody. I originally thought of buying 2 bikes but now im thinking whether i should buy another bike or a pair of new roller blades instead. i miss ice skating and it' a good alternative to that. : ) azrael used his rollerblades while i rode my bike and we rolled around the village! i wish we can do that everyday. it's a good exercise and i feel free ^^

the bike is just right for girls, i also made sure that my aunt will be able to use the bike. she is a bit shorter than us :) maybe when i buy the 2nd one, it will be bigger.

Yeyey the aunt

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean 3

Oblivious to the story, i still went and watched the 3rd installment of Pirates in Greenbelt. I was not able to watch part 1 and 2 since im not into pirates since they look dirty - dirty face, salt water smell, crispy strands of hair. But again, i enjoyed watching it! I love the effects since everything seems real and Calypso - one of the goddesses in greek mythology was there, i remember highschool days when we were suppose to memorize each and every god.

Orlando Bloom was hotter than the sun especially at the end. Don't get up after the movie, since after the ending you'll find a closing scene that's very lovely. heehee :) I can't figure out the connection of the first part to the whole movie. actually, i didnt get everything until the last 45 minutes ahahaha

Then we ate at Max's, we were with the Glasshouse Graphics artists and other employees. Azrael is their webmaster so we got to tag along. I enjoyed a lot, i was a very good girl, patient and still because im so excited to ride my new bike at home.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Transformers

Silver Surfer

okay i made it last Monday but something was up and i had to let it go. So yes I played Time Crisis and had a great time with azrael instead last Tuesday. We were waiting for the Animax event since we had invites to Hard Rock Cafe but it was still early and strolling round the mall was tiresome. We gave up and went home with tired feet and legs. Although we were able to see lots of characters and had photo ops with them : )

Transformers Megatron and Optimus Prime

Then, there was a Jeollanam - Do Korean Festival also. Korean Mascots! are they Jeung Geum and Jumong???

My late korean emperor husband: Azumong!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm so excited!

I'm so embarrassingly over excited for Monday to come, i really want to know if there will be good news. I can't disclose yet what for because it may turn out the other way and that'd be more embarrassing! I feel so agitated and I can't explain why I am already day dreaming of living my life after this happens. It would be a dream come true for me - definitely!

I am being a super good girl today and also for tomorrow - i wish someone will hear my wish and prayer. I wish I'll know the final answer on Monday too. this post is driving me nuts already. i know it's very annoying to read but i HOPE i get it! weee!

PLAN B - If I don't get it, i'll just play Time Crisis, Tekken, and Daytona in Time Zone :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Date me Tomorrow! :)

Yes i need a lunch date! because i'm saving my money and refuse to pay for my lunch : ) My boyfriend says he will buy himself lunch and i'll just have to bring cold PACKED LUNCH- seriously. I have a meeting tomorrow with a prospective client so i'll need to go out. I am a hungry traveler so I need lunch, merienda, and some refreshments. Just text me and i'll come running!

I also just started a new blog site: it's http://pinaymoneymaker.blogspot.com
I'm putting the link here because someone I asked to put the link about a million times doesn't think it's important for a new blog to be linked unless it's an FHM blog.

Pinay Money Maker is a new blog im writing to learn more about money, investments, and banking.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guinataan and Qwek Qwek

Here is my encounter with Guinataan. My aunt went out and i asked her to buy me one, this is the guinataan from Kamay Kainan. It's deliciously colored purple because of the yam, lot's of tapioca balls and rice flour balls too! yummeh! :)

I froze it right away and ate it before going to sleep. that's a solid heavy midnight snack ^^

Then while i was shopping at St. Francis Square, I saw All About Q's stall. They were selling Takoyaki, Crispy Squid Balls, Fish Balls, and Qwek Qwek. There are different sauces available too. I enjoyed eating it even if i had to stand until i finished everything. That's almost the same as eating street food ^^

Monday, May 14, 2007

3D Dancers

From iDance and DOA Extreme. Enjoy! I love them!!!!

DOA Lei Fang

I now have Google Adsense

My blog is now powered by Google Adsense! I was reading all about adsense but i didn't have the time to understand it before. It's just now that i knew my blog can earn some money from Google Adsense. I thought it was not available in the Philippines and that I have to get Paypal in order to earn.

It's very easy to install in your blogs and it's also fun to watch your earnings increase even by just a few bucks.

You can click the button in my sidebar in order to go to the adsense website and start your own account.

Goodluck to all of us! weee :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I miss you Ginataan aka Guinataan

I have this long love affair with ginataan. Before coming home from school, i'd always buy one in the malls and put it in the freezer. Then, after working out, i eat the chilled guinataan as a well deserved reward. I love guinataan! it makes me feel good and it makes me forget about my environment. Me and my guinataan makes the world stop. hahaha. yesterday while i was sulking alone in my bedroom, i remembered the pinoy delicacy out of the blue and searched for photos of it in google. I saw some but I realized it would be more lovely if i post my own photo during our next encounter. : )

Friday, May 11, 2007


Found myself in EDSA yesterday waiting for a bus ride and asked Azrael to take some photos. Commuters on buses were looking at how crazy we are, taking photos along the highway ^___^

everything is grey from the rain and smoke but look at the sidewalk, it's new! :) congratulations MMDA. They also did the same for Boni Ave. the sidewalks look better and cleaner. we found a vandalized wall though:

we did not write this : ) happy elections!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Advice from Susan Miller

Susan Miller, i knew her from my officemates in MCO : ) Today i took a step forward and still, im not very sure what to do with my career,life, and money ahahaha ^^ Because im so confused, i consulted the planets and the stars through susan miller. The stars are positioned in my favor, count in the planets!!! I just hope everything turns out well, or how they should be. I don't want to plan yet or be excited over a decision i will make - i'll just let it be. As far as the stars and the planets are concerned, they will work on my favor. whatever news there will be or choice i make on my way.

For now, i won't touch my money - you can kill me but im not withdrawing cash from the bank or getting some from my mom heehee :) I'll just need to be patient and sacrifice a bit until the stars give me their surprise.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ice Skating Online Shop

I just opened my online ice skating apparel shop! : )

Sizes and different colors are available for the ice skating t-shirts and jackets, you can use paypal or your credit card to purchase these apparels. Just click on the image to visit the site. More designs to come up soon! I'll be changing designs every month. Here are some of them, you won't find them anywhere else since I made them myself haha ^__^

Perfect for everyone who loves hitting and scraping the ice ;)

My shop is powered by cafepress.com
They ship to the Philippines : )


Yey! it was so much fun last saturday and sunday. From the bus trip with annoying noisy passengers to swimming until 2AM. The place is great, there are no other persons except for us, clean water, private everything, and cool friends : ) missed them so much and we hope to see each other once more soon. i want to go back there and take the pool again by myself.

traffic was terrible add to that banshee like passengers who seem to have just gotten out of their cages! also, i exchanged places with jayson because the man sitting beside me is showing symptoms of motion sickness. ahahaha but it was all worth it! i kept asking jayson (seen at the right area of this photo) if we are already there. i was very excited to swim!!!

our group photo less mark and fredie and bridge because they were eating heehee. me, az, marlon, grace, jayson, jojo

finally! the pool and i met. i wish i can go swimming again! : )

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Take me Away ~

Im so excited today because im going to see my friends and today is our outing!!! ^^ weee ~ the place isn't grand i think its a private resort somewhere in Laguna but we will have the pool by ourselves (no nasty demonic kids) weee!!! and the rooms are airconditioned so thats a big thumbs up.

i also managed to reduce my size so i can wear my decent looking speedo suit that's been with me since highschool hahahahaha : )

I've been going here and there but inside of me is the black spiderman - joke : P i mean im itching to go to other places but no one would come with me. i'm planning lots of roadtrips and backpacking but it's just there - hanging. it's so sad! i wanna go go go. someone take me away. i can just even stay in a nice hotel that has a swimmiing pool and delicious room service. i love room service! i miss it a lot.

God! i wanna go anywhere. i sound drugged but i really need an adventure.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spiderman is a cheater

I watched Spiderman 3 yesterday in Mall of Asia. Good thing we were there early when there are no lines yet and noisy demonic children. I definitely enjoyed the movie, it has everything, villains, comedy, action, and luuuvvvvv. ahahaha!

I hated it when Spidey kissed Gwen Stacy! the nerve, if I was MJ i will also break up with spidey but if I am Gwen Stacey, I will still kiss Spiderman upside down. I am going to hang azrael upside down also *lol*

I am having a rough day and I'm sad!!! but i'll just shake it off by going out later with daddy az. i don't even want to put the reason here but good news! i can make backward swizzles already on ice : ) I was skating while waiting for azrael to finish his 3rd meeting of the day and yay! i did it!!!!

Daddy Az will just make me happy, he will treat me to a warm mug of hot chocolate while he listens to my reklamos, diba??? : )

i'll just kill all my woes in the form of Tekken and Soul Calibur.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

video: az and lace running for the pool

it was so hot last saturday that after playing some village BINGO event with my mom and her friends, az and i decided to run to the nearby resort. we walked and ran all the way to the pool and it wasn't easy! cars were moving fast ahead of us so we have to run fast. here goes!