Friday, April 27, 2007

Pizza Party during my last day

I treated my friends in Globe to a pizza party last wednesday! :) we ordered a total of four pizza boxes and it was truly a fun afternoon ^^ we also got to share them with other employees who were not included also in the outing. My legal friends were there also but most importantly, marlon, jefte, louwie, kaye, jayson, and jojo were all present.

We had a photo session with jayson's cam phone but he hasn't uploaded it yet. i'm so happy it's over and i can already move on. lots of different opportunities are in front of me but i hope that this time, i choose the right one :)

I might fly to Cebu tomorrow also to celebrate! weeee! ^^

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ice Skating Friday!

This week was a lot of fun, i got to hang out a lot with my friends from the office and also skate after work :) The whole week was a breeze and guess what, my end date at work was moved to an earlier date! weeeee : ) Although im sad that i now have limited time already to be with Kaye, Marlon, Louwie, Jefte, Jojo, and Jayson. but there is still our very own outing that i look forward to. I won't be able to join Drew during lunch anymore also but he is also moving on from Globe and study in Taiwan. Good luck drew!

Azrael was consistent in fetching me because of the dangers of commuting but we always had dinner in Mall of Asia and skate afterwards. Friday was no exemption! we trooped to the food court to eat cheap but plenty chinese food at Tang City.

In the rink, it was lots of fun with snow foam and all. I was about to buy my first and very own skates but when i put them on, they were too tight. they say its normal but i want to be extra sure because they aren't cheap! so if anyone can help me, please tell me how tight should it be before breaking them in. are they really uncomfortable? my toes feel like being pressed together ahahaha :) the lady told me im size 7, tried 7 it was too tight... then 8 - just tight but not comfortable ^^

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Graduation Azrael!!!!

Here are our photos yesterday special attention given to my new fur wrap (it's fake, animal-friendly :)

We all look tired because it was so hot going to PICC and then there were no ushers so everyone was confused. then when we arrived, companions and graduating studes had to wait for an hour outside under the sun, including us!

Azrael looks like he came from the graduation from hell. It's around 8pm and we still have to wage war outside and get a cab.

Me and michelle are the cheering squad for Azrael. It was so tiresome that we ate a lot during dinner in Burgoo. they gave us free appetizers because Az just graduated : ) now i am working from home because i have stomach trouble... i'm still full from last night's dinner!

congratumalations honey! : )

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lego Land !!!

This made my Sunday not so boring - photo opportunities with lego toys :) they are on tour with different malls. this one is in Mall of Asia. This was around 7.30pm because we refuse to call it a day.

meet my real father

lego pirates

welcome to Germany/Russia??

And here is Azrael's first MP (massage parlor) Experience:
note: this is in Mall of Asia too but let's call it MP just for fun hahaha :)

There were no available rooms for full body massages so we settled for this chair massage. After which, we trooped to another foot spa for foot reflexology. Costly but worth it. we were peacefully asleep right away when we came home.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time to Celebrate! : )

There are lots of stuff to celebrate about!

First in my list is that I was able to finish the work week quiet smoothly, thanks to my new found organizing skills, i created different tables, lists, sorted my emails and so on. whew ^^; i have about a month left in the office and im trying to be very positive about the remaining days. I'll miss my new-found friends heehee : )

Next is Azrael's graduation day and that's on a Monday and I was able to get an approved absence from work. I didn't attend my own graduation day and i regret it ahahaha :) But Azrael is very excited, he even wore his toga right away after receiving it.

And i went alone ice skating after work, rates are more expensive now. In Mall of Asia, unlimited time is now P350 both weekdays and weekends. Thank God for my coupons!!! Im getting better each time, now i can skate without bending my knees and back too much.

Not-so to celebrate about

I want to go shopping today for something to wear for his graduation. I just read the latest issue of Preview (April) and there are lots of clothes that i want to look for!!!! grrrr >. Looking forward - im excited to go to my very much delayed Boracay trip, Hongkong, or (not yet decided). I miss traveling and getting nervous and icky while on the plane. So before that, i need to earn some pocket moolah : )

Monday, April 09, 2007

How To Cope with Depression

I was surfing the net and found this. i like stick people animations :) this video made my morning as i am getting sad that vacation is over heehee. Lev Yilmaz, the creator has more of this in his youtube account.

But i should be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and think of HAPPY thoughts like how HAPPY we were last night that we slept at 5.30am already and the sun was already rising. should be HAPPY also because more HAPPY times are to come in the future and there will be more late nights and coffee and downloading sprees : )

I hope tomorrow will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY because i wrote a lot of HAPPY words already.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's almost over - vacation that is!

I'm palpitating everytime i think about TUESDAY! it's only a day away and on the first day of work i have this deadline to beat huhuhu. i have lots of deadline for the whole week, i think one for each day that i have to cram for because of the long break ^^; I'm already prepared for battle (mentally) and i don't want any booboos this week! On the bright side, i got to turn my resignation in so i will be working till May only : )

I enjoyed the holy week break. I got to do my share of pondering about things and also got to stay up till the wee hours of the morning! we sleep at 3am to 4am since thursday and i love it! i miss nights and early mornings like this when we don't have to be sooo conscious about time and just enjoy our time surfing and downloading. i get to join computer addict because we have two pcs now ^^ and we get to have coffee breaks in between just as if we were working on something ahahaha.

tonight will be the last night that i can stay up till morning because on monday we have to sleep early and wake up early too. ^^

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Week Special! : )

For some reason, I lost my appetite for dinner and stayed in my room from 6.30pm till 9pm. It's just awhile ago that i had the chance to eat supper. While i was in my room sulking, I watched All my Life ahahaha, it's a movie of Aga Mulach and Kristine Hermosa. I wanted to cry too so instead of crying over whatever, I just cried for Aga Mulach because he died in that movie... huhuhuhu :(

Then after learning from that movie to not wish I was just dead right here right now ( i always tell that to myself when work drives me insane and when i have problems with my "people" read: boyfriends, parents, friends) because life is full of surprises, and aga mulach may just come knocking on your door. I then changed channels and watched a holy week segment in ch. 9 which was made by The Lord's Flock.

According to them, the lord wants us to be free so we have to forget our past and stop setting too high standards for ourselves. Then also, forgive. After all of that, we can walk freely to whatever is ahead of us easily because we don't have baggages anymore. I might sound too corny because im writing this on a holy week but this was the only time also that i got to watch a special like that. heehee :)

I was so fascinated to the woman who said that she loved her boyfriend/husband more than God because she made him the center of her life. i have a friend like that and her name is Lace. ahahaha. and now i realize that it's ridiculous. I publicly repent for stopping going to church and stopping saying my prayers every night because i am too focused on my love life. and as a paulinian, i accept this as a start of my conversion, seriously. ^^

So there, i hope someone will also post some reflections for holy week. Like what father Cuying said on the Blog Awards, let's make our blogs God's instruments ^^

I am not a saint, but if you find me hypocrite then throw me a stone. ayt? :)

Philippine Blog Awards

We were there! It was on a Saturday night and I went with Azrael and Michelle. The venue
was great ^^ there was also food but i wasn't able to get some ahahaha, i was really hungry that's why i noticed. But i went home with Krispy Kreme giftcheques! weee : )

Another reason why this event rocked is that Bryanboy was there! I can't believe that i already have a photo with him and im so happy : ) look! both of us are wearing black ^___^

Azrael's Merryland and Suzaku_lace

I still look like I was ran over a million elephants ahahaha but it's okay since we had tons of fun. Meeting the faces behind the different blogs was cool. I also liked that the pacing was fast and the awarding was really efficient. can't wait to attend the next event from the organizers ^^