Saturday, December 04, 2004

back to work

weee!!! im finally home, and im ready to work my butt out on school projects.
what i deserve for skipping work and attending UP AME, ahehe ^^;
it was a lot of fun seeing the cosplayers strut their stuff. met some familiar faces and had some chit chat (reminds me of kit kat..yum..)

picture taken at chocolate kiss

Chocolate kiss was fantastic! i only know a few restos who serve quality tuna/chicken sandwiches which doesnt look trashy. loved thir blueberry cheesecake, tasted like mine! (ahem, excuse my over confidence) but it did remind me of my cheesecake glory days. can't make them anymore because i always end up sneaking at night finishing what i made. ate there with dear azrael and i didnt have a hard time catching up with his eating since it is really awesome. weee!!!

then i drove to mcdonalds on my way home and bribed my driver with hamburger and fries plus coke. the perfect bribe for a hungry driver. i dont feel that bad though because i measured in 23 inches awhile ago, thats my waist according to rain's mother which i find hard to believe but i'll believe it anyway, ahaha ^^ maybe her tape measure was extraordinary, but still...
haha ^^ whatever, i enjoyed this day a lot and i loved mcdonalds, chocolate kiss and the dirty icecream. i think that my energy got sucked out by someone
(ahem, who i know may be reading this right now) who sang a very extraordinary song tonight =b that, i will remember for the rest of my life.. no need to blog.. haha.


azrael said...

hi honey..
nabasa ko na ! !!!

thanks..for listening to my song.
nacomposed ko yun..para sayo

astig di ba.

lianne said...

ppsstt! okay n blog ko.

azrael said...

honey..di ata gumagana yung pic