Monday, December 20, 2004

congrats everyone!

coolness! even though it was a tiring day, because i kept thinking of the grades and waiting for the teachers to come... it was all worth it!!! wee! i made it to the dean's list, through God's grace, haha ^^ i can't believe it but still, i feel little off since i didnt get the first honor slot this time, but who cares?! wahahaha.. im very glad. i thought id care less because i just want to graduate, but this happens every term and i always get a headache the whole course card distribution day. and... i wasnt suppose to go out yet because i look like i came from the grave, i got allergies from too much paracetamol and im calling on my dear dermatologist later on. but again, who cares?! i made it to the list, very glad (2nd time) anyway, i wasnt able to watch 2046...grrr.. this always happen when we plan to watch something in RP manila, im starting to think that their cinemas are worthless.. haha.. but i enjoyed watching harold and dumar... very cute and it kinda made me forget about my grades for awhile but after we left, all i could see and think of were my course cards... haha. then, i was managing my diet already but azrael went to wendy's so i stole some fries while taking pictures. we have a lot of shots since i think both of us are becoming obsessed with pictures already, haha. kidding. i am always obsessed with pictures. haha. here are some of today's pics.

at wendy's


mario ^^


there, for now, i will take a rest so that i dont look as sick as today... whatever virus that is, i despise it!!! haha, im so careful right now on everything, especially food because i think its where u get these diseases and also from going out too much. haha ^^ i'll be back in my recharging mode and hopefully, i dont need to go out tomorrow or any day of this week unless shopping of course. i wish my mom will treat me to the bazaar on the 23rd i really want it bad. haha. and.. i almost forgot, im dying to go back to tagaytay and i think i deserve it!!! i wont have any problems asking permission since im on the magical list again, but yeah, have to think of a better reward, we might fly to Cebu, im tagging along with my mom. there, they have the beach and the cool atmosphere, and omg, dried mangoes. yippee!!! haha, im so happy. if i cant come then id think of something else. can u believe it, my mom and i had a real conversation awhile back in the car.. great.. it's christmas after all.

i love everybody!

merry christmas ^^