Thursday, December 02, 2004


it's 2am again, but goodnews as i am waiting for dear az to finish the miracle project... i was able to fix this site and link the gallery to my photobucket. the collection isnt nice yet maybe i'll open a new account. that account is for pictures that i needed to upload before. those are pics from singapore and anime events, and the shirts i was selling. ^^

bought an rnb mp3 cd today! bwahahaha ^^ cant wait to listen while driving... it's all about the attitude, haha ^^ but once i was driving with l'arc en ciel playing and i encountered a lot of honkings and pestered faces, haha.

i can't wait for vacation!!!! shucks... few more days and we're free to party!!!
but not to mention the no allowance on vacation principle. harhar.

have u ever heard of the fact that love is actually a disorder?