Monday, January 03, 2005

happy new year !i!

i wanted to post a lot but my pc stopped connecting to the net and so i have to make do with this laptop which is kinda friendly tonight. anyway, new year was okay, not that noisy and i didnt get sleepy before 12am. But yah i hid in my room around 11.30 after i disconnected from the net. its so awkward to write a lot now because ahem my friend edward was reading my blog out loud during new year's eve through the voice chat in ym. then i kinda realized that yeah, its a bit too girly.. haha.. but yah anyhoo, whatever. what if i die all of a sudden then my friends and family wouldnt read as much right?? of course when i die my family can know everything already since they cant get me. or when i have a lot of children and then oh no, grandchildren *eeww* then they'll have something to read, ryt? =p

its the first week of the year and yet im trapped in this house eating tuna and whatever meat there is. its good i can escape tomorrow though. but this week is kinda unfavorable, im always thinking about things and sometimes its better not to think so that u dont get confused. haha ^^ its good though that i already have the fourth shopaholic book, shopaholic and sister! weee ^^ that'll keep my mind off things for sometime. im really scared of going back to school because its kinda like my last term and ojt is next. its crucial if u think of it, and then i think a lot about my family and then my friends. i mean the future is right in front of me and there are a lot of decisions that i have to think about. im looking forward to see andrea and the gang on wednesday so i have someone to pour out everything to. haha.

i think i need to edit this after my pc starts working because im sounding weird. haha.

i got a lot this year except money. haha. i made my first purchase with my card again but yah they are lovely items. anyway, im glad to be alive and lucky. its just that the first week is making me crazy.