Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Reflection Paper for the LaSallian Retreat

hi! i wasnt suppose to post this but my paper turned out very well. one of the most honest papers i have written and poured my spirit unto. lian alaso posted hers and maybe, writing the paper was the activity that made us tap our soul and made us realize several things.

Lace J. Llanora

The retreat was very brief. Hence, it just reminded me of the things that we normally forget in our daily routines. It reminded me of the importance of being silent. Because of my hectic lifestyle, I rarely have time to sit and be quiet. Sometimes, we have the time to do so but we opt not to. I have always known the saying that in silence, there is the answer. Maybe, this is the reason we’d rather listen to the radio, chat with our friends or watch TV rather than be quiet. In silence, we hear what we do not want to hear. Our mind recalls and tries to resolve our problems that we’d rather forget. During the times that we ignore the importance of listening to ourselves, we become detached from the reality and our emotions. We ignore the words our spirit would like us to hear. In time, we would forget about who we really are and the voice inside us will die.
I felt that I have been disconnected to my soul in many ways. Thus, this leads me to question if who I am right now is the person that I really am and would like to be. We are dictated by the outside forces, the people around us, our work and our material desires. In silence, we will hear what our spirit truly longs for. In the retreat, I have restarted to be in connection with my spirit and listen to the concerns that I tried to ignore. In silence, you would start to think of what makes you truly happy and if you are staying true and faithful to yourself.

I am saddened by my realization of how much I have changed. Changes are inevitable but sometimes, we are unconsciously driven to change by our environment. In silence, we realize how much we have lost control of our lives. Denial is the usual process that we put ourselves through but now is the right time for us to rediscover the truth and the real happiness that we pursue.

In silence, we hear the voice of God as God is within our spirit. I have always thought of what was right or wrong, and sometimes, we just make ourselves believe whatever we want to believe as right. But in silence, you will feel in your heart what indeed the answer is, and we try to run and hide away from it. The experience showed me the freedom that I wish to have. The freedom to be myself and staying true to what I believe in. The freedom from outside pressures and influences. I rediscovered how silence can help me find the path I have lost and how it can be a guiding force in my life. In silence, there is not only the answer but also the truth. This is my way to freedom and writing this paper inspired me to find it.


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