Sunday, June 26, 2005

OJT blues

i just finished eating azrael's chocolate cake, i asked him to bake for me yesterday. he's in toy convention right now and im all alone talking to no one. waiting for my anime shirts to sell and figuring out who will buy the bangkok sling bags. anyway, i was reading at girltalk for a while and so i opted to upload more pics to save net time.

i cant believe it is only 2 months away from the end of my thesis term. im so excited and at the same time bored of reading stuff about comics and figuring ways and means to find necessary data. but we had a lot of fun last saturday and we were laughing our lungs out already in the meeting room. we were talking about all sorts of things and we just love kukurukuku, especially marion. ahahaha. it was one of the most fun working days i ever had with my groupmates. we were accomplishing things and at the same time having fun.

here are some pics from the office in makati. ^__^

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the most wholesome members

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at the cafeteria.. champola and cheesecurls

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are we serious?

and i am eating away all my financial concerns and ojt blues. im at home waiting for the tacos to get done. i cant wait to shove it in my mouth.. ahahaha.. i only have one free day, and i love to stay at home now that ive been walking and travelling back and forth. whew....