Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hello Benilde,Goodbye Tooth

i am so excited with my first job!!! its in st. benilde, very near DLSU and the contract is sure to be renewed, after i insisted on it on the president. The job includes everything that falls under marketing communications, and i will take on everything that falls on to my desks. weee!!! i even have my owwn computer and corkboard where i can pin pictures and stuff ^___^

i am expecting that its not just the president who's really a nice and sweet lady, but everyone in the office too. She even promised me to be the first one to move me out of the office if she doesnt see it favorable to my career. yey!


I am so afraid for my surgery tomorrow. my wisdom tooth will be removed, wahhh... i may even die or whatever, im so chicken but it really is scary because my gums will be sliced and my tooth will be drilled then i'll be stitched inside the mouth...huhuhuhu... =( so if i die, please put the blog on a cd. i love you azrael and everything about you from the top of your head to your toes..


will i live after tomorrow???


azrael said...

tooth surgery is ok !!

dont wont die..
but if that happens.

il die near you holding your hands..and hugging you...and kissing you...and... basta yun..