Monday, September 05, 2005

job hunt nightmare... it never ends

i got a phone call last week, requesting for an immediate interview.I was in book fair that time and i was pleased to get my first phone callfor an interview after thesis.

today i went there, and to no surprise.... i underwent a 3 hour tormentingseminar on "why selling our products will make u rich yadayada" buti nalangdala ko si Citizen Girl... in the story (i was reading while waiting for theso-called seminar/orientation/torture) she was also finding for a job, she wasin an office of some sort and she can't get a straight answer as to what the
company does, what job description and so forth. she was also in agony...LIKE

hayyy... it never ends, really. I NEED A JOB not a BUSINESS. hay naku,sayang talaga ung gas and my 30 peso toll fee. im living with 100 buckscare of azrael. i couldnt even get myself a double cheeseburger.

then to top it all off, my family almost cheered me as i went out of the door.ive been at home for a week, i never wanted to go out because im enjoyingthe food and comfort here. then, THIS!!! this is what happened after i succumbto going for a job which isnt a job after all. hayyyyyy.... im so pissed off talaga,i won't go out again, ever. unless it is for a job interview THAT I CHOSE and notjust a call from a company i didnt know about.

hayyy... this is life... welcome to the real word....

to fend off my angst andupcoming increase of pessimism.. i called Azraelright after, shove fudgee bars in my mouth like i was a 3D vaccum cleaner, andwhen i got home, i ate dinner and now im eating cadburry chocolates with mega tons of water.

good luck to moi.