Saturday, September 24, 2005

Libre ni Kuya

Since it was a free day, we went from manila to makati to cavite. Here are some pics:

On the way to Makati where we encountered rallyistas and it got me freaked so i was telling Az here that we should be off early to cavite.

OOdys had surprisingly spicy dishes that we loved. Reminded me of Thailand and how much i wanted to go back there. When we were in Thai, we didnt have money to experiment on foreign dishes.

we loved chicken satay and the other one is hard to spell and remember.

That white stuff is from the negritos of Dulcinea.. the pastry shop we just discovered. they also serve pasta but its so big you should bring your family.


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azrael said...

hahahaa.ako pala nag libre dapat kaw mag libre aahahaha..